Mr. and Mrs. Quiz Questions

Mr. and Mrs. Quiz Questions

Mr. & Mrs. Game may be new to you but it is played quite often in the western countries. The Mr. & Mrs. Game, also referred to as the Paddle Game is one of the best games played in weddings during the speeches. The aim of playing this game is to break the ice between the guests and to know how well the couple knows each other. This is decided based on the maximum matching answers.

This game can be played with or without penalty. It is absolutely up to you. If you want to add to the fun element, adding penalty is a great way. Penalties could be anything from a prize to a dare for each wrong answer.

It is an absolute fun game, meant to make the atmosphere light and fun. So, it is imperative that you do not add too serious or too difficult questions in your game. Also, be mindful of your audience while you select the questions for your game. It is a simple game in which few questions are asked from the couple to check their compatibility. So, it is important that the whole questionnaire is simple and fun. It should not be meant to humiliate anybody!

Here we are sharing with you top 150 Mr. & Mrs. Quiz questions along with the rules of the game. Do pick the ones that suit your needs best.

#1. Who said ‘I love you’ first?

#2. Where did you go on your first date?

#3. What did he/she wear on the first date?

#4. Who kissed first?

#5. Who’s the better kisser?

#6. Who was his first crush?

#7. What is his most annoying habit?

#8. What did he say was your most annoying habit?

#9. What do you like the most about his dressing style?

#10. Who would make the worst politician you or him?

#11. Who dramatizes things?

#12. Who is peaceful?

#13. Who ends fights?

#14. Who fancied who first?

#15. What was his first impression of you?

#16. What was your first impression of him?

#17. Who cooks best?

#18. Who is the worst cook?

#19. What is her best habit?

#20. What is his worst habit?

#21. What is his best habit?

#22. What is her worst habit?

#23. Who fights the most?

#24. What is his star sign?

#25. What is her star sign?

#26. Who believes in destiny?

#27. What does he despise the most about you?

#28. What does she despise the most about you?

#29. Who maintains the most cleanliness?

#30. Who is messier?

#31. Which Disney character is he most like?

#32. Which Disney character is she most like?

#33. What’s the weirdest thing about him?

#34. What’s the weirdest thing about her?

#35. With what name he/she has saved your number on his/her phone?

#35. Who gets pally easily?

#36. What is he/she obsessed about?

#37. What’s his/her favorite thing for you to wear?

#38. What’s his/her favorite outdoor sport?

#39. Who would win in a Monopoly game?

#40. What is his/her favorite time pass?

#41. Which is his/her favorite TV serial/series?

#42. What does he/she do if not working?

#43. Who is more foodie?

#44. What’s his/her favorite food?

#45. Who is his/her favorite female Hollywood star?

#46. Who is his/her favorite male Hollywood star?

#47. Which of his/her clothing items do you hate the most?

#48. What he/she likes the most about you?

#49. Who is funnier?

#50. Who else he/she would love to go on a date with, if it is not you?

#51. If he/she were on ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’, who would his/her phone a friend be?

#52. What was the first gift that he gave you?

#53. What was the best gift that he gave you? (Excluding the proposal, engagement ring, etc.)

#54. What according to him/her is your best feature?

#55. What’s his favorite band of all time?

#56. What’s his/her biggest fear?

#57. Who is more outspoken?

#58. What color does he/she think you look best in?

#59. Which is his/her favorite drink?

#60. What does he/she like to eat the most?

#61. What is his/her favorite Tea Time snack?

#62. Who indulges in caffeine the most?

#63. Who cooks the best spaghetti?

#64. What’s his/her favorite song?

#65. Who is a better dancer?

#66. Who is the worst singer?

#67. Who is good at managing money?

#68. Who is more extravagant?

#69. Who is more brand conscious?

#70. Which is his/her favorite perfume brand?

#71. Do you like the smell of his perfume or you simply despise it?

#72. Who smells better?

#74. Who is hornier?

#75. What’s your favorite food?

#76. Who is the worst singer?

#77. What’s his/her favorite song?

#78. What’s his/her favorite movie?

#79. What was his first job?

#80. What’s your best impression about him?

#81. What according to him/her is your best quality?

#82. Who will be the most hung-over after the wedding?

#83. Your clothing item that he/she hates the most?

#84. Who is most likely to deal with a spider/cockroach/lizard?

#85. His/her favorite pizza?

#86. What is his/her favorite pizza topping?

#87. Name of the first movie that you two watched together?

#88. What is that one thing he/she is most likely to go viral for?

#89. What’s her shoe size?

#90. Which color tie/shirt/pants he has the most?

#91. Which is his/her favorite color?

#92. What’s her bra size?

#93. What is his/her last meal more often?

#94. Who is more health conscious/fitness freak?

#95. Would he/she rather spend an evening in with you or a night out with you?

#96. The celebrity couple that you look like?

#97. Who is more talkative?

#98. Which is his/her favorite holiday destination?

#99. What are the things you most likely to argue about?

#100. If he/she has to throw a themed party what would the theme be?

#101. Who has the worst handwriting ever?

#102. What would be his/her favorite job, other than the one he/she is doing now?

#103. Who do you think is perfectionist?

#104. If he/she could only eat one food item for the rest of his/her life what would that item be?

#105. Who makes better tea/coffee?

#106. How does he/she like his/her tea/coffee?

#107. How does he/she like his/her eggs cooked?

#108. If he/she would want to have a tattoo, what would it be?

#109. If he/she gets a chance, then what celebrity would he/she want with him/her on a desert island?

#110. If you get a chance what would you want to change in him/her?

#111. What was the name of his/her first pet?

#112. Who is good at dealing with pets?

#113. Who is a pet lover?

#114. If he/she wins the lotto – how would he/she spend it?

#115. What does he/she want to have a big car or a big house?

#116. Who is the worst driver?

#117. Which is his favorite car?

#118. Which is your favorite brand of watches?

#119. How would you describe him/her, a beach person or a mountain person?

#120. Who is more passionate about life?

#121. Who loves to travel the most?

#122. What is his/her idea of dream night out?

#123. Who is more adamant?

#124. Who is more dramatic?

#125. Who says “I’m sorry” the first?

#126. Who has the worst clothing sense?

#127. Who has the best clothing sense?

#128. Who has a better taste in music?

#129. Who’s good at saving?

#130. Who has more friends?

#131. Who is a gossip monger?

#132. Who’s best at keeping secrets?

#133. What will his/her Sundays or Holidays be like?

#134. Who is more people oriented?

#135. Who is shyer?

#136. Who has the best design and décor taste for home?

#137. Who is good at managing home?

#138. Explain him/her in one word?

MORE PERSONAL QUESTIONS (If your audience is open-minded or if the couple is cool enough)

#139. Who has the most exes?

#140. What is the name of his first ex?

#141. Which is his favorite sex position?

#142. What is his bedroom fantasy?

#143. What does he/she fantasize the most?

#144. When did you first get intimated?

#145. Who is a better kisser?

#146. What’s his favorite part of your body?

#147. What does he/she like the most about your body?

#148. Who makes out passionately?

#149. Which is his favorite place to make out?

#150. The craziest place where you two made out?

#151. The sexiest thing that you two have done?

So, these are the questions that you can have in the Mr. and Mrs. Game. You can play the game either in rounds or simply. Here are the rules to play the game.

Rules To Play…

STEP 1 – Pick a selection of questions (like 20 – 25) from the list above and make a questionnaire. If you want you can even add your own questions to the list that fit the couple perfectly.

STEP 2 – Take printouts of the questionnaire, make sure you take two copies and give one copy of questions to the groom to answer honestly. Ask him to send his honest answers. Also, make sure that you keep his answer secret from the bride.

STEP 3 – You can give the second copy of questions to the bride at the hen party and ask her to answer them before the groom reveals his answer.

STEP 4 – After each answer given by the bride, reveal the groom’s answer to see if it’s matching or not. It is up to you, you can either ask the bride alone or you can have a team to take care of that.

The Bottom Line…….

It is one of the funniest games that you should surely incorporate in your friend’s wedding, especially if you are a maid of honor in your best friend’s wedding. Maid of honor is supposed to take care of a lot of tasks at the wedding. She does everything from supporting the bride to make the event classy to incorporating some fun elements for the bride and groom, like the Mr. & Mrs. Game.

Have Fun….. ☺☺