Tips to Make Your Wedding Guests Happy

Tips to make your wedding guests happy

Wedding guests – they are an important part of your celebration and to keep them happy is crucial. While planning a wedding, couples do everything to make sure that everything is perfect at their wedding from venue to food, entertainment to departure etc. But there is something even more important to take care of and that’s your wedding guests. Yeah, we understand that it’s your day and things do happen, but still you can’t ignore your wedding guests. They of course make time for your important day, so it becomes your duty to think about them in advance.

Here are the best 20 tips to make your wedding guests happy:

Before I move to the topic, I have a suggestion: Prepare your guests list diligently, do not make your list in hurry ever. Also, while you prepare your guests list ignore cut down on people who you are not comfortable with. For instance, there is a cousin who abruptly stopped talking to you for a simple cause, or you two do not go well together. In such a situation you should not invite your cousin. Because you do whatever, she/he will never be happy and it will only spoil your mood at your wedding. Well, let’s talk about the topic…

1. Communication is the key

Whether you are planning a destination wedding or wedding at your home town and some of your guests are expected to come from interstate or overseas, make sure you send them plenty of notices. You need to send them lots of notice so that they can make proper arrangements to be part of your wedding.

Usually, wedding invites are sent three months before the wedding, but you can extend save your dates cards even before. Like this your guests will have plenty of time to make arrangements. Also, your guests will be happy to know that you care for them, and their attendance at your wedding matters!!

If yours is a destination wedding, communicate with your guests the best you can. Your guests might not want, or be able to, spend the money on travel.

2. Keep your guests updated

Yeah, this is the benefit of being in the era of technology. Take advantage of technology on your wedding too, by setting up a wedding website. Wedding websites are the easiest way to keep your wedding guests up to date on the latest progress or arrangements of your wedding.

Setting a website is no task as there are many online tools or apps, which you can use to make your website. All you will need is to list all the wedding related details. Such as, the dates, times, and addresses of all the wedding-related events; the hotel room block information along with the hotel’s phone number and address, along with a link to the booking site; transportation or shuttle details (if applicable); itinerary (if there is some local or small trip planned) and recommendations of restaurants, shopping, and area attractions. Communicating the details to your guests will not only make it easier for them to book their travel and plan their weekend, but also they will enjoy their time with you.

3. Your wedding location matters

Pick your wedding location wisely. For where you pick your wedding venue can make your guests happy or upset. For instance, your destination is just a drive away, make sure you arrange for the cabs for to and fro travel, and also see if their accommodation can be arranged in the wedding venue or just close to the venues so they don’t have to travel far after the reception.

Or if you are planning an outdoor wedding in the summer or spring, then look for a location that provides some shade for your guests. Or hire a gazebo or marquee for them to sit or stand under, or arrange for parasols for your guests to provide some relief from the sun. Remember, no matter how romantic the whole thing you arrange, heat can agitate anyone. So, choose your location wisely.

4. Welcome your guests

How you welcome your wedding guests will also make your guests happy or sad. For instance, your aunty came from overseas to attend your wedding, you did everything right – you gave her plenty of notices etc. But when she came you were engrossed over phone with your fiance, or nobody bothered about her arrival. Just imagine how bad she will feel.

Therefore, their welcome should be wonderful. Make sure you arrange for a welcome drink or snack on arrival before your ceremony, so your guests get refreshed after the long drive or long travel.

5. Make arrangements according to the weather

Your wedding weather can also cause some agitation if you will not plan accordingly. If your wedding is in summers make sure you arrange for portable fans, extra shade and/or bottles of water for the wedding guests. For an outdoor set up, you can provide them a large pump bottle of sunscreen, and keep your guests informed about that.

Or if your wedding is in winters, providing your guests with blankets, stoles, heaters etc. will help them stay cozy at your wedding. You can also arrange for a coffee, tea, and hot chocolate station to keep your guests warm. Remember, your arrangements will help them to enjoy your big day without having to worry about the weather.

Similarly, for a ceremony near a waterway or on dusk, provide your guests with mosquito repellent or arrange burning citronella candles to control pesky blood suckers from biting your guests.

6. Make proper travel arrangements

Another way to keep your wedding guests happy is to arrange for their local transport. If you wedding ceremony and your wedding reception are at a different location, better book a bus or cabs to get your guests from ceremony venue to the reception venue.

And yeah, don’t miss to take them back to their vehicles at the end of the reception. You can easily get a bus service, as there are many agencies who offer charter services. Also, if you want you can decorate the bus with your wedding theme. Believe you me, your guests will not only be grateful for the service, but also they would be happy to see your efforts and arrangements.

7. Welcome them with welcome bags

Just imagine how you would feel when you receive a well-stocked welcome bag upon your arrival. I am sure your answer is GREAT! Same ways your guests would feel if you will welcome them with a gift bag of goodies at hotel check in or on their arrival. But make sure you stuff welcome bags with useful items along with the welcome note and the itinerary, maps, shuttle information, and the venue address.

8. Amenities & Restrooms

Hardly has it come to anybody’s mind. However, it is crucial to take notice of the bathroom situation especially when you are thinking of a more natural location. Rather to make your guests walk down a few hundred meters to get to a single-stall toilets, consider bringing in temporary bathrooms.

Also, bathroom amenities will matter – not all your guests will enter the reception restroom just to go to the bathroom. Sometimes people go in the time of crisis, like a wardrobe malfunction. So, consider arranging for some basic amenities such as Band-Aids, a sewing kit and pins, and mints. Doing this will not only make your guests feel safe in the time of crises, but also they will feel well taken care of.

9. Your wedding is reason for them to savor on sumptuous food

Food is another important aspect of your wedding that can either make your guests happy or upset. So, make sure you arrange for a variety of food options for your guests at your wedding. Like, most of the people these days are going vegan, so you can’t have non-vegetarian food items completely. So, arrange for different palettes with a variety of food options for your guests. Guests never forget bad food or being hungry at your wedding because of less options or no options. Don’t let them go upset… make them happy by having food varieties for all.

10. Arrange for wedding games

Arrange for wedding games so that when your guests would need a break from dancing, they can just indulge themselves in some games. Wedding games are fun ways to keep your guests engaged and get your friends and family to interact with each other. There are many wedding reception games which you can add to your party as well. Wedding games add to the fun element at the party. Some options are: Dart the balloon, poker station, photo booth, tic-tac-toe, giant piñata, bocce ball, oversized Jenga, and backgammon. Not only this will help you keep your wedding guests engaged, but also they will be happy to play all these games, and will be able to bond with others easily and quickly.

11. Have drinks that are palatable by most of your guests

It is crucial that you select drinks that are palatable for a wide array of people in the cocktail hour. Make sure you arrange for the drinks which can be taken by most or your wedding guests. It is crucial to consider each and every guest at your wedding. Also, your guests will never like to wait in line to get a drink. So, consider having servers’ at-the-ready to greet your guests with water, beer, wine, and even a signature cocktail. Best would be wine & dine – Offering guests wine service while dinning will let your guests sit, relax, and enjoy their meal without having to make constant trips to the bar.

12. Clearly marked wedding signage

Wedding signs play an important role, they are the perfect way to communicate the details of the day to your guests, like; shuttle departure times, what signature drink to be served at the bar, and the direction they’ll need to head to find the outdoor lounge, or gaming zone, or photo booth station, etc. Good signage will make sure that your guests can find and enjoy everything and nothing will be missed out by anyone.

13. Clear seating arrangement

Make sure that you have planned the seating arrangement well in advance, and each guests know exactly which table to sit on. Having a well-planned seating arrangement help you avoid any chaos and also the disagreements. Simply placing a table with escort cards at the entrance to let your guests know where they’ll be seated in the reception, will be great. And, if you sync them with the color of your wedding theme or have these cards with your guests’ pictures will be a wonderful idea. They can use it as a keepsake later.

14. Entertainment is what we all seek

Make sure your wedding reception is not just limited to eating and drinking. Try to make your wedding reception more fun. Your wedding reception is where you plan the first dance, have DJ at your wedding reception, or live performance can also do, also you can have a slideshow of pictures, or something that can add extra flare to the event and your guests also enjoy it to the fullest.

Giving your guests some entertainment during the reception, be it is an iPod playlist or a band, music of any type will get everyone in the mood for a party. Music or entertainment is the best way to provide your guests with something to do and keep them busy and happy at the event.

15. Getting your guests home

Some of your guests will surely have way too much fun and perhaps drink too much in the process. So, it is good to make arrangements for such guests, so that they can reach home safely. Either you can arrange for some cabs during your reception or find out about the taxi companies operating in the area around reception. Have taxi companies’ contact numbers or business cards, to have them readily accessible to wedding guests. So that they can call a taxi and get back to their accommodation safely.

16. Happy couple make guests happy

Your guests came because of you, they watch you during the whole event. If you will not be happy, how can your guests be happy! Your guests spent time and energy to celebrate your event and be part of your big day. And if you’ll be negative, everybody else will feel the same way. Even if you are stressed due to some wedding day disaster, just relax and understand that you can’t do anything about it. Relax for a while and be with your guests in a positive way. Remember, things can go wrong at your wedding, but you have to be positive and learn to let go of things, which are beyond your control.

In order to make your guests happy, you need to be happy first. If you will be smiling, appreciating, and being joyous with your wedding guests, seeing all that your guests will also be happy. So, be happy and make your guests happy!

17. Make your guests dance

Make sure your DJ plays songs which your guests want to hear, and the ones which can provoke your guests to hit the floor. Dance is a fantastic way of making any ordinary event an extraordinary, and making your guests happy. Have your DJ make an announcement that they’ll take requests and see how the dance floor fill up when a crowd-favorite comes on!

18. Wedding favors

Everyone loves gifts, and giving wedding favors is also a way to make your guests happy. There are myriads of options to choose from for your wedding favors. But giving something that will remind them of your big day even after ages will be a perfect gift for your wedding guests. Otherwise, homemade items like cookies, brownies, candles, etc.make for wonderful wedding favors. Or, you can even give your guests a nice live plant. These are basically less fussy favor options that almost everyone will adore. The idea is to give something that your guests won’t leave on the table.

19. Enjoy and let everyone else enjoy your big day

When you will enjoy your wedding, your guests will surely enjoy with you. So, don’t miss to enjoy your day to the fullest. Have a lot of fun and inspire your guests to equally enjoy your event.

20. Send them thank you notes

Your guests not only make time and arrangements to attend your wedding, but also they spend good money on your wedding gift. Sending them a thank you card will ensure that you have received their gift, and that you care for them.


You don’t have to do anything special or extraordinary in order to keep your guests happy. These simple tips above can help you have happiest wedding guests ever.

Happy Wedding ☺ ☺