50 Unique Wedding Quotes for Cards

wedding card Quotes

Wedding wishes are incomplete without wedding quotes. And crafting a beautiful message or wish is not everybody’s cup of tea. Some people find it really difficult to craft their messages for the newlyweds. That is why we have gathered the best 50 wedding quotes for cards. Whether you are looking for religious wedding wishes or funny wedding messages for your family and friends, this list has it all. It is crucial to write proper wordings in a message; even newlyweds appreciate it. A well-crafted message is always kept as a keepsake by most couples. So, you should also send thoughtful wishes to the couple. Let’s take a look at the wishes…..


  • “Wishing you both a lifetime of love and happiness.”
  • “Best wishes for the new life, as you embark on the journey to build your new lives together.”
  • “May this union of yours bring you more joy than you can imagine.”
  • “Your wedding day will come and go, but may your love forever grow.”
  • “May the life ahead be filled with joy, happiness, and peace!”
  • “May the love and bond that you share today grow stronger and better as you grow older.”
  • “We/I wish you all the happiness on starting a happy life together.”
  • “Wishing you both joy, love, and happiness on your wedding day!”
  • “We/I wish you all the happiness as you begin your new life together.”
  • “Cheers to this amazing adventure called marriage.”
  • “Thank you for letting us/me become part of this joyful day. We/I wish you all the happiness as you embark on this wonderful journey.”
  • “May the love and happiness you feel today shine through the years.”
  • “We’re/I’m so excited to hear the news of your union! Wishing you so much happiness.”
  • “Yay, it’s official! Congratulations, newlyweds.”
  • “Sending you both all the best wishes on your BIG DAY.”

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  • “Best wishes!”
  • “Congratulations!”
  • “Many congratulations!”
  • “Congratulations on your wedding!”
  • “Hugs and kisses.”
  • “Many congratulations on your wedding!”
  • “Happy Wedding. Have a great life ahead!”
  • “We’re/I’m so happy for you!”
  • “Wishing you two lots of love and happiness.”
  • “Lots of love today and beyond.”
  • “We/I love you. Congratulations!”
  • “Here’s a little something to start your life together.”
  • “Wishing you a long and happy marriage.”
  • “Here’s to a long and happy marriage!”
  • “Wishing you TWO the best today and always.”
  • “We’re/I’m happy to celebrate this special day with you both!”
  • “All the best wishes for a fun-filled future together.”
  • “Congrats to the most wonderful couple in the world.”


  • “Thanks for inviting us to eat, drink, and have fun while you get married. Congrats!”
  • “Congratulations! And best of luck for the lifetime suffering. May you have peace with each other!!”
  • “And here starts the crazy journey. Congratulations!”
  • “We’re/I’m glad that you could convince yourself to settle down for such a crazy suffering.”
  • “I thought you’re intelligent enough to stay away from marriage. Well, Congratulations for being expensively stupid.”
  • “Our sincere marriage advice to you two is: Love, honor and… scrub the toilet.”
  • “Thanks for the free booze and sumptuous dinner. Best wishes on a long, happy marriage!”
  • “Thanks for inviting me to have some fun; I was getting bored at my place. Happy Wedding.”


  • “May your marriage be blessed!”
  • “Wishing you a marriage as strong as your faith.”
  • “Sending you prayers for unending love and happiness.”
  • “May you two be blessed with the greatest blessing.”
  • “May God bless you and your union.”
  • “May God bless you with lots of love, joy, and happiness.”
  • “May God bless you two on this special day with a lifetime of shared love and joy.”
  • “May God bless your marriage, enrich your lives and deepen your love throughout the years.”
  • “May you be blessed with loads of love and happiness.”

So, these are the 50 wedding quotes for cards that you can use to express your emotions for the couple. Besides these, you can also write poems or a personal message to give it a more personal touch!!

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