6 Care Tips For Your Personal Wedding Day Flowers

Take care of wedding day flowers

After some months of planning, your wedding day is finally approaching. Caring Your Personal Wedding Day Flowers Yet, there are still so many things to do and with so little time. There are too many pointers regarding your gown, your wedding cake, the poses for the photography, the flowers, and many more aspects. To save you from headache and information overload, it seems practical to know beforehand the details of ensuring that your wedding flowers remain fresh and vibrant.

Some people think this is a minor detail, and they might simply overlook it. After all, as long as the floral pieces look attractive and alive, they’d be good to go. Not until some hours later and the sun’s heat and other elements start to affect the condition of these floral pieces. Suddenly, your bouquet and other floral decors begin to wilt, and they don’t look as fresh and as alive as they should be anymore.

Resolve to avoid that scenario by familiar with some care tips for your wedding flowers on your big day.

1. Keep Your Flowers In A Dark But Cool Place

One misconception most people might have about fresh flowers is that they should be kept under the sun. This should actually be avoided since it will only cause the fresh-cut flowers to wither. Although flowers need sunlight when they’re growing, sunlight accelerates the decay of flowers as soon as they’re cut. So, it’s vital to keep this tip in mind for your wedding day or even your next flower delivery in L.A.

Instead of overdosing them with vitamin D, it’s best to keep them secluded in a cool and dark place. Store them there until the event is finally going to start. Furthermore, keep them away from vents and drafty rooms. Direct air or direct sunlight will both cause flowers to wilt. Keep these points in mind, most especially if the wedding is held outdoors.

2. Hydrate Your Flowers

As much as you love to look your best at your wedding, your flower bouquet needs to do so too. Flowers also need to be hydrated, just like all living things. When ordered from your florist, these often arrive in water-filled vases. Try to keep bouquets in their vase until they are finally required to be used for the event. In the middle of the day, you can even insert a short break for them to get soaked in water for a while if possible.

Aside from being hydrated, it’s also crucial to consider the water temperature your flowers will be soaked into. Ensure not to use hot water as this will only contribute to more dehydration. On the flip side, overly cold water will also wither their petals. Hence, do note to use only lukewarm water. Warm water is easily absorbed by flowers, which contributes to their longevity and prolonged beauty.

Consider some of these tips if you want to keep your fresh cut flowers hydrated:

  • Prepare your flowers for your event by trimming them diagonally and soaking them in warm water. It’s best to fill up your vase or flower jar with water that reaches five inches of the flower’s stems.
  • Try to trim the stems in a diagonal form so that the water channels of the stem will be opened and water can easily seep through.
  • Whenever you’re not using your bouquet, you can have it rested into the vase filled with some water. You may cut out other stems to let the water go in easily and quickly.

3. Use Lemon Lime Soda

You might think this tip is weird, but it really does work. Some florists do this trick and inform their clients about it. The sugar and acidity contents of the soda contribute to livening up your flowers. For this trick to work, you will need acidity, so be sure to purchase lemon-lime soda. Due to the acidity content required, some other soda varieties might not have the same effect.

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You’re said to get better blooms and even a sweeter smell from soda because of its sugar content. The spirit slows the wilting of flowers by inhibiting the production of ethylene, a ripening gas necessary for plant maturation. To execute this step, pour a one-fourths cup of lemon-lime soda in a flower vase.

You’ll be surprised to check your flowers still looking so fresh even after a week has passed. While you experience a wedding hangover, your flower bouquets would look perky and alive as ever.

4. Sprinkle Some Vodka

Another trick to maintaining your floral bouquet is to sprinkle some vodka and sugar into it. Feed your flowers with this combination, and you can extend their longevity more. Flowers are said to respond differently to vodka. This proved true, and although vodka can cost a lot than the other things on this list, it sure is worth trying. So, you can have a fresh flower bouquet until the very end of your wedding reception.

5. Use Bleach

This tip might seem more surprising, but they actually work. A vase of fresh flowers should stay fresh longer if you add a one-fourth teaspoon of bleach to it; at least many people attest to this trick. Your water won’t become cloudy if you use bleach and prevent bacteria from growing. With bleach, your flowers can’t attract bacterial and fungal properties that might contribute to their decay.

6. Place Your Flowers Inside The Fridge

Place Flowers Inside The Fridge

When temperatures are too high, petals become floppy, causing your bouquet blooms to fall flat sooner than they should. With such a scenario, your photos and videos will be affected negatively. People might be distracted, wondering whatever happened to your flowers. Store your flowers in the refrigerator overnight to keep them strong and healthy.

If you received the floral delivery the night before your big day, it’s only wise to store them in the fridge at least overnight. Your blooms will look crisper, and water loss will be minimized. Put the flowers in the refrigerator in a secure place after clearing some shelf space. Expect to have alive, vibrant, and refreshed flowers the following day on your wedding day.


Aside from preparing your ultimate wedding flowers checklist, it’s crucial to know how to keep them fresh, at least until the wedding is over. With the tips and tricks pointed out above, you won’t ever have to worry about having wilted and almost dead flowers on your wedding day.

You will need them to look as vibrant and alive as they should be until the end of the night, at least for photo purposes. Hopefully, you can be familiar with these strategies and apply them on the wedding day, so your flowers can live long, even some days after your special day.