Top Wedding Apps for an Ultimate Experience

Top wedding apps for an ultimate experience

Everyone looks for the best wedding experience. Each couple wants to have their wedding one of the best days of their lives. But every wedding comes with some stress, the stress of planning and arranging things. Fortunately, we are in the era of technology and stress can also be curbed with it. How you may ask?

We all know wedding planning can be very, very stressful at times, but there are numerous online apps that can help have stress free wedding planning journey, to a great extent. These apps will help you stay organized, inspired, and calm during this crazy time.

I am sure you are excited to know more about these apps now. Well, if you are getting married this season then this post is a must read for you. We have taken the best wedding apps for you to have a wonderful wedding experience this season. These 15 wedding planning apps are must-haves for anyone planning a wedding. All you have to do is to download the apps on your very phone or tablet. So that you have access to these apps even when you’re making phone calls and running errands. All these apps are free to download and are very easy to use apps. You are going to love the whole experience, believe you me!!

So, let’s get started:

1. Wedding Planner by The Knot

Wedding Planner by The Knot is the app that has everything you need to plan your wedding and stay inspired while you are doing it. It is a wonderful wedding planning app that every bride must have on her phone. This app offers a personalized checklist of things to do, along with guest list manager, timeline and budgeting options.

The app has the ability to search through over 250,000 wedding vendors, with the vendor recommendations for your area. Also, you can make a wedding website directly from the app. Moreover, you can enjoy tours of potential wedding venues, besides, gaining recommendations for flowers and dresses. What else you would want to have a perfect wedding… This app has everything!

2. Zola Weddings App

Another wonderful wedding planning app is ‘The Zola Weddings app.’ It has almost everything you need to plan your wedding. What do you need for planning a great wedding??? Of course, basic planning tools such as checklists, guest lists, and schedules and Zola has everything. Also, you can create your wedding website and a registry with Zola app.

As, Zola weddings also has a Zola Registry app, which help you create a universal registry of gifts that you want, without having to specify which store you want it from.

3. LadyMarry Wedding Planner

LadyMarry Wedding Planner is another wedding planning app that offers a customizable wedding checklist to prepare you for the big day of your life. LadyMarry Wedding Planner not only offers a simple to-do list, but also provides you with relevant tips and tricks as you go along. The app helps you organize things with your wedding planner easily. Also, with its regular blogs and other resources, you will surely be on top of things, trust me!!

4. WeddingWire’s Wedding Planner

One more wedding planning app is WeddingWire. The WeddingWIre wedding planning app includes a checklist, budget planner, guest list planner, vendor manager, and a registry. Meaning it includes everything you need to create a great event. Also, the app has a beautiful photo galleries for wedding dresses, flowers, and honeymoons, which will help you have fresh ideas about what’s trending, and help you focus in on what you like. And the best part of WeddingWire app is – it has an easy-to-use in-app forums that helps you stay connected to other brides planning their weddings.

5. Wedding Countdown App

As the name says it all, Wedding Countdown is a countdown tool but with a difference. The app is specifically meant to keep track of how many more days, hours, minutes and seconds remains until your big day. But the Wedding Countdown App also offers special units, such as heartbeats or kisses, for an extra sweet touch. The app also helps you personalize the experience with your choice of song, as well as by adding photos.

6. Evernote app

Well, for a wedding it is essential that everything be it large or small is written. Of course our memory is already limited and wedding planning consists unlimited tasks and things, which is nearly impossible to remember. That’s where Evernote app comes into the picture. It isn’t a wedding planning app; it’s actually everything planning app. With the help of this app, you can easily take notes, make to-do lists, create reminders, and collect images and web pages.

You can easily organize all your wedding notes and inspiration you’ve gathered within virtual notebooks, organizers, and planners. It’s a wonderful app, in fact a must have app for all the brides who tend to forget things easily… (Pun intended☺)…. It’s for all the brides preparing for the big day.

7. Palette Cam

Every couple especially bride wants to have a unique theme and color on her wedding. If you also want to have some wonderful color combinations on your wedding then Palette Cam is an app for you. As the name says, Palette Cam is all about color. You can use Palette Cam’s inspiration photos or even your own photos to create a color scheme for your wedding. You can save your created scheme in the app itself, so that you can refer to it when you will make all those choices for your wedding.

8. Honeyfund Wedding Registry

For receiving really useful gifts, you will need a wedding registry. Honeyfund Wedding Registry, as the name says is a universal registry app, which makes it easy to add anything from the internet, or even register for money donations. There are plenty of customization options available for you. With Honeyfund Wedding Registry, you would be able to ask your guests to contribute toward the cost of your honeymoon in lieu of a wedding gift. Or even your guests can choose to purchase specific excursions for you, or your meals, or just put in money that you can use for any part of your honeymoon. It’s a best app to get what you really want!! Of course your honeymoon matters….. ☺ ☺

9. Pinterest

Who doesn’t know this app…Even who are not getting married or who are already married make a perfect use of this app otherwise. Pinterest is full of inspiration, we all know that… But Pinterest is a great tool for the DIY bride. It’s a place where you can find and save wedding ideas that you want to use in your wedding.

Besides, Pinterest is a great place to look for wedding dresses, engagement rings, decor ideas etc. It’s even easier to save all the gathered ideas on Pinterest boards that you can easily find and use later. Every bride needs to get herself on Pinterest — the treasure trove of #inspiration. On Pinterest just search “wedding ideas” or “Summer Wedding Ideas” or Wedding Ideas on Budget” and you will browse through countless other people’s photos. (Pin the ones you like best to refer to later.) Create a dream board for your dream wedding.

10. Etsy App

For all the brides looking for DIY ideas for their wedding. The Etsy app is a wonderful platform to view unique and handcrafted items that can be used for your wedding. The Etsy app has it all, whether you’re looking for escort cards or bridesmaids’ gifts, you’ll find everything here. In fact, the DIY bride will love the Etsy app because she’ll be able to find all kinds of supplies and ideas to create their dream wedding. Try it out yourself and thank us later!!

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11. Mint App

Weddings are pricey affairs and sticking to a budget can sometimes be tough. But you don’t have to worry, if you have the Mint app. With Mint app, you can set your wedding budget and keep track of all your expenses in one place. Keeping a track of wedding budget will help you not overspend, and have happy feelings about the truth.

12. The Guest App

Quite often it happens that the pictures, which are taken by the wedding guests at the wedding hardly the bride and groom get to see them. But, with The Guest app, the photos taken by your wedding guests will automatically be shared with everyone attending the wedding, including the couple. The best part is, The Guest app gives people who couldn’t make up for the wedding the chance to see all the wedding photos and videos live while the wedding and reception are taking place.

13. WeddingHappy App

You can call WeddingHappy a smart wedding planning app, because the app will first ask for your anticipated wedding date and then it will build a customized schedule for you, along with a to-do checklist, thereby making it easier for you to know exactly what needs to be done and by when. Besides, this app also provides you with payment tracking, an expense summary, options for coordinating vendor contact details, and the ability to sync with other users.

14. Joy App

Well, it’s an app that does a little bit of everything, such as allowing you to arrange RSVPs with your guests. It has wonderful features that enables you to collect and share the photos that your wedding guests have taken on the biggest event of your life. Joy works as a form of private social network, which makes easy for you to share images with anyone who uses the app or website. Joy so far is the greatest way of consolidating the wonderful memories of the big day.

15. Happy Wedding App

We know that your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life, but do you know that it deserves the best wedding photo album too? Happy Wedding App actually let you cherish the sweet memories of your wedding. Of course, you would want to have a perfect wedding album and Happy Wedding App help you have that. It’s a mobility based platform to compose stylish & innovative digital wedding albums. Preserve the priceless memories of your special day by creating your own custom wedding album online.

16. Wedding LookBook App

Another very beautiful app for the brides and the gang is Wedding LookBook app. Sometimes to decide bridal look becomes very tough, really, no matter how much ideas you have gathered from here and there. But having Wedding LookBook app will make the process far easier. You can use it to find out the perfect dress, whether you are looking for a ball gown or any modern style dress, it’s easier to search here. Besides dresses, you can also check out for engagement rings and wedding bands. Also, it is the best place to find the perfect attire for the bridesmaids and flower girls as well. Most importantly, without you having to go anywhere, you can find all from the comfort of your home.

17. Table Plan

Keeping all your guests happy at the wedding seems to be a task to most couples. But it’s a part of wedding planning only and you can’t escape… No matter what. Table planning can sometimes be a nightmare, especially for couples who are trying to keep all their guests happy. But don’t worry, just download the Table Plan app for your ease. As Table Plan app simplifies the process a little, it allows you to easily add as many guests as you want before moving them around on screen. Also, if you want, with the app you have a choice to set different restrictions, thereby leaving the app to do it automatically for you.

18. Tie The Knot App

Keeping a track of days or time by yourself is very difficult amidst stressful wedding planning journey. But Tie The Knot is an app that helps you keep track of days and time. This wonderful app is meant for the ones who are very excited. Tie the Knot app will keep track of just how many days are left until your wedding day, also it will keep count things down to the very hour, minute and second. It will be fun to have a track of remaining days!!

19. iWedPlanner App

Another wonderful wedding planning app is iWedPlanner. iWedPlanner app actually covers all the wedding planning aspects, thereby making your life easy and wedding planning journey stress-free. The app comes with numerous features such as a to-do list that keeps track of everything you need to do, vendor organizer or manager so that you can organize all your vendors in the app, the app helps you take notes along the way. Besides, iWedPlanner also helps you keep track of RSVPs, you can even find a table planning or seating arrangement in the app that will make your life even easier while arranging the seats of your wedding guests.

20. Headspace App

Last but not least, as we all know, wedding planning is a stressful task. No matter how hard you try, stress is just a part of wedding planning. And it is essential for every bride and groom to stay calm and happy even during the wedding planning journey. It is kind of important for every bride and groom to take a break from wedding planning in order to stay at your best. So for that there is an app, yes even for that you have an app… isn’t it great!!

And the app is Headspace app. Headspace is a meditation app that will first teach you how to meditate and then it will keep reminding you to take regular breaks from the chaotic and crazy wedding planning journey. There are many types of guided meditation available in the app from classic meditation to happiness meditation. Whether you want to do a classic meditation or looking for some health related meditation, you can choose accordingly. The meditations in the Headspace app are designed to help you with your relationship, patience, stress, and appreciation. This app is a wonderful app to help you stay sane and calm during your wedding planning. Also, happy minds help to build strong relationships. It is a must to have a strong relationship with your partner to-be. Do download this app and enjoy all the benefits!!

Wrapping up…

These twenty apps are definitely going to help you have a stress-free wedding planning journey. Do try the ones which suit you the best. Thanks for reading!

Have A Happy & Stress-Free Wedding….. ☺ ☺