Benefits of Having a Delayed Honeymoon

Benefits of having a delayed Honeymoon

Honeymoon is the time that every couple await with excitement and joy. The first thing they want to do just after their wedding is honeymoon in some far away land. A dream destination is chosen, tickets are bought, bags are packed, hotel bookings, and all the other preparations are done beforehand to have a great honeymoon. This is one side of the story, and the other side of the story is – honeymoon demands time and money. If both are a problem just after your wedding, then it is recommended to delay your honeymoon.

Also, it is not necessary that all the schedules, itineraries and activities planned for your honeymoon will only bring relaxation, sometimes they do bring stress. I am not saying that honeymooning just after your wedding is a stressful task. But, I personally believe that a honeymoon should be the best time of your life, and you should spend your time more relaxed. For instance, you wanted to plan a honeymoon for two weeks, but your wifey couldn’t get leave for so long. So, the first thing that you will do is shorten the period of your honeymoon. And the compromise starts from here… ☺ ☺ What is the point!!

Weather you postpone your honeymoon due to lack of time or lack of money, or due to a new job or for whatever reason, delayed honeymoon may not seem like a great idea at the first place, but believe you me, they come with a lot of amazing benefits. I know, the road is far less traveled, but highly recommended by couples who delayed their honeymoons.

When to honeymoon is absolutely at your discretion, here are 15 benefits of having a delayed honeymoon:

1. An opportunity to save for a dream trip. Delaying your honeymoon gives you an opportunity to save up for the trip of your dreams. As your wedding is already a pricey affair and spending on honeymoon just after your wedding can bring financial crunch. You need to have some breathing space after your wedding. So delaying your honeymoon and saving for it let you have that space.

2. You get to know each other better. It doesn’t matter how long you two have been dating each other. Your marriage is the next stage of your relationship that brings a lot of responsibilities as well. Delaying your honeymoon gives you time to know each other better and understand the relationship at a deeper level. Before your wedding you might know what your beliefs and values are, your plans for life etc. But that’s not enough for a longer married life. You might have seen him getting angry before, but have you seen his reactions when he faces a financial crisis or certain situations. But now you will….. Things after wedding definitely change, and those changes make you two a better couple.

3. Time to come out of emotional crash. You will always find a bit of an emotional crash after a big wedding weekend, which is natural. Taking a break after your wedding and not rushing for honeymoon gives you time to be fresh, relax, and well-rested.

4. It reduces wedding stress. When you already know that you have time to plan your honeymoon, you become relaxed. Once you know that you have a delayed honeymoon, it automatically reduces the wedding stress. You get more time to focus on your dream wedding, because now you don’t need to start planning for your honeymoon.

5. You enjoy each other without pressure. Traveling just after your wedding creates more pressure and stress. Flying from one location to another, checking in, and finding your way around a new environment just after the wedding weekend can cause an extra stress. Instead, it’s good to settle down at your new home first without the stress and pressure of the outside world. Also, you don’t have to stress about a wedding wardrobe and packing for the honeymoon at the same time.

6. Time to enjoy with wedding guests. Delaying your honeymoon gives you time to enjoy with your out-of-town wedding guests who you rarely meet. Of course, when you don’t have to rush off after the wedding for your honeymoon, you will have enough time to spend with your out-of-town wedding guests before they head back home. They will also love the gesture.

7. Chance to get a better deal. Delaying your honeymoon gives you a chance to get a better deal. Of course, we all know that hotels and resorts during wedding seasons are highly expensive. If you plan your honeymoon in an off-season, you may get wonderful “Honeymoon packages” at some big resorts or on a cruise. It doesn’t matter that your honeymoon is delayed, you can always enjoy it to the fullest. Along with that you can save nice money for other things at your honeymoon.

8. Time to help in post-wedding tasks. Delaying your honeymoon gives you an opportunity to help with the post-wedding tasks. Of course, there are a lot of things to be managed or arranged after the wedding that will be in the hands of your mom or your sibling or designee. However, delayed honeymoon will give you time to help your mommy and reduce the guilt you’d have about taking off and leaving your loved ones to deal with all of your wedding after-math.

9. You can plan a longer vacation. Another benefit of delaying your honeymoon is planning a longer vacation, and this one is my favorite 😉. Of course, rushing and running on honeymoon is not a great idea. Honeymoon should not be done for the sake of doing it, it should be a fun time of your life. Delayed honeymoon gives you the opportunity to plan your vacation for longer period. You don’t have to rush things up then. You can save all your leaves for your honeymoon and can have a wonderful vacation and enjoy each other’s company to the fullest.

10. You’ll be less stressed planning it. Planning your honeymoon while planning and organizing your dream wedding is quite a task. It feels downright overwhelming trying to do two major things of your life at the same time. But, if you delay your honeymoon or postpone it for later, you will feel less stressed during the months and weeks leading up to your nuptials, as you will have only one thing to plan for.

11. You’ll be more relaxed and well-rested for it. Both planning a wedding and then actually getting married will be really very exhausting. However, a honeymoon is considered to be an amazing way to unwind all that stress, but leaving for it just after your wedding sometimes leads to more stress. While giving it sometime you’ll be able to give yourself more time to revive from all that exertions. Delayed honeymoon will let you have more ease and comfort!!

12. Time to enjoy post-wedding lunches & dinners. Of course, just after your wedding you will be busy attending domestic lunches and dinners. As everybody in your relations and close friends would invite you for a lunch or dinner at their place. And if you immediately leave for your honeymoon, these dinners and lunches will be done just after that. Like this you will only find yourself running from one place to another. While delaying a honeymoon gives you an opportunity to enjoy all those lunches and dinners without having to worry about your honeymoon and preparing for it.

13. Time to develop physical intimacy. Your honeymoon is about intimacy. Believe it or not, physical intimacy and getting used to it takes time 😉. Your marriage should be an amazing, creative, sexual adventure for you and your partner. Giving yourself some time to start for your honeymoon will let you have that intimacy. Starting it immediately after your wedding can be stressful that can ultimately adversely affect your sexual life, and your honeymoon as well. Delayed honeymoon will give you a chance to enjoy every bit of it, from planned activities to sexual adventures.

14. You will enjoy your trip better. Delaying your honeymoon will give you an opportunity to enjoy your trip better. Besides having sex with your beloved, your honeymoon should have all the other elements as well. You will be more comfortable with each other that will give you and your partner more freedom to enjoy each other’s company even more.

15. You get to enjoy married life. Believe it or not, newlywed life is simply amazing. You don’t need to rush things after your wedding. Nowhere is it written that a honeymoon should be done just after the wedding. Your honeymoon is the time to have more fun and intimacy, not some duty that you have to perform immediately after your wedding. There is no need to rush as such. Delayed honeymoons give you time to simply relish the married life. It is the time to enjoy each other and maybe you can utilize the time to settle down post-wedding tasks such as sending thank you notes, finalizing your wedding pictures, deciding your wedding photo book, settling vendor payments and all, so on and so forth.


Report says, couples who save their honeymoons for six or more months after their wedding, they enjoyed their honeymoon more and were more relaxed and had a better time than they could have if they would have to leave directly from the wedding chaos to honeymooners bliss. Plus, saving your honeymoon for later will give you one more thing to look forward to and fantasize about with your partner post wedding.

However, when to honeymoon is absolutely your choice. There is no hard and fast rule to honeymoon. You can honeymoon as and when you want. Actually the idea of honeymooning is to have a great time together, to know each other better and enjoying every moment with each other. Delayed honeymoon give you time to have all these things in more subtle ways. Here are some pro tips while you save your honeymoon for later.

Pro Tip 1

If yours is a destination wedding and you are planning a delayed honeymoon, then you can surely take a “mini moon” for a couple of days in the destination you got hitched in. And plan a much longer, more elaborate and expensive honeymoon maybe after 6 months or on your first anniversary. It is up to you.

Pro Tip 2

Another tip to have a great honeymoon is – honeymoon wedding registries! If your home is already well equipped, then you have the opportunity to arrange for the honeymoon wedding registries to direct wedding gifts to pay for your honeymoon later. Honeymoon registries are now becoming popular these days and are a great way to plan a big trip.

Happy Honeymooning!!