What are The Things that Wedding Couples Should Shop Together?

What are the things that wedding couples should shop together

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Wedding is a once in a lifetime event for wedding couples and hence they should not leave any stone unturned on their special occasion. Certainly they must be aware of all their wedding related tasks and preparations. And I am sure you too must have started preparing for your special day.

Besides, venue, décor, vendor arrangement, vendor management another most important thing in any couple’s life is shopping for the special day. Unlike regular shopping bridal shopping is different and it takes both time and efforts among with the money. There are so many things which bride and groom can shop alone or with their friends and family members. However, there are things which bride and groom should definitely purchase together. After all wedding is a joint effort of a bride and a groom. Few things of wedding need special attention of both the bride and the groom. Hence, it is essential that they both shop them together.

Here in this article, I am sharing with you the top 7 wedding items which you should buy with your significant other only…

1. Wedding Attire

Yes, it is essential that you buy your bridal attire with your spouse to-be. Though there are many cultures and every culture in the world has its unique style and trend. Every culture follows different trend, especially when we speak of Indian weddings, they are full of pompous and many rituals. And all these rituals are important. These days when couples are preferring to get wed-locked in some distant location away from home, then it becomes sort of important that everything should be paid attention to. Gone are the days when the shopping was also done by the elders in the family. Now, couples have realized that it is their occasion, their special day and their celebration they should have all the rights to choose for their wedding from their partner to their wedding attire.

I. Designer Outfits

Your wedding outfits play very important role in your wedding, be it a destination wedding or a regular one. Today, mostly couples go for designer wedding outfits and for that they specifically meet designers. Designers such as Aza Fashions, Sabyasachi etc. and there are many other in the market, mostly these designer prefer to meet both the bride and the groom together. So that they can understand about you two, about your stories (how you met), about your choices and preferences etc. There are many aspects which your designers will consider before designing your outfits for your wedding. So, it is essential that you two shop your wedding attires together. Your designer would be able to justify your attires.

II. Color & Shade Matters

However, even if it’s not through a designer you are buying your wedding attires, still you should shop together. Then you would be able to see the perfect color combinations matching or contrasting for your wedding attires and other functions’ outfits. Say, you decided to wear combination of pink and white at your wedding and you want your groom to wear the same combination. By chance you two shop separately, you also know there are many shades of pink… There is no one pink. You may end up seeing two different shades of pink at your wedding. But if you shop together a perfect matching attire in shades of pink and white can be found, which will certainly look great on your wedding day. Likewise there are many small details which matters!! So, shop together your wedding attire.

2. Wedding Accessories

When you will buy your wedding attire the next important thing will be your wedding accessories. More often than not, if a couple chose for contrasting colors of their wedding attire then they match their wedding accessories or vice versa. But it is important that you shop for your wedding accessories together it’s because when you buy your wedding attires it is essential that you pay attention to details also.

Wedding accessories play an important part and helps to complete the wedding look. If it will not go well with your wedding attires then the whole lot of effort, time and money which you put in your attire will go waste.

3. Wedding Photography Package

Your wedding album will be for your lifetime, which you can flip whenever you want to re live all those moments even after your wedding. Your wedding photographs plays an important role in your wedding. It is crucial that you choose your wedding photographer together. Earlier, bride and groom used to have two photographers but now couples know that it is quality that matters and not the quantity. Today couples hire one professional photographer who has a team, so that he can arrange for the people to capture functions of both sides.

Buying together a wedding photography package will give you chance to get the best pictures of your wedding. When you will choose the photographer, you will consider each other’s requirement and accordingly you can hire one for you wedding.

4. Destination Wedding Package

If you two have decided to go for a destination wedding and also your destination is final. Next is to finalize the wedding destination package. It is important that you buy it together. Firstly, because your wedding is a joint effort. Secondly, it is crucial that the choice, interest, and preference of both is considered while choosing the destination wedding package. When you both will work on this you can decide on theme, type of wedding venue, type of wedding, number of people for the wedding etc. Even it will give you an opportunity to customize your wedding package according to your choice and interest.

There are so many factors and aspects which are considered while you go for a destination wedding, if you will work together you will be able to get the best package for your wedding. And I am sure you know that wedding preparation is quite a task and if it is a destination wedding than the task becomes more critical. Of course getting hitched in some different location other than your hometown where you don’t know anyone is not that easy. In such a situation it is important that you two are involved in finalizing and buying the destination wedding package.

5. New Car

Some things in life really matters a lot, especially if they are brought for the first time like your car. If you are also planning to buy a new car for yourself, or if the bride’s family is planning to gift a car to the groom, it should be bought together. After all the car will be used by both bride and groom later. Hence, it is essential that the car is bought together, keeping in view the choice of color and preference of model of both the bride and the groom.

Gone are the days when brides’ has no say in anything related to their wedding, time has changed completely now the brides are aware and clear of their choices. They participate equally in their wedding preparations and why not after all this is their wedding too, they should have all the rights.

Your car is your dream and if you will buy your dream car with your spouse to-be, it will double the excitement, feelings and emotions attached to the car.

6. New House

Some people really start their lives with their wedding and they prefer to have everything new, including their house. If you think you are one of those, then your house is another important thing which you should consider buying together. It is essential that you buy your house with your significant other because you two will make it a home tomorrow. The choice of your spouse to-be matters equally, because together you are going to live and share your happiness in that house, everything should be perfect there. And that perfection can only be achieved if the house is bought with the consent of people who will live there together.

Your bride will definitely have some dreams how her house should look like, how her bedroom should be, what kind of curtain it should have, the living room, the kitchen, the balcony, the plants etc. all that matters and hence it is crucial that you two buy your house together.

Your house will be taken care by your bride, you two will be the most important pillars. House is not just a building its an emotion especially when you buy your house together and it is your first house. Combined emotions of you two will help you make your house a perfect home for your kids too.

7. Honeymoon Package

Last but not the least, your honeymoon package should be bought together. Your honeymoon should be a joint effort. Both of you should be involved in the process of deciding or choosing the honeymoon package or honeymoon destination. As your honeymoon is meant for both of you. So, it is imperative that both of you work together and plan your honeymoon. Planning honeymoon together will give you chance to know each other’s choices and preferences and accordingly you can decide the location, number of days for honeymooning, type of hotel, resort etc. for your honeymoon.

Remember, your honeymoon is different from your other vacations so it is essential that the choices and preferences of both should be considered. There may be chances that your bride would be thinking of going to some beach location and you to some hill station. Now, if you will book your honeymoon all by yourself without considering her liking, she will be little disappointed later. Disappointments in the beginning of the life is not a good thing. Hence, you should work together for your honeymoon and choose the one which is perfect for both.

Also, working together on your honeymoon plans will give you both chance to know and understand each other better. Honeymoon should not be forced, it should be planned with each other’s consent.

Benefits of shopping together

So, these are the seven most important things that you and your partner should shop together. Besides these you can even shop other wedding items with your partner, there is no hard and fast rule for that. In fact shopping with your partner before wedding is a wonderful exercise, and there are so many benefits of shopping together…

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Shopping together will give you the chance of spending quality time with each other before your wedding. Spending quality time with your partner bring you two close to each other, especially if your wedding is arranged by families than this is a wonderful chance for you two to get along and spend some time with each other.
  • While shopping together you two get to know each other better. If two people know each other better, it increases the chances of a successful wedding and a great life in future, which is crucial. The time which you will spend together while shopping will be the best time of your life. As, your shopping days are final days of your courtship period and this period was especially introduced so that couples can know each other more. So that when they start their new life tomorrow they don’t struggle to know each other.
  • Even if yours is a love marriage there will be many things which you might not know about your partner. But shopping together will give you an opportunity to know those things too.
  • Shopping together will give you the chance to have some romantic moments which you will cherish all your life. Romance is crucial in any wedding, if there is no romance then there is no point. When you will shop together you will get plenty of chances to get a bit cozy with each other. And that is good especially in arranged marriage where even a touch comes as a shock for the couples if they don’t know each other well. But if you will shop together you will get chance to hang around, hold each other’s hand, hug each other, and kiss each other. So that tomorrow it doesn’t come as a shock to you.
  • Shopping together also increases the love and help strengthen the bond between the two. Studies show that the couples who shop together understand each other better and love each other more. Spending more time with each other in some constructive activities help strengthen the bond between the two which is crucial.
  • Shopping together will give you immense happiness which you may miss otherwise. Though it is said that happiness is a choice and at the same time people also say spend time with whom you feel happier. So, if you choose to spend time with your partner who you love the most will definitely increase the happiness quotient in your life. And happy couples make the best bride and groom in the world. They look their best if they are happy within. So, shop with your partner and be happy and look gorgeous on the special day of your life!!

Happy Shopping & Happy Wedding ☺ ☺