101 Wedding Entertainment Ideas with Fun Activities

Wedding Entertainment Ideas

After festivals, a wedding is one such occasion where we have all our loved ones together. We can go to a movie with or without somebody; we can make a travel plan with or without someone. But a wedding is not merely an event; it is HAPPINESS. It is said that happiness increases when you share it with your loved ones. And adding entertainment to your wedding will elevate your and your guests’ experience even more.

Here, I am sharing 100+ wedding entertainment ideas with you; just take a look! You can incorporate all of them or the ones that you like the most at your wedding.

Here is the list…..

1. Sparklers

Add some sparkle to your event with colorful sparklers. This is something that will simply let all your guests involved.

2. Fireworks

Fireworks are not just meant for a festival; you can have a beautiful fireworks show at your wedding too.

3. Campfires

If you are hosting a winter wedding, then organizing campfires will be a brilliant idea. If not on your wedding day, then you can organize it on any other like Mehndi night or music night.

4. Live Music Show

Believe it or not, a live music show will add to the fun element at your wedding. You can have a live music show on your cocktail night to have double Dhamaal!

5. Photo Booth

Photo booths are new ways to keep your guests entertained at your wedding. Make sure you get funny props arranged so that your guests can enjoy those Kodak moments to the fullest.

6. Chocolate Bar

Chocolates are an all-time favorite. Everybody loves chocolates, young or adult or old. So, don’t miss adding a chocolate bar to your wedding to make your guests excited.

7. Dance Show

If your budget allows, you can have a professional dance show at your wedding. You will need to collaborate with the wedding planning company or Event Management Company to get professional dancers at the event.

8. Whisky bar

Let your guests enjoy the best of the whiskies at your wedding. And yeah, don’t miss to arrange for ice, soda, and glasses to serve.

9. Tea Stand

After water, tea is the second largest drink consumed throughout the world. We are blessed to be in a time where there are numerous tea varieties available, from green to milk, herbal to iced, etc. Let your tea lover guests make their teas according to their taste.

10. Antakshari Competition

Antakshari is not the game to be taken lightly, especially when there is a huge gathering. It is, in fact, one of the best games to have a lot of fun. It is the best way to get all your guests involved and keep them entertained.

11. Disco Night

The timeless disco can’t be missed when we talk about wedding entertainment ideas. A fantastic way to entertain everyone. You will be mesmerized to see the different moves of your guests on the floor.

12. Get Your Performance Professionally Choreographed

Another way of adding entertainment to your wedding is to get your dance performances professionally choreographed. Professionally choreographed dance performances will take your wedding event to the next level. Your guests will also enjoy it.

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13. Musical Chair

Believe it or not, it’s very tough to keep your guests happy throughout the wedding. There will be many who will have problems with everything. In such a situation, it is good to add some masala to your wedding. The musical chair is a classing game that can keep all your guests happy. And yes, don’t miss giving prizes to the winners.

14. Live Band

You can have all your guests entertained with a live band. Live bands are just amazing, a great way to have a packed dance floor. You don’t have to go with the very expensive bands, of course, you can even consider hiring university bands for your wedding.

15. Nail Artists

All your women guests will be happy to see the nail artists at the wedding. And trust me, they need one at the wedding. A great way to keep your female guests occupied for a longer time.

16. Temporary Tattoo Stand

Tattoos are mainstream these days. Almost every person wants to have a tattoo, some get, and others don’t. Your wedding can be a great opportunity for your guests to have fun with body artwork.

17. Mehndi Stall

You can have a mehndi artist at the wedding so that your female guests are busy getting their favorite mehndi design.

18. Words of Wisdom

Leave an advice card with each guest at the wedding and let them write some words of wisdom for you.

19. Giant Jenga

Arrange for a giant Jenga and let all your guests get involved!

20. Ring Toss

This age-old game is another way to add entertainment to your wedding. Both young and adults will be happy to ring their favorite item.

21. Lego Creation

A great way to keep your guests busy and entertained. All you have to do is put legos at each table and ask your guests to create innovative centerpieces.

22. Spin the Wheel

Buy or create your own huge wedding prize wheel. It is a fantastic game to have all your guests involved.

23. Scavenger Hunt

The scavenger hunt is another game that is meant for huge gatherings, like a wedding. Let your guests enjoy this hunting game. Divide them in teams and give them the first clue; rest, they will take care of. Include a prize for those who win.

24. Lemon Race

Take your guests down memory lane with a lemon race. It is a perfect game for an outdoor day wedding.

25. Sack Race

Who said races could happen in schools only, you can have them at your wedding too. The sack race is a beautiful way to add entertainment to your wedding. You all are going to enjoy this race for sure.

26. Three-legged Race

Let all the couples, from your sister and brother-in-law, brother and sister-in-law, uncle and aunty, friend and his wife, be part of this beautiful race. They will also get a chance to have some fun together.

27. Mr. & Mrs. Quiz

Entertain your guests between courses with Mr. & Mrs. Quiz.

28. Live Painter

It’s not going to be tough to find a painter. Having a live painter will make your wedding event even more exciting. Your guests can have a wonderful keepsake of your wedding that they can use to decorate their home.

29. Kite Flying Competition

Kite flying competition will give your guests that adrenaline rush. Everyone at the wedding would want to be a part of it. You can have this competition on the day of the Haldi Ceremony during the day time.

30. Table Trivia

How can you miss Table Trivia at your wedding? It is a MUST HAVE game at the wedding.

31. Magic Show

Have you ever thought of having a magic show at your wedding? If not, then this is the time to have one! Perfect for keeping all your guests entertained. You can have this show during the wedding breakfast or maybe a day before the wedding.

32. Baking Classes

Men are good at killing their time; women find it difficult. In such a case, it is best to occupy them with something constructive. Schedule a baking class for them to learn baking new items and to have some fun time with other women.

33. Croquet Game

A classic garden game of all times will simply add fun to your wedding. It is easy to play and set up! Your guests will have immense fun with it.

34. Picnic with Wedding Guests

Why stick to one place? Of course, you are not a tree. Add some fun and charm to your wedding event. Have a picnic with your wedding guests. You can enjoy a nearby lake or a monument in the city. Pack some drinks, snacks, games, and music. Don’t miss hiring a bus to accommodate all your guests.

35. Giant Chess

Perfect for an outdoor winter wedding!!

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36. Singing Competition

Have all your singer guests together and organize a competition between them. It will be a kind of live show for all the other guests.

37. Dance Competition

Marriage and dance go hand in hand. You can have a dance competition at your wedding. Especially the couple dance competition.

38. Pet Show

Yeah, you can even have a pet show at your wedding.

39. Ice-Cream Stall

A great wedding entertainment idea for a summer wedding to help your guests beat the heat.

40. Name that Tune

A beautiful music night game, where DJ will play a short tune, and guests have to recognize and name it.

41. Guess Who

This is another wonderful wedding game to add fun and entertainment to a wedding. Add pictures of the bride and groom from different stages of life and let all the guests recognize. You can have pictures in the slides.

42. Bouncy Castle

Let the kids at the wedding also have all the fun and entertainment.

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43. Ballroom Dancing

Add class to your wedding event with Ballroom Dancing.

44. Paper Dancing Competition

A perfect fun activity for couples. Have all the couples gathered in one hall and start a paper dance. Give away a prize to the winner.

45. Sweet Cart

For those sweetheart moments, have a sweet cart at your wedding. Conclude the event with the most satiating sweets.

46. Casino

One of the most trending options today is Casino. You can have anything from roulette wheels to card tables and more for all your adult wedding guests.

47. The Shoe Game

This is absolutely for the bride and groom, but this is perfect for involving all your wedding guests.

48. Comedy Night

Standup comedy is in trend these days. You can also have a standup comedian at your wedding to make your guests laugh.

49. Talent Show

Have your guests on the platform to show their talent. All of them will have fun and great entertainment as well.

50. Fancy Dress Competition

It’s another option to make your guests happy with surprise prizes.

51. The Best Dress Award

Surprise your guest, who is wearing the best dress with a prize. You can get them something matching with your wedding theme so that they can use it as a keepsake.

52. Karaoke

Make your music night even more exciting with Karaoke.

53. Circus Show

If you wish to relive your childhood days one more time, then a circus show is a great option.

54. Hopscotch Tournament

An excellent outdoor wedding game for kids. A hopscotch tournament is a great way to engage kids during the wedding.

55. Rides

Who would say no to fairground rides? Nobody. All your guests would love to enjoy rides.

56. Confetti Cannons

Add the wow factor to your wedding with confetti cannons.

58. Balloon Pop Game

Include some wonderful gift items for those who pop the maximum number of balloons.

59. Piñata

Match it to your wedding theme to give it a personalized touch.

60. Untie the Knots

Classic Indian games for brides and grooms, but you can add it to your wedding for other couples.

61. Face Paint Tournament

Another wonderful tournament for the kids at the wedding. Create a dedicated face paint area where kids can showcase their artistry.

62. Bocce Ball

It is an Italian wedding game. You can incorporate this game in your wedding cocktail or reception.

63. Candy Floss Stand

Add the fun of the fair to your wedding with a candy floss stand. All your guests will love this one for sure!

64. Mini-Golf

Mini golf is another excellent wedding entertainment idea, especially when you are hosting an outdoor wedding.

65. Badminton Tournament

Take entertainment to the next level with a badminton tournament. Badminton is a childhood love for almost everyone. Let your guests show some of their beautiful sports skills at your wedding.

66. Shooting Games

Shooting games are all-time favorites for most people. You can have a shooting balloon game at your wedding.

67. Passing the Parcel

Another fantastic wedding game that simply adds fun to any wedding. Have all your guests sitting in a circle, take a pillow, and start passing it with the music. Make sure you have somebody to take care of the music part. Give the winner a personalized gift.

68. Treasure Hunt

One of the best wedding entertainment ideas for one and all. Keep your guests busy finding clues around your wedding venue!

69. Silent Disco

Silent discos are trending. You must have seen this one in Anushka and Ranbir starrer movie “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.” Just put on the headphones and enjoy the dance night.

70. DIY Cocktails

Let your guests DIY cocktails at your wedding. Arrange for a range of spirits, mixers, and garnishes, and let your guests have unlimited fun.

71. Chocolate Fountain

Chocolate fountains are common; you will get to see them in malls and markets. Have one at your wedding too!!

72. Ferry Ride Arrival

If you’re hosting a destination wedding in Greece or some other location where ferry rides are standard, then use ferry rides to transport your guests to the wedding venue instead of regular transportation.

73. Live Band

Have a live band at your wedding to take it to the next level.

74. Waffle Stand

Your guests will love to have some customized sweet treats!

75. Pizza Stand

Pizzas are happiness for many people; let your guests be happy with their favorite pizzas. You can even have them make their own pizza with their favorite toppings.

76. Burger Station

Burger stations are another addition to fun in the wedding these days.

77. Dumb Charade

A great wedding game to have unlimited fun and entertainment.

78. Classical Music Night

Perfect for an intimate wedding ceremony.

79. Popcorn Stand

Popcorn stand is a MUST for all the popcorn lovers to have freshly popped popcorn.

80. Wine Tasting

Make your wine tasting a great event with some professionals serving wines and music in the background.

81. Country Music Concert

Another beautiful way to have entertainment at the wedding. You will need to have a local folk music group to make your music night unforgettable.

82. Doughnut Tower

The perfect treat for your wedding guests between songs!

83. First Dance

Make your first dance memorable with some classic dance moves.

84. Father-Daughter Dance

Make it more special than you think!

85. Hand-Pulled Rickshaw

Arrange for some decorated rickshaws at your wedding venue to drop your guests at the venue.

86. Horse and Carriage

Add a touch of royalty to your wedding with an age-old horse-drawn carriage. Your guests will enjoy this!

87. Grand Entry

Your entry should be grand; make an entry with firecrackers.

88. Grand Exit

Like your entry, your exit should also be memorable. Make it grand!!

89. Groom Arriving in Horse Drawn Carriage

In India, grooms are expected to enter in a unique way. Grooms can consider entering in a horse-drawn carriage to make the whole thing look royal.

90. Saree Draping Competition

Make your male guests drape saree. Give away a personalized gift to the one who drapes it perfectly. It’s a great game to have unlimited fun at the wedding.

91. Giant Snake & Ladder

Another fun game for all your wedding guests. Have a life-sized snake and ladder at the venue.

92. Cricket Tournament

Divide your guests into two teams and organize a cricket tournament. And the remaining ones can cheer up the teams to perform better.

93. Tug of War

A great game to involve all your guests and have fun!

94. Giant Tic Tac Toe

Giant tic tac toe for keeping your guests occupied.

95. Limbo

An amazing wedding game for adding fun and enjoyment.

96. Hoolahoop

Another game for keeping your smaller guests busy.

97. Casino Table Game

Casino table games are a fresh entrant into the wedding games list. It is a thing to add to your wedding cocktail party.

98. Volleyball Tournament

The volleyball tournament is perfect for those who are planning to host a beach wedding.

99. Identify Your Partner

One of the most embraced games at the wedding. This is a perfect couple game. All you have to do is gather wives’ items and place them on a table and then ask all husbands to identify their wives’ belongings.

100. Tarot Card Reader

Have a tarot card reader at your wedding reception. Your guests will be busy knowing their future.

101. Dedicate a Song

Have a fairground fun with this one. Have somebody coordinating at the music stand so that wedding guests can request to play a song that they want to dedicate to their loved ones.

So these are the 100+ wedding entertainment ideas that you can incorporate in your wedding to make it memorable for all.

Happy Wedding….. ☺ ☺