40+ Best Ideas for Memorable Proposals for Wedding

Ideas for memorable proposals for Wedding

The most harrowing question sometimes is to ask your significant other: “Will you marry me?” No matter how easy this question looks, no matter how long you two have been dating each other. The question brings chills sometimes, some adrenaline effect before asking it to the person you are willing to marry. And the most obvious fear is – the fear of ‘NO’. Lot of people literally practice a thousand times before they actually ask this to their significant other. It really needs a lot of courage and is slightly more difficult. And it’s not just about the question, it is about how to make the proposal for wedding memorable. It is really very important, your wedding proposal should not only be perfect, but also should be romantic and memorable for both.

And there are many things that one can do to make his/her proposal most romantic and memorable, from reserving at a five-star restaurant to asking the question with a diamond. All that might have worked traditionally, but now is the time to express your feelings in some different and unique ways. Here are the best 45 and out of the box ideas for memorable proposals for wedding. Here we go.

Propose the right way…

Well, there is no right way as such for proposing the love of your life. The best part is you don’t need to spend a fortune in order to do so. For a memorable proposal for wedding – all you need is to have a romantic idea and plan to turn that beautiful idea to an amazing experience for both. It is very simple- you are planning to propose the person you already know and you have all the good reasons to be sure to spend all your life with the same person.

Hence, to make your proposal romantic and memorable, just imagine what all your significant other will like in a proposal and accordingly plan it. Still, here are some essential elements of a wonderful proposal…

1. For a beautiful, wonderful, and a memorable proposal you can choose her favorite place. It can be hotel rooftop, a fountain, a monument or a national park, any place that has personal significance to both of you. Just the two of you and the favorite place, what else would you need to make a memorable wedding proposal. And yes, don’t forget to ask someone to capture the moment!!

2. Propose her on a beach! Yeah beaches are favorite to many, if you and your partner also like beaches then what else you would want to make it memorable. Yeah, beach proposal while you two are strolling together and when she is lost in her thoughts, that’s the moment you have to put it forward. Believe you me, she will be surprised to the core!

3. Propose her at the dance night, yeah Saturday nights are meant for dancing and fun. And if you two also have the same ideas for fun, then why to choose any other occasion than the dance floor along with your favorite music in the background. YES is sure shot!

4. You can also use NEWSPAPER to pull a great wedding proposal. Newspapers may seem traditional, but trust me, it is a wonderful way to propose your love of life. Simply give a full page ad in a newspaper, make sure it is the same that she reads ☺ ☺ every morning!

5. Propose her with a choir or brass band live performance, make sure they play your fiance-to-be’s favorite love song in a park or public location. And the best would be if the performers can incorporate your fiance-to-be’s name into the lyrics, for a more personal touch you know!

6. Propose her over a candle light dinner. Though a candle light dinner proposals are traditional, but trust the idea still make for a great proposal. Take her to her favorite restaurant, get your table booked well in advance with all romantic candles, flowers and everything there you can pull out the proposal for wedding. Some romantic music in the background or live performance will simply add to the overall experience. And yeah get it captured for sure!

7. Poolside proposal. How about proposing your fiance-to-be at the poolside of your favorite restaurant. She will like for sure. Make sure you make all the arrangements in advance.

8. Propose her at your friend’s wedding. If your friend is getting hitched, and you are the best man at the wedding and love of your life is also invited there, then don’t leave this wonderful opportunity to propose to her. Talk to your friend who is getting married in advance and ask him about your plan. Make all the arrangements and propose to her in front of everybody. Believe you me, it is going to be the best proposal ever and yeah less expensive also.

9. Propose to her at the stage! All you have to do is contact the stage manager of your favorite production and make arrangements for proposing her after the cast’s curtain call. Also, see if you can have a special note or ad placement put into the playbill.

10. Propose her at your home. It is definitely going to be a surprise proposal because she will be at your home casually, but you already know that it is not a casual meeting. Just over a coffee on your balcony pull out that long awaited proposal. She will be stunned for a moment!

11. Another wonderful idea for a proposal for wedding is – have the caricaturist sketch a picture of both of you along with word bubbles that read, “Will you marry me?” And “YES” is sure shot!

12. Propose her while trekking. Have you thought of surprising her at some adventure trip? Yeah, if you two love adventure, then plan a wonderful trek together and propose to her with a diamond while trekking. Half of her exertion will vanish the moment you will ask this million dollar question, “Will you marry me?”

13. Propose her on a trip. Go for a trip with her and after a long day of sightseeing, have everything arranged in the hotel room only, like: champagne, roses, and candles for a surprise proposal for wedding.

14. Wedding proposal on the sky. Have a skywriter who can spell out your proposal!

15. Proposal in a domestic party with everyone close around. Gather all your and her close people and friends for a party and have everyone put on a customized T-shirt bearing one of the letters in the phrase, “Will you marry me?” And that’s it! Remember, group picture is a MUST!

16. Propose via her favorite TV show. There are many TV shows which usually communicate your feelings to your loved ones. If there is any such show on TV and your fiance-to-be watch that regularly then this is a great opportunity to use the platform for pulling the proposal.

17. Propose underwater. Another wonderful proposal that you can pull is under water – all you have to do is take your fiance-to-be for under water sport and there when you two will be under the water, propose to her with a diamond. And you’re set there and then trust me!

18. Send your fiance-to-be on a treasure hunt, but make sure that hunt ends with your marriage proposal. You can start with a clue at home with a handwritten note or maybe a text message that will lead to a place where the proposal is hidden.

19. Propose on the plane. Surprised??? Try it even your girl will be surprised absolutely. All you have to do is plan a romantic destination getaway for two of you. And when you’re on the plane, use the loudspeaker system inside and propose when the plane is at highest point.

20. Propose while on city tour. Plan a city tour, take your bike or rent a scooter or bike of your choice to take the tour of the city. Invite your fiance-to-be for a ride, while you hand over the helmet, just propose your partner with a ring in the helmet. She will definitely love the idea, it is cool and beautiful.

21. Propose with the glow-in-the-dark star stickers. Remember your childhood, when your mom used to put star and moon star on your ceiling. Now you can also use the same idea for proposing your fiance-to-be. Place glow-in-the-dark stickers on your ceiling of each letter of “Will you marry me?”, turn off the lights and see the reaction!

22. Propose her over the dessert. Take her to her favorite restaurant and propose her over the dessert. But before that ask the pastry chef to write, “Will you marry me?” around the rim of a dessert plate and wait to see the gasp.

23. Propose her over a coffee. It may look simple, but believe you me, it is a wonderful idea to propose love of your life. All you have to do is to ask the person to write “Will you marry me?” on the sauce plate. She will surely love the idea! Simple yet beautiful.

24. Another idea is to create makeshift letters that says, “Will you marry me?” And you can use anything from colored duct tape to scrap booking materials for creating letters. And DIY your proposal and surprise your partner with your wonderful creation at work, home or the park.

25. Decorate your room with all the wonderful memories of you two, you can use collage, beautiful lights, ribbons, balloons etc. to decorate the walls, and yeah you can use makeshift letters that says, “Will you marry me?” against the wall and see how surprised your partner to be after seeing all this!

26. Propose on a festival with candles. Yes, save your excitement for the festival, the moment you have your biggest festival around arrange lot many candles and create letters with candles that says, “Will you marry me?” and lit all the candles. That’s all! Hold your breath to listen to her YES!!

27. Propose while she is sleeping. It is going to be very, yes very romantic proposal ever. Of course, she won’t be expecting that. All you have to do is to slip the ring while fiance-to-be will be sleeping. And yeah, don’t miss to accompany the ring with some champagne and strawberries.

28. Propose with sweet treats. Yeah, put together a gift basket of all the sweet treats—like chocolate, coffee, fresh fruit etc. and hide the diamond among the goodies, you are sure to get a wonderful YES with a sweet KISS.

29. Propose with custom scrabble. Have a custom scrabble made with your picture and the words “Marry me?” and propose your fiance-to-be.

30. Propose while coming back from work! While you pick up your fiance-to-be from work in that winter evening. Make best use of your beautiful evening, propose to her with a diamond, it will be the best proposal ever at least after the tiring day when she will get into the car.

31. Propose on your partner’s birthday! Plan a “surprise party” propose your partner at the party when all the friends and family will be there to celebrate.

32. Propose your fiance-to-be in a park with friends and family are around at a safe distance away so that once you’ve proposed, all of them can show up to celebrate.

33. Propose with a drink. Have your friends and close people gathered at the bar, get your fiance-to-be at the party at a bar near and propose your partner with a drink and celebrate the occasion with all your loved ones there only!

34. Propose on New Year’s Eve, just find out a romantic spot, take your fiance-to-be there and propose to her just before midnight. It is going to be the perfect start to the New Year! Yeah, don’t miss to celebrate the occasion with champagne.

35. Propose her on the terrace. Decorate your terrace with light, balloons, ribbons, flowers and whatever material your fiance-to-be liked you think. You can even take your pictures, and get her u blindfolded and ask her to unfold the blindfold and then on your knee pull the most romantic and memorable proposal ever.

36. Propose her with her favorite pet. If you think your girl like pets a lot then nothing is better than proposing her with her favorite pet, be it a little puppy or a kitten. Simply buy a cute puppy, tie a beautiful ribbon customized with a question: “will you marry me?” She will be stunned to see such a cute proposal!

37. Propose her on Valentine’s Day, on February 14. Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day cards ready with a beautiful message on it. And along with the Valentine gift you can have your ring box packed, the moment she will open the present she will be surprised to the core.

38. Propose her with her favorite five-star-worthy meal cooked by you. Cook her favorite meal for the night, and over the dessert propose to her.

39. Propose her with her favorite song. If you are a wonderful singer, sing her favorite romantic song and along with that pull the proposal, she will never forget the way you propose to her! It is going to be the most romantic proposal ever. And if you can’t sing then have a singer friend of your with a guitar singing on your behalf.

40. Propose with her favorite cake. Ask your baker to make a custom cake on which you will have your proposal written in frosting. Either get the cake for fiance-to-be or you can have the cake displayed in the storefront where you will take your partner for buying cake. Cut the cake and celebrate!

41. Propose her in the library. If your college library is the place where you saw her for the first time and that very moment you felt yes she is the one, then you can propose to her at the college library as well. Take her to college for any reason, call your other friends also. Then with all your friends around propose the girl you have always loved.

42. Propose her at the cafe. Another best proposal would be to take her to the cafe where you dated for the first time and you two have wonderful memories associated to the place. Propose her there. But make sure before that you arrange everything wonderfully to make it more romantic and dream like!

43. Propose at the theater! If you have some connections in the theater then it could be a wonderful location to pull out a great proposal.

To pan out…

So, these are some of the best ideas for memorable proposal for wedding. Besides, you can create your own idea of proposal or you can modify the ones given in the list to have it in your own style. You can be very, really very creative while you pull out the proposal for wedding! You can even propose your partner in the woods, in a zoo, on a holiday, in the car, in the bed, or on some memorable day of your life, like on the anniversary of your first meeting, or maybe on her birthday, or maybe on your birthday, or in some party etc.

It is okay how and where you propose your partner as long as you know that a proposal is not barely words, but a commitment, a responsibility. Whichever way you propose your partner, what matters the most is that you and your partner are happy about your choices. Most important thing to remember is that you two are ready for commitment, for the promise that you two are making to each other. Because, a proposal is a big deal. So, make it count!!

Since you have a good idea about how to make a memorable proposal for wedding. We hope you are all set to propose your partner-to-be!! Do share your experience with us!!

Have a great Proposing……. ☺ ☺