Innovative and Delightful Ideas for Bridal Entry at Her Wedding

Innovative and delight ideas for bridal entry at her wedding

A bride in a wedding is a show stealer. Wedding for a bride is not simply about wearing gorgeous wedding lehenga, putting beautiful makeup, it is in fact more than that. Even making an entry like a princess is also one of the dreams that any bride wants to make true on her wedding day.

One can make any kind of entry at her wedding, of course there is no hard and fast rule for that. One can be creative to any extent while deciding a specific kind of entry at her wedding, unlike olden days. We are blessed to be in an era where we can do things as per we wish. Today, brides can make their entries ultra-creative, super-innovative and amazingly delightful that people will talk about for years.

Remember, your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Go crazy, creative, innovative, do whatever you wish to do or have always dreamt of doing at your wedding, because this moment is not going to come back again. Whatever you will do in your wedding, all that you will cherish throughout your life. Therefore, leave no stone unturned for making a grandiose entry to your wedding venue. And if you have no idea how exactly you can make your entry innovative and delightful, then read this post till the end. We are sharing with you some really amazingly innovative ideas for making your entry striking, classy, and magnificent at your wedding.

Here we go…

1. Make a grand entry on a bike

If you are really looking for some quirky and bizarre entry idea, then make it on your bike. Yeah, bike entries are trending these days. And believe you me, bike entries not only look gorgeous, but also they make for a sexy bridal entry. Make sure you have a Royal Enfield for making a grand entry, and if you don’t own then you can hire. Just imagine you enter with your significant other on a bullet and both of you wearing Ray-Ban Aviator. It is going to be classy as well as grandiose entry.

2. Make a princess like entry on a Rath

Make a princess like entry on a Rath

Brides are no less than a princess on their weddings. In her gorgeous wedding lehenga along with baubles every bride looks like a princess of some empire. And how can a princess make a normal or regular entry. She ought to make a perfect entry like a princess to her mandap. Yeah, entry in a rath really looks gorgeous and classy. If you are looking for some classy entry style, then go for a rath.

3. Make a royal entry on a boat

If you are planning a beach wedding, then you can opt for an entry on a boat or steamer. A destination wedding itself is a great way of celebrating your special day and making an entry on a boat will be like a cherry on top. You will surely love the idea of making a beautiful entry on a boat.

4. Make a Desi style entry on a Rickshaw

If you are planning a desi style entry, then an entry on a rickshaw will be a great choice. Make sure that the rickshaw is pulled by your significant other. Let the whole world see the chemistry that you two share, and how cute you two look together. So, don’t forget to make a beautiful entry in a beautifully decorated and ensemble rickshaw.

5. Make a beautiful entry under Phoolon ki Chadar

Make a beautiful entry under Phoolon ki Chadar

A bride coming under phoolon ki chadar make for a perfect bridal entry. This makes for an eye-catching bridal entry. Phoolon ki chadar will be held by people (maybe your siblings, friends, uncles, or family) from all four corners and you will come under that chadar, walking slowly towards the aisle will look mesmerizing. Everybody at the venue will be seeing only you ‘the bride’.

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6. Make an entry with your parents

Of course, wedding is an emotional moment for everybody at home, especially for the bride’s family. One gets to see thousands of emotions during a wedding, and when the bride will be accompanied by her parents to the aisle, nothing can be more emotional than this. If you also want to have your parents by your side while you will be holding hand of your significant other, then make a perfect entry with your parents and let them give your hand to your partner.

7. Make an extra-ordinary entry with your girl gang

Your childhood besties, who have always been there for you in your thick and thins really deserve more in your wedding. Let all your girls feel special at your wedding. Make an extraordinary entry with your girl gang. Let them all have a huge bang……!! Everybody will be stunned to see a group of the most beautiful ladies on earth in the same place.

8. Make an entry on your scooter

Make an entry on your scooter

If you love to ride your scooter still, then why not to make a perfect use of that now. Yeah, just make an amazingly peculiar entry on your scooter. People will love to see bride entering on her scooter for her wedding. It will really make for an amazing and quirky bridal entry. Believe you me, it is not very difficult to arrange for an entry on a scooter. More often than not, girls have one, and even if you do not have you can ask your sibling or your friend to give you her scooter for making the entry. You can even embellish your scooter that will make your entry even more quirky.

9. Make a grandiose entry with kids

No wedding is complete without kids, especially Indian weddings. Yeah, in India even wedding dates are finalized when there are no exams so that no kid is missing the event. Believe you me, entering with kids will make for a perfect bridal entry. The best would be to have all the kids wearing the same attire from head to toe, especially in the color contrasting to your attire. Try this and see how all your wedding guests would be mesmerized to see you coming to the mandap.

10. Make an entry like a Rock Star

Wondering??? Just think how a rock star make an entry on the stage… Yeah, dancing! They come dancing. You also make entry while dancing. Believe you me, dancing brides look gorgeous, and nobody would ever deny it. More often than not, happy brides prefer to make entries like a rock star. Of course, wedding is the happiest moment for any bride, and dance automatically come when you are happy. So, if you believe you are also the happiest bride, then show it up in your dance as well.

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11. Make a Vintage style entry to your mandap

Make a Vintage style entry to your mandap

Yeah, a vintage style entry in a vintage car! Vintage cars decorated with beautiful flowers and the bride coming out of it will make for a perfect bridal entry. Of course, not every bride has vintage car but you can rent one, there is no problem. Entry on a vintage car make for a classy bridal entry. If you also want to enter in a classy way, then make an entry in a vintage car.

12. Make a GRAND entry with the man of your dreams.

Yeah, he is the same man who you have been dreaming of marrying. So, why not to enter the mandap with him only. Entering with your significant other will not only make for a grand entry, but also will make for an eye-catching entry. Yes, just hold your partner’s hand and head to the aisle.

13. Make a musical entry with your partner

If you want to make it more enchanting, then have your partner sing for you while heading towards the aisle. Everybody will admire the way you will enter the mandap. Of course, who would not want to have a live performance? If your partner is a nice singer, then nothing could be greater than an entry while singing a beautiful song. Make sure that the song goes along with the theme of your wedding.

14. Make a beautiful entry in a palki

Make a beautiful entry in a palki

Traditionally, palkis were used for the bridal entry and gradually the system vanished. But these days, brides are preferring to enter in a beautifully embellished palki to the mandap. Believe it or not, bridal entry in a palki or doli still looks fresh and mesmerizing. A palki carried by four people, especially your brothers just add to the emotions in the moment.

15. Make a Sparkling entry amidst sparklers

Sparklers are a perfect way to enter the mandap. However, sparklers can be used in numerous ways in a wedding, but using them during the bridal entry will just add to the charm of the event. Everybody will like the bride entering in a grand way amidst sparklers from both sides. Yeah, try this out, it doesn’t need a lot of preparation, and still it will make for a very stylish entry.

Final Verdict…

Hope you like these innovative and delight ideas of bridal entry. Besides, you can get creative to any extent and come up with some unique entry idea of your own and admire other brides as well. Undeniably, bridal entry besides being special, should be grand, classy, and extra-ordinary. So, do not stop yourself from being innovative!! Enter in a unique style and let others enjoy your entry!!

Happy Wedding…. ☺ ☺