10 Unique Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas

couple pre-wedding shoot ideas

The pre-wedding shoot has become a trend these days. Each couple wants to come up with unique ideas to make their story look amazing. From historical monuments to local city gardens, couples try everything for their pre-wedding shoot.

But, now you don’t have to go with regular ideas. Read this post; we are sharing 10 unique pre-wedding shoot ideas with you.

Here we go…..

1. Pre-wedding shoot in your favorite International Location

How about traveling your favorite international spot for your pre-wedding shoot and making it memorable. Pre-wedding shoots are a great way for the couple to know each other. And shooting in some international locations will allow you to have a pre-wedding moon as well. You can have a wonderful time before your wedding along with your shoot. Greece is one of the most sought-after pre-wedding shoot destinations today. Give it a thought!

2.Shoot on a Boat

Shoot on a Boat

Boat, water, and beautiful scenery are all you need to have a perfect photo shoot. Just imagine how beautiful and romantic the whole thing would be. You will definitely love the idea of the shoot on a boat.

3. ….To a Desert

Deserts have always been the most disfavored places, but trust deserts make for the best backdrops when it comes to the photoshoot. If you’re looking for an outside-the-box shoot idea, then shooting in a deserted desert will do.

4. Under-water Adventures

If both of you love adventure more than anything, then an under-water pre-wedding shoot is for you. It is one of the unique pre-wedding shoot ideas that you would love for sure. All you have to do is finalize your favorite spot where under-water sports take place. Make all the arrangements and just get your shoot done.

Make sure you choose the right photographer who is skilled in underwater photography. So, don’t wait much! Just start searching for the spot!

5. In the Forest

Chuck the garden, go to the wilds. Yes, the forest is an amazing place for the unique pre-wedding shoot. There will be everything from greenery to water in the forest. You can get myriads of romantic poses there. Also, it’s a nice place for a pre-wedding video as well.

6. Cloud of Colour

Create a unique and colorful backdrop with colors. This is the latest trend making rounds in the market these days. All you have to do is arrange beautiful Holi colors and some people throw them. Make sure you buy organic Holi colors only to avoid any reaction or problem.

7. Beach, Water & you

Beachy setups are perfect for a romantic pre-wedding shoot. Everything from palm trees to sparkling water makes the whole setup picturesque. Besides getting your shoot done, you can even enjoy your holidays at the location.  

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8. Go Trekking

Trekking and camping is another way to have both, photoshoot and fun. If you’re one of the adventure couples, then shoot while Trekking and camping is a wonderful way. Basically, a pre-wedding shoot is a way to tell your story; if adventure is what you two love the most, then show your story in an adventurous way.

9. Shoot on the Hills

If you love mountains, greenery, and sceneries, then shoot on the hills is one of the unique pre-wedding shoot ideas. Shoot amidst picturesque scenes will come out perfect that you will cherish all your life.

10. Romantic Bike Ride

Take your pre-wedding shoot to another level with a romantic bike ride. If you love videos more than images, then a pre-wedding bike ride video is perfect for you. A video with a romantic song in the background will add to your shoot. You will love to watch this as and when you want.

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So, these are the 10 unique pre-wedding shoot ideas for you. Now it’s time to discuss some pre-wedding shoot TIPS:

TIP No. 1. Hire a professional photographer for your pre-wedding shoot.

TIP No. 2. Do a lot of research before you finalize your pre-wedding shoot location!

TIP No. 3. Buy your attires according to your shoot location.

TIP No. 4. Let your photographer know your story and all the other details required beforehand.

TIP No. 5. Discuss everything in detail with your photographer. Like, the type of photography, location, dresses, etc.

TIP No. 6. Talk to your partner before you decide anything related to your pre-wedding shoot. Remember, your pre-wedding shoot is for both of you. Hence, it is important that both of you are on the same page. There is no point your partner wanted something else, and you arranged something different. In such situations, the wholeness misses badly.

TIP No. 7. Hire your photographer only when you’re comfortable with them.

TIP No. 8. Be comfortable with each other. And yes, listen to your photographer’s instructions and follow them. Doing so will help you have a great pre-wedding shoot!   

To Conclude….

These are the 10 unique pre-wedding shoot ideas that you can consider. Not only will you have fun with these shoot ideas, but also you will get to spend a wonderful time with your better-half.

Happy Wedding…..