Why Should You Consider Goa as a Destination for your Wedding?

Why should you consider Goa as a destination for your Wedding

Goa – Tourist Paradise

Goa is a prismatic blend of Indian and Portuguese cultures. The place is swamped with gorgeous beaches, palm groves, sun, sea breezes, sand, seafood, tropical languor, casinos and old susegado. It is one of the smallest city of India. Yet has everything to make people call it a paradise on earth. When it is about your destination wedding that too inspired by beaches then Goa should be high on your list.

A perfect place for getting hitched with your significant other in a beach-style wedding. Goa has always been popular for its beaches, seafood, and local drink ‘Feni,’ and considered as one of the major tourist destinations in India. Goa makes a perfect destination for almost every occasion from a night club party to Christmas celebration, New Year celebration to a destination wedding, company’s seminar to a product launch etc. Besides being famous tourist spot, Goa is gaining popularity as a perfect wedding destination for a beach style or intimate wedding celebrations.

Goa not only offers gorgeous beaches, pristine sand and seafood, but also better venues. Goa has some of the best wedding venues to get hitched. You only have to decide the type of wedding such as intimate or big fat, beach wedding or theme wedding – Goa is all set to present you what you desire, to make your day an extraordinarily marvelous.

Some couples prefer Goa for their beach wedding, while some chose Goa just because it’s Goa. The place has its own charm and pompous, which is enough for hosting a unique and idyllic wedding in Goa.

If you are not sure why you should consider Goa for your destination wedding, then here are top reasons to help you make your decision. Keep reading…

1. Goan weddings are majestic

When planning a destination wedding in Goa you have varied choices to go with, from a luxurious private resort indoor wedding to an island wedding, a church wedding to cliff side wedding, tropical-style wedding to an exotic beach wedding. Goan weddings are majestic and the costs are also lesser in comparison to an International destination beach wedding. When you chose Goa for your wedding make sure you chose South Goa, as the beaches there are cleaner and the place is less crowded. In south Goa you will get to see unspoiled beauty.

2. A pocket-size paradise on earth

Goa, smallest state in the nation, famous for its mixed Indian and Portuguese culture, is truly a paradise on earth, especially south Goa. Not only a tourist destination, but also seekers from around the world come here for spiritual purposes. Though there are many beach locations in the world but Goa has its own beauty and charm which attracts more and more people across the world to the place. Just imagine you saying your wedding vows amidst heavenly beauty, making your special day unforgettable for one and all.

3. Small package big power

Goa maybe smallest city but offers a complete wedding package with its stunning private properties, gorgeous hotels, pristine beaches, golden sand, lively night clubs, local cuisine, distinct and vibrant culture, and great shopping. Proper wedding destination for couples who are looking to get wed-locked in an exotic location.

4. Goa has something for everyone

Whether you want to have some serious fun time with your buddies here in Goa, or you want to enjoy vacation with your family, or coming to attend a seminar or conference, or planning to get hitched, Goa is for all. The place offers something to everyone. Goa, the tourists’ paradise has too much to offer besides its beaches and locally made Feni. Goa allows one to have full fun in the city, it offers tons of fun activities for your guests from fly boarding to Scuba diving, snorkeling to sightseeing, sun bathing to beach side leisure walking. There are many accommodation facilities available in the city from budget hotels to luxurious private resorts for all walks of life.

5. A place famous for its laid back lifestyle

Besides being famous for its casinos, night clubs, headphone parties, trance parties, place is known for its laid back lifestyle. People from across world come here to chill on the beach, or for sunbathing. With its chilled out vibe and laid back attitudes of its inhabitants, time slows down in Goa. What else would you want from a place where you will not only get hitched, but also have time to take strolls on the beach, lazy lunches, and afternoon naps all to de-stress yourself before your D-day. Goa is a place where one can spend few days or few months in that too without wanting to leave.

6. Wedding industry is booming in Goa

Ever since Goa has started to gain popularity as a wedding destination, it has given rise to many wedding vendors and professional wedding planners. Planning a destination wedding in Goa is not a task anymore. All you have to do is research and find out the best wedding planner in the town, contact them and detail them about how you want your wedding to be. Rest you don’t need to worry about, as the professional wedding planners are efficient enough to make your dream come true. If your budget is a constraint and you are planning to arrange things on your own, there are many wedding vendors you can contact and get services from. Now nothing to worry about when planning your destination wedding in Goa, everything is available easily and in competitive prices.

7. Cost of hosting wedding in Goa

Though destination weddings are already pricey affairs because you need to arrange for to and fro airfare along with the accommodation of your guests. But still that doesn’t stop couples to get hitched in their dream location. And why should they not say ‘I Do’ in fairy-tale style when all they wanted all their lives is this only. Cost of hosting a destination wedding in Goa will vary based on the type of your wedding, number of guests, number of days etc. However, a budget wedding in Goa with 100 guests will cost you around 18-20 lakhs, whereas a mid-range wedding will go up to 30 -35 lakhs, and for a lavish wedding sky is the limit…. (Pun intended), it can go up to as high as you want. Goa offers many luxury hotels, 4 star properties, resorts, inns etc., to hold wedding of your choice.

8. Place for getting gorgeous wedding photos

Your wedding pictures are crucial and need special attention. Goa is a best location for getting stunning photos of your wedding. The beauty and the beaches of Goa makes it a perfect backdrop for your wedding photos. Goa, gives you an opportunity to get clicked on various beautiful locations from beaches to cliffs. Your wedding photographer will have myriads of options to use as natural backdrop and be more creative to give you the best wedding pictures of yours, which you will cherish all your life.

9. Best wedding venues to host a fairy tale wedding in Goa

Goa has some seriously stunning wedding venues such as:

  • Zeebop by the sea – the finest wedding venue for an intimate celebration
  • Alila Diwa, known for its in-house spa – a perfect location for hosting a fantasy wedding and getting some relaxation
  • The Leela, ‘India’s Only Beach And Riverside Luxury Resort’ – perfect for your dream wedding
  • Riva Beach Resort, an extravagant property, situated on the white sand beach of Mandrem, one of the finest beaches in Goa – One of the best venues to host best wedding in Goa
  • Cidade De Goa, known for its expansive and picturesque view – A perfect wedding venue to have incredible wedding experiences
  • The Zuri White Sands, known for its well-manicured gardens fringed with coconut and banana trees – Perfect for an enticing beach wedding
  • Grand Hyatt Resort, five star property beside the Bambolim Bay, considered one of the largest wedding venue in Goa – known for hosting dreamiest wedding
  • The Lalit Golf And Spa Resort, five-star luxury property, celebrated for its landscape gardens designed by a French landscape artist – perfect for a luxurious destination wedding.

10. Known for its mouth-watering delicacies

Goa, mostly people visit the city for its seafood, the city offers range of food items to satiate. Goan cuisine is famous world-wide. Your guests will admire you for feeding them with the best Goan cuisine. Rice, seafood, coconut, vegetables, meat, pork and local spices are some of the main ingredients used in Goan cuisine. Being situated in a tropical climate, spices and flavors used are intense. Use of kokum is another distinct feature of Goan cuisine.

Food in Goa is incomplete without fish. Some of the finger licking dishes are; Goan Fish Curry, Pork Vindaloo, Shark Ambot Tik, Chicken Xacoti, Feijoada, Sorak, Samarachi Kodi, Patolea, Bebinca (famous dessert), Fish Recheado, and Sannas. Feed your guests with Goan cuisine and they will talk about your wedding even after it’s over.

11. Best time for tying knot in Goa

Goa has tropical climate throughout the year. Weather here is mostly pleasant, so you can see visitors all year round. However, the best time for a destination beach wedding in Goa is between October-February. Whereas, somebody who is looking for an budgeted indoor wedding May-August are good months as the season is low during these months because of which one can get less expensive wedding packages.

12. Best place for keeping your guests engaged

Well, to look after guests and their requirement you need to dedicate somebody. But Goa is such a place on earth that your guests will love to keep themselves engaged in something or other without bothering you. Goa offers so much that one can’t resist exploring the city. It is a perfect place for adventure lovers, as it offers many water sports. One can enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, fly boarding, sun bathing, visiting to fort Aguada, visiting to Dudhsagar falls, sightseeing, visiting national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in Goa, shopping, boozing, spa and massages, and so on so forth.

Goa is a perfect destination for keeping your guests engaged in some fun activities. In fact they will love vacationing in the city after your wedding is over.

13. Best place for hosting your pre-wedding celebrations or rituals

Goa is so mesmerizing that couple would want to celebrate all their wedding ceremonies here in the city. Place offers an array of options for one and all. You can start your pre-wedding bash in the most idyllic and scenic place. Goa is full of romantic venues for making your sangeet night extra special, cocktail night extra vibrant, night clubs to celebrate your bachelorette, etc. No much frill required to make your event special, as Goa, only name is enough to give your event an extra pompous.

14. Combine your honeymoon with your special day

Last but not the least, Goa not only makes a perfect tourist destination, but also it is a perfect honeymoon destination. Honeymooners for many decades have been celebrating their honeymoons here in the city. The city is so mesmerizing that one can spend two days to two months here. Inspired by Portuguese culture some parts of Goa are so serene and peaceful that one would never want to leave the place. If you are planning to get hitched here in Goa, you have reason to double it with honeymoon destination. Just imagine, just-married you TWO in the city, enjoying the serenity of the place with each other.

Why should you hurry things just after your wedding to fly to some distant location for your honeymoon and getting tired? Honeymoons are meant to have fun, leisure time, romantic time together, not for running from one location to another. Just after the wedding couple can spend some peaceful and romantic time together and de-stress themselves and release all the wedding pressure. Also, you will save time, efforts and fortunes on logistics. All you have to do is say good bye to all your wedding guests, shift to some different hotel or resort, hire a Scooter/Motor Bike for local excursions and start honeymooning the day after your wedding. That’s all!!

Concluding Tips

I am sure you have good reasons now for tying knot in Goa. Here are few more tips to consider before you start your planning:

  1. Goa is well connected to road, rail and air, Dabolim Airport or Goa International Airport is the sole airport in Goa. Flights from almost all the nations and cities are connected. Also, if you are from the nearby location you can even board a Volvo. Locally cabs and buses are available, you can also hire a two-wheeler for local excursions.
  2. Once you know the type of wedding you are looking for, do all the bookings well in advance, as in peak seasons Goa is over-crowded. So, avoid any delays and book on time, for all your functions including your honeymoon too.
  3. If you are looking to hire a wedding planner then also you have to book beforehand, because once season starts it gets difficult. Or if you are taking care of everything then it is recommended to book your vendors well in advance so as to avoid any chaos later.
  4. Talk to your wedding planner and know about all the legal formalities and other requirements for the destination wedding in the state.

Happy Wedding… ☺ ☺