Expert Advises on Choosing The Perfect Wedding Venue

Expert advises on choosing the perfect wedding venue

So you are getting hitched this season… Congratulations!!

The moment you are engaged, the first thing that comes in mind is wedding planning!! And the first and the most important step or decision in wedding to-do list is to choose the perfect wedding venue that beautifully sets the tone for your special day. Apart from aesthetics, there are several other aspects to be considered before you begin taking tours. Well, if you are planning your wedding, you’ll know how important it is to secure the right wedding venue for your special day. We are here to help you make the perfect wedding venue choice. Here in this post we are sharing with you some expert insights, just to help ease you into the process of finding your dream wedding venue.

Here we go…

1. Type of wedding

The type of wedding First things first, before you start searching for your dream wedding venue, you need to know the type of wedding you are planning. For instance, if you are planning an intimate ceremony with just a few close family members and friends, or are you looking to host an iconic big fat wedding. If this you know then finding the right venue will be easy.

2. Your wedding venue budget

Your wedding venue budget

Once you know the type of wedding, you need to prepare a wedding venue budget. Talk to your partner, discuss and decide on how much you’d like to spend on your wedding venue. Deciding Budget is crucial, also, it helps you choose the perfect venue without much hassle. Nobody wants to be in budget, especially when it is about wedding, as our weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events. But making budget helps you find venue in your budget that doesn’t take a toll on your pockets.

Also, it is crucial that you stick to your budget, believe it or not, you can find a gorgeous venue is even on the smallest of budgets. You can plan an intimate wedding ceremony in an Igloo in Switzerland! Being on a budget can be beautiful and very relaxing!

3. Style of venue

Now the next thing which you need to understand is the style of venue. You need to understand what is most important to each of you on your wedding day. Are you looking for an open space or green wedding theme that’s scenic and on the water or an urban set-up with lots of amenities for out-of-town guests? A barn wedding or a beach wedding.

4. Your wedding venue should suit your personalities


Every couple is different in their own ways, so it is crucial that you two work as a team to find a venue, which includes both of your tastes. Whether you choose an urban setting, a simple mountain wedding, or an intimate beach ceremony, or a grand castle in Italy, make sure your wedding venue suit your personalities combined into one!

5. The number of wedding guests

Another important pointer while finding your perfect wedding venue is the number of wedding guests. Remember, you cannot just book any place, you have to have a fairly good idea about the wedding guests. So make your guest list before you start scheduling venue tour. Have a good idea of how many guests you are planning to invite or how large or small your wedding is going to be. Chances are you may like some venue that limits your guest count, or maybe the one that is too large for your intimate wedding celebration.

So, take into consideration the size of your guest list. Make sure your wedding venue can easily accommodate large number of your wedding guests if yours is a big fat wedding, or has the perfect intimate ceremony space for you and your 10 – 20 guests.

6. Location of your wedding

Location of your wedding

One of the most important decisions you’ll make is where to host your wedding. Definitely, your family and friends will be across the country or maybe across the world! So choosing a location is crucial to make sure that everyone can be a part of your life’s biggest event. Also, there will be your elderly relatives like your grandparents, who may not be able to travel long distances or walk up stairs or mountains etc. Also, the connectivity to the wedding venue or the transport facility etc. All these things should be considered before you choose your wedding venue finally. Of course you want your loved ones to bless you on your special day, so you need to take care of their needs!!

7. Keep your mind open to different ideas

Not every venue has that breathtaking view, or maybe the one which you have dreamt is not in your budget. So what, it is not necessary to go old ways. You should not think of compromising on your dreams, instead you may go for an out of box setup, like celebrating your wedding at the zoo, or on the riverside, or in an igloo, or in a boat house, etc. Believe you me, these unexpected venues can actually make your wedding day perfect, even beyond imagination! So, keep your mind open to different ideas, themes and locations to have a wonderful celebration!

8. Number of celebrations

This is again a very important factor to consider while you finalize your wedding venue. Different wedding venues provide different facilities. And every religion has its own customs and rituals. So, if you are planning to host all your wedding ceremonies in the same venue, you need to see whether they provide you all those facilities or not. Or if you plan your main event there at the venue and other functions at some other location, then you need to make sure that the distance is not too much.

9. You and your wedding guests’ accommodation

You and your wedding guests' accommodation

You will definitely have some of your guests coming from different towns or cities, in that case you will need to arrange for their accommodation as well. Or if you are getting hitched in a distant location then arrangements for your accommodation and your wedding guests’ accommodation will be taken care of. Finalize your wedding venue that provides accommodation also. Otherwise half of your time will go in to and fro only. Or if your hotel or the wedding venue doesn’t provide you accommodation then see something can be arranged nearby or not.

10. Ask for recommendations

If you find yourself confused over this task, then it’s better to ask for recommendations from your friends and relatives. Sometimes these recommendations really help. Of course, on your special day, you’ll want everything running smoothly from dawn until dusk.

11. Don’t miss to read reviews of your prospective venue

Don’t miss to read reviews of your prospective venue

While searching online you may come across several different kinds of wedding venue. And, you may fall in love with some for sure, but it is not necessary that what they are showing on their page is true about them. It’s always good to read reviews and recommendations of your prospective venues and see that their services are perfect and they have got 5* ratings!

12. Make a list of non-negotiable things

Well, it is crucial to make a list of non-negotiable things that you want to include in your wedding day, and make sure your venue fits in with the list. For instance, if you are looking for a particular caterer, or a particular décor, or an ice sculpture and fireworks, or some wedding games on your wedding day, make it happen! Check with your prospective venue, if it caters all this, then definitely you know you’re on the right path to creating the best experience for one and all!

13. Take a venue tour

Do not ever book your wedding venue without visiting or taking the tour. You may be tempted to see great pictures on internet, but trust not everything that looks good from far is as good from near. You need to be vigilant before finalizing your wedding venue. Your wedding venue can make a huge lot of difference in your wedding day. So, don’t miss to take the tour personally. Also, it would be great if you both visit together.

14. Consider the lighting

Consider the lighting

One of the most forgotten elements to your wedding day to-do list is lighting of the wedding venue. Well, there is no point of spending a lot of money on a gorgeous venue if nobody can see it! Make sure there is enough lighting to compliment the spaces and go along with your wedding theme. Avoid fluorescent or ultraviolet lighting, if you want you can even create your own stunning lighting for the venue!

15. Keep Décor in Mind

Look for a venue that has great potential! Work with what you have and let the experts (your wedding planner or agency and designers) know what exactly you are looking for your wedding venue. Let the experts guide you to solutions, which are creatively feasible. Your wedding is the biggest event of your life, so it becomes important to look into ways to enhance the venue to get your desired results. You will find many exquisite venues, but they will require a large amount of rentals to bring them to life. Keep this thing in mind while you finally book your wedding venue, as it will impact your budget exponentially.

16. Consider the aesthetics of the venue

Consider the aesthetics of the venue

While taking the tour don’t miss to see the aesthetics of the venue. If the venue is totally blank, then you can style it your own way or if it has unsightly decor then you will need to mask it to get it to your liking. But it always advised to find a venue with most natural looks, as it can help you to dress it up to your style. As with your creativity and professional support you can turn a blank canvas into an unrecognizable space.

17. Visit your wedding venue more than once

You may find it a little more of a work for your wedding. But, it is essential that you visit your venue more than one, of course I am not telling you to see it daily. But it is always good to go and see your top venue choices two or three times before you finally make a decision. Also, make sure you don’t rush to sign on the dotted line…take your time, think about it, and then book it. Because your venue will affect every other choice you will make in regards to your big event!

18. See what all is included

Also, only visiting your venue will not be sufficient, make sure to have a candid discussion with the venue to know what specifically they do and do not provide. Do not have any delusion of your own, it’s better to ask and know.

19. Ask about the costing details

It is crucial to know the cost of the venue in advance. So when you discuss with the venue, discuss about the cost as well. Also, ask what all is included in that cost (typically food, beverage, tables, chairs, and staffing). There will be a rental fee, taxes, and gratuities, so it’s good to obtain a detailed cost of the venue before you sign on the dotted line.

20. Consider your timeline

There are many venues with a short rental window, so consider your timeline before you sign the dotted line. Or you can ask about extending the rental window to get the ideal length day.

21. Check transportation facilities

Consider lodging and transportation of your guests. If the venue is far from the city or amenities, see if it is possible to shuttle your guests. You need to consider the ease of your wedding guests while mapping out the venue location.

In case of a destination wedding, consider all the accommodations and travel options for you and your guests. Also, factor the flight times as the timings are related to the number of days your guests will be spending at the destination for your wedding. Also, don’t miss to consider how your guests will get around.

22. Have your questions prepared beforehand

While visiting the prospective wedding venue you will need to ask for all the details big or small. So, it is important that you prepare all your questions well in advance. Like, you may miss to ask about the noise ordinance, or till what time live music is allowed at the venue? How much time do we get to load-in? What is the maximum time you and your guests need to be out from the venue? Is there a loading dock? How about trash removal? Are you allowed to bring your own caterer and alcoholic beverages? So, it is better you prepare your questions beforehand, it is always good to be over prepared than under. Make sure it covers all your bases so you have less surprises during your special day. Knowing the ins and outs of the wedding venue beforehand will allow you to have less surprises and more peace of mind before and during the wedding.

23. Bigger is not always better

Yeah, most often we go for bigger, but not always bigger is better. So always take your guests into account. Maybe the venue is too small, but the worst will be to have too big in case of small celebrations. It is crucial to have the right sized venue for your guests rather to have big sized venue. Especially, when it comes to factors like being able to hear the wedding vows, seeing the ceremony, and sharing the moment in an intimate setting.

24. Ensure that you get ‘the feeling’!

Now everything you have seen, but the feel is missing!! How will it be all in all???? I am sure you know how it feels when that feeling of butterflies appears in your stomach! The same feeling will come upon seeing the wedding venue also, where you can totally envision yourself walking down the aisle in an unforgettable venue.If you get this then it means that this is the perfect venue for you!

25. Stay True to Yourselves

Last but not the least, don’t be influenced by anyone, go for what feels best for you. Many a times couples choose venues based off of the style of a wedding they fell in love with online. However, it is crucial to know what feels authentic to you both as a couple, and to choose a space and a design that’s a true representation of who you are. Also, the wedding venue you have in love with might have looked gorgeous with a different theme or design scheme. But not necessarily, the same is the perfect canvas for yours as well.

And finally,

We hope the list above help you choose the perfect wedding venue! Now you know the basics, and how to start your search. Our best wishes are with you and we are sure you will choose an unforgettable venue and make your wedding the most memorable event for the lifetime!!!

Happy Wedding & Happy Planning!