Signs Of An Unhappy Marriage: How To Fix Loveless Marriage


Modern days marriages are very different. There are many different scenarios when people start to feel unhappy in marriage.

SCENARIO 1: People fall in love instantly, and in the spur of the moment, they decide to marry each other, and after a few years, they realize that there is no love in their marriage.

SCENARIO 2: When their families choose partners for them. We are living in an era where every person wants to explore and understand and, after that, only get into any commitment. However, there are still regions where parents find partners for their kids. This was a normal situation a few decades ago, but today it’s not how it should be.

SCENARIO 3: When couples start to fight on every petty issue. If it occurs, love flies away. This is one of the most common loveless marriage signs.

Aside from these, there are several ways one can feel unhappy in marriage. And if it happens, it’s time to know the root cause and try to fix the loveless marriage.

If you’re sailing in the same boat and trying to figure out what shall you mend your marriage, then this post is for you. In this post, we shall discuss everything about loveless marriage, including how to fix it.

So, let’s get started…

What Does It Mean to Have a Marriage Without Love?

The majority of people tie the knot in order to solidify the connection that comes with love. More often than not, people fall in love and get married. However, soon after, they realize that they are not meant to be together. And that’s when a relationship becomes loveless.

To put it another way, a marriage is said to be loveless when neither of the spouses feels loved or cared for by the other. This can apply to any partner.

A loveless marriage has progressed to the point when neither person can bring happiness or solace to the other. Still, couples decide to live with each other just like flatmates. However, this should be the way a marriage should be.

Conversations in an unloving marriage tend to become sterile and lacking in warmth. Couples in loveless marriages begin to concentrate solely on the unfavourable characteristics of one another. They always keep blaming one another without showing any interest in hearing the other person’s point of view.

In a marriage, when there remains no passion or attraction between the spouses, eventually, they begin to intellectually and emotionally withdraw from one another. Fights and disputes also start to die down as a result of the widespread apathy that has set in.

Both parties start to experience mental and emotional strain as a result of this situation, which will further increase the distance between them.

What are the factors that lead to lovelessness in a marriage?

Marriage is an institution that needs a lot of understanding, compromises, and sacrifices from both partners. During the course of a marriage, the definition of love shifts and develops. In the beginning, there is a great deal of strong passion and closeness, but eventually, it matures into a calm and relaxed sense of familiarity and belonging. There are certain marriages in which the love eventually fades away due to a variety of causes, including responsibilities that come along with marriage.

What are the factors that lead to lovelessness in a marriage_

There are some reasons that lead to lovelessness in marriages, which are as follows:

Busy Schedules: When people fail to make time for one another, problems in a marriage start to occur. The couple starts to drift apart due to lack of time.

They Start Taking Each Other For Granted: When one person in a relationship starts to take the other person’s presence for granted, problems occur. They don’t give time to each other, and in such a situation, their relationship suffers.

Difference Of Opinion: The pair gradually drifts apart because they have differences of opinion. They struggle to accept each other’s tastes, personalities, and aspirations.

Family: Sometimes, other family members, such as the mother-in-law, can be the cause of loveless marriage. Arguments within the family lead to the relationship becoming irreparably damaged.

Extra Marital Affair: The trust between the partners shatters if one of them gets into an extramarital affair. This makes the other partner cold and distant.

Financial Issues: Money plays a major role when it comes to having a stable relationship. If a person is not earning well or might have lost the job, it can cause a huge problem between the couple, especially if the other partner is not understanding enough. A rift can form in a relationship as a result of financial strain.

Sexual Inadequacy: Again, sexual inactivity or disinterest on the part of one spouse can strain a relationship.

Signs of Loveless Marriage

The following is a list of some of the most telling indications that there is no longer any love in your marriage:

1. There Is Never an End to the Criticism

One of the cardinal sins of a marriage in which there is no love is endless criticism. When the spouses criticise and belittle each other at every available moment, it signifies that there is no love. Endless criticism leads to lovelessness in a marriage. In such a situation, partners start to avoid each other and look for avenues outside their marriages.

2. Sexual inactivity

Physical intimacy is an integral part of any successful marriage. If there is no physical intimacy, the marriage is doomed to fail. Sexual inactivity is one of the most significant warning signs of an unhappy marriage.

Couples that are content in their relationships have good sex lives, which gives them a radiant appearance. If any of the partners avoid physical intimacy or if they do not feel satisfied, they start to feel unhappy.

Sexual inactivity

3. When One Becomes Disrespectful

Respect is an integral part of any successful relationship. You need to be respectful to one another to have a great life together. If you tend to misbehave with your partner, the other person starts to lose interest.

4. If One Prefers Friends Over Family

If you prefer to spend time with friends rather than each other. Signs of resentment in a relationship include preferring to air your grievances with third parties rather than your partner. This can lead to severe issues in a marriage.

If One Prefers Friends Over Family

5. Lack Of Support

Marriage is a union of two people where they need to support each other in their tough times. More often than not, it is seen that one partner becomes indifferent to other partners when a tough situation comes, such as loss of job, loss in business, ill parents, and so on.

If there is no support from the other partner, it leads to a loveless marriage. If there is no love in your marriage, you know that your partner is unreliable and cannot be trusted in any circumstance, leaving you entirely alone. When you’re always unmotivated, it’s simpler to ignore your partner’s needs when they emerge.

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6. You Belittle Your Partner In Front Of Your Partner

This is one reason why a marriage’s love eventually dies out. Often an egoist partner enjoys belittling the significant other by saying mean things, such as you don’t know how to dress up. They often find fault in their relationships by comparing them to their bosses or other office pals. This is the worst possible thing you could do to your significant other. When one spouse treats the other with disdain, anger develops, leading to even more marital strife.

You Belittle Your Partner In Front Of Your Partner

8. Distance

Sometimes work conditions can cause lovelessness in a marriage. If one partner is working in another city and there is a distance, it can lead to a loveless marriage. Understand we are humans, and we need support and care from our partners. We like to get physically intimate with our partners, and if it doesn’t happen for a long time, we start to look for avenues outside the marriage.

9. Not Open Enough

You really need to be open with your partner if you want to have a successful marriage. More often than not, people hide their feelings from their partners, which is not wise. If you won’t open up, who else would? This no openness in a marriage sometimes causes havoc.

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10. Avoid Communication

Successful marriages share qualities, including open lines of communication. Problems in a marriage are inevitable if the spouses never take the time to talk or are constantly preoccupied. The use of phones is becoming a concern as well. People nowadays spend more time in virtual worlds than the real ones. They’ll share pretty photos of themselves online instead of chatting in person. Again, this is a source of conflict in many marriages.

How to Make It Through a Loveless Marriage and Save Your Happiness?

Lovelessness in a marriage is not the end of the world. The good news is that you can work it out and have a happy married life ahead. Trust that it’s never late to have love in a marriage. There are various things you can do to improve your relationship and spark love.

Here are some of the strategies you can utilize to improve your relationship, take a look…

1. Make the atmosphere cosier by altering the surrounding environment

Your environment matters when it comes to making your relationship stronger. Your environment should be cosy and harmonious for each other. It should be a place where you both love to spend your time with each other. So, make the necessary adjustments that will allow you to work on improving your relationship.

Make the atmosphere cosier by altering the surrounding environment.

Aside from that, change the way you think, speak, and behave in order for your partner to recognize that you are making an effort. Also, it will help you if you adjust your dressing. Begin by changing the way that you think about your spouse and the circumstance. Keep in mind that you have a greater degree of influence than your spouse does over how you feel.

2. Avoid blame games

If you blame your spouse for all of the problems that arise in the marriage, you will just end up right back where you started. So, avoid blaming each other. Instead, accept responsibility, even if doing so initially appears unfair.

Concentrate on improving yourself, indulge in some activities, such as yoga.

3. Let them know that you still need them, that you care

It is essential to let them know your feelings. Show them that you still need them and that you care about your partner. Continue to encourage them to put effort into the marriage at every available moment by expressing sincere gratitude towards them.

Let them know that you still need them, that you care

4. Spend a good time together

Spending some time together quite often can help you mend things quite a bit. Know that moments of shared awe and wonder are the cement that holds relationships together. You can consider spending a dinner date or a night out with your significant other.

Make it a weekly ritual to mend things faster. You can even go for a trip or vacation with your significant other once a year. Display your affection and enthusiasm for your partner by doing things that they love and appreciate.

5. Forgive

Let go of the past; there is no point holding on to it. Holding on to the past will always prevent you from taking steps ahead. The best is to forgive your partner and make room for what could be.


Know that you won’t be able to fall in love with your partner all of a sudden, and it will take some time before you can entirely let go of your old feelings for them and start developing new ones.

6. Alter the way you communicate

How you talk with each other plays a significant role in making or breaking things for you. It is essential that you communicate in a loving and polite manner with your partner. If you use past ways of communicating, you’re highly likely to bring up old feelings. This, in turn, will take you to the same point where you started from.

Instead of thinking about assaulting your partner over something that frustrates you, try changing the way that you communicate with them and the words that you use so that they have a different reaction to what you say. This will help you overcome this challenge. Rebuilding closeness requires you to communicate in a new way that features more loving gestures.

7. Enhance Your Sexual Experiences

As was previously said, a healthy marriage requires both partners to be physically intimate with one another. Undoubtedly, the sex life would have died by now because of the lack of love in between. However, you can always revive your relationship. Of course, it won’t happen overnight, but giving time to each other can help you build a strong sexual bond as well.

Enhance Your Sexual Experiences

The best is to make your bedroom a more interesting place to spend time in. Put some effort into your appearance by dressing nicely, getting into better shape, and using a nice fragrance that entices your partner. Bringing love back into your marriage can be accomplished in a significant way by reigniting the romance you once shared in bed.

6. Learn to ignore things

Of course, things cannot happen your way all the time. But that doesn’t mean that you will get upset about every small thing. It’s better to learn to avoid certain things that you don’t like much about your partner.

If you keep noticing everything about your partner, you’ll only see flaws, and all your effort to mend things will go in vain. Hence, there is no point in picking everything and fighting over it. It’s better to learn to avoid things and stay stress-free.

Putting it all together…

So, here we conclude our post titled “loveless marriage.” If you are also sailing in the same boat, then it’s time to act upon it.

A marriage that is unhappy is not just going through a rough patch; rather, it is at a significant point that has the potential to get worse if the partners do not work on it. Therefore, we suggest you should work on your marriage and make things work for you two.

Even if you have exhausted all the possibilities, you should not stop trying putting effort. You never know; it may not be the end of everything. And if you think there is no way to make the marriage work, then there is no point in staying it and staling things further.