215 Creative Wedding Album Title Ideas

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Of course, everything related to your wedding should be memorable, including your wedding album. Your wedding album is a place where you capture all the best memories of the day. A great way to relive all those beautiful moments whenever you want to. Finding the perfect wedding album title is key. It makes the album even more special. You can have a title for each picture in the wedding album. You can also add a short description of the photo or memory so that you can remember all the little details of your wedding. Here are some fantastic wedding album title ideas for you

Our Favourite Title Options For Wedding Photo Albums

1. Here begins the journey

2. Just Married

3. You & Me together in the journey of life

4. The wedding vows

5. A Day to Remember

6. Memories Forever

7. My favorite love story

8. The love story that I like the most

9. When he said “Will You,” I said “Yes.”

10. A love to last a lifetime

11. You have my heart in your hand

12. A love story

13. A dream come true

14. My heart belongs to you

15. I Belong To You

16. All You Need Is Love

17. Love Sees No Barrier

18. Beyond & Forever

19. Love Me Like You Do

20. Forever In Your Arms

21. I Do

22. My Lifetime

23. The Man Of My Dream

24. The Woman Of My Dream

25. My Lady Luck

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26. Here She Comes

27. Forever Mine

28. A Heart Full Of Love

29. Happily Married

30. He Asked, I Said ‘Yes.’

31. I Couldn’t Resist Myself From Saying ‘I Do.’

32. Addicted To Love

33. Addicted To Him

34. Addicted To Her

35. The First Kiss

36. Men In Black

37. Mr. And Mrs.

38. The Precious Love

39. Mother Of The Bride

40. Mother Of The Groom

42. Father Of The Bride

43. Father Of The Groom

44. A Walk To Remember

45. Precious Moments

46. Precious Memories

47. Memories For The Lifetime

48. My Heart Goes To You

49. The Girl Gang

50. A Piece Of My Heart

52. Boy Meets Girl

53. Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You

54. You Are Important

55. Me Sweetheart

56. Kiddos

57. Blushing Bride

58. Handsome Groom

59. All Set To Take A Ride

60. My Favorite Place Is Inside Your Hug

61. My Heart Belongs To You / Him / Her

62. The Timeless Love Story

63. Parents Of The Bride

64. Parents Of The Groom

65. A Time For Love

66. First Love

67. Happiness Is Being Married To Your Best Friend

68. Happiness Is Being Married To The One Your Love

69. Loads Of Love

70. Like We Made It

71. Fortune & Love Favor The Brave

72. Love Comes With No Expiry

73. Love Is A Language Of Hearts

74. We Met To Make It Happen

75. We Were Destined To Meet

76. Love Is Magic

77. Magical Moments

78. The Toast

79. Made For Each Other

80. Love Existed And We Knew It

81. I Had Been Waiting For Him

82. I Had Been Waiting For Her

83. The Moment We Have Been Waiting For

84. My True Friend Is My Husband Now

85. My True Friend Is My Wife Now

86. Made In Heaven

87. An Edifice That We Built

88. Universally Acknowledged

89. The Duet

90. Partners In Crime

91. First Gaze

92. Moments

93. Never Forget This Wonderful Day…

94. Unforgettable Day…

95. My Promise To You

95. A Hug

96. Happy Heart

97. Hugs & Kisses

98. Your Are Mine

99. I’m Yours

100. A Priceless Love Story

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101. Key To My Heart

102. The Wedding Cake

103. Groomed To Perfection

104. Walking Down The Aisle

105. Eat, Drink, & Live

106. The Infinite Love

107. Love Is Infinite

108. I Love You To The Moon & Back

109. Kiss Me

110. Hold Me

111. Be There When I Stumble

112. You Are My Constant

113. He Is My Constant

114. I Loved Him The First Moment I Saw Him

115. Hugs And Kisses

116. Going To The Chapel

117. Cutting The Cake

118. The Waiting Guests

119. My Besties

120. Grandparents Of The Bride

121. Grandparents Of The Groom

122. My Favorite

123. With You Is Where I Like To Be

124. Baby, You Are My Hero

125. Pour A Little More

126. My Life’s Most Brilliant Achievement To Marry Her/Him

127. I Only Have Eyes For You

128. Love At First Sight

129. Love Is…

130. Love Birds

131. Love Blooms Here

132. Daddy’s Girl

133. Laugh Often, Love Much, & Live To The Fullest

134. Love Notes

135. Love Letters

136. Enchanted

137. Happily Ever After

138. The First Gaze

139. Gaze

140. Before Our Eyes, Our Heart Met

141. Love Is In The Air

142. You Are Still The One And You Will Always Be

143. Hug To You

144. Love Binds Us

145. Love Is The Binding Agent In Our Relationship

146. We Are Tied By Love

147. The Knot

148. Our Wedding

149. The Wedding

150. The Most Awaited Wedding

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151. Bride And Groom

152. He Is My Favorite, And He Knows It

153. Bridesmaids

154. Groomsmen

155. The Team

156. Behind The Scenes

157. Wedding Décor

158. Wedding Food

159. Wedding Cake

160. Wedding Photographer

161. Wedding Flowers

162. Wedding Attire

163. Wedding Outfit

164. Wedding Shoes

165. It’s Hers

166. It’s His

167. Live, Love, Laughter

168. Happy Moments

169. The Moments That I Cherish

170. We

171. Us

172. Wedding Games

173. Wedding Fun

174. Fun At Wedding

175. We Love One Another

176. Love Binds Us Together

177. Love You

178. Love Me

179. My Heart Is Full Of Love For You

180. Cutie Pie

181. Forever Mine

182. The Destination

183. Wedding Venue

184. Scenic

185. Emotions

186. Emotional Moments

187. Wedding Is Enjoyment

188. So This Is Love

189. Two Hearts Became One

190. You Are A Blessing

191. You & Me… Happy Together

192. You Make My Heart Leap

193. And Then She Said “I Do”

194. The Proposal

195. The Bouquet

196. Bouquet Toss

197. Bouquet Of Dreams

198. The Very Married Us

199. Boys Will Be Boys

200. Bridal Party

201. The First Dance

202. The Legacy Of Love

201. I Do

202. Dreams Do Come True

203. Accessories

204. Flower Girl

205. Forever Ever After Begins Today

206. Eat, Drink, love and Be Married

207. Forever And Ever…

208. Forever Begins Today…

209. Garter Toss

210 Cake Lovers

211 In Love

212. Wedding To-Do List

213. You Light Up My Life

214. Rings

215. You Are Now Husband and Wife

216. You’re Still The One I Want For Life

Summing it up……

Whether you are creating a simple wedding album or a stylish one, giving titles to each photo will make your wedding album look great. Use all or any of these 215 wedding album titles ideas to create an amazing wedding album; you are going to have a lot of fun, trust me!

Happy Wedding…. ☺ ☺