Questions That You Need to Ask Your Wedding Band or DJ

Questions that you need to ask your wedding band or DJ

Wedding without music will be very plain and bland. Music is actually an integral part of your wedding, and that makes it important to get the right wedding DJ or band in wedding. However, finding the right music can be a bit taxing, but with right efforts, it can be done. Hence, it is important that you don’t just book your DJ or band, there will be many things which you will need to know before booking your DJ or band. So, I have put all the questions in an order here, which you will need to be asking your potential music vendor before finally booking it. The list includes everything from asking about their track list to getting the lowdown on their entourage. Here we go…

The answers to the following questions will help you know how experienced the DJ team or band people are. It is crucial that you start with basic questions.

1. First thing first; is your band or DJ available on my wedding date?

2. How long have you been performing?

It is important to know, because if they do not have enough experience then it can tarnish the whole thing at your wedding. Make sure you hire a seasoned DJ or band for your wedding so as to have no problem on your special day.

3. How many weddings you have done so far?

4. Are all members playing from beginning or someone has joined recently?

5. How long have you been playing together?

6. How many weddings do you do on an average in a weekend?

You need to ask this because if the band or DJ is playing 24×7, their performance may not be same it will be deteriorated. And if they have no or very less bookings, then you need to think twice before booking.

7. How many events in a day you perform?

8. Do you have only one team of band or multiple?

9. Will the DJ/bandleader personally be playing at our wedding?

If you are choosing the particular band because of a specific singer or musician then make sure they perform at your wedding.

10. How many band members should we expect?

11. Which band members should we expect?

12. Have you performed at my reception/ceremony venue before?

It is important to know that the band you are hiring is well versed with your wedding venue or not. Because if the band you are hiring is not familiar with your venue, then you may need to give them a tour of your wedding venue, so that they can understand the place well. Accordingly they can arrange their setup at the day of the wedding. Knowing a place will help your DJ to make arrangements accordingly.

13. Which styles specifically do you follow?

14. Do you provide other services too, such as lighting or video?

It is crucial to know as some DJs and bands offer more than just music, which can be very helpful for you. If your band also offers any extra services like lighting or video in their event packages, it may save you some money and a lot stress to book them separately.

15. Can you provide me some CDs or Videos from any wedding where you have performed?

16. Can I get some contacts of your recent performances that I can contact for reference?

It is just to gather more information about the band

17. Would you be able to help me choose the music for my processional, recessional, father-daughter dance, etc.?

18. What genre of music do you play usually?

You need to ask your wedding DJ or band about the type of music they typically play at the get-go so that you know if the music will fit into your celebration or not.

19. How extensive is your music library or song list?

20. Do you have any go-to list of wedding songs you perform on weddings?

It is essential to know whether they have their list of songs which they will play at your wedding. Or you will need to prepare a list of songs of your choice. Because if you have to create the list then make sure you provide them with the songs before your wedding itself.

21. Can you show me some sample playlists of yours?

It’s crucial to know beforehand, it is a sort of genre test and if they pass that, then it becomes easy fr you to finalize them for your wedding. All you have to do is ask for their playlists if the list contains most of your favorite songs then it is good to go with the band or DJ.

22. Do you need a specific atmosphere? What kind of atmosphere basically do you aim for at weddings?

23. What’s your process for creating playlists with couples?

Actually you need to know this because then you will understand the level of involvement required from your end. Some bands will only ask for guidelines while others may want you to customize your soundtrack from the cocktail hour down to the very last song. Actually your playlist should have all like dance songs, slow songs and dinner tracks etc. exactly to make your wedding a complete fun for all.

24. Would you mind providing me with some options for the “big” songs of my wedding?

The first dance, father-daughter dance and cake cutting songs – are sometimes very taxing to choose, so you may need some guidance for the same. So, it is always good to ask your potential wedding DJ or band for some of their favorite tracks. Because these guys are experienced and they have definitely performed in plenty of weddings, so they’ll have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t.

25. Do you work with an assistant or partner or solo?

Basically you need to know exactly how many people you’re hiring, so make sure you ask if the musician(s) you’re meeting will come with an entourage. Because there are many artists who have an assistant or two to help them or take care of details like setup or work with another artist as a duo.

26. Do you keep your music collection up-to-date? How?

Daily there is some new music or song is introduced. Entertainment industry is far ahead of time. You need to know this so that you know that the playlists has all that you want. Otherwise you will end up having all the mundane music from different genre at your wedding.

27. Do you have a backup replacement if in case the DJ or the main band members scheduled for my event could not perform for some reason?

28. How many breaks do you take in an event?

Musicians, especially live bands, need breaks in between. It is important to ask them how much long their break will be. You need to know this so that you can plan for something else to fill in the space, like a playlist of your favorite romantic tracks. Or you can plan for a dance performance in between or maybe a quick game which will take less time.

29. What music will be played during those breaks?

30. How many of you will perform at my wedding?

31. Do you need an emcee for the event or you make all of the announcements like an emcee?

32. Do you do something to motivate the crowd if you see them not dancing? What’s that?

33. Do you take requests from the wedding guests?

34. Is there any provision for a “Do Not Play” list?

Every person has some specific music choice. You need to ask this so that you do not end up hearing something which you or your partner doesn’t like.

35. What’s your rate?

Rate is an essential part of your questions. Because your wedding budget will be affected if the rates of the music vendor are higher than what you expected them to be. Make sure you find out how they charge, based on the day or hours. If you think that this one is best for your wedding then you can negotiate on final prices. Or if you like the band so much then you may have to increase your budget for that.

36. What all that rate include? Will it include the setup and breakdown cost between ceremony and reception locations?

You need to know it well in advance because later you cannot argue with them for providing what is not included in the cost. Get all the information about rates and what all it includes well in advance.

37. What are your overtime charges?

As this for if you need to extend their services for some extra time at your wedding reception, there occur no problem.

38. Are there any additional charges besides these, like your travel expenses or any charges for special musical requests?

39. Is there any specific payment plan according to which I have to pay?

Ask them this so that you know how exactly you have to make the payments. Whether in installments of full at the time of booking.

40. How much money do we need to pay as deposit for booking? And when is it due?

Know the payment schedule well in advance.

41. Do you have refund/cancellation policy?

It is important that you know this because we are living in an unpredictable world. So, it is crucial that we are ready for anything.

42. How many days before the wedding do I need to book you?

43. What all information do I need to provide you before my wedding day?

44. When can I see a copy of your standard contract?

When you are planning for your wedding make sure you sign a contract. Do not hire any vendor without a contract. And if you think this is the right music band for your wedding and you feel to book them, ask them for their standard contract. Read the contract carefully, know all their terms and conditions. Know about the payment details, cancellation policy etc., before you sign the contract.

45. Do you carry a liability insurance?

Mostly these DJs and bands carry a liability insurance. Basically, it covers any damage that can occur to the performers themselves and their equipment. Many venues ask for DJs and bands liability insurance, and if your wedding is in some such venue, then it’s better to know it before your wedding itself.

46. Do you provide wireless mics also for the wedding ceremony?

Most often they do, they usually bring their complete set up which includes everything related to music. But still it is always good to ask.

47. Do you need special electrical outlets for your equipment, which I need to inform my wedding site about?

48. What type of equipment do you use?

Just to know how many equipment they would be bringing with them and how much space will these equipment require in all. So that accordingly the arrangement for the space at the venue can be done.

49. Do you bring enough backup equipment?

50. How much space would you want for your set up?

51. What if my site doesn’t provide you with the stage? Will you make arrangements for the stage or shall I rent one?

52. Is there any sign or banner which you set up with your equipment?

53. How much time will you essentially need for setting up all the systems, sound check and breakdown on the day of the event?

54. What will be the time of your arrival at the site?

55. What will be the time of your departure?

56. Do we need to meet again before the wedding?

Confirm if there is something which needs to be done before the wedding.

57. What is the deadline for submitting our music requests and event details?

58. Is there any dress code you follow for a wedding or just casual?

59. What will be your dress code for my wedding?

60. Do we need to see your food arrangements on the day of the wedding?

It is crucial to know because it will add to the cost and you should be prepared in advance.

61. Do you use lighting or any other special effects during the performance?

Besides music, some professionals even bring special lighting and/or special effects, such as a fog machine, while others simply stick to the tunes. If your band does amp up his performance with specific effects, they may be standard or they may cost you extra, so ask them in advance and get all prices mentioned into your contract.

62. Who will do the setup?

Ask this in advance so that you know who is going to set up the sound system—usually a person from the music vendor side does all that. Actually you need to know the details like name and number of the person who will take care of set up as the same will be given to the venue coordinator and arrange a time that works for everyone.

63. How do you ensure a comfortable sound level for all our wedding guests?

As long as it is bearable music is no problem but if the volume is unbearable for the guests and others than it become difficult to stay at the wedding. So basically, you want to have a plan for dealing with volume control and sound-sensitive guests.

64. Is there anything which we missed to ask or know about your services?

Probably you must have covered everything by now, but there is no problem in cross checking it. Just ask and see if there’s anything that’s been left out from the wedding DJ or band’s point of view or for you to ask.

65. Do you have any questions for us?

Since you know everything you wanted to know from the vendor, now is the time to find out if there’s any extra information the wedding DJ or band needs from your end as well.

To wrap up,

I am sure now you are ready to finally choose your wedding DJ or band. With the help of these question you can hire the best music company or band or DJ for your wedding which not only you, but also your wedding guests will enjoy to the fullest.

Happy Wedding! Laugh, Dance, Enjoy… ☺️