Find out top reasons why you should plan your destination wedding in Switzerland

Find out top reasons why you should plan your destination wedding in Switzerland

The trickiest thing is already over, and that’s finding your soul mate. Now all you have to do is to seal the deal with a celebration that you and your wedding guests will remember forever. Because of their charm and amazing locations, destination weddings are becoming popular, and so are our couples wanting to get hitched in some idyllic location to celebrate the best day of their life. Amidst all the wedding planning and arrangements, somewhere inside every bride and groom wants to just elope to some other location and tie knot. Maybe because they don’t want to be bothered by anyone on their special occasion. Or maybe because they want to share the most important day of their life with just a few family members and close friends, or maybe they simply want to get hitched in less theatrical and chaotic way or perhaps because they have always dreamt of their wedding in a faraway land. Or maybe there is no reason as such, they just want it.

Well, if that’s your case too, then you can (I am not joking… at all). Yes, plan your wedding to some other location. How about SWITZERLAND?

Wedding in some foreign land has become a fashion now. Couples are ready to spend time and money for their once-in-a-life-time event. There are many International locations where couples these days prefer to say “I do” to their partners. And, Switzerland is one amongst them.

Believe you me, your wedding in Switzerland is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime affair!!


Switzerland, one of the most beautiful countries in the world, is a mountainous Central European country. It is home to numerous lakes, villages and the high peaks of the Alps, which makes for a perfect location for your destination wedding. Undoubtedly, Switzerland is amazingly beautiful. An exquisite location for making your destination wedding the perfect and memorable one. The country has it all, it is also known for its ski resorts and hiking trails (I am sure you must have seen in numerous Hollywood & Bollywood movies). Needless to say, famous for Swiss watches and chocolate. Couples can simply enjoy each other amidst spectacular Switzerland!

Well, here are some amazing reasons why Switzerland is the perfect location for a destination wedding:

1. It’s breathtakingly Splendor!

It’s magical, it’s breathtaking splendor, it’s uniquely beautiful, it’s… Oh God, what shall I say about the place! I am sure it will be a dream place for almost everyone, people would want to travel Switzerland at least once in their lifetime, be it for excursion or wedding. Switzerland has an exceptional blend of the loveliness of nature. The country is known for its breathtaking views, which works perfect backdrop!! Switzerland offers you myriads of wedding venues, which includes; grand castle, luxurious villa, charming farm, high-end hotels, apartments etc. Switzerland offers you the most incredible backdrops for your wedding and your pre-wedding photo shoot.

2. Pick Switzerland for an absolutely stress free wedding

By picking Switzerland for your destination wedding, you will eliminate a great deal of stress since the wedding is far away and only a few guests will be in attendance. Also, who so ever you want in your wedding, they are already there, so you don’t need to check on every guests and their accommodation. Believe it or not, but destination weddings are much simpler than the ones which are planned at home. And Switzerland is a very popular destination wedding location.

3. Land of magnificently beautiful weather and nature.

Switzerland is the land of incredibly beautiful weather, which is a must for your wedding. The wedding season in any part of the country is good all year long. The climate here is moderate with no excessive heat, cold or humidity. January and February are the coldest months as the temperature during these months reach below 2 degrees. From July to August and in the spring and autumn season the weather here is beautiful, long, sunny, and copiously lush. Switzerland has it all.

4. Switzerland offers you great venue choices.

You will get endless venue options in Switzerland, you name it and you have it, that too for any type of wedding…… Also, the country can accommodate any style of wedding in your budget. Most importantly, the place has it all to make your wedding a unique experience for one and all. Few of very famous wedding destinations in Switzerland include: The Dolder Grand, Le Bijou, Tarasp castle, Schilthorn, Aigle castle, Hotel Metropole Geneve, Baur au Lac in Zurich, Crowne Plaza Zurich, Grandhotel Giessbach in Brienz, Château de Chillon in Veytaux, Giardino Ascona etc. These are just a few….. Switzerland is full of wedding venues and has everything for everyone!

5. The country is full of wedding planners and vendors

Since destination weddings are becoming popular all around the world, and Switzerland is one of the most famous wedding destinations that gave rise to many wedding planners, wedding vendors, and wedding sources. There are many agencies and professional planners in the country who can help you plan your wedding in this location. Also, suppliers are equally as good, you can find amazing caterers, florists, and stylists for any taste level and pocketbook. Also, getting customized wedding packages is very easy for a wonderful destination wedding in Switzerland. These professional planners or agencies can help you find the perfect wedding location in your budget, book your reception venue, arrange hotel accommodation for your guests etc. Also, they will ensure that all your and your guests’ needs are met at all times.

6. Switzerland is all about your feeling….. And your emotions!!

Your wedding is essentially about taking some time off and enjoying all the events of your wedding without any stress. And the best part of destination wedding in Switzerland will be, you and your partner will not need to rush for the wedding ceremonies, greet so many wedding guests, or to stand on stage for long hours, or to keep on receiving gifts and wishes from an ongoing queue of known and unseen relatives, which without a doubt gets excruciatingly tiresome for the couple. While getting hitched in Switzerland amidst breathtaking beauty you and your guests will have the luxury of time and would be able to spend quality time together.

7. Switzerland is gourmet’s paradise!

Switzerland’s culinary is a gourmet’s paradise to be explored!! You will find everything afresh wherever you go as the menu predominantly features regional specialties. Swiss cuisine is influenced by the German, French and North Italian cuisine. However, food and taste varies greatly from region to region with that of language divisions, which constitutes a rough boundary outline. Also, many dishes have crossed the local borders and have become favorites throughout Switzerland. These dishes include, among others: Cheese fondue, Raclette, Älplermagronen, Rösti, Birchermüesli, Appenzellerland, Bern, Zürcher Geschnetzelte etc. You and your guests will love to savor on Swiss cuisine, give them a fantastic treat here in Switzerland

8. If you love chocolate, you’ll love Switzerland for sure!!

Chocolate— the smooth, delicious confection we all know and love today—was invented in Switzerland only. Until the Swiss entered into chocolate, chocolate was nothing more than a hot beverage. But Francois-Louis Cailler in the year 1819 created the first chocolate bar. In the year 1875, Francois-Louis Cailler’s son-in-law Daniel Peter, came up with the idea of adding milk to chocolate in order to reduce costs and make it more palatable. Together with his neighbor, Henri Nestlé, who specialized in condensed milk, they developed milk chocolate. And today chocolates are available to everyone!!

If you’re passionate about chocolates and want to plunge yourself in the world of Swiss Chocolate, Alpenwild in Jungfrau Region features a Tour de Chocolat, which was created to delight the most ingenious chocolate aficionados. There are classes, workshops, excursions and dining experiences. The tour starts in Lucerne and ends in Vevey, the birthplace of chocolate. Also, there are two other popular tours that include chocolate on the itinerary are Tour de Chocolat and Cheese, Chocolate and the Scenic Alps. On these tours you’ll participate in chocolate tastings, and plunge yourself into the world of fine chocolate manufacturing. So, immerse yourself in the world of chocolate!!

9. Get the best wedding photos here in Switzerland.

Your wedding pictures are once in a lifetime memory of the biggest day of your life. And you would definitely want to have the best of the memories. And there is no other place in the world than Switzerland to have the best of the wedding pictures. Switzerland if just full of scenes, the country offers a truly breathtaking, and extraordinary panorama. This country has everything from valleys to hills, mountains to lakes, and forests, and not forget the picturesque and magnificent cities, towns and villages. All waiting for you to celebrate the biggest day of your life in style that is reflects true you.

10. Wedding in an idyllic location

Most importantly, the infrastructure and service standards are class apart in every part of the country. And that’s how you get more value for your money per say. Key is early planning, and doing a great research work. Few best wedding locations in Switzerland includes;

  • For that old feel…WALDHAUS, SILS MARIA

    It is just 10km from the bustling resort of St Moritz. Waldhaus is located in an unspoiled alpine village nestled on a hill in the forest high above Lake Sils. If you’re specifically looking for an intimate destination then the Waldhaus in Sils Maria is the perfect place for you. Waldhaus is family-run hotel located in the Engadine Region of Switzerland, it was opened in 1908. Perfect for a fairy-tale wedding, surrounded by gorgeous views of gorgeous lakes and stunning mountains.

  • The super-stylish… THE CHEDI ANDERMATT

    The super-stylish – Chedi Andermatt is nestled into a high alpine landscape, and is accessible via three Alpine passes: the Oberalp Pass to the east, the St. Gotthard Pass in the south and the Furka Pass in the west. The luxury hotel will be the perfect location for a romantic destination wedding.

  • For that lake experience… LAKE BLAUSEE

    Most of the lakes in Switzerland are glacial and are gorgeously blue in color … and the best amongst all is Lake Blausee, enough to take your breath away. Lake Blausee looks like dyed with the most amazing rich turquoise colour. For an intimate, romantic and stress-free wedding the place is simply perfect.

  • Just explore the heights… THE JUNGFRAU

    If you’re looking for sure shot snow and ice as the backdrop for your wedding, then ‘Jungfrau – Top of Europe’ is the place for you. Just imagine you saying “I DO” to your significant other at Jungfraujoch 3,454 metres above sea level amidst stunning views of the Swiss Alps.

  • For a bit eccentric experience… TWO COUNTRIES AT HOTEL ARBEZ

    Get hitched in in two countries at once, yes…at The Hotel Arbez, also called the Hotel Arbez Franco-Suisse. The hotel bestride the international border between France and Switzerland in the small village of La Cure, which itself is divided by the boundary.

  • Say “I DO” on a James Bond movie set … THE SCHILTHORN

    The Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau – iconic Swiss alpine peaks, all of them could be the backdrop for your wedding if you get hitched on the Schilthorn. The place is famous for the world’s first 360-degree revolving restaurant Piz Gloria. It just takes 30 minutes by cable car to reach the summit of 2,970 metre-high Schilthorn with the most mesmerizing views all the way. Nearby is the charming Alpenruh Hotel, nestled in the stunning village of Mürren overlooking the Lauterbrunnen valley below!

  • For an extraordinary experience… GRAND HOTEL GIESSBACH

    This historical hotel is right next to the Giessbach Falls, it is high above Lake Brienz and is surrounded by mountains, forests and alpine meadows. For the couple who is looking for a fairy-tale wedding in a fairy-tale castle with a breath-taking view of the unspoiled landscapes of Lake Brienz. Perfect for an intimate wedding with 100 to 120 guests.

  • For an amazing experience… SUNSTAR WENGEN

    Sunstar in Wengen is a beautiful car free Swiss ski resort. And the grill cabin at the Sunstar is the perfect location for a small and intimate destination wedding. Where a couple with their loved ones can enjoy a barbecue evening or cheese raclette. Perfect for a very, really very small group like group of 10 – 14 people!!

  • For that childhood dream… IGLU DORF

    This is going to be an interesting idea… have you ever thought of getting married in an igloo or maybe spending your honeymoon in an igloo? If yes, then your dream is sure to come true, as there are five igloo villages in Switzerland – in Davos-Kloster, in Engelberg near Trübsee Lake, in Gstaad, on Stockhorn and also near the Matterhorn. Perfect idea for your winter destination wedding!!

11. The country makes for a perfect place to host your pre-wedding celebrations or rituals

Switzerland offers you myriads of options, where you can plan your pre-wedding celebrations. There is no reason for not conducting your pre-wedding rituals here, it’s such a lovely destination in the world!! Switzerland offers you everything that you need to make your wedding a memorable one. Just make your bachelor/bachelorette party or stag/hens or pre-wedding rituals as memorable as your wedding itself.

12. A perfect break for your wedding guests.

Who in your guest list would say no for Switzerland?? Nobody will there take it in written. This is going to a perfect break for your wedding guests. They will have a wonderful reason to visit Switzerland. They will love to spend their time in the country, which has so much to offer each one. The place has everything for your guests also, your wedding guests can visit the different locations, savor on Swiss cuisine, can indulge into shopping, can experience Swizz culture as a whole, and so much more.

13. Reason to spend some time with your besties.

Just imagine you spending some quality time of your life with your favorite people just before your wedding. Your destination wedding in Switzerland will give you enough reasons to have some quality time with your best friends forever. You can plan your travel a few days before your wedding so that you and your friends can spend two to four days together. You can enjoy afternoon cocktails on the terrace, or plan a rehearsal dinner, or maybe a farewell brunch, and many other group activities like cooking classes, tours, wine tastings, etc. This will be the most wonderful time of your life, it will also enable you to create incredible memories of your celebration, which you can cherish all your life.

14. Perfect time to get hitched in Switzerland.

Though the weather in the country is beautiful throughout the year, and apt for any kind of wedding, such as summer destination wedding, or winter destination wedding. As, Switzerland has amazing weather all year. If you are looking for some snow and beautiful backdrop then January & February are the months. But if you think you are more of a summer person….. Then May to July are the best time to get hitched here. Any month will be a perfect time to host an idyllic wedding in Switzerland.

15. Wedding plus your honeymoon destination.

Last but not the least, when considering Switzerland for your destination wedding, keep in mind that the place also serves best as a honeymoon destination. Switzerland has always been in the wish list of most newly-wed couples. The country has various locations for a romantic rendezvous, which include Zurich, Geneva, Zermatt, Interlaken, Lucerne, Ticino, Grindelwald, St. Moritz, Montreux, Lausanne, Contra Dam, and Bern.

All of these honeymoon places are the most sought after places in Switzerland, and are nestled amidst mountains and greenery that will melt your heart with their breathtaking beauty. So, just plan an impeccable honeymoon here in Switzerland make your honeymoon a perfect one. You don’t no need to take another long flight or adapt to a different time zone for your honeymoon. You can enjoy each other’s company and your precious time together in Switzerland. There is a lot to explore in Switzerland from its vibrant culture to shopping, food and wine to mountains and Alps, you only need to plan it in advance!

Switzerland is and has always been a perfect place to begin your new life. Change your location, explore a new destination in Switzerland, as the country is neared by many other beautiful places to visit. To start your honeymoon here in Switzerland, all you need to do is bid adieu to your friends and family and start your honeymoon the day after your wedding. That way you will also save on your logistical stress.


We all want our wedding stories to be really special and unique, destination wedding in Switzerland will give you the chance to do just that, even more.

Also, if you want you and your guest to entertain here in Switzerland on the days before and after your wedding there are so many things to choose from depending on the weather of your wedding, I mean winter or summer. If it’s a winter destination wedding then sledging, snowboarding, and skiing are the activities to indulge into. Also, many resorts have ice skating.

There’s so much to do in Switzerland be it a spring destination wedding, summer destination wedding, or a winter destination wedding. You can hike, or take a walk in the beautiful mountains. Then there are ice blue, ice cold lakes too to visit, most sought after is Lake Brienz!

I’m sure you have enough reasons to plan your wedding in Switzerland now… The place is perfect to host the most romantic and luscious wedding of the season!!

You can easily get nice wedding packages on your own, all you need to do is a lot of research. Or else, experienced wedding planners can help you create an incredible wedding a long distance from home. Though, there are a few things you have to let go off when planning a destination wedding in Switzerland, like the size of the wedding and scaled down guest list. But still the charms and perks of destination weddings in

Switzerland are such that it makes it completely worthwhile.

Happy Wedding… ☺ ☺