The Best European Destination Wedding Locations of 2024

Wedding planning begins with finding the right venue for the celebration. Choosing an ideal wedding location could be a daunting task. However, you can make your choice of location based on your budget, kind of wedding you’re planning to host, and so on. Europe is one of the most beautiful continents, with naturally beautiful cities to host memorable weddings. It’s a perfect place for couples who want to get married in a European destination wedding location.

Whether you’re searching for a luxury wedding venue or beautiful ancient villas – Europe has all it takes to make your big day glamorous. From the sun-kissed shores of the Mediterranean to the snow-capped peaks of the Alpines retreat – European destinations has it all!

If you have imagined saying “I do” in a historic castle, luxurious seaside resort, or venue with breathtaking landscapes, keep reading this post! We have shared some of the best European destination wedding locations of 2024 in this post. You will explore the enchanting possibilities that await you in Europe’s most romantic destinations.

So, let’s get started…

Top European Destination Wedding Locations

Here are 10 top European destination wedding locations for 2024 where you can consider hosting your wedding. Take a look…

1. Prague

Prague needs no introduction. It is one of the best European destination wedding locations for those planning to get hitched in an enchanting location. If you’re planning a destination wedding, look no further! The city of Prague is in the heart of the Czech Republic. It’s perfect for a bohemian-themed wedding ceremony.

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Nestled along the banks of the picturesque Vltava River. It’s a stunning destination for your dream wedding. It features unique settings and mesmerizing backdrops for captivating photos. Moreover, the location is budget-friendly and has unique offers for couples with different budgets. The place boasts professional planners and wedding vendors who can help you create a memorable event.

The charming views of the city will leave your guests wowed! It’s easy to access from any part of the world, so your guests won’t have problems locating Prague.

2. Amalfi Coast

Have you ever dreamt of having a perfect romantic and beautiful wedding? Opt for the Amalfi Coast in Italy!

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Amalfi coast is one of the most beautiful locations in the world – perfect for hosting a romantic wedding. It has dreamy wedding settings where you would love to start your love story. You and your partner will love to say “I DO” in such a beautiful location. This place boasts pastel-colored buildings cascading down to the sea. The view will leave your guests mesmerized.

It features the azure waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, and the streets there are mostly strewn with beautiful blooms. This is one of those places where you can get the best wedding shots. All in all, this is a serene location with jaw-dropping views. We’re sure you will fall in love with the wonders of Amalfi while you say ‘I do’ here!

3. Fairytale in the Alps

Switzerland is yet another most beautiful city in Europe. This place has unique locations for exchanging wedding vows. You can consider exchanging your wedding vows with the majestic mountains of Switzerland as your backdrop. The Alps feature unparalleled mountain landscapes, encouraging couples to exchange vows there. The Alps has a breathtaking canvas that is enough to make your special day even more special.

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Whichever way you want your wedding ceremony to be, it has a Swiss setting that suits each wedding theme. Also, it has Swiss luxury resorts and quaint chalets to get hitched. The best thing about this place is they have a team of dedicated professionals ready to cater to your needs. If you’ve always wanted a fairytale wedding setting amidst rustic charm and opulence – the Swiss Alps village is your best bet. The environment is serene and perfect for creating lasting memories.

4. Ireland Elegance

If you want a luxurious wedding ceremony, opt for Ireland! It’s an enchanting location for a couple who wants to say ‘I do’ in a unique setting. The Celtic charm of the landscape will captivate you with its beauty. It’s one of the best European destination wedding locations that you can consider for your wedding in 2024. Aside from that, this place features mansions speaking of their glory and grandeur.

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The location settings go beyond being mere backdrops. This place is ideal for saying “I DO” in style. Moreover, your wedding photos taken in Ireland will serve as a timeless reminder of the beautiful moments you shared on your special day here in Ireland. Ireland is a perfect place for creating lasting memories and having a fairytale beginning. Consider choosing this place for your wedding.

5. Castle Weddings in Scotland

Here’s another European destination wedding location for a couple who wants to have a grand wedding. It’s a peaceful environment with luxurious grand rooms for you and your guests. Scotland has impressive castles embellished with natural and majestic sceneries. This place boasts mind-blowing rugged landscapes and eye-catching castles with superior interiors that will wow your guests. These castles exude a sense of grandeur and offer a welcoming atmosphere.

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Unique settings here could serve as a canvas for your destination wedding. If you’re seeking a wedding with a touch of medieval charm, Scotland is the perfect destination. The location is perfect for anyone looking to celebrate a wedding that your guests would remember even after years. And don’t worry about your comfort because the place is swamped with professional service providers. They will make sure all your needs are met.

6. Parisian Promises

Imagine exchanging your wedding vows in the city of love. When it’s about celebrating a wedding – Paris tops the list. Paris is one of the most beautiful locations in the world offering couples, visitors, travellers with services that they won’t get anywhere else. The capital city of France has breathtaking towers that can serve as a backdrop for your wedding photos.

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You will love to get hitched in Paris, famously known as the city of love in the world. This is one of the best European destination wedding locations. In addition, it’s a perfect place for your honeymoon as well. You will love to spend time in Paris with your partner. Each street and corner of Paris whispers stories of love. Wedding in Paris is your chance to create your own story and leave a lasting impression! Some places in Paris where you can exchange your wedding rings are the shadow of Notre Dame or Jardin des Tuileries. Your options are many! You might also like the luxurious Parisian hotel or the historic château. Give it a thought!

7. Greek Isles I Do’s

Next on the list of the best European destination wedding locations is the Greek isle. The Greek isles provide stunning vistas that are ideal for a truly unforgettable wedding. The destination boasts stunning beaches basking in the sun and charming buildings painted in white. Every island in Greece presents its own unique paradise.

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Mykonos is one of the places in Greece where you can consider celebrating your wedding. Greek Isles is the perfect choice for all your wedding events, ensuring a grand celebration. The island is incredibly stunning and boasts a vibrant cultural heritage. Your wedding ceremony on the Greek Island will be a serene and beautiful affair. This place offers a multitude of options for celebrating your wedding. You and your guests would be captivated by its undeniable allure, lush natural beauty and rich culture. Experience your dream wedding come to life in the enchanting Greek Isle.

8. Enchanted Ceremonies in Spanish Paradises

Spain is yet another wonderful European destination for hosting a destination wedding. It offers multitudes of venues with world-class luxuries where you can exchange your wedding vows. In addition, it has sun-kissed beaches of Costa del Sol. There are lots of beautiful locations in Spain where you can say ‘I do’. The rustic charm and beauty of the Spanish Cortijo tradition will captivate you. It’s ideal for outdoor wedding ceremonies, where the refreshing aroma of an orange grove will envelop your guests.

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Spain offers a wide range of flavours to enhance your wedding celebration. You can consider opting for breathtaking cliffs in Mallorca or immerse yourself in the timeless charm of historic elegance. Wherever you want to begin your love story, there are plenty of options in Spain. This is one of those places that allows you to create cherished memories while exchanging your vows.

9. Dubrovnik

For couples seeking a destination wedding location that has beauty and coastal charm, Dubrovnik is the best place in Europe. Nestled along the Shimmering Adriatic Sea, this place boasts medieval architecture, cobblestone streets, and breathtaking coastal panoramas. It’s a captivating destination for couples seeking an unforgettable wedding experience.

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You can consider getting hitched in the Dubrovnik’s Old Town. It has panoramic views of the sea and rugged coastline that can serve as an enchanting backdrop for your photos. There are countless activities that you and your guests will thoroughly enjoy in Dubrovnik. In addition, the food at this place is absolutely delicious. During your stay, you will have the pleasure of savouring the delectable seafood and authentic local cuisine of Dubrovnik. You and your partner can enjoy the evenings with the delightful sounds of traditional Croatian music. Dubrovnik is a city rich in cultural heritage – perfect for hosting a wedding!

10. Under the Tuscan Sun

Tuscany has earned a huge name in the past few years. A number of famous people have picked this spot for their destination wedding. There is no romantic destination venue in Europe like the Tuscany. It’s one of the best places where couples can exchange vows. Tuscany is in the heart of Italy. It’s a perfect place for couples seeking to have a rustic and romantic wedding celebration.

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Your guests won’t only have a treat for their eyes in Tuscany, but they will also enjoy having a feast there. Tuscany has the best exquisite wines and gourmet food. Every corner in this region is perfect for your wedding photos. The region has a lot to offer, provided you pick the best location here. Every moment you spend in Tuscany will become a vital part of your love story! Give it a thought if you are set to host a wedding in a European destination.

Last Few Words!

So, these are the top 10 European destination wedding locations of 2024 for you. Whether you are planning a modern wedding or a traditional one, these locations have it all, from stunning landscapes to rich cultural heritage and romantic ambiance. You can choose to host your wedding in any location and create lasting memories! Make sure to choose the destination that fits your preferences and your budget well. In addition, make sure to book your wedding venue very well in advance as all of these places are the most famous tourist destinations as well. It is highly recommended that you book your venue in advance to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Happy Wedding… 😊😊