Paris Hilton List of Had 45 Wedding Dresses

Paris Hilton List of Had 45 Wedding Dresses

Everything about making a statement comes from Paris Whitney Hilton, famously known as Paris Hilton. Yeah, the lady left no stone unturned to make her wedding ceremony a memorable one. Every bride is unique, and Parish Hilton very well showcased the unique side of her personality. The lady said those two magical words, “I do,” to Carter Reum in the year 2021. However, wedding dresses are still fresh in people’s minds. Yeah. Wondering why?

Because everything was mesmerizing about her wedding, however, her dresses stole the show. Yes, dresses. Her wedding dresses came in one—a bundle, really: not one, not two, but 45 wedding dresses! Yes, you read that right—she chose 45 wedding dresses!

Nevertheless, the admiration for dresses in Paris Hilton’s wardrobe is not determined by quantity alone. It was a possibility to embody in it all the individuality of her style and create, literally, an exceptional memory of the most important day in her life.

If you’re seeking inspiration for your wedding, Hilton’s dresses are perfect for finding some creative ideas. Read this post to discover Hilton’s collection of stunning wedding dresses that have captivated brides-to-be and continue to make waves in the fashion world.

Let’s get started.

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Who Is Paris Hilton?

Paris Hilton is an American media personality, businesswoman, and socialite. She is a popular Social Media influencer, with a staggering 26 million followers on Instagram. She is known to offer invaluable insights into the realms of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle on her social media handle. Hilton rose to prominence in the early 2000s after she appeared in the reality television show “The Simple Life.” Once again, she made headlines for her wedding dresses.

Paris Hilton was not just an ordinary bride; this can be seen from her wedding wardrobe. Being a fashion icon and having an account balance equivalent to the GDP of some small countries, Hilton didn’t spare any expense in selecting her ideal bridal wear. According to reports, she went globe-trotting to shop her wedding attires. She bought all her dresses from top designers and couture houses.

But why 45 dresses, you may ask? As it turned out, Paris had no possibility of choosing just one gown or even a few of them. She wanted to try each and every design that looked stunningly pleasant in her eyes. Can anyone really blame such a decision?

If you’re Paris Hilton, then you can have nothing less than absolute perfection on your wedding day. Each dress in Paris Hilton’s stunning collection was a masterpiece, offering spectacular fabrics, intricate embroidery, and overstated embellishments for the daintiest approach money can buy. Hilton’s variety of bridal dresses comprised everything from fairy-tale ball gowns to slinky and curve-hug numbers.

One thing is certain about Paris Hilton—she makes sure her presence is felt. And did she ever wear her marriage dresses? There was huge hype going around her wedding that came to its peak when it was announced that there would be 45 dresses in total for the bride. She definitely didn’t wear all of those dresses.

Then what?

Hilton chose to wear the best 6 out of 45 wedding dresses.

Now, let’s talk about the six dresses Paris Hilton wore for her wedding. These are bound to astonish you!

1. The Ceremony Dress

Paris Hilton glides down that aisle in the most beautiful and elegant couture creation by Valentino. She looked light, as if she might be floating. It was all the best kind of elegance; after all, it was made as it was, with love. Everything from the light lace detailing to the full skirt and the train that seemed to trail on for miles—all added up to the idea that Valentino was striving for. Hilton took her wedding ceremony to a new level. Each step she took to the aisle was more beautiful and meaningful than the last, creating the perfect image of bridal perfection.

Paris Hilton The Ceremony Dress
image Source : pinterest

2. The Reception Dress

After all, she was able to find something for her grand wedding reception. Right after “I do,” Paris slipped into something a little sexier for the reception—a custom gown by Vera Wang. The dress looked absolutely stunning with intricate beading, a plunging neckline, and a silhouette that hugged every inch of her curves in all the right places. She and her new husband swept across the dance floor. All eyes were fixated on her, for she did look like a goddess in that extremely beautiful reception dress.

Paris Hilton The Reception Dress
image Source :

3. After-Party Dress

Be it about letting her hair down or throwing in a party to dance away the night, Paris did it with the fall 2016 Balmain ready-to-wear showstopper. She appeared stunningly gorgeous in this mini dress. The outfit was absolutely stunning, with its intricate details, sheer panels, and playful fringed hem. It effortlessly commanded attention on the dance floor, making Paris the centre of attention.

Paris Hilton After-Party Dress
image Source :

4. The Farewell Brunch Dress

The morning after her wedding, Paris said, “See you later, alligator,” in style, leaving guests breathless in an ensemble provided by Chanel. The elegant silhouette, along with the traditional embellishments and subtly refined aesthetic, exuded sophistication and elegance. Paris effortlessly demonstrated her status as the epitome of high fashion, even in the early hours of the morning, while enjoying mimosas and spending time with loved ones.

Paris Hilton The Farewell Brunch Dress
image Source :

5. The Honeymoon Ensemble Dress

The gown she wore while heading off on the romantic honeymoon in Elie Saab was the personification of romance with appliquéd blooms. It featured a floor-sweeping skirt in chiffon and delicate straps that gave it quite an otherworldly appeal. Paris looks stunning as a newlywed, living it up in style against a backdrop of sun-kissed beaches and blue oceans.

Paris Hilton The Honeymoon Ensemble Dress
image Source :

6. The Post-Wedding Celebration Dress

Weeks after saying ‘I do’, Paris hosted an awesome, lavish post-wedding bash for friends and family. Naturally, she had to look majestic for the occasion, and indeed she did in a breathtaking Marchesa creation. The embroidered dress featured scrolling gold detail. She teamed this beautiful dress with feathery shoes and a white flower in her hair. It was not Paris who played hostess to the guests, but rather the belle of the ball, igniting a shower of camera flashes and stopping all the guests in their march with her ravishing clothing.

Paris Hilton The Post-Wedding Celebration Dress
image Source :

Beyond Extravagance

Of course, Hilton’s choice of 45 dresses has its critics. The impact on the environment and extreme nature are issues that have been asked about by some people. But Hilton’s wedding was widely covered in the media. You could say they were to be put on as a show to attract attention and give an opportunity for gossip. Most importantly, it was her personality and desire who wanted to make her wedding in such a way she genuinely felt like celebrating.

Celebration of Love and Individuality

Paris Hilton’s 45 wedding attire went beyond that which is normally seen in bridal fashion. They can be taken as an embodiment of her love for style, playful disposition, and determination to hold an unforgettable nuptial ceremony different from others. Extravagant or not, one thing cannot be denied: Paris Hilton, through her marriage, overthrew the idea of a single bridal look, thus allowing brides to become themselves as well on their special days.

The Bottom Lines

So, this is all about the wedding dresses that Paris Hilton wore on her special day. However, her dresses continue to make a splash even today. Paris Hilton’s 45 wedding dresses definitely raised a few eyebrows, but they solidified her position as a fashion icon and queen of getting things to be over the top.

It is sufficient to state that Paris changed flawlessly in what can best be termed a fabulous way that had been brainstormed on, designed, and tailored from scratch in the first place. Most brides will decide on one, but Paris wasn’t for most brides—she is a fashion icon to be reckoned with, and all she wants to do is make a statement, one couture dress at a time.

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