20 Top Most Winter Wedding Venues In The UK

Winter Wedding Venues In The UK

When you think about having a winter wedding in the UK, you will undoubtedly find lovely venues that will take your breath away. The snowfall during the winter seasons makes the whole wedding look like a fairy tale. 

If you and your significant other seriously desire to have a winter wedding venues in the UK, then trust your desires can become a reality. Most couples love to host their wedding during the springtime and summer seasons. However, a winter wedding has its own charm. 

As you are considering holding a winter wedding in the UK, you must also be thinking about how to find a suitable venue. Aside from that, you will also be wondering what it costs to hire a venue in the UK. As you continue reading this post, you’ll get answers to all the questions that you have at the moment.

In this post, we shall discuss everything about hosting a stunning winter wedding venues in the UK, including the cost and other details. 

So, for now, let’s get started….

What Is a Winter Wedding?

The most common time for a wedding to take place during the winter is between the months of October and December when the temperature is often colder. It’s a nice time to host a memorable wedding that you and your guests will cherish. 

There are a variety of things that you need to take into consideration before the wedding date is set for a winter wedding. The majority of people often favor the wintertime for a variety of reasons, including the winter vibes. When planning a winter wedding, make sure to host a wedding that you will always cherish. 

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How To Plan a Winter Wedding In The UK

Before you proceed into having the fun of the day, you should ensure that everything is in place. During your winter wedding preparations, you should put a few things in mind that will make your day memorable. 

Here are the ways how you can plan your winter wedding:

  • It’s important you ensure that the venue is kept warm. This can be done by checking your preferred venue to know if the heating equipment is working perfectly. This is to make the venue warm and for the comfort of your guests during the winter season.
  • Your outfit should be stylish enough in such a way that you won’t be affected by the cold weather. Ensuring this is very important, so you don’t freeze up. Also, make provision for your guest where they can keep their extra winter outfits so that they can wear them as they leave. 
  • Since winter days are smaller compared to summer days, make sure you plan your things on time because you might not have enough time. 
  • Make sure you keep the spirit of the season alive with decorations of fairy lights, festive red and green, and sparkles.  
  • Make sure you make proper arrangements for your guests so that they feel safe from chilly willy weather during the event. Arrange for extra blankets, heaters, etc., to keep them warm throughout the event.
  • If you expect snow on the day of your event, make sure to let the venue staff know so that they can prepare appropriately.
  • Make reservations on where to snap pictures on that day.
  • When it comes to food for the wedding, make sure you have an arrangement for warm drinks, such as coffee, hot chocolate, etc. Also, add food items that are prevalent during the winter season.

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Benefits Of a Winter Wedding in the UK

Everything that you try to do in life, there is always one benefit or the other. There is no wasted effort in whatever you do. Here are some benefits of a winter wedding in the UK.

  • First, during the winter season, you can hire your venues at a very low rate. 
  • Winter weddings are unique, and you can be confident that your day will be memorable. Winter weddings have their own charm that comes with the season. You and your guests will love the natural vibe that the winter season offers. 
  • This also adds to your creativity, which makes your day appear glamorous with the beauty of your reception venue. You can make your day look the way you want it to be without any fear.

Reasons To Choose A Winter Wedding

As individuals, everyone has different tastes and likeness to life. When it comes to the exchange of your wedding vows, you will have a different view of how you want your day to be. The winter season is the most beautiful time of the year to host a romantic wedding. 

The following are possible reasons why you might want to choose a winter wedding:

  • You will get to experience snowfall on your wedding day. With snowfall, your photographs will appear exceptionally lovely and distinctive.
  • Winter wedding decor looks one-of-a-kind with the sparkles of light. It will make the whole reception venue look very romantic.
  • You might likely not spend so much during the winter season if you fixed your wedding date way too early. 
  • You can decide to get the married middle of the week if it’s winter. You can also get to book any venue of your choice. 
  • This season is also the holiday period for lots of people. It won’t be a challenge for any of your guests who wants to attend your big day.
  • It’s perfect timing for your wedding celebration because everyone you desire to be around will be there to celebrate with you. 

20 Best Winter Wedding Venues In The UK

There are currently lots of venues in the United Kingdom where you can celebrate your wedding. Here we have listed some of the top winter wedding venues in the UK.

Read on to find out more about each venue, its location, and possibly the amount you can spend to hire any venue:

1. Warbrook House Hotel, Hampshire

It’s a large and beautiful hotel located in Hampshire. This mansion building is one of the best venues where you can celebrate your wedding. Warbrook is a perfect venue for your winter wedding. It was built in the year 1724, but the beauty of this venue has not diminished. 

Warbrook House Hotel, Hampshire

This hotel has numerous halls you can select from to host a perfect winter wedding venues in the UK. Aside from that, it also offers some added services like a snow machine to make your day snowy if you want it. It can accommodate a large number of guests, like 400 or more.

Moreover, the prices are actually affordable. The price to hire this venue for your event ranges from £7,000 – £15,000.

2. Kew Gardens, London

Kew Gardens is another beautiful winter wedding venues in the UK. It is perfect for those looking for a venue to host a romantic winter wedding. It is the best location for an intimate or big fat wedding. If you need a luxurious wedding, Kew gardens is simply the best venue. It has been designed to help you share your best moments as you celebrate your day. You can find this venue at Kew, Richmond, London TW9 3AE. It can accommodate guests up to 300 or more. 

Kew Gardens, London

Moreover, the prices for hiring this venue depend on the day of your event. If you’re planning to host your wedding on weekdays (Monday – Thursday), the price will be £9,500. For Fridays, it costs £10,500 while on Saturdays and Sundays it costs £12,000.

3. Soar Mill Cove Hotel, Devon

This hotel is situated in Marlborough, Devon. It is one of the best modern hotels located in a beautiful coastal region of the UK. It is a perfect place for hosting an intimate wedding celebration. 

Soar Mill Cove Hotel, Devon

It can accommodate up to 120 guests, and it has about 22 rooms. This hotel has views of the sea and gardens around. This venue is the best if you love to have a sea view during your winter wedding celebration. The cost to hire this venue per day is £183.

4. The Granary Estates, Suffolk

It is nestled in Suffolk with stunning views. This venue is very spacious and can occupy about 180 guests. This is an ideal venue for your winter wedding ceremony. It has about two different venues, which are the Polo club in Dullingham and granary barns. This venue is perfect for an intimate wedding celebration. Moreover, you can hire this venue for £2,500 – £6,250.

The Granary Estates, Suffolk

5. Elmore Court, Gloucestershire

This is a perfect location for a winter wedding that has existed for 750 years. The hall of this family building is where the wedding ceremony mostly takes place. You can find Elmore court, which is nestled in a little village on the edge of the Cotswolds by a canal. It is the best place for your event. It can be hired within the range of £3,000 – £8,500.

Elmore Court, Gloucestershire

6. Heaton House Farm, Cheshire

Heaton House Farm is a beautiful winter wedding venues in the UK. It is located in Cheshire. This is one of the best places for an intimate and romantic winter wedding. It is nestled in Staffordshire and Cheshire border on the hillside of a farm. For an extravagant or intimate wedding, Heaton House is the best venue. You can accommodate about 250 guests, and the price to hire this is within the range of £3550 – £10,250.

Heaton House Farm, Cheshire

7. RSA House, London

A wedding held at this location during the winter is sure to be a memorable and enchanting occasion. You will have your choice of approximately 11 varied and interesting areas to utilize. These locations offer all of the most up-to-date amenities, which will help to ensure that your day is one to remember. You can accommodate up to 250 guests, and the rental fee for any of the areas within this facility ranges from £3,500 to £6,668.

RSA House, London

8. Holkham Hall, Norfolk

Holkham Hall is located in a secluded location on the coast of North Norfolk. You won’t find a more stunning location anywhere else in the UK to host your wedding in the winter than this one. 

Holkham Hall, Norfolk

It offers stunning settings for your wedding photos to be taken in. This location offers a variety of amenities that are sure to be appealing to you. This location has a capacity of 250 guests, and the rental fee for it is £9,975 a day.

9. Hedsor House, Buckinghamshire

For those who have always fantasized of having their winter wedding at a cozy country mansion, Hedsor House is the venue for them. The crisp, cold weather will make for stunning photographs both inside and outside of this beautiful venue.

Hedsor House, Buckinghamshire

What could be more enchanted than this exquisite Georgian mansion, which is encircled on all sides by deep snow fir trees? The grounds here are completely covered with snow, completing the impression of a winter wonderland. 

This stunning home, complete with bedrooms for guests, could be reserved solely for your use for your spectacular winter wedding.

10. Cliveden House, Berkshire

You won’t find a better or more romantic setting than this anywhere else in the world. It is a lovely hotel that can be found tucked away in the heart of Berkshire. If you are someone who values their privacy, you won’t have to worry about compromising it here. 

Cliveden House, Berkshire

It’s an amazing location for a winter wedding. The number of guests that may be accommodated at this location is up to 150, and there are a total of 46 rooms available. It also provides a bridal suite for you on your honeymoon. This location has a maximum rental price of £36,000 per event.

11. Glenfinnan House Hotel, Scottish Highlands

This hotel is located in Scottish Highlands. It’s a famous hotel in Scottish Highlands where you can host a big fat winter wedding. It will cost you £132 per day to rent out this space for your event.

Glenfinnan House Hotel, Scottish Highlands

12. Seaham Hall, Durham

It is nestled in Durham, and it is very easy to locate. Seaham hall is one of the best winter wedding venues in the US. You can accommodate up to 150 guests in this location. Since the hall is quite spacious, it can accommodate a wide variety of gatherings and activities. 

Seaham Hall, Durham

Facilities such as a swimming pool, reception areas for evening events, parking lots, and other amenities are also available there. A fee of £120 is required to rent out this space.

13. Carlowrie Castle, Edinburgh

This is a magnificent location that you can use to host a stunning winter wedding. This location is ideal for a wedding in the winter, and it is situated in close proximity to Edinburgh Airport. It is a lovely location for you to use to entertain your guests. 

Carlowrie Castle, Edinburgh

If you have always dreamt of hosting a winter wedding in a Castle, then Carlowrie castle is the greatest option. This location will provide a lot of vibrancy and beauty to your special day. You can accommodate up to 450 guests in this venue. The rent for the space is £9,000. 

14. Middlethorpe Hall, York

This location offers one of the most impressive halls for wedding and reception parties. It is quite spacious; you can have around 120 guests. 

Middlethorpe Hall, York

It will be easier and more enjoyable to organize a party at this location if you hire a wedding planner to assist you. It can be hired at the rate of £161.

15. Star Castle Hotel, Isles of Scilly

It is tucked away on Garrison, which is one of the Isles of Scilly, and features expansive grounds, rooms, and two distinct hotels. 

Star Castle Hotel, Isles of Scilly

The Star Castle Hotel is among the most suitable venues for a small and intimate wedding celebration. You can rent this location at the price rate of £191.

16. East Quay Venue, Kent

It may be found on the opposite side of Whitstable harbor from the entrance. Because of its proximity to the ocean, it is an excellent choice for your wedding in the winter in order to create a one-of-a-kind and breathtaking winter wedding celebration. It costs £4,000 to hire this venue for your event.

East Quay Venue, Kent

17. Leez Priority, Essex

In addition, it has the capacity to accommodate approximately 100 people during the day and 250 guests during the evening. On the day of your wedding, Leez’s 15 guest rooms will be at your disposal. It will cost you £1,000 to rent out this location.

Leez Priority, Essex

18. Dorfold Hall, Cheshire 

This location is ideal for your gathering, and it will unquestionably bring your goals and visions to life. In addition, it has the capacity to accommodate about 180 guests for your wedding reception. 

Dorfold Hall, Cheshire

It offers the most stunning settings for your wedding photos. If you are interested in renting out Dorfold hall, the fee is $295 per day. Your wedding in the winter would be perfect with this setting, so go for it! 

19. Gilpin Hotel, Cumbria

This venue is perfect for your wedding event as it creates beautiful memories for everyone who visits. It is located on the Cumbrian peninsula. You will receive additional service from the venue in the form of a spa experience as part of your stay at the Gilpin hotel. It offers a sizable area for you to have your event outside. The fee to rent out this space is $295.

Gilpin Hotel, Cumbria

20. Pylewell Park, Hampshire

It can be found tucked away in the southeast corner of Hampshire. It is brand new, and it is just what you need for a wedding during the winter. Large groups, up to or more than 150 people, can be accommodated at this location. You can hire it for a fee of 12,900 pounds.

Pylewell Park, Hampshire

Wrapping up…

So, these are the best winter wedding venues in the UK where you can plan to host your dream wedding. Hosting a winter wedding may seem a task at first, but trust, it’s worth every effort! You’re going to love the whole thing, for sure. Moreover, the Christmassy atmosphere during this season will make your day even more memorable. 

All you have to make sure of is to select the right winter wedding venues in the UK. It is imperative that you keep your family and friends in mind at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Month Is Best For a Winter Wedding in the UK?

December is the ideal month for a wedding to be held during the winter. Even the month of October is an excellent choice for a wedding held in the wintertime.

Is It Expensive To Host a Winter Wedding?

No! Hosting a winter wedding does not have to be expensive. You can spend according to your budget. All you have to do is to do a bit of research and find a suitable venue for your wedding.

Is the United Kingdom the ideal place to hold an intimate wedding during the winter months?

You certainly may have a beautiful winter wedding in the United Kingdom because there are so many excellent settings here. You may even arrange to celebrate your honeymoon while saving money on travel expenses if you do it the right way.

How to book a wedding venue in the UK?

All you have to do is first visit a few locations and select the best one for your wedding. If you cannot physically visit the location, ask the venue staff for a 360-degree view of the property. Doing so will help you gain a better understanding of the location. Once you know which venue to book, just contact the venue staff, and book the space. 

Can You Book Any Venue You Want Before Time?

Yes! You can reserve in advance of your desired wedding date. This is necessary so that the venue may be reserved for you on the specified day.

Happy Wedding… ☺ ☺