Best Home Decor Ideas for Pre Wedding Ceremonies in India

Best home decor ideas for pre wedding ceremonies in India

Just like the main wedding, pre-wedding ceremonies also holds a significant place in Indian wedding. More often than not, an Indian wedding starts 3 days to a week ago. Indian weddings are full of fun and pompous. Whether it is a Haldi ceremony or Mehndi ceremony, each function be it large or small in an Indian wedding is considered important. People enjoy every part of Indian wedding, as it has a lot more than just a wedding. Indian weddings are full of fun, food, music, dance, enjoyment, splendor, etc.

More often than not, couples prefer to host their pre-wedding ceremonies at their home only. However, it hardly matters where these ceremonies are hosted, as everything is arranged accordingly. Houses are decorated beautifully with lots of lights, flowers, trinkets, etc. If you are also looking for ideas to decorate your home for your pre-wedding ceremonies, then you have definitely landed on the right page. There are plenty of ways you can have a great, enchanting, elegant, and memorable décor at your pre-wedding ceremonies. Here in this post, I am sharing with you 25 best home décor ideas for pre-wedding ceremonies in India.

Let’s get started…

1. Make it bright with white

If you really want to add PIZZAZZ to your venue and still want to keep it simple, then use white lights! White lighting looks simple yet beautiful and elegant. And it makes for the perfect decoration at the venue. Using lots of white lights can make a beautiful addition to any wedding venue decor! You can hang these lights to the ceiling, around tables, on your trees, on the sidewalks, and on the potted plants. Most importantly, these lights are really inexpensive ways of decoration. Use of lots of lighting make the place look relatively bigger, spacious, and enchanting.

2. Ceilings do give feelings

Ceilings do give feelings

Believe it or not, but a colorful fabric can bring in a great change in the entire venue, and can add to your overall decoration. There are many vibrant colors available you can opt for like yellow, red, blue, etc. If you want you can keep it formal and elegant with just white fabric, or if you’re looking to add some fun vibe, then you can opt for some bright colors like red and yellow. Believe you me, draped ceilings are not only the cost effective ways of decoration, but also they look stunning!

3. Add width with wide ribbons

Would you believe if I say a ribbon can make a huge difference in your overall décor? If not, then try yourself, you will see it on your own. To decorate your dining area, get some beautiful wide ribbons and tie on the backs of the chairs. Using ribbons in style will make your venue look like done by some professionals. As, these ribbons simply add elegance to your décor. And the best thing about ribbons is, they are inexpensive and a wonderful alternative to your fancy seat covers.

4. Make it look romantic with candles

No wedding in India goes without Sangeet Night, to make your sangeet night more romantic and grand, use candles. Believe you me, there’s nothing more romantic than a decoration with candles. Just imagine a live performance in a dim venue lit only by the glow of thousands of candles all around. And the best part is, candles are inexpensive, and make for a perfect venue decoration.

5. Cover with fabric

After ribbons, fabric is another most sought after décor options. And trust it is really inexpensive. It is easy to get yards of your favorite fabrics and use it to cover almost everything from your tables to your ceilings. Believe you me, sheer fabric will create a romantic atmosphere at your wedding. All you need to do is get creative with fabric and create a romantic, and intimate atmosphere at the venue.

6. Flowers can create mesmerizing atmosphere

Flowers can create mesmerizing atmosphere

Just like your wedding venue, flowers will make for an elegant, eye-catching, and enchanting home decoration as well. Flowers can be used in any ways to add to the overall decoration. You can use just a single flower for the overall decoration or the mix of some of your favorite flowers to add a romantic flavor to your pre-wedding bash. Also, these days some people are using flower balls to decorate their venue. Howsoever you want to use flowers, use them. They look perfect!!
Moreover, in India we even use leaves for decoration. There are many vendors who sell leaves decorative for weddings. Mostly mango leaves, as mango leaves are considered holy.

7. Make your entrance grand

Your main entry door should be decorated in a way that it gives the appearance of grand celebration. Just like your wedding venue entrance decoration, your home’s entrance door requires a little attention too. Traditionally, the entrance door of the house were decorated with a toran. Toran is a decorative door hanging that is made up of mango or Ashoka leaves or marigold flowers. Hanging toran on the main door simply symbolizes an auspicious event at the house. However, these are very easy to make, but are also sold ready made in the market.

8. Feathers are eye-catchers!

If you want to decorate your home differently, want to have some out of the box decoration, then go with feathers. Feathers are trending in wedding decor. And the best part is, they are very inexpensive, you can buy them in bulk from a craft store or online. Create large feather wreaths from them to hang on the walls or else just add them to centerpieces and flower vase for an elegant look. It is a cost effective way to get a unique décor. You can also DIY dream catchers and hang them here and there at your home. It will make your home look like a dream home for sure!

9. Use wedding signage

Gone are the days when in Indian weddings signs were limited to signage on the road giving directions to the location, now couples are coming up with quirky wedding signs. Especially, when it is about the signs for home decoration in an Indian wedding. There are plenty of things one can do – from a decorative bride-to-be signboard pointing to the bride’s room to grab a drink sign for your cocktail area. There are myriads of ideas to use signboards to decorate your home for your pre-wedding ceremonies.

10. Use planters

Use planters

Almost every homeowner in India loves planting and have a lot of planters already in their homes. If you also have planters at home, you can use those plants to decorate your entire home. Planters can be put here and there in different locations, giving the area more natural look. Also, it is an inexpensive way to give your home decor a unique look. Specifically for couples who would want to go green on their weddings too.

11. Chalkboard signage will add to the home decor

Chalkboard signage is a wonderful way to decorate the entrance of your house. Just like your wedding venue you can use these signage at your home as well. You can even customize and personalize it, simply take an old frame and spray-painting it with the theme of the wedding!

12. Rangoli is a must in an Indian wedding

When it comes to home decoration in an Indian set up, a well-made rangoli plays a significant role in all. In India rangoli is made in almost all auspicious occasions, and wedding is one such auspicious occasion in India. To have a dramatic entrance, you can always make a beautiful and colorful rangoli using colored sand and rice powder. You can even create appealing images on the floor using flower petals. And to add more visual appeal you can even place earthen Diyas in and around your rangoli.

13. Make use of table lamps

Make use of table lamps

Table lamps are a great way of creating a great ambiance. If you want to have some unique décor at your home, you can use table lamps to make your home look mesmerizing. Table lamps are enough to take your home décor to another level, especially if you have organized your ceremonies on the roof.

14. Use colored glassware

By using colored glassware for your wedding venue décor, you will be able to give your décor a new standard all in all. Why should you go for centerpieces, why not simply get some colored glassware and make your tables pop in no time. And the best part is you don’t need to buy these glassware, you can rent them easily for the day.

15. Use paper lanterns

You must have seen paper lanterns in many occasions, especially some restaurants use create a perfect ambiance for the people. Though, paper lanterns are not new, but they make for a perfect décor idea. But multiply the number of lanterns you usually see hanging in a reception space by 100 and it’s a totally different story. It is the best idea of you are having your ceremonies on the roof or in an open garden or in your backyard.

16. Use terrariums

Use terrariums

Who doesn’t like terrariums? They look really mesmerizing. If you are not into flowers truly, then adding terrariums to your home décor can bring in uniqueness to the overall décor. You don’t need to splurge on centerpieces. Just add some romantic terrarium, candles, and a few blooms and the job is done!!

17. Mix it all up

If you want to give your wedding venue a new dimension, then you can add elements like lighting, luxe fabrics, along with tall taper candles, which will just give your venue an enchanting look.

18. Hang tapestries on the walls

Adding some beautiful tapestries to the walls will add to the décor and allow you to cover up the walls. They are very easy to set and arranged. The best thing about tapestries are – they are not very expensive décor items and can really make your home look gorgeous.

19. Pop up with balloons

Pop up with balloons

Balloons are not new; however, quite often used in birthday parties. No matter what the occasion is balloons really make for a perfect pre-wedding home décor. You can add balloons of any color. If you want to go a little romantic than red is the color to go with. Or if you are looking for some elegant decoration, then using white and blue balloons will help you have the sort of feel which you are looking for.

20. Use hanging lanterns and frills

Just give your guests a reason to look up. Use a lot of hanging lanterns and drape to decorate the ceiling. By doing so, you will need a minimal decoration down. You can either use simple white light lanterns above and colored frills in between or the colored ones. The overall ambiance will not only look romantic, but will also look gorgeous.

21. Color it with colored glassware

Take your home décor to another level by simply using colored glassware. Today, couples are just opting for outside the box home decors, and one is this. They are saying no to those traditional centerpieces, instead they are using colored glassware and making their tables pop in no time. And the best part is you don’t need to buy these glassware, you can rent them easily for the day or you can use the ones that are already available with you.

22. Plate your walls

It is a very new trend, you must have seen many houses are now decorated with ceramic or metal plates. If you want to take your home décor at another level on your pre-wedding celebrations, then you can decorate your walls either with ceramic plates or metal ones. All you have to do is to take out all of your unused ceramic plates and stick them on the walls. But make sure you stick them nicely using adhesive plate hangers.

23. DIY centerpieces

DIY centerpieces in wedding

You don’t need to spend on expensive centerpieces, all you need to do is to be a bit creative and DIY great centerpieces at home only. Believe you me, table centerpieces simply add a unique touch to your home decor. You can simply use aroma candles or floral centerpieces or bowl filled with water and some floating candles or fresh flowers or empty beer bottles with string lights inside as centerpieces. Besides, a ceramic or a large mason jar filled with fresh flowers is another wonderful option. Like this there are plenty of ways you can DIY some quirky centerpieces for your home décor.

Final thought……

Hope these ideas help you create a gorgeous and memorable setting at your pre-wedding celebrations at home. Remember, your wedding is a once in a lifetime event, a special occasion, go creative. With a little creativity and guidance from your friends and family you will be able to create a wonderful ambience on your pre-wedding ceremonies. Moreover, you don’t need to go for expensive decoration ideas for your pre-wedding home decoration, in fact all that can be done in budget!

Make sure you already have a team of people (siblings, friends and cousins) who are going to help you with these DIY home décor. And don’t miss to make a timeline for everything so that there is no chaos later!! Enjoy!

Thanks for reading… I hope the list helps!!

Happy wedding….. ☺ ☺