Make your Wedding Album Wonderful with These Innovative Ideas

Make your wedding album wonderful with these innovative ideas

Once your wedding is over the very next thing you want to have is your wedding album. What make it look its best are the photographs in it. Those photographs of your wedding are incomparable, your timeless memories which whenever you flip take you back to the moment when you said “I DO”! A wedding photo book is sacred book as it is the harbinger of your big day; a wedding photo album is something which takes you down the memory lane whenever you flip through the pages of your photo book. No words can define the emotions and the feelings one go through while going through his/her wedding album.

Seeing those pictures of your mother when she got emotional seeing you in your wedding outfit, when your father came to you and gave you that precious necklace and said it’s for you my princess, when your best friend hugged you just before taking you to the stage, the make-up, the hair-do, the outfit now everything related to your wedding is incarcerated in your album and hence your album becomes priceless, precious and sacred to cherish all your life, to share with your loved ones.

Every couple wants to have the best and the unique photo book of their wedding. However, to build a wedding album is a task, so many things to consider while building the best wedding album. Some couples really find it difficult to build their best wedding photo book as to them it seems like a big task. But you don’t need to worry, as in this post, I am sharing with you some of the most innovative ideas for creating a wonderful wedding album that will help you tell your story in a more precise way!

Here we go…

Any wedding album looks best because of its photos and not because of its cover, so basically you need to focus on photography more than anything else to have a perfect wedding album! Here is a list of some shots that you MUST HAVE in your wedding photo book to make it look more creative, beautiful and innovative.

1. Add some cocktail shots

Add some cocktail shots

Today, even brides prefer to have drinks, adding some drinking shots have suddenly become all the rage. If the bride is not exactly into drinking then just picking up a bottle and having few creative shots for the wedding album will do the needful. Make sure your photographer take all your bizarre shots for your wedding album.

2. Add shots of bachelorette

Bachelorette is another occasion that can help you have some great pictures for your wedding album. If budget is not a constraint then there is no harm in hiring a professional photographer to have some classy, peculiar and fun shots for your wedding album.

3. Bridal shower pictures

A bridal shower can be a great occasion for a bride to have some wonderful pictures of your pre-wedding bash that you can add to your wedding album to make it creative and innovative. Believe you me, adding some pictures while you are having wine, or maybe while practicing makeup tutorials etc.

4. Pictures from your pajama party

Pictures from your pajama party

Why should you not add pictures from your pajama party when you are going to have all the fun? Of course, you should never miss to add pictures from the time when you had the most fun. Later when you flip your album you will be able to relive all those moments and feel good about them that you had those moments.

5. Getting ready shots

It is really crucial to capture getting ready shots. Getting ready shots in a wedding are no ordinary shots, in fact these shots are very important ones. Groom’s excitement before that “I do” moment, and the pictures of the bride just before her last touch-ups etc. will make for the most adorable shots for an innovative and the most wonderful wedding album. In fact, couple can even get a whole photography series clicked of them getting ready so that they do not miss out even on a single detail.

6. Candid shots

Another innovative way to have a great wedding album is to have some candid shots. Candid shots are shots that are taken randomly without the person knowing that they are being shot. Therefore, they are natural and look really beautiful in an album. These unrehearsed, impromptus shots make for the real expressions that will simply adorn your wedding album. Also, make sure that candid pictures are comparatively bigger than the other pictures to add to the charm.

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7. Make your entries dramatic

Make your entries dramatic

Gone are the days when only groom used to come in a dramatic way, now is the time when the bride should also make her entry grand and dramatic. Of course, everybody loves a grand entry! So, there is no harm in adding a pinch of drama to the bride’s entry to make it an unforgettable moment for all. Add a set of panache to a grand bridal entry. For instance, if you are a biker, get your bike ready for making the grand entry at your wedding venue, or you can even choose a vintage car to exude royalty or you can opt for some other funky way to enter your wedding venue that would leave a lasting impression on one and all present at the wedding.

8. Close-up portraits

A close-up shot is a MUST HAVE shots for an interesting and innovative wedding album. The blushing bride, with beautiful expressions mixed with enthusiasm and a feeling of adventure will make for wonderful close-up portraits for a wonderful wedding album. And the handsome and anxious groom on the other hand will also make for the best close-up portraits, and by merging them in your album in a subtle way you will have a great photo book.

9. Stage shots

Though sound traditional but believe you me, stage shots are a must have shots in any wedding album. Also, stage shots are the best ways to have all your near and dear ones in a one frame along with the bride and groom.

10. Some happy moments

Some happy moments

Candid laughter moments between the bride and the groom should never be missed! There will be a myriad of beautiful moments amidst all the wedding ceremonies, where the couple would burst into laughter, all those moments should definitely be added to the album. Such shots simply make for a creative wedding albums.

11. The girl gang

Hey, all these girls who really make for your wedding should not be missed at all! No wedding album is complete without some naughty bridesmaids teasing around with the groom. Yeah, just imagine few images of bride with her bridesmaid. Make sure you guys play with color combinations and outfits during your photo shoot and get some super fun shots of the bride along with her girls to add pizazz to your wedding album.

12. The groomsmen

Getting some quirky shots of the groomsmen is a MUST! These are going to the best photos that you would want to see even after your marriage is over. Make sure you have them to make your wedding album extra glorious.

13. Clothes, jewelry and more

Clothes, jewelry and more

Everything in a wedding make a point and deserved to be captured, as they make for the perfect memories of the big day. All these shots of clothes, jewelry, shoes, and other embellishments simply signifies the bride’s new journey. Therefore, it is crucial to have them to make your wedding album a complete photo book.

14. Rituals, customs and traditions

However, every culture has different customs and rituals. Like in Indian culture, couple take rounds around the holy fire, whereas in western couples exchange wedding rings. Likewise, different regions have different rituals, but all of them are important and should be captured to have a creative wedding album.

15. Some low-angle shots

More often than not, low angle shots are taken to make the subject look taller or larger. Make you’re your photographer is also taking some low-angle shots, especially when you two are on the stage, or are performing your first dance etc. it will simply emphasize the frame.

16. The venue specials

Of course, your wedding venue will also play an important role in making your wedding album an innovative one. Wedding venue décor, should never be missed, everything from superb background to the wonderful location should be captured by the wedding photography so that you can add them to your album. If your wedding is a destination wedding, then definitely the stunning outdoors should be captured. And the best would be your photographer is capturing you two in those beautiful views.

17. The emotions


Wedding in any region or religion is an occasion, where there are a myriad of emotions that can be seen throughout. It’s an occasion where one has to go through numerous mixed emotions from nervousness to excitement, giggles to tears, fun to sadness, etc. all kinds of emotions are exploded at a wedding. Therefore, having such precious moments is very crucial in the perfect wedding album.

18. Ceremonial shots

There are many ceremonies and pre-wedding celebrations that can’t be left at all. Some shots from these ceremonies are really important for a creative and innovative wedding album that will stand out.

19. Perspective shots

Perspective shots are very popular these days, professional wedding photographers really work hard to help you have the best wedding album. Perspective shots are taken in front of large-sized objects or monuments etc. If yours is a destination wedding then it will be very easy for your wedding photographer to click some perspective shots of yours, be it in front of mountains, fortress or palaces to have a really great wedding album.

20. Top angle shots

Top angle shots

Shots from the top and over the top simply add a larger than life effect to your wedding album. These shots really make for a wonderful wedding album that looks creative and innovative.

Final Verdict…

To have a wonderful wedding album, it is crucial to have a mix of all shots from the wedding and pre-wedding ceremonies. One should have more creative and artistic approach to make his/her wedding album wonderful. Even the simplest moments exhibited in the most artistic ways can add to the wedding album. Instead of having an album that is bland, make sure you bring variations to your wedding album so as to make it more creative and interactive. Besides, using pops and other funny objects can also add to the wedding album.

So, for making a unique and innovative wedding album, make sure you talk to your wedding photographer and have a clear understanding of the possibilities to have a creative wedding album. Know about all the different photography styles and decide the one that suits your requirements the best. Also, it is important to choose your wedding photographer wisely, who can help you have the best and most unique wedding album.

Happy Wedding… ☺ ☺