Post Wedding To-Do List

Post Wedding To Do-List

Of course, you would want to stay rested after the BIG DAY is over. However, there are some very important tasks that you need to accomplish after your wedding. Before you get immersed in your life and work completely, here is a Post Wedding to do list for you:

1. Refrigerate the wedding cake

You would have hardly tasted your wedding cake in the hustle and bustle of the events. So, it is good to ask your caterer to keep the top tier of wedding cake aside for you. Refrigerate the wedding cake for the next morning and enjoy it with your partner. Starting your morning with your wedding cake will give you immense pleasure.

2. Send out thank you notes/cards to your guests

Your friends, family, and relatives made time for your wedding. They traveled from near and far to celebrate your life’s biggest occasion. Besides, they must have also brought nice wedding gifts for you, now it’s time to thank them all for their gifts and efforts. Before you get indulged in other tasks, it is important that you send out thank you notes to your wedding guests. They deserve it for all the good reasons. Avoiding this very important task is not wise, it’s better to make time for your loved ones and tell them how grateful you are to them for being the part of your life’s biggest celebration.

3. Settle all your wedding vendors

It was you who have been managing, and organizing wedding vendors throughout the wedding planning journey. Most of the time you pay only the initial amount to your vendors and the remaining is paid after the wedding is over. So, it is imperative that you settle all your wedding vendors after your wedding. Settle their pending payments and tips once your wedding is over. Delaying their payments is not a nice gesture.

4. Review your wedding vendors

Your wedding vendors really worked hard to create the wedding of your dream. Now, this is the time to reward them with wonderful reviews for their services. Yes, some couples find it an additional task to perform after the wedding, but trust it is important. Just like you could make your day special with the help of these vendors, other couples would also want the same. Your reviews will matter for both, for the vendor as he will be able to get more business based on your positive reviews, and for other couples who are in search of efficient vendors to make their wedding an awesome event. Also, do not miss to thank them for all their efforts and great work!

5. Get your wedding dress cleaned and preserved

If you’re planning to keep your wedding dress for your future generation or otherwise, then you should get your dress professionally cleaned. The best is to get it cleaned as soon as possible, delaying cleaning is not wise. Later it will be difficult to get over with those stains and smells. Whether your future generation uses it or not, your wedding dress is important. You would be able to relive the best moments of your life whenever you will pull it out the closet in the future. Of course, you would not want to have a smelly and stained dress to cherish your wedding day memories!

6. Return or exchange any duplicate or unwanted wedding gift item

Weddings are an event where duplicate gift items are common. Even when you have a well-organized wedding registry, the chances for duplicate gifts can be avoided. What would you do with the two same types of gifts? Of course, there is no use, so it’s better to return or exchange the duplicate or unwanted gift items as soon as possible. You won’t be able to return or exchange your gifts if you wait too long.

7. Purchase the gift items that you didn’t receive

There will be gift items in your registry that you might not have received at your wedding. So, use the time to purchase those gift items. More often than not, retailers offer discounts on the remaining items in the registry. But don’t wait too long to make your purchase as the offer remains only for a month or two after the wedding. You can purchase any gift item in the registry. Also, don’t forget to close your wedding registry after making the purchase.

8. Say thanks to your in-laws and parents with a gift

Another very important task after your wedding is – to say thanks to your in-laws and parents. If your parents and in-laws have helped you out to create the big day, or have paid for your wedding or some part of your wedding, it’s time to say THANKS to them. Give them a personalized gift! A personalized gift is a great way to show gratitude to them and to show that you appreciate their contribution. You can give anything that is useful and meaningful with your wedding details engraved on it.

9. Sort out pictures for your wedding album

It is imperative and time taking as well! You will have to make time to sort out the best pictures of your wedding for your wedding album. You must have the soft copy of your wedding pictures, and of course, you cannot have them all in your wedding album. You need to sort the best pictures for your album. It takes a tad bit time as you will have to remove all the duplicates and not-so-great pictures. Also, there will be some guests who you would not want to have in your wedding album. That is why you need to sort the pictures for your wedding album, accordingly your photographer will provide you the final wedding album.

10. Change your name legally

Changing your name on your social media handles won’t be tough, but for documentation purposes you will have to do it legally. So, take out all your documents like, your driver’s license, your passport, and social security card. It is better to get your name changed legally as soon as possible. Waiting too long to change your name is not a great idea, you will end up having too many headaches.

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11. Order your wedding album

Once you have sorted all the best pictures for your wedding album, it’s time to order your wedding album. Don’t underestimate hard copies of your wedding pictures. They really play a crucial role. These are actually the memories of your big day which you can cherish as and when you want. Of course, you won’t open your laptop to go through your wedding pictures. It’s easier to flip a wedding album rather. Also, your photographer would have already charged for a wedding album, why not to get it then. So, don’t wait for too long, order your album as soon as possible.

11. Close your wedding website and wedding registry

You must have paid for hosting your wedding website, now there is no point to continue it once your wedding is over. It is better to take it down after the wedding is over. However, you can continue your wedding registry for a few months as there will be some guests who would want to give late gifts or so. But if the chances of this are highly unlikely, then better close out your wedding registry as well.

12. Decorate your new house

Before you get busy with your honeymoon and other stuff it’s better to take out time to decorate your new house. You must have dreamt of a beautiful house, now you have it, decorate your house. Also, you must have got wedding gifts that you would want to utilize after the wedding. Use all your gift items to set up the newlywed’s house and make it the place of your dream. Decorate the place so that you can invite your family and friends for dinners and lunch at your home.

13. Update your social media handles

Your friends, family and other guests would want to see your wedding pictures once it is over, especially the ones who couldn’t attend your wedding. Besides, there will be people who always suspected your relationship and were sure that it won’t work! It’s time to update your social media handles for them. Definitely you will receive the soft copies of wedding pictures from your photographer. Post the best pictures of your wedding on your social media accounts. Let everybody see that you got hitched with the one you have always desired to marry.

14. Invite your friends and family for lunch/dinner

You would want to have your family and friends visiting you at some weekend. Invite them for a lunch or dinner. This way they will have the opportunity to meet you and see your setup after your wedding. Also, this is a great way to have some wonderful time with your loved ones after your wedding!

15. Pack luggage for your honeymoon

The most awaited holiday plan is there! Now, it’s time to pack your luggage for your honeymoon. If you have planned to go for your honeymoon just after your wedding, then you will have to pack a lot of stuff for your honeymoon. Do not wait for the last minute to pack, instead spare some time from your life for making arrangements and packing for your honeymoon!

16. Enjoy your newly-wed status

This is the time you have always been waiting for. Now it’s time to enjoy your newly-wed status fully. Initially, you may find few changes in life, but it is okay. However, you will get accustomed to your new life soon. Remember, every new thing in life brings some changes in life and it takes time to get used to those changes, marriage is one such thing in life. So, give yourself and your partner that time to get accustomed to this new status and new lifestyle.

So, these are the tasks that you need to take care after your wedding…….. Happy Wedding….. ☺ ☺