Wedding Guest Etiquette – Can You Wear White to a Wedding?

From Not Smoking to Avoiding White - A Guide to Good Wedding Etiquette

Despite being the happiest day of one’s life, weddings can be very stressful to plan and execute. If you’ve been invited to one, it’s important to keep in mind that the event’s preparation likely hasn’t all been primroses and ribbons for the happy couple. According to Verywell Mind, weddings can activate a special kind of stress, triggering emotional and cognitive symptoms like the groom being unable to focus and the bride shifting from constant worrying to irritability. As the guest, you generally have the easy part: enjoying yourself. Smoking to Avoiding White, it’s best if you keep in mind good wedding etiquette to make the occasion as smooth and joyous as possible for your friends. Here’s a short guide on how to do just that.

RSVP as soon as possible

This simple action can save the bride and groom tons of stress. You’ll find that all-important acronym on your wedding invitation, prompting you to confirm whether you can attend as well as finalize whether you’re bringing guests, have any food allergies, and other vital details. Get this done as soon as you can so the couple can refine their arrangements.

Avoid smoking

Cigarette usage is usually a no-no at weddings for several reasons. For one, the venue itself might be smoke-free, which makes it illegal to smoke on site. As the majority of guests will likely be non-smokers, secondhand smoke can make mingling in outdoor areas uncomfortable, not to mention unhealthy, for your fellow wedding guests. Also, you don’t want the stench of tobacco to pervade the place, even if the venue does have a designated smoking area.

To avoid withdrawal symptoms, use smoke-free alternative nicotine products you can hide in your mouth. You can easily find an oral nicotine product that is best for you in order to satisfy your cravings and preferences. If you want something flavorful, super discreet, and have a choice between various nicotine strengths, use nicotine pouches—small packets filled with nicotine, flavorings, and plant fiber that you place under the upper lip and let disseminate nicotine into your bloodstream. If you want an even simpler process, popping candy-like nicotine lozenges into your mouth and letting it dissolve can grant you a slow and steady release of nicotine. Use the product that will be most helpful for you.

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Control your alcohol consumption

Weddings are exuberant occasions, and you should definitely join the fun in celebrating the union of two people who want to spend the rest of their lives together—but don’t let that be an excuse to go all out on the booze. You’re here to toast the happy couple, not to get obnoxiously drunk. To keep your alcohol consumption in check, be honest with yourself beforehand on how much alcohol you can handle and keep that as a hard stop when you’ve reached your limit. It may also be helpful to identify and avoid alcohol triggers, like certain foods.

Once you’ve reached your self-defined alcohol boundary, you can still join in on the act of drinking. Medical News Today suggests taking full advantage of alcohol alternatives that will likely be available at the wedding, such as mocktails, kombucha, and ginger beer. You can even request the bartender to prepare club soda with bitters or infused sparkling water. Find the alcohol-free drink you like and enjoy it.

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Keep to your seating arrangement

It might be tempting to head towards other wedding guests, you know, especially if you’re seated with strangers. Stay at your table at least until after dessert. Seating arrangements are often the result of careful planning by the couple to keep their wedding orderly. Besides, since they likely put some thought into your placement, you’re probably around people you’ll like. Introduce yourself and start some conversations.

Don’t wear white

If there’s one thing you should avoid at your friends’ wedding, it’s wearing white. By doing this, it risks upstaging the couple and causing confusion among the other guests. Instead, follow the dress code. Men will often be requested to wear a suit and tie. Women are usually specified to wear either a slip dress or a comfortable and polished cocktail dress. If you have more leeway, gauge your attire based on the location and forecasted weather of the event.

You want to behave your best at your loved ones’ wedding. Follow the etiquette guide above to demonstrate your respect for the happy couple.