Best advises to stay rested and fit during your wedding week

Best advises to stay rested and fit during your wedding week_

Hello all brides-to-be out there! Weddings are always full of celebrations, events, functions, people, food, music, entertainment etc. however as we know there is always an another side of coin. And that is, it will be full of lot of work, pressure, preparation, hectic schedule etc. But, amidst everything you need to have proper rest, now you must be thinking how it is possible to stay rested when preparing for wedding.

We understand wedding is a lengthy task and everything related to the wedding needs your attention, but do you know that you need a stress free smile and a calm mind on your wedding day. Your wedding day is not just another day of your life where you can look or behave any way, you need to look your best. And, for looking best only makeup is not sufficient because your makeup will only fix things outside and not within. And the natural beauty comes from within not from outside.

It is necessary that you rest properly and stay fit at least during your wedding week. Don’t worry if your schedule is too tight. Here are some tips for you to stay fit and rested all your wedding week.

  • First thing first, make sure that all your wedding preparations are over a week before your wedding. Do not hang on things for last minute. Because last minute things knows only how to create chaos and taking all your peace of mind. It is advised to complete or finish everything major a week before so as to have a time for yourself to pamper, to rejuvenate, to enjoy, to do things which you would love to do before your wedding.
  • Secondly, a good night sleep can do wonders in your life whether you believe it or not but it is true. Make sure that you sleep at least 7 – 8 hours daily, especially during your wedding week. Having good night sleep let you stay fresh and energetic and next day you are all set to take up the tasks which left pending the other day.
  • Thirdly, eat only healthy food. You may think what the connection of food with your rest is. Well, let me tell you that the quality of food affects the quality of our lives to a great extent. You must have heard many a times “we become what we eat” and it is true. If we eat junk we will feel lethargic and dull all day which will ultimately affect our pattern. Also, eating junk food can upset stomach or can cause any trouble to your body which will surely affect your body negatively. When your body is not well your mind will also be not well. See, everything is inter connected. You will feel irritated and restless. So, it is advised to eat only healthy food which will not only give you energy, but also keep your mind positive and calm.
  • Fourthly, you should keep yourself away from distraction such as mobile, TV, laptops or computers etc. We understand you will have to check your mails to see who all are attending the wedding. Also, you will need to coordinate with your vendors that is okay, because all these things will not keep on happening all day long. You can check your mails in twice a day and reply accordingly, you don’t need to sit constantly at a place to check and response. Also, some brides are so fond of posting every detail on social media (that is absolutely okay) but then they keep checking their phones again and again to see how many comments and likes they have got in their post. And this is a distraction in your rest. Just keep yourself away from all this and take some rest from social media for a while.
  • Next, Drink lot of water. Whether your wedding is happening in summers or winters it is mandatory you stay hydrated, because water helps you release toxins from the body, which is crucial. It is important that you drink at least 8 – 10 glasses of water so that you don’t get dehydrated. When you drink water your body is tend to release all the toxins from your body through various secretions which affects your skin positively. Drinking lot of water helps you have glowing skin which is a mandate for your wedding outfit.
  • Relish more on fruits and juices. Eating fruits and drinking lots of juices will not only keep you light, but also will help you have quality rest all day. Also, eating fruits and drinking juices help you feel energetic. As overfilling your stomach with unnecessary food items leads to restlessness.
  • Avoid alcohol and aerated drinks as much as possible. Alcohol and aerated drinks appears to be fun in the beginning but the effects are not positive of having them frequently. So, it is better you avoid them, because having them frequently may lead to disturbed sleep, distressed mind, unhealthy lifestyle etc. So, choose to have only healthy drinks like fruit juices, vegetable juices, shakes, smoothies etc.
  • Spend time with your loved ones. This is the only time of your life which you are spending with your parents and family members. Just in few days in you will start staying at your partner’s home with him and his family. Try to spend these remaining days with your family members and loved ones, let them feel your presence, embrace all the moments which you have now in hand. Tell how do you feel and know what they feel about your wedding and know how will they take your absence in the family after a week, Get close to them, you never know when will you get this chance again.
  • Go for a night out with your friends. As I said this is the last week you have as a bachelor, live your bachelorhood to the fullest. As researches shows spending time with your favorite people help release stress. This is the wonderful occasion and excuse you have to spend your time with your favorite people or best friends. Go out with them, spend good time with them, eat, enjoy, have fun. You are gonna miss all these times spent with them. You will cherish these moments all your life in your memories. It’s good to gather great memories just before your wedding so as to have reason to smile tomorrow for good old times spent with favorite people.
  • Practice some yogasanas or exercise. Practicing yogasanas or indulging in some kind of exercise keep you active, energetic and also de-stressed. Performing yoga not only helps you stay healthy, but also helps you release stress, negative emotions, toxins, from your body, which is crucial for having a healthy and calm mind. Here are some yogasanas to boost your energy during your wedding week.
    • Surya Namashkara or Sun Salutation

      Begin your asana practice with Surya Namashkara, as it also warms up the body and prepares you for further asana practices. It includes 12 steps sequence or rhythmic movements which are synced with the breath. Two such rounds make one cycle. It is one of the most popular and wide-spread asana sequence in Yoga practices. Undoubtedly, Surya namashkara provides you with several benefits, as it is a complete body exercise. It not only help lose weight, but also it increases the energy circulation in the body by releasing the stress, instilling peace and stillness, stimulating chakras, increasing awareness and much more. Repeat 5 – 10 times.

    • Chakrasana or The Wheel Pose

      Chakrasana gives psychological, emotional and spiritual benefits. Also, it increases patience, perseverance, and discipline in one, besides, giving a boost in energy levels. It also helps release stress, negative emotions, anxiety and depression. Repeat 2 – 3 times.

    • Virabhadrasana or Warrior Pose

      Veer is a Sanskrit word which means valorous, warrior. Mostly, this pose strengthens and tones the arms, legs and lower back along with improvised stamina and boost your energy. Also, it brings courage, grace, peace and stability. Repeat 3-4 times.

    • Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose

      Bhujangasana is an easy pose. Lie down on your belly with chin touching the ground. Placing your hands close to the shoulders with palms touching the ground; keeping your legs straight. Press your palms firmly against the floor. As you inhale, lift up your upper body till your navel, using your palms as support, while your belly button touching the ground, and the gaze towards the ceiling. Keeping your hips steady, remain in this position for 15-20 seconds and then release. Bhujangasana is increases pranic force which is good to boost your energy and stay rested and fit. Repeat 3-4 times

    • Sarvangasana or Shoulder Stand Pose

      Lie down in shavasana. As you inhale, contract the abdomen and slowly raise both the legs to a 90 degree angle from the floor. Support your waist and the hips with the palms and slowly raise the back and the legs up into a vertical position. Make sure the chin rest against the chest. Fix your sight on the toes and breathe normally. Sarvang asana helps in harmonizing the pranic flow, and boosts energy. Repeat 1 -2 times.

    • Sirsasana or Headstand Pose

      Kneel on the floor. Interlock your fingers and place your forearms on the floor. Keep your elbows shoulder-width apart. Rest the crown against the clasped hands. Inhale; lift the knees off the floor. Come in inverted ‘V’ position. Gradually, lift your feet off the floor and bring your knees closer to your chest. Gently straighten your legs and keep them perpendicular to the ground. Stay in the pose for 15-20 seconds, keeping your weight evenly balanced on the two forearms. The practice of Sirsasana not only increases the blood supply in the brain, but also strengthens muscles, increases flexibility of spine and boost your energy and stamina.

    • Savasana or Corpse Pose

      Asanas should be concluded with Shava Asana. Just lie down, free your body. It is sink in all the yoga asanas at a deeper level. Shavasana brings a deep, meditative state of rest, which helps in repair of tissues and cells, and releases any stress.

  • Practice Pranayama. Pranayama is an excellent breathing exercise for overall health. It helps you release any kind of stress or anxiety and strengthens your energy positively. Pranayama is a great way of energizing the body and mind simultaneously. It is a wonderful way to keep yourself rested and fit before your wedding.
    • Bhastrika Pranayama

      It involves forceful inhalation and exhalation of breath. This pranayama technique increases the level of oxygen in the blood.

    • Kapalbhati Pranayama

      A great way to detoxify the body, as, the technique helps in expelling carbon-di-oxide from the blood.

    • Anulom Vilom Pranayama

      Also called alternate nostril breathing exercise. It is a simple breathing exercise–very much known to balance the Tridoshas (three doshas) in the body namely Vata, Pitta and Kapha. More often, imbalanced tridoshas in the body causes ailments. Anulom Vilom is probably the easiest and the most effective way to stay healthy and have a calm mind.

    • Bhramari Pranayama

      Commonly known as bee breathing exercise. It involves humming like a bee, with ears covered with the forefingers and thumbs. Bhramari pranayama calms the nerves and soothes them especially around the brain and forehead.

    • Ujjayi Pranayama

      Ujjayi Pranayama

      Also called the psychic breath. It is done by constricting the throat and inhaling with hissing sound. This technique helps to improve the health of the thyroid and clears toxins from the body.

    • Udgeeth Pranayama

      It involves chanting of OM (AUM) with every exhalation, lasting to 20 seconds. Good for improved focus and concentration.

    • Sheetali Pranayama

      This technique is also known as Cooling Breath Technique. It is an easy, yet an effective way to cool the body and tranquilize the mind, while concurrently expelling toxins from the body.

  • Practice meditation. Chances are you might be stressed out due to all the wedding related preparations. Practicing meditation help you release all the negative emotions and de-stress you. Meditation is the most common practice which is used to calm down the mind and retain the energy. There are various techniques used for meditation – such as mindfulness, or focusing mind on a particular object, or on a thought or on an activity or on one’s breath, etc. One can practice any technique of meditation in order to train attention and awareness, to achieve calm and stable state of mind, which is crucial to handle the wedding pressure easily. Even your wedding will bring in lot of emotions positive and negative at the same time. Doing meditation daily will help you handle all those emotions.
  • Last but not the least, say ‘YES’ to no. Don’t get confused. You have to learn to say to all the negatives in life. Say no to people you think do not add to peace of your mind. Say no to situation which are not in your control, don’t stress yourself out for anything which is not in your control. Just stay happy and enjoy as these are the important days of your life. And taking any kind of stress or any restless situation will spoil your mood which will reflect in your wedding pictures. And your wedding pictures are quite an asset, don’t spoil.

Stay happy, healthy and enjoy every bit of it!! ☺ ☺