15 Fantastic Bridesmaid Gift Box Ideas for 2024

Gift Box

The Bridesmaid gifts are the best way to say “THANK YOU” to your wedding party. They deserve it for all good reasons. They have been there taking care of your wedding details, they were there for your wedding dress selection, and they were there around the corner for everything in between. Let them know that you care, and that you are thankful for all their hard work and effort.

You can choose to give anything from a personalized clip set to a jewelry box. All you have to keep in mind is the gift should fit the bridesmaids’ interests. Here we are sharing 15 bridesmaid gift box ideas; take a look…

1. Cute Wooden Box

Cute wooden box

First things first, start with cute boxes. Decorate the boxes with beautiful wrapping paper and ribbons, matching to their interests. Besides the wooden box, you can also consider using tin or paper boxes. And yes, don’t miss to put their names on each box.

2. Customized Hair Clip

Customized Hair Clip

Customized bright and bold hair clips will look amazing. You can have a pair for each one of them.

3. The Favorite Nail Paint

The Favorite Nail Paint

Nail paints are the girls’ favorite. Let them have their favorite color nail paint in the box. They would love to wear it at the wedding.

4. Beaded Friendship Bracelet

Beaded Friendship Bracelet

A beaded friendship bracelet is a great way to thank your BFF and remind her of all the best childhood memories!

5. Monogram Necklace

Monogram Necklace

Monogram necklaces look stunning; they make for beautiful personalized gifts for the bridesmaid.


6. Monogram Clutch

Monogram Clutch

Monogram clutches are another fantastic gift items for your bridesmaid. They are thoughtful gift items that your BFFs will love to use on numerous occasions.

7. Pampering Gift Set

Pampering Gift Set

Each girl loves to pamper herself, and a kit with a fancy lip, face, and eye care essentials will make for a fantastic gift box idea for the bridesmaid.

8. Customized Weekend Bag

Customized Weekend Bag

Yet another excellent and handy gift idea for your bridesmaid is a customized weekend bag. They will carry along a lot of good old memories with the bag!

9. Scented Candles

Scented Candles

Scented candles make for a beautiful gift item. Plus, these candles will make your box smell good.

10. Chocolate Box

Chocolate Box

How about giving your BFF their favorite chocolate box. A sweet way to say, “I’M GRATEFUL.”

11. A Bottle of Wine

A Bottle of Wine

Let your BFF enjoy a good time even after your wedding is over. Give them a bottle of wine!

12. Spa Day Coupons

spa day coupons

Give them all spa day coupons to help them subside all the stress and exertion they went through during the wedding preparation.

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13. Customized Jewelry Box

Customized Jewelry Box

A customized jewelry box is another beautiful gift idea for your BFFs—a nice keepsake to keep all their jewelry.

14. Framed Picture Of Two Of You

Framed Picture Of Two Of You


Get the pictures you have with each of them framed; it will make for a lovely and memorable gift item for your BFFs.

15. Their Favorite Lipstick Shade

Their Favorite Lipstick Shade

Lipsticks are other girls’ favorite. They will love to have their favorite lipstick shade in their box. Don’t miss to add their favorite lipstick!

16. Customized Notes

Lastly, share your thoughts and emotions with your BFFs by writing customized notes to each of them. Let them know how grateful you are to them for being part of your wedding and being there by your side all these years. Emotions are an integral part of any relationship; hence, it is imperative to share your feelings. Let your BFFs know that you love them, and they are an integral part of your life.

Summing it up…..

I hope these 15 Bridesmaid Gift Box Ideas help you choose the perfect gift for your BFFs! You can consider giving anything; all you have to make sure is – whatever you give should be meaningful, thoughtful, and useful. Also, the gift that you choose should fit into their interests!

Happy Wedding… ☺ ☺