15 Most Luxurious Wedding Venues in the World

Luxurious Wedding Venues

When preparing for a wedding, it’s common to get overpowered by all the available choices. After all, there are so many beautiful locations and superb hotels that you could choose from—and the best part is that they’re not just in your own country either!

We’ve put together this list of some of the best luxurious wedding venues in the world, including some outside of America (like South Africa or Italy). Whether you want something traditional or cutting-edge and modern, these places will impress any guest who attends your special day.

1. Palazzo Versace, Gold Coast, Australia

The Palazzo Versace is a wedding venue on the Gold Coast, just north of Sydney. It’s in a beautiful area with mountain and ocean views, making it an ideal location to get married.

Palazzo Versace Gold Coast Australia

The estate includes the main reception hall, which can hold up to 300 guests; there are also six smaller rooms for smaller events or cocktail receptions. There’s also an uncovered terrace space with a pool and spa, so you can enjoy your day there too!

There are even tennis courts if you want to play golf after your big event!

2. Biltmore Estate, North Carolina, USA

It’s a historic home and considerable estate in Asheville, North Carolina. It is the biggest personally possessed house in the U S, with over 175 rooms covering some 8,000 acres (32 km2).

The estate was built by George Washington Vanderbilt II from 1909 to 1915 on land he inherited from his grandfather Cornelius Vanderbilt II. The mansion’s design combines aspects of medieval castles with parts taken from French chateaux and Italian villas.

It features more than 1 million square feet (93,000 m²) of living space spread across 100 acres (0.40 km2). It’s one of the premier luxurious wedding venues in the world.

3. Châteaux Vaux-le-Vicomte, Maincy, France

Châteaux Vaux-le-Vicomte is a 17th century château in Maincy, France. It was built by Nicolas Fouquet, superintendent of finances to Louis XIV from 1653 to 1661, and later inherited by his son Jean Boulain de Montreuil (1657–1714).

Châteaux Vaux-le-Vicomte Maincy France

However, the chateau’s history dates back to 1656 when it was acquired by Jean de Montreuil Voisin, who rebuilt the estate as a grand castle with gardens and parkland surrounding it. As a result, it has all the qualities to make your wedding memorable in this luxury wedding venue.

The Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte is a baroque French château situated in Maincy, near Melun. It was built between 1675 and 1710 by Pierre Le Gros à Blois for his daughter Marie Anne Jacqueline du Barry; she married Louis Henri de Bourbon d’Orléans Duc de Berry on 8 March 1725 at Saint-Cloud Palace Palace but died shortly after giving birth to her only child Alexandre Louis François Adolphe Théodat d’Étampes Vicomte de Beauharnais Duc d’Aumont.

4. Belmond Hotel Caruso, Ravello, Italy

Belmond Hotel Caruso is a luxury hotel on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. It has been showcased in many films and television shows, including “The Godfather,” “Casino,” and “The Avengers.”

The hotel has a Michelin star rating, which signifies it’s one of the finest eateries in Italy. So the guest enjoys the best cuisine at your wedding with a breathtaking view at the luxury wedding venue.

5. The Plaza, New York, USA

The Plaza is a luxury hotel in New York City. It was built by Marshall Field in 1907 and is located on the corner of Fifth Avenue and 59th Street. The hotel was designed with a grand courtyard garden to rival those at other fashionable hotels such as The Waldorf Astoria or The Savoy Hotel. It is one of the most prestigious and luxurious wedding venues in the world.

The Plaza New York Luxury Hotel

The Plaza’s famous lobby has been featured in many movies, including “An Affair to Remember” (1975), “Ghostbusters II” (1984), “The Devil Wears Prada” (2006), and “Sex and the City 2” (2010).

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6. Fregate Island Private, Seychelles

It’s a private island resort in Seychelles. It’s owned by the LVMH Group, which includes luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and Guerlain. The villas on this island are spread out across a lush tropical landscape with infinity pools and access to an exclusive beach.

The villas at Fregate Island Private include everything you need for your wedding day: a dining room, bar area, spa, and gym are included, making it one of the most luxurious wedding venues around the globe.

The island has a private airstrip, and you can fly in on your plane. However, if you don’t have one, don’t worry: the resort will arrange transportation from the main airport in Mahé Island.

7. Musha Cay, Bahamas

Musha Cay, a private island resort in the Bahamas, is owned by billionaire Paul Allen. The island has a hotel and other facilities, including a private airstrip, marina, and helipad. However, access to Musha Cay is only possible by boat or helicopter—it’s not accessible by land. It is the ultimate choice for people looking for luxurious wedding venues.

Musha Cay Bahamas

Musha Cay was designed with privacy at its center: no roads lead directly to any part of the property; instead, you must travel through nature along trails that wind through lush green forests and over sandy beaches where you can relax on hammocks under tropical sunsets before climbing back into your boat for another adventure!

8. Little Palm Island, Florida

Located in the Florida Keys and just minutes from Key West, the island has a private airstrip where your guests can land their planes or helicopters. The resort also features an onsite restaurant, bar, and two separate beaches for you and your guests to enjoy when exploring the tropical paradise of Little Palm Island.

If you want to spend more time exploring the island than relaxing by the beach, three villas are available, equipped with everything from king beds to private pools!

Suppose you’re peeking for a private island paradise in the Florida Keys, glance at no other venue than Little Palm Island. This exclusive resort features two beaches and three villas that are perfect for any luxury wedding venue.

9. Park Hyatt, New York

Park Hyatt New York is a luxury hotel located in New York. It has a rooftop bar, spa, restaurant, and gym. The ballroom is also available if you want to host your wedding there. The pool can be used by guests as well!

Park Hyatt New York Luxury Hotel

It’s a great place to stay if you want to be at the center of every action. It’s located in Times Square and close to many attractions in New York City. The staff is amiable and helpful.

The location is excellent, right in the middle of Times Square. You can walk everywhere from there! The hotel itself is charming and clean. There are many restaurants near the hotel if you want to avoid eating at the hotel’s restaurant. It is the ultimate luxurious wedding venue.

10. Chateau Saint-Martin & Spa, Vence, France

Chateau Saint-Martin & Spa, Vence, France. Nestled among the vines and terraced hillsides of southern France, this luxurious hotel offers guests a world-class spa experience, along with its Michelin-star restaurant and wine cellar. The grounds are ideal for relaxation by the pool or vineyard views.

The Château is set in a beautiful spot, with views over the vineyards and countryside. It’s also an ideal spot for exploring the Côte d’Azur, with Nice just 20 minutes away by car.

The hotel’s spa facilities include a heated indoor pool, sauna, and steam room. There are also two treatment rooms and a beauty salon onsite, and it is one of the best luxurious wedding venues in the world.

The Château’s Michelin-star restaurant offers traditional French cuisine, Mediterranean flavors, and an extensive wine list.

11. Amangiri Resort and Spa, Utah, USA

Amangiri Resort and Spa is located in the beautiful desert of Utah. With its breathtaking views of the red rocks and jagged mountain peaks, this venue is a perfect option for those who like to be married in an outdoor setting.

Amangiri Resort and Spa Utah USA

The resort has many activities for guests: hiking trails, horseback riding, fly fishing excursions (for those who don’t want to leave their room), yoga classes every morning—and even an aerial tram that takes you up above the mountains!

There are many options for guests to explore the surrounding area. The resort is only a 30-minute drive from Zion National Park, which offers plenty of hiking and biking trails. Guests can also visit Bryce Canyon and Lake Powell within just one hour of Amangiri Resort & Spa.

12. The Barn at Bury Court, England

The barn is a unique venue that can accommodate weddings of up to 600 guests. The landlords of this house have made an atmosphere that evokes the feeling of old-world elegance and charm.

It was used in many popular movies. You’ll have your choice between two different barns, allowing you to choose one based on your personal preferences or budget constraints. You could even rent out both buildings if needed!

13. Borgo Fannocchieto, Tuscany

Borgo Fannocchieto in Tuscany, Italy, is a luxury hotel with places to stay, eat and play. It’s owned by the Borghi group of hotels and resorts. There’s also an award-winning restaurant at Borgo Fannocchieto called La Casa del Tartufo, which has been named one of Europe’s top 10 restaurants for the past five years.

The spa at this luxury wedding venue offers treatments such as facials, massage therapy, and body wraps (including foot spas), while its pool area is perfect for cooling off after a hot day out walking around town or sightseeing around Italy! So if you’re looking for somewhere quiet but close enough to everything else, this could be just right for your big day!

14. One & Only Reethi Rah Resort, the Maldives

This is it if you’re looking for a wedding venue with a little bit of everything. One & Only Reethi Rah Resort has several different wedding packages, including beach ceremonies and receptions on the island’s white sand beach or in its gardens.

One and Only Reethi Rah Resort Maldives

Guests can also stay at one of their restaurants during their stay (provided they have booked enough rooms). More than just an event space, this resort offers all-inclusive stays that include meals prepared by chefs from all over Asia—and yes, there’s even an aquarium if your guests would like to look at fish while eating there!

The One & Only Reethi Rah Resort is located just off the coast of Mahe in Seychelles, so if you’re looking for a luxury wedding, this is one of the best options on our list.

15. Kruger National Park in South Africa

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of the term “luxury wedding” is probably a fancy hotel or an ultra-modern venue. However, if you want to get out of it all and encounter an original African safari, Kruger National Park is your best bet.

Located just outside Johannesburg and home to over 20 million people each year, this protected area boasts some of the most diverse wildlife in Africa—and some of the world’s most beautiful national parks! With its wide variety of habitats and wildlife species, it’s no wonder why many couples choose this destination for their wedding venue!

➤ These are a few more incredible venues for weddings worldwide

The Plaza Athenee, Paris – This is a unique property that was once a palace. It’s home to some of the world’s most elite guests and wedding parties.

Chateau de Versailles – If you want to feel like royalty for your big day, this is an ideal location for it! With beautiful grounds and rooms decorated by Louis XIV himself (he was King Louis XIV), this place will make anyone feel like royalty on their special day.

CAESAR’S PALACE ROMANIA – This hotel has been ranked #1 in Romania by TripAdvisor users and has been voted one of the top 5 luxury hotels in Europe by Conde Nast Traveler readers.


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the best wedding venues in the world. If we still need to include any, let us know in the comments section below, and we will try to add them to our list!