Summer Wedding Ideas

Summer Wedding Ideas

Wedding in India is already an ultimate occasion and if it is summers, couple have a lot to explore from venues to food options, bold summer hues to beautiful beachy destinations . An Indian summer wedding is a wonderful occasion to experiment with bright and bold summer hues. The best wedding season for the couples who dare to experiment to make it big and bold is summer. There are variety of themes which you can choose for your wedding in summers. Wedding in summers have many benefits of its own as you I mean ‘couple’ and your guests have lots of prerogative to experiment your dressing in summers as in winters one has certain limitations based on weather conditions.

Also, summer weddings are mostly liked due to variety of food options available. Food in summer weddings will be absolutely different from the foods in winters. In summers less oil, less fried food options are considered in a wedding. The only drawback this season has is the heat and the temperature as the temperature goes up very high and makes the situation a little bitter. That is why most of the couples prefer to get married in winter season. But that is absolutely fine I mean today nothing is impossible. Every problem comes with a solutions similarly your summer wedding also has solution to it.

If you are also planning your wedding this summers, then this article is meant for you specifically. Below are some wonderful summer wedding ideas…

1. The Beach Wedding

Summers and beaches go hand in hand. The moment summer starts people just love to rush to beaches. Same applies to your summer wedding too. If you think you are a couple who love beaches, then think not just book a beach side resort for your wedding this season. Or if you are lucky to live in some such location which is swamped with beaches then what else would you ask for in your wedding.

Beachy weddings are the most romantic weddings, the entire location, the beach, the trees on the sides, the color of the sparkling water, all that just work perfect as wedding backdrop. And the feel and emotion one have at wedding are more romantic, and the décor and the ceremonies are just majestic. So, basically what all you need to do to make your beach wedding a perfect wedding:

  • The Wedding Venue

    For a beachy wedding all you need is to book a beach resort or a nice decent hotel near some good and clean beach or wedding outdoor. It is not necessary that you have beach in your town in such situation destination wedding would be perfect to go for. The benefit you have destination beach wedding is lots of options available to choose from. If you have something specific in mind than why to think twice, go with that simply. To add a little flair to your wedding, keep your wedding décor simple in white and pastel shades it will just add to the wedding mood. Adding flowers to you wedding décor will simply take the whole decoration to next level. If the wedding is outdoor, provide colorful accessories like umbrellas, hats, scarves and sunglasses to your guests to waive off the heat and look alike…. ☺ ☺ I mean match with theme.

  • The Wedding Outfits

    Wedding outfits in summers ought to be in hues of blue, white and light colors. As, in summers light colors sooth your eyes and you don’t feel much heat. Outfit that matches best with the theme of your wedding looks perfect. So, it is good if you go by the theme of your wedding while you purchase your wedding dresses.

  • The Wedding Delicacies

    You can have any food of your choice but if you have more non-vegetarian or non-veg is allowed than nothing can best than having delicious sea-food. No point avoiding sea-food near the sea. Also, add a dash of tropical feel on your wedding by simply adding colorful fruit drinks and mocktails at the drinks station or counter. And to make it look cool, just serve your drinks in fruit glasses!! Ahha… That is your guests will feel upon sipping those wonderful and colorful drinks with the cool breeze at the sea shore.

  • The Wedding Events

    Beach side wedding and no jazz and belly dance performance, not accepted!! Yes, your wedding events should be full of all beachy PIZZAZZ. So, organize calypso music, jazz and belly dance performances on your Sangeet and Cocktail nights. You have a privilege to go Hawaiian at your sangeet night. Wear Hawaiian costumes and luaus for that perfect beach vibe. Also, rain dance can be arranged to get everyone tap their feet on the floor.
    Besides that organize some beach games and contests to keep your guests engaged. Just a simple precaution – Arrange for sunscreens, as beach fun has its side effect too, which can be fixed of course!!

  • Benefit of Beach Side Wedding

    The most important part of your beachy wedding would be – you and your guests can have extended holidays there enjoying at the beach later after the wedding.

2. The Pool Wedding

To make your summer wedding more enchanting another idea is to go for a pool side wedding. Entertainment element is much higher in this kind of wedding. Your guests will enjoy beautiful evening.

  • The Wedding Venue

    For a pool side wedding all you need is to book a property maybe a hotel or a resort, which has pool and a large area to throw a wedding party. To add more elements to your wedding, keep your wedding décor summer styled, use more of lights and flowers. Give it a nature flair, it will look beautiful and soothing to eyes. Using colorful accessories like umbrellas, hats, scarves etc., will add to the décor.

  • The Wedding Outfits

    This is crucial as wedding in summer give you lot of choices though, but the attire which you two choose for your wedding should go with the theme and setting of your wedding. Bride can choose hues of pink, blue, and whites (if allowed) or any light color which can be mixed easily with the overall theme. If your wedding is at night than bold colors will also go well. Groom can wear shervani or some Indian ethnic on their wedding matching or in contrast with bride’s outfit. Bride in summery, floral dress with minimal jewelry will also rock at the event. Absolutely eye-catching moment it will be!! Try out!

  • The Wedding Delicacies

    In summers people prefer lots of fluid. And why not, after all they will be tired after dance and all the performances at Baraat. So, besides having lot of food items, make arrangement for drinks and mocktails at your wedding. Also, not to forget the different types of ice-creams, of course this is the season to savor on ice-creams. Because that will be the area where people will head after every dance performance.

  • The Wedding Events

    Pool side wedding and rain dance will give you and your guests’ a classic experience. So, leave no stone unturned at your pool side wedding this season. Organize some good music, a guitar performance will also be a perfect way. Also, you can organize some games and contests such as Karaoke Band, one-of-its-kind fun wedding game for one and all. You and other guests will enjoy the mood when some of your friend will perform in Karaoke.

    Or another option to make your pool wedding a great experience is Pool Side Romantic Paper Dance, a perfect game for everyone in love. Let everybody enjoy this Hollywood style couple dance. Cool dance by the side of pool. Likewise, you can organize lot many games for your guests to make them feel special and involve them in activities, so that they don’t feel left out.

    Moreover, for the couples who are little shy and like intimate weddings, they can organize a Ghazal night on their sangeet or cocktail ceremonies, your guests will love the idea for sure. Ghazal performers will just lift your mood to next level and with drink in hand your guests will be happiest people on earth.

3. The Fairy tale Wedding

A perfect wedding style for those who met in the most fairy-tale style. Yes, for the ones who are going for love marriages… Will take you back in those moments when you first met your girl, looked into her eyes and that was then you felt love at first sight! If you think you two make such couple then this is the theme meant for you specifically. Here is how you can organize a perfect fairy-tale wedding:

  • The Wedding Venue

    Any location be it outdoor or indoor will do, because here your imaginations are going to do wonders. Once you have your venue with you, now all you have to do is get it convert into perfect fairy tale place for your wedding.

  • The Wedding Decor

    Use soft colors for your wedding venue décor. Besides, use chandeliers, lots of lighting, varieties of beautiful flowers, artificial lake with swans (if it can be organized), for the venue décor and for your stage use starry lights. The entire ambiance will be enough to take all your guests to a fantasy world, your world. Use some enchanting boards and placards with signs like “welcome to the fairyland,” “join us in our journey of love,” or “Liza’s Sangeet.” Give fun wigs of long hair on pool party to your guests to look like Rapunzel. Soft colors like white, pink, peach or pastels for your decor.

  • The Wedding Outfit

    When your wedding is fairy-tale style then it is recommended to use soft colors like white, pink, peach or pastels, as these colors will completely justify your wedding theme. Floral tiara on a frilly toe length gown will be perfect for your wedding reception or the cocktail party. Whereas, the groom can wear all-white suit for the reception.

  •  The Wedding Delicacies

    Beside all the other food items, make arrangements for beautiful cakes, pastries, ice-creams, colorful drinks, lots of organic fruits, anything which you believe will only be available in the land of fairies. Make it a perfect fairy-tale wedding, leave no stone unturned.

  • The Wedding Events

    Your fairy-tale wedding will leave all your guests’ mesmerized and dumbstruck. Everybody at the wedding will admire you for the theme and style in such hot weather. You can also organize some enchanting games at your wedding to give an edge to it. The perfect game for your guest at your fairy tale wedding can be Bingo, the game will encourage mingling people with each other at the wedding. This is one of the most played and popular wedding reception games and ice breaker. Be creative while you create clues for your guests. Or another game if you want to take some wonderful tips on your wedding to keep the spark between you two alive forever is Mad Libs. You will get all the amazing advises from your guests and your guests will also enjoy doing so. Your guests will either play alone or they will club in a group, howsoever, it is going to be an absolute fun.

4. The Rajasthani Wedding

If you love vibrant colors, beautiful Rajasthani outfits, the spicy food, Rajasthani drinks etc., then this is the style meant for you. Specifically meant style for people in love with Rajasthani culture in all. Also, for this style you don’t have to go to Rajasthan so don’t worry. And if you have to then let me tell you that temperature at night does down in Rajasthan making the place cool at night. So, if you are looking forward to Rajasthani style wedding in Rajasthan itself, then night wedding is best choice.

  • The Wedding Venue

    The first thing which you need to do is to book a place such as a wedding hall or a hotel or some resort. The first thing which comes in mind when it is Rajasthan is beautiful colors. So, your wedding décor must contain colorful traditional decoration style from Rajasthan, which includes low floor seating with wonderful big and small sized cushions and bolsters. Use of Bandhani printed drapes, clay wind-chimes, large clay pots and vases, wooden figurines and sculptures will give your wedding décor an edge.

  • The Wedding Outfit

    When the theme is Rajasthani how can you go for some other type of outfit at your wedding. Going for some other type of outfit at your Rajasthani styled wedding will be an absolute injustice to your theme. So, go Rajasthani…. The bride can go for a traditional Rajputani bridal Lehenga in bright colors adorned with Gotapatti along with Kundan jewellery. However, the groom can wear Jamawar Sherwani with Zari work or beads or stonework along with a silk turban with stone ornate. Also, make sure that bride enter in traditional palki, pure Rajasthani entry is a must to give it a complete Rajasthani touch.

  • The Wedding Delicacies

    When it is Rajasthani than Rajasthani cuisine is a must. Rajasthan cuisine offers varieties in its food list. One can choose anything from vast food items for his wedding. And the drinks which you can get in Rajasthani menu, is impossible to get in any other states’ menu. For a perfect summer wedding add Makhaniya Lassi, Nimbu Shikanji, Bael Juice, Gulab Sharbat, Chaach to your menu at your wedding. These Rajasthani drinks will keep your guests’ cool at the wedding.

  • The Wedding Events

    When the theme is Rajasthani than missing Rajasthani folk songs and dance performances will give feeling of incompleteness, better don’t miss it. Besides, you can also organize traditional Rajasthani puppet shows, authentic Mehndi artists for women guests to have some fun at wedding. Also, if you have a tradition of return gifts for your guests than beautiful Rajasthani pottery items, or a dress material or a Rajasthani saree for women, or jewelry boxes or beautiful vases, and so on so forth. You can choose anything as Rajasthan is full of options.

5. The Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding

When we say royal the only name pops up is Hyderabad, city of nizams. If you are also looking for a grand wedding ceremony then going Hyderabadi style is worth it. For a wonderful grand celebration, the royal wedding is the idea to go for.

  • The Wedding Venue

    For a royal wedding, you can go for a palace or a heritage property, or a hotel, or a resort, or an outdoor location or a destination wedding, anything which suits you and your budget for such wedding, you can choose. However, such locations are easy to find in cities like Udaipur, Jodhpur, Hyderabad etc. These locations will give you feel of the royalty, but if you are planning such wedding in your own town then also there is no problem. All you need to do is to organize things in a royal way. Also, entry of bride and groom should be royal, do enter with nagada and shehnai, and let your guests also feel the essence of your royal wedding.

  • The Wedding Outfit

    When the wedding is royal your outfit should mandatorily be royal. For the Bride heavy zardosi work lehnga will perfectly do with a Khada Dupatta, adorned with diamond jewelry. Whereas, the groom can wear silver embroidered Sherwanis along with contrasting Uttariyas, paired with matching Nagrai juttis. Also, if you want an additional element to your attire than adding a sword just like a kingl will do the needful.

  • The Wedding Delicacies

    Royal wedding without a touch of grandiose in food will not justify the event completely. Include all the foods and drinks from the time of Nizaams and Royalty, back from the history to make your wedding a perfect royal wedding, all in all. Also, the serving utensils from that time only such as for serving sharbat use silver surahi and likewise the whole setup should be.

  • The Wedding Events

    For wedding events such as your sangeet function you can organize it outdoor with lot of lighting and décor in royal style. Seating should be arranged on floor or diwans and in semi-circle. Prepare some classical dance performance, it will be match perfectly with the theme. You can also organize a classical musical night at your sangeet and cocktail night giving it a finest touch.

6. The Nawabi Wedding

When it is nawabi it is simply Lucknowi. Yes, we are very much talking about a wedding in lucknowi style. If you have always been great admirer of nawabd and their unique style then your wedding is a great time to live like a Nawab during all your wedding days. Go Nawabi!!

  • The Wedding Venue

    For a Nawabi wedding also you will need a heritage property, or a Haveli style big house or hotel or a banquet hall where you can host a Nawabi style wedding. Talk to your wedding planner he will tell you varied options to go ahead. For decoration you can make perfect use of lanterns, chandeliers, red roses, colored glasses, antique pots and vases from historical period. All these will give you and your guests a perfect Nawabi feel. All of you will have perfect occasion to time travel in history.

  • The Wedding Outfit

    We all know how famous Lucknowi chikan is, and having a beautiful anarkali at your sangeet will give you a perfect look. Whereas, the groom can go for a chikan embroidered Kurta with simple payama. At wedding a red colored lehnga with Kundan or gemstones jewelry will look perfect.

  • The Wedding Delicacies

    Lucknowi wedding and no Tunday Kebabs and Lucknowi Biryani, total INJUSTICE to your theme and to your guests. Yes, make sure your wedding caterer is able to serve authentic Awadhi cuisine, to be served in nawabi style to all your guests. They will not forget the meal served at your wedding for years.

  • The Wedding Events

    We all know Lucknow is not only famous for its chikan embroidery, tunday kebab and biryani, but also it is famous for its itra. So, you also don’t miss the opportunity to welcome your guests with Itra and Gajras. Also, at your sangeet night you can arrange some Ghazals and Nazms giving special feel to one and all present.

7. The Indoor Wedding

A perfect wedding idea for sweltering summers or heavy monsoons is an indoor garden wedding. And you have the prerogative to be more and more creative. You can also choose a theme which divulge your true personality.

  • The Wedding Venue

    Though the pattern is not a new pattern, you must have seen a similar kind of wedding many a time in your life. However, it is your wedding you can go creative. Make best use of flowers and ferns for stage hangings and danglers. Place indoor plants especially palm and flower pots, at various locations at the wedding venue. Also, arranging fresh flowers at every table will also add to the décor. Artificial grass carpet can be used as mat throughout the venue floor. And arranging an artificial stream, lake or a pond with fish at the wedding venue will look perfect and give a cool-cool effect to your guests. Arrange for botanical jaimala and a traditional palki for your wedding to go perfectly with your theme. Also, make sure that some good garden music is played in the background giving a feel of nature.

  • The Wedding Outfit

    For a perfect summer wedding a perfect floral designer outfit will be apt. Also, now you have the privilege to get floral printed footwear. The groom can go for floral ties, hats, shirts at some function. Basically, these floral outfits are proper for the other ceremonies than the main event as in main event you need to wear traditional dress to look your best.

  • The Wedding Delicacies

    You have numerous cuisine to match with your wedding theme. The best part in this type of wedding is that you don’t have to specifically stick to one kind of cuisine. So, you can have Thai, Chinese, Punjabi, South Indian, Mexican, etc., dishes at your wedding. Make sure that you arrange lot of drinks, mocktails, sharbats and shakes at your wedding to keep your guests cool in such weather.

  • The Wedding Events

    For the sangeet night ask your cousins and friends to prepare some nice dance and song performances to make your sangeet a wonderful event.

8. The Green Wedding

The green wedding is for the couples who are connected to the mother earth and want to contribute to the society. Green weddings are most eco-friendly weddings and are gaining popularity all these days, as, most of the couples are getting aware and want to make others also aware about the earth.

  • The Wedding Venue

    Very easy, you just have to find some eco-friendly location where you don’t need to do much or need no extra resources. You can decorate the entire venue with simple items such as colorful sarees, dupattas, drapes, etc., along with oil lanterns, candles, earthen lamps, jute baskets, jute lamps and that is all.

  • The Wedding Outfit

    Anything which you two want to wear at your wedding. Something in light shades will be perfect for both the two. But make sure that your dress is matching with the theme of your wedding theme, of course that doesn’t mean you have to wear green ☺ ☺ only.

  • The Wedding Delicacies

    Eco-friendly wedding surely will avid non-vegetarian meals. There are various dishes which are perfect for the green weddings. Lot of veggies and natural ingredients will be used to make a perfect dine for the guests. Make sure drinks and mocktails are arranged to beat the heat!!

  • The Wedding Events

    At the event you can arrange a piece of act, which can show the importance of earth and how to preserve it. Some dance performances dedicated to theme will also be apt. Also, while returning favors to your guests you can simply give plants and pots in return, let them also go green!!

9. The Forest Wedding

Do you love the nature?? Have you always dreamt of getting hitched in the lap of nature?? If yes, then this is the perfect wedding style for you, believe you me! Yes, this is an exact wedding idea for all the nature lovers in summers. Your guests will simply love the whole idea and will thank you for giving them such a cool experience in such summers.

  • The Wedding Venue

    There are many Jungle resort, forest bungalow, and cottages available these days for hosting a forest wedding. Find out in or around your locality you will surely get one for your wedding too. Well, these forest resorts already maintain their whole setup in jungle style only. But, if they haven’t maintained that, you simply have to use wood logs for seating and tables, it will give your décor a rustic touch. Also, hanging fruits and climbers here and there at the venue will add to the décor. Convert your venue to an absolute Forest.

  • The Wedding Outfit

    Bride and groom can wear different shades of green such as olive green, bottle green, avocado green, or mehndi green on their wedding ceremonies. As the green will go well with the forest wedding. So, try out different shades of greens, which will gel well with the theme.

  • The Wedding Delicacies

    Of course, when theme is forest than fruits and veggies are a must. Use as much as locally grown seasonal fruits and veggies in your plates. Also, freshly caught fish and meat can also be added to the dishes.

  • The Wedding Events

    Arrange a bonfire at your sangeet and cocktail night, it will add an element to your sangeet night. Arrange for fun games for your guests too at the wedding so that they stay engaged and you also have lot of fun. Tug of war is one such game for engaging both the parties in the game. Besides, the scavenger is another game to add fun element to your wedding.

10. The Bollywood Wedding

The name said it all, Bollywood style wedding is for all the die-hard Bollywood fans. Yes, specifically for the couples who don’t miss any movie or song of Bollywood. Give your wedding a unique theme it will reflect your true personality to all. It doesn’t matter in which season your wedding is happening, Bollywood is a style which can easily go with any season. All you have to have is the fondness for the style. If you have that, then go for this style

  • The Wedding Venue

    You can choose any outdoor or indoor venue for your wedding. Decorate it with all your favorite actors’ pictures. Also, boards and placards with some of your favorite dialogues from all the best movies can be used on them. People will be mesmerized to see the whole ambiances. If your budget allows you can organize your wedding event in some Bollywood award function theme.

  • The Wedding Outfit

    Take your favorite couple from the Industry and get ready in their style, there are many who recently got married such as Dipika-Ranveer, Anushka – Viraat, Shaheed – Mira, Saif – Kareena, Priyanka – Nick and many more. Just pick any style for two of your and flaunt it at your wedding.

  • The Wedding Delicacies

    You can choose any food items for your wedding from Indian to Chinese, Punjabi to South Indian, Thai to Mexican or all of them, with lots of drinks, mocktails etc.

  • The Wedding Event

    If it is a Bollywood style wedding then Bollywood style sangeet night is a mandate. Just arrange for few dance performances on best Bollywood songs and let everybody rock at the party. Bollywood sangeet night, none of your guest will be able to resist himself from tapping his feet and twisting his waist at the event.

So, these are few ideas to choose from for your summer wedding this season. Choose any wedding style the whole idea is to enjoy the event completely and make it an event unforgettable for one and all. It is your wedding, once in a lifetime event enjoy it to the fullest.

Here is the list of some more elements which you can use in your wedding in summers to make it a cool event. Here we go…

  • Folding hand fans

    Using props at wedding is not a new thing but still looks beautiful. So, you can also give your guests beautiful and colorful hand fans to create a uniformity at the wedding and also to beat the heat.

  • Colorful sunglasses

    Giving your guests’ colorful pair of sunglasses with the couple’s names etched on them will make a perfect prop at your summer wedding. .

  • Fruity Popsicle

    Arranging fruity Popsicle stall at your wedding will take all your guests in their childhood time. They will all love you for this beautiful arrangement. As, every one of us has some childhood memory associated to these fruity Popsicle.

  • Exuberant garden umbrellas

    Use exuberantly colorful garden umbrellas to add extra element to your summer wedding. This is a perfect way to make arrangements in an outdoor summer wedding. These garden umbrellas will also help you have great photographs of your wedding.

  • Garden umbrella

    If a Popsicle stand is not your thing and you want to add more Indianness to your wedding, how about a tender-coconut stand instead? Throw in colorful straws and cocktail umbrellas to turn up the heat, figuratively, and make everyone feel cool, literally and figuratively!

  • Colorful umbrellas

    Use colorful umbrellas as props for getting a tropical sunny wedding feel. Also, you will get really colorful and wonderful wedding photographs.

  • Multi-colored paper lanterns

    Use multi-colored paper lanterns for a delightful wedding décor. These lanterns looks great during the day as well at night, especially if the celebrations is in late evenings. Also, money-wise it is a nice and budgeted décor option.

  • Flower bouquet

    Use of lots of flowers at the wedding will give a natural and fresh look. Use light colored flowers in summer wedding they look really beautiful, thereby making your wedding décor a great décor. Incorporate flowers accordingly at your wedding – as table centerpieces, as flower curtains, and so on so forth. Make your brides entry grand with phoolon ka chader (blanket of flowers). There are numerous options to go with at your wedding.

  • Coconut Drinks

    Serving coconut drink at the wedding will help your guests to beat the heat. Coconut drink is a great option for a summery wedding. The drink itself is enough to give one and all a feel of Mumbai or Goa.

  • Drinks

    Let your guests relish mango lassi, and various shakes at your wedding. Serve your guests’ more and more of drink, as drinks will keep them hydrated and energetic to enjoy your wedding fully. You can also keep a self-serve drinks bucket or arrange a Popsicle stand in your outdoor summer wedding. Also, golas and masala lemonade will work perfect in such heat.

To pan out…

Options are endless for your summer wedding. You can choose the one which best suits your personality and just add elements according to your taste and preferences which can best reflect your personalities, your story and your journey together so far. Make your summer wedding an absolute fun with the above mentioned ideas unique and unconventional ideas.

Be cheerful, be creative, be bizarre, be whatever you want to be, most importantly BE YOU!! Have lot of fun at your wedding, your wedding is a special occasion and making it a memorable one, is your birth right!! Use your right… and enjoy a lot ☺ ☺

Happy Wedding…. ☺ ☺

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