Creative & Trending Ideas for Outdoor Wedding Venues

Creative & trending ideas for outdoor wedding venues

Whether you believe or not, but outdoor wedding venues can be as mesmerizing as you want and as breathtakingly beautiful as you have always imagined. The best part about the outdoor wedding venue is you can make the best use of nature and the elements of nature, such as trees, plants, flowers, sky, etc. everything and anything from the outdoors can be taken for making an outdoor wedding an amazing experience for all.

Here are some creative and trending ideas for outdoor wedding venues. You will surely get inspired by the ideas below.

Let’s have a look

1. A wonderful garden wedding.

A wonderful garden wedding

If you are planning an intimate wedding with just a few close people, then a garden wedding can bring all the charm and uniqueness to your wedding venue. You can either use your own garden (if you own one) or you can even use your friend’s garden or rent out a place where they have a beautiful garden. The best part about the garden wedding would be – it is going to save you a lot of money that you will spend on a place otherwise. Also, you can make best use of all the planters, trees, and greenery of the garden for the décor of the venue. It will in fact be a great mix of all the beautiful and natural colors.

All you have to do is organize your garden in a way that all your guests can be accommodated in it. A house garden can do perfectly well in case there are only 15 – 20 wedding guests. Believe you me, intimate weddings with just a few close people in an outdoor set up will be the greatest celebration that you could ever imagine. Trust!

2. Have you ever thought of getting hitched in a Zoo – if not then THINK now!

It might seem a bit quirky to you, but believe you me Zoo weddings are trending. In fact, a zoo wedding can come out to be a great family get together, where everybody who you want to be part of your special event will be present. And in the presence of all your loved ones you will celebrate your BIG DAY in the most exquisite way. As I said earlier, in an outdoor set up you can easily use elements from nature, in a Zoo wedding also you will need to spend very less on decoration as you would be able to make perfect use of the natural elements. Make sure you are planning a small event as having huge wedding crowd in zoo may be a bit difficult if they don’t have proper organization.

3. A theme wedding in your backyard

You can also use your backyard for hosting a small wedding reception. Choose a wonderful theme for your wedding in the backyard and bring it to life. You can use any theme from Christmas wedding to Jungle wedding intimate, to host a semi-casual low-waisted wedding in your backyard. Use plants as centerpieces, rattan chairs, chandeliers, some lawn games, dessert bar, etc. to make your outdoor wedding a great event that too in your budget. Believe you me, you are going to throw a rocking party. And yeah don’t miss to have a perfect music for your wedding.

4. A romantic pool wedding

A romantic pool wedding

Pool weddings are not just cool, but they are breathtakingly sexy and amazing. Just imagine your guests wining and dining around the sparkling pool water that will sparkle in the night due to the moon light at night. All the wedding guests will be simply stunned to have a beautiful and wonderful evening that they would share with their favorite couple. Make perfect use of candles and flowers. The perfect time for planning a pool wedding is summers. Pool wedding is the greatest wedding idea to heat the beat.

5. A mesmerizing jungle wedding

Another wonderful outdoor wedding idea is to get hitched in a jungle. Yes, you may find it a bit weird but trust me this is going to be the most happening even of your life. Even your wedding guests would not be able to forget it at all. Arrange for wonderful chandeliers, candles, and let the whole ambiance look like a dreamy setup, where each one of you can enjoy to the fullest. And some jungle theme music will add to the overall ambiance and the event, trust me!

6. An outdoor wedding at the beach

For all those who are planning their wedding in summers and are passionate about the beaches, then nothing could be better than a beachy wedding at some remote area. If you’re lucky to have beaches in your own town, then you can plan your wedding even there also. But make sure, it is a less crowded one. Because mostly beaches are crowded that makes the event less intimate or personal.

7. A vintage style wedding in the lawn

A vintage style wedding in the lawn

If you are lucky to have a beautiful lawn and if yours is an intimate event with just a few close people, then I don’t think you need to go out to book a lavish wedding venue. In fact, you can make your own lawn a lavish space for your wedding. All you have to do is to give it a vintage look and let everybody enjoy at a very vintage styled wedding of yours.

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8. A royal style wedding at the terrace

If you have huge terrace where you can accommodate all your guests then it is perfect. And if you don’t then there are many hotels who even provide their terrace for wedding celebration. All you have to do is to give the terrace a royal look, by getting every royal thing for the decoration and let the even begin with the full bang. Terrace weddings are really beautiful weddings, if you are planning a destination wedding, then also you can easily rent a terrace or some open space for your wedding celebration and arrange for everything.

9. An outdoor mountain wedding

Why to go regular way, when there are ways to go out of the box as well. Yeah, if you are a couple who want to have a unique and extraordinary setup for your wedding, then why not to go the most beautiful space provided by nature and that’s mountain top. It is going to be an adventurous kind of outdoor wedding. But make sure that your guests’ list is limited. I mean you don’t have many people, many people simply means too many responsibilities. Have only a few people who you think are really important in your wedding. And just enjoy the celebration with your significant other and your wedding guests.

10. An outdoor wedding in an open restaurant

An outdoor wedding in an open restaurant

These days open restaurants are trending. In your town also you must have seen a few open restaurants. People actually love to spend time in open space, hence they came into existence. If you also have some such restaurant in your town, then definitely you don’t need to rent any expensive space for hosting your wedding. Because an open restaurant will be more than enough for that. And the best part of celebrating your wedding in an open restaurant would be – you will not need to spend on the decoration of the venue. Because mostly open restaurants are decorated beautifully that you need not to place additional elements to do the needful. Also, they take care of food and drinks as well. All you have to ensure is to have some limited number of wedding guests, who can easily be accommodated and who can enjoy the event without having to feel packed.


I hope the ideas above help you choose the best one for your wedding so that you can plan a wonderful outdoor wedding. Outdoor weddings are not just romantic, in fact they are lavish. The impact that an outdoor wedding can leave no other wedding could ever leave, believe you me!

Also, the best part of an outdoor wedding is – you really can save a fortune, because mostly outdoor wedding do not require much on décor part. As décor can be taken care of by using the beautiful elements of nature. These weddings are simple yet beautiful kind of weddings that one can cherish all his/her life. Moreover, the wedding pictures, which are the most important part of any wedding can be done in the most natural ways. As, even your wedding photographer will be able to shoot the best wedding photos amidst beautiful and natural ambience. In addition to this, nature has something cool about it, it brings peace and calmness automatically. And you already know it is really very important to be cool and calm at the wedding so that you can get the best wedding pictures of yours that you will cherish all your life.

Happy Outdoor Wedding… ☺ ☺

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