How To Tell Family and Friends You’re Engaged

How to Tell Family and Friends You’re Engaged

Finally the moment that you have been waiting for has arrived – you are engaged now! Wow, that’s pretty great news! You must be excited to tell the great news to your family and friends. Of course, they all deserve to know the good news. If you are thinking about the ways to break the news to your family and friends. Then, here are some of the best ways you can tell family and friends you’re engaged.

1. Call your loved ones

Of course, your parents would not want to know this news from someone else or on the chat. It is better to share the news with them via a phone call. Yes, if you stay in some other city or in some other location, call your mom/parents to break the news to them. Also, make sure that your parents are the first you tell about your engagement to. They should not get the news from others, it won’t look good.

2. Announce via email

Another to tell family and friends you’re engaged – drop them an email. An email may sound weird; however, it can be used if you have too many people to share engagement news with. You can draft a beautiful email along with your wonderful story and send it across all your family and friends.

3. Host a party

If your engagement was an absolute personal event between you and your partner, then you can consider hosting a post engagement party. A great way to break the news of your engagement to all your family and friends over drinks. Hosting a party will be fun for you, your partner, and your family and friends. This is in fact, a wonderful way to introduce your extended families to each other. It will save you from a lot of efforts later.

4. Social media handles

Social media platforms are very popular these days. You can also make the best use of your social media accounts and announce your engagement there. Yes, a great way to flaunt your diamond to the people who believed in your relationship and to the ones who always thought you won’t be able to make it. Sharing about your engagement on social media will save you a lot of effort, like calling each of your friends and telling them about the engagement. However, some of your very close friends and family members would want to know it over the phone or personally. So, make sure you call them personally before you post pictures of your diamond on your Facebook and Instagram.

5. Meet your family and friends personally

Lastly, if you think you can make time for a personal meeting, then it is the greatest idea in that case. Meeting your parents and then telling them about your engagement would be a great idea. This way you would be able to meet them and share your happiness with them. Sharing news personally has its own charm, it simply adds to your happiness. All you have to do is just manage time from your schedule for your family and just tell them you’re engaged. They would definitely love this gesture of yours!


You can use any of these methods to tell family and friends you’re engaged. All you have to see is that you are sharing the news at the right time. Yes, you do not need to hasten it. You can share the news as and when you are ready. It is imperative that you first let the news sink in, just relax and breathe! Your engagement is a new beginning, get yourself accustomed to it before you plan to tell family and friends you’re engaged. Also you have to be sure that you reveal the news to the right people. Also, make sure you use positive statements while you post the news of your engagement on Facebook and other social media platforms. And yes, do not forget to stay happy and cheerful in the process.

Happy Engagement…… ☺ ☺