20 Bridal Necklace Ideas For Every Style [2024]

Bridal Necklace Ideas For Every Style

Selecting the right bridal necklace for a bride is crucial to finishing her look, since it captures her own style and individuality. From timeless pearls to sparkling diamonds, the ideal necklace may bring a bride’s beauty and refinement to her wedding day ensemble.

Every style is complemented by a wedding necklace, whether she likes boho flare, contemporary simplicity, or antique charm. This book looks at several wedding necklace designs and provides ideas to let any bride choose the necklace that will look great on her big day and complement her outfit.

Should I Choose a Simple or Statement Bridal Necklace?

The style you want to create on your wedding day will determine whether you choose a statement or plain bridal necklace. Understated elegance is provided with a basic necklace, which also balances off a complicated or ornate gown.

On the other hand, brides wearing simple gowns who want to make a big impact will find a statement necklace to be a bold addition. Think about your hairdo, other jewelry, and the neckline of your clothing before making your choice. Whether bold or basic, your bridal necklace should ultimately express your style and complement your wedding dress.

Where to buy Wedding Necklaces for Brides?

Finding the ideal wedding jewelry for a bride requires looking through a number of reliable sites. Great jewelry retailers like Tiffany & Co., Cartier, and Blue Nile provide a large assortment of excellent items. For distinctive and bespoke designs, think about regional jewelers or craftspeople who can make customized necklaces.

Websites like Etsy provide antique and handmade goods to suit a range of budgets and interests. Bridal shops often carry carefully selected collections that complement wedding dresses. Chic and reasonably priced options are also available in department shops and fashion merchants like Nordstrom and Macy’s. Finding the perfect necklace is certain when you do extensive research and explore many suppliers.

Here are the Trending Bridal Necklace Styles for 2024

1. Classic Pearl Strand

Brides who value traditional beauty will find this classic necklace to be perfect. For classic bridal dresses, a string of brilliant pearls exudes refinement and grace. Pearls are a beautiful and pure option for brides who want to follow tradition. This necklace looks great whether worn single or double stranded, complementing a variety of necklines for a coordinated wedding look.

2. Diamond Solitaire Pendant

The elegant bride looking for subtle elegance would love a diamond solitaire pendant. One gorgeous diamond on this necklace catches the light so exquisitely that it sparkles subtly. Perfect to accessorize a complex gown without taking over, this necklace is the epitome of “less is more.” Long after the wedding, this adaptable item may be worn, making it a classic addition to any jewellery collection.

3. Vintage-Inspired Choker

Brides attracted to historical fashion will find a vintage-inspired choker ideal as it provides elegance and charm from the past. Many times embellished with elaborate elements like lace, filigree, or antique diamonds, these chokers arouse feelings of nostalgia and romanticism. They look great worn alone or paired with lace or antique wedding dresses, adding a hint of old-world glitz to the bridal outfit.

4. Bohemian Tassel Necklace

A bohemian tassel necklace radiates easy elegance and is ideal for free-spirited bohemian brides. Frequently constructed of natural materials like leather, beads, and fringe, this necklace lends a whimsical and unique touch. It looks well with beach or outside settings and flowing, ethereal bridal dresses. The movement and charm that the tassel design offers capture a bride’s individuality and passion for out-of-the-ordinary style.

5. Floral Crystal Statement Necklace

Lovely and striking, a flowery crystal statement necklace is perfect for garden or outdoor weddings. This necklace, with its elaborate flower motifs set with glittering crystals, gives a hint of elegance inspired by nature. It adds a center point and highlights the bride’s beauty in plain outfits. Brides looking to combine elegance and natural charm in an entrance that will be remembered will find this item ideal.

6. Modern Geometric Necklace

This necklace is ideal for modern brides who like unusual and edgy patterns. Clean lines, geometric forms, and often a combination of metals give this necklace a striking, artistic appearance. For avant-garde or minimalist bridal gowns, it adds a chic but unusual flair. This necklace guarantees a bride stands out on her big day by speaking to her uniqueness and contemporary style.

7. Layered Gold Chains

Brides looking for a subdued, contemporary appearance will find layered gold chains to be elegant and simple. The elegant layered impression of this style is created by the many delicate chains of different lengths. It looks well worn with simple dresses, lending subtle beauty without taking over the whole ensemble. Because these chains are so adaptable and fashionable, modern brides may wear them even after the wedding.

8. Colorful Gemstone Necklace

Bold and unusual brides will find a vibrant gemstone necklace to be the perfect burst of color. With its vivid stones—rubies, emeralds, and sapphires—this necklace gives the wedding attire life and character. It contrasts dramatically with both white and colored wedding dresses. Ideal for brides who like being seen and making a statement, this necklace honors uniqueness and flair.

9. Baroque Pearl Pendant

A baroque pearl pendant gives a distinctive and sophisticated appearance by combining traditional and contemporary components. Occasional shapes of Baroque pearls give each item a unique charm. Brides that value unique accessories and the charm of imperfection will find this necklace to be ideal. It gives the wedding attire a hint of refinement and uniqueness and goes well with both classic and modern dresses.

10. Lariat Necklace

Elegant and multipurpose, a lariat necklace looks great with plunging necklines on dresses. Long, adjustable chain of this necklace may be worn in a variety of ways, often terminating in pendants or tassels. It emphasizes the décolletage and lends a hint of refinement and appeal. Brides looking for a distinctive and adaptable item will find the lariat necklace to be both beautiful and versatile for a stylish wedding ensemble.

11. Delicate Infinity Necklace

Sensual brides will enjoy a beautiful infinity necklace, which represents everlasting love. Small diamonds or gemstones are often set inside the infinity symbol of this simple but profound design. It is perfect with both classic and minimalist dresses since it gives every wedding outfit a hint of subtle beauty. This necklace acts as a poignant reminder of the bride’s love and dedication long after the wedding day.

12. Art Deco Necklace

A 1920s-themed wedding will look great with an Art Deco necklace, which is glitzy and vintage-inspired. This necklace, with its geometric designs, strong lines, and opulent materials, evokes a hint of old world elegance. It looks well along with dresses in the old style. An Art Deco necklace is a classic option for brides who value historical elegance and want to make a big impact.

13. Nature-Inspired Leaf Necklace

Ideally worn for outdoor or nature-themed weddings, a nature-inspired leaf necklace gives the bride-to-be a more organic touch. Frequently made with fine metalwork or set with diamonds, these necklaces honor the splendor of the natural world. They highlight the bride’s relationship with nature and look good in straightforward or boho outfits. Perfect for outdoor-loving brides, this necklace gives the whole look a hint of natural beauty.

14. Rose Gold Necklace

An updated take on classic jewelry, a rose gold necklace is chic and modern. A hint of romance and a compliment to many complexion tones are added by the warm, pinkish tint of rose gold. It makes a subtle yet noticeable accent that looks good in both traditional and modern outfits. Ideal for brides wanting something different from standard gold or silver, a rose gold necklace is a fashionable and current alternative.

15. Custom Name Necklace

Personal and distinctive, a bespoke name necklace is the perfect way to give your wedding ensemble a more intimate feel. The bride’s initials, name, or a significant phrase may all be included on this necklace in strong or delicate writing. It gives brides who wish to highlight their personalities a hint of uniqueness and emotion. Long after the wedding day, this item may be treasured as a memento.

16. Swarovski Crystal Necklace

The wedding ensemble will seem opulent and sparkly with a Swarovski crystal necklace. Distinguished by their sparkling brilliance and exquisitely faceted facets, Swarovski crystals provide a stunning impact. This necklace brightens the bride’s appearance and goes well with many different gown types. Perfect for brides who want to stand out with their jewelry, a Swarovski crystal necklace has classic elegance and charm.

17. Initial Pendant Necklace

Simple and individual, this initial pendant necklace is ideal for minimalist brides who like little details. The bride’s initial is engraved on a pendant that is part of this necklace; for extra dazzle, little diamonds or gemstones are often included. Both classic and contemporary dresses look great with their elegant and personalized touch. This necklace represents identification and is a treasured memento long after the wedding day.

18. Bridal Bib Necklace

Bold and striking, a wedding bib necklace is perfect for brides who want to make an impression. The dramatic impression of this necklace is created by the many layers of elaborate motifs, which are often embellished with pearls, crystals, or stones. Simple, strapless dresses look best with them since the necklace takes center stage. Brides who want to make a big impression will find that a wedding bib necklace offers elegance and beauty.

19. Charm Necklace

An ideal way to share a personal narrative is with a charm necklace that has relevant charms. A special and emotional item may be created by having each charm stand in for a memorable occasion, memory, or symbol dear to the bride. It adds personality and feeling and goes nicely with different gown types. A charm necklace is a meaningful and unique option for brides who want their jewelry to represent their own journey.

20. Antique Cameo Necklace

Vintage-loving brides will find an antique cameo necklace to be the perfect addition to elegance and history. These necklaces feature carved cameo pendants with elaborate frames, often depicting classical scenes or portraits. They evoke sentimentality and passion and work so well with lace or antique garments. For brides who value historical beauty and workmanship, this antique cameo necklace gives the wedding attire a distinctive and classic touch.


A key component of planning your wedding day look is choosing the ideal bridal necklace, which may greatly improve your appearance overall and express your own style. Whatever your style—classic elegance, contemporary refinement, old world charm, or bohemian flair—there is a necklace out there that will look great with your wedding gown and theme.

Every kind of necklace, from simple pearl strands to striking statement pieces, adds something special to your wedding look. This book provides several wedding necklace ideas to let every bride choose the perfect piece of jewelry that will make her feel beautiful and self-assured on her big day.