Tips for a Wedding and Reception in One Place

Tips for a wedding and reception in one place

Well, this is going to be our first post of the NEW YEAR 2020!! Before moving to the topic, we would want to extend our New Year Wishes to you all!! Have a very happy and a fantastic year ahead!

There are numerous benefits of hosting your wedding ceremony and wedding reception in one place, such as, your guests won’t need to travel to a different location, you will not need to spend money on two different venues separately, only one venue will do for all. Moreover, it is an amazing option to save on wedding cost.

Yeah, if you are really tight on wedding budget then having the ceremony and wedding reception can help you host a budget-friendly wedding. Well, it is one side of the story, but how to host the two events in the same location is a question. If you are also looking for the tips to host a wedding and reception in one place, then this post is for you…

In this post we are sharing with you 12 wonderful tips to host your wedding ceremony and wedding reception in one place.

Here we go…

  1. Let everybody, including your guests, know that your wedding ceremony and wedding reception will take place in the same location. For that the simplest way is to get it mentioned on your wedding invites so as to have no confusion for your guests later. Besides, you can also get the same announced by your wedding officiant.
  2. Make sure you rent a place that is bigger, and has both indoor and outdoor space that you can utilize for your ceremony and for your wedding reception as well. For instance, you can use indoors for the wedding ceremony and outdoors for the wedding reception, if your wedding is scheduled for late evening.
  3. Get an elevated platform made at your wedding venue where you two can say your wedding vows and along with that your guests will be able to see you taking your wedding vows. Or if you have small space and you want to save on space, then you can use your dance floor to say those words, which you have been dreaming to say!
  4. If your venue is not so big, then make sure you utilize the space intelligently. Instead of using big planters at the wedding venue that can create hindrance while walking. It’s better to use décor pieces which do not hinder the path and look unique at the same time.
  5. If your wedding venue seems small to manage two things, then better chuck round table seating arrangements. Instead, go for a rectangular style seating arrangement, it will help you utilize lot of space and accommodate as many as guest possible.
  6. When planning both wedding ceremony and wedding reception at the same venue, make sure you plan for an intricate wedding. As having few guests will help you transition wedding ceremony hall to a wedding reception hall in no time, otherwise with too many people it will be difficult for you to manage things.
  7. If you are planning your wedding in fairly large area, you can consider to divide your venue into two distinct spaces. You can use one space for your wedding ceremony and the other space for your wedding reception. Having large area divided into two distinct spaces would make your efforts less, as you will not need to rearrange your décor anymore.
  8. Make separate seating arrangements for your elderly wedding guests, so that they do not have much problem in moving or they are not disturbed by other guests while they are walking.
  9. Whether you are planning a summer wedding, spring wedding or fall wedding, let me remind you that arranging your wedding during these seasons in a compact space can be troublesome for you and your guests. So, make sure you arrange for proper air-conditioning in the hall. It will help you and your wedding guests have a good time, without being troubled by summers.
  10. Make sure your vendors are well-informed in advance that you are going to host both your wedding ceremony and wedding reception in the same place. So that there is no chaos and your vendors would be able to adjust with the transition of the space from ceremony to reception. They’ll know how to arrange the space properly and ensure that your wedding celebration go without a problem and your guests are comfortable.
  11. Make sure your guests are properly taken care of, especially during the transition of the venue from wedding to wedding reception. The best you can do to make that time a great time for everybody is to arrange for some activities for your guests.
  12. You can arrange for some outdoor games such as tug of war, treasure hunt, outdoor dance floor etc. These outdoor games are really popular these days, they will simply add PIZAZZ to your wedding. Also, you can consider having cocktail hours and food truck during the transition period. It will help you have your guests engaged in some or other fun activity and avoid any boredom.


You can use these 12 tips to make your wedding ceremony and wedding reception a great event! Planning things properly and in advance will help you have a great single-venue wedding celebration!! Your wedding is once-in-a-lifetime event, make it a memorable one for all!

Happy Wedding….. And a Very Happy New Year!!