15+ Creative Ideas for Outdoor Wedding Lawn Games

Creative Ideas for outdoor wedding lawn games

A great way of playing lawn games on your wedding day is by having lawn games like paintball, golf, basketball, and other delightful games that will make your wedding memorable, fun, and unique. 

Everyone can enjoy outdoor wedding lawn games, which are excellent methods to exercise while enjoying. These games can be played anywhere outdoors, and people of all ages can enjoy them.

Ideas for outdoor wedding lawn games

1. Tossing a Frisbee

This is the classic lawn game, and it’s fun for everyone! The object is to toss the frisbee as far as possible in one throw. Tossing a frisbee is a great wedding lawn games.

Tossing a Frisbee

2. Playing Croquet

If you’re looking for an activity requiring two people and some serious coordination, this might be your game! The goal of croquet is to get all your balls into their respective holes without hitting any other balls or being hit by them yourself (this last part is optional).

You’ll need eight mallets—one per player—and some balls; each player will also need a mallet bag to collect lost balls while they turn at bat during each round of play.

Playing Croquet

Suppose someone gets stuck without finding another ball within 15 seconds after having lost one previously. In that case, it’s game over until there are no more leftovers in their possession when time runs out on us all playing together here today so let’s hope everything goes well; otherwise, we could end up losing too much money on these games instead maybe next time around try something else instead like bocce ball maybe nobody wants those because nobody likes them either way.

Remember, never give up hope no matter how hard things sometimes seem, especially if it seems impossible at first glance but keep trying because sometimes miracles happen even though nobody expects them. It can be one of the finest outdoor wedding lawn games.

3. Paintball

Two teams play paintball as the best wedding lawn games for backyard. Each team has a goal which is the other team’s flag. The game aims to capture the other team’s flag and return it to your base without being shot or killed.


4. Croquet

Croquet is one of the most popular wedding lawn games you can play with friends and family. It’s easy to learn, fun to play, and has been played from the beginning of the 19th century. The rules are simple: toss a ball into a hoop using a mallet. There are various game levels, so even if you need to improve at basketball or tennis, you can still enjoy croquet!


For beginners (ages 8+) – Use smaller balls that make it easier for children or people who have never played before because they won’t get hurt as much if they miss their shots.

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5. Bocce Ball

Bocce ball is a cheerful and leisurely method to get your visitors interacting at the wedding. It’s a great way to get people talking since they have to throw the balls into the right hole. The game is also suitable for large groups of people who want something fun that doesn’t require any preparation or equipment, so you can play it at your outdoor ceremony or reception without having to worry about finding space for tables and chairs. It’s one of the best yard games for wedding.

Bocce Ball outdoor wedding game

Italian military officers originally developed bocce ball as an exercise during an extended downtime on ships at sea—but its popularity has spread far beyond these shores! You can find bocce balls available online or even at some local stores if you’re looking for one specific brand (beware, though: don’t buy from Target; their quality could be better! 

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6. Giant Chess

Giant chess is an excellent wedding lawn games idea. It’s a great way to involve the whole family in planning your wedding and a fun activity for all ages. Of course, you can play giant chess outside on your lawn or in your backyard, but if you’re looking for something more formal than that, try setting up a big chess set in some outdoor venue—like a park or even just on top of one of those little hills near the house where everyone wants to go.

Giant Chess

The best part about giant chess? It doesn’t count how many individuals are playing at one time! So long as there are enough pieces available (and plenty), everyone can join in without having any problems with rules or strategy beyond knowing how to move their pieces around within their quadrant (which should be pretty easy). Giant chess is the best outdoor wedding lawn games.

7. Ping Pong

Ping pong is a classic game that all ages can play as wedding lawn games. With only a few pieces and some space on the ground, you’ll be able to set up ping pong for guests in no time.

Ping Pong

You also have control over how many people play at once: if there are enough players around, they can play against each other or take turns playing against the computer—whatever works best for your wedding! So if you’re looking for an easy way to get people mingling and socializing without having them sit still long enough for dinner or drinks, this option is worth considering.

8. Ladder toss

Ladder toss is the best yard game for a wedding that is played with the help of a ladder. The players throw the ring at the top of the ladder and try to land it in their possession. If any player gets it closest to their hand, that player wins that round. It’s an excellent game for all ages!

Ladder toss

9. Boules

Boules is a popular yard games for a wedding that dates back 2,000 years. It’s played by throwing balls made of clay at a target, similar to golf. The object is to score as many points as possible without hitting the ground or another player’s ball (you can also keep score on paper).


To play boules, you’ll need the following:

  • A boules court – there are different types of courts available for purchase or rent from your local golf course (or you could create your own), and they’re usually marked off with tape around the edge. You can find more information about setting up your court here: [https://www.golfersgtlouisvilleky/blog/how-to-create-a-boules-court].
  • A set of 3 balls will vary depending on what type of game you’re playing, but generally speaking, they should be between 22mm in diameter and 40mm in diameter (about 0.9 inches). Try finding one specifically for outdoor use; they tend not to break as easily when thrown against trees but still work fine indoors if necessary!
  • Scoring system – most games use simple numbers like “10” or “3”, which means 10 points each time someone hits it into the middle pocket closest to where it started out being thrown from their hand’s location after hitting the ground first (or vice versa if none hit the ground first). You may also want a marker system, so people don’t accidentally get mixed up during playtime.

10. Passing The Parcel

Passing the parcel is a fun game that involves a gift being passed around a circle of people. Then, when the music stops, the person holding the gift has to unwrap it and pass it on to the next person.

You can play this game with any number of people, but remember that it’s easier if you have more than five people, so everyone gets equal opportunities to catch your gift, and it’s the best wedding lawn games for backyard.

Passing The Parcel

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11. Ring Toss

Ring Toss is a fun game everyone can play as outdoor wedding lawn games. It’s a fantastic contest to play with children and adults alike.

It’s easy to set up, and you’ll have plenty of time for food and drinks after your guests have gone home!

Ring Toss

12. Horseshoes

Horseshoes is a game that dates back to the Roman era, with roots in ancient Troy and a great idea for wedding lawn games. It’s a game of skill and luck, where the goal is to throw your horseshoe as far as possible while keeping track of how many points you get. 


Multiple teams or individuals can play the game, but it works best when played by two people, each at opposite ends of a field (or another area). Each team tosses their horseshoe at stake, which measures 5 feet long and has two wooden stakes on either side; one stake represents “home” while another represents “away” for each player.

The objective will vary depending on your hosting event—an outdoor wedding ceremony or fun with friends after work!

13. GOLF

Golf is a great game to play as outdoor wedding lawn games. All ages can play it, and it’s a beautiful manner to bring individuals outdoors. You can play in teams or as individuals, but this one will require some serious strategy and strategy.

wedding lawn golf

Golfing is a challenging sport requiring constant attention and focus from players as they execute their shots around the course while avoiding other balls flying around them at high speeds. So if you’re looking for something fun and exciting during your outdoor event, this is what you need!

14. Spikeball

Spikeball is a game played on a court with two teams of two players. The game’s objective is to hit your opponent’s ball back into their court, but you have to ensure that it doesn’t go over the net. This can be tricky when playing against an experienced player who knows how to time their spikes!


To win this game, one team must score more points than the other in three sets (of six points), and it is one of the best wedding lawn games for backyard.

15. Lawn Bowling

Lawn bowling is a fun outdoor wedding lawn game that people of all ages can play. It’s played on a grassy lawn, with the players divided into teams and taking turns to bowl the ball at wooden pins. The game is easy to learn and play, so it’s ideal for those who may not be familiar with other forms of sports or recreation.

Lawn Bowling

The rules are similar to regular bowling: you have ten frames (or “bowls”), during which you must score as many points as possible by knocking down all ten pins in each frame while avoiding getting hit by your opponents’ shots or balls themselves! The foremost group to earn 30 points wins!

16. A Giant-Sized Jenga On The Lawn

Jenga is a fun game to play with your friends and family. It’s also a great way to unwind after the wedding, eliminating the stress of planning a big event like this.

Jenga can be played on any flat surface (like grass or dirt), but we recommend setting up several pieces so guests can build their towers from different angles.


The wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life, and you need to ensure that it is thoroughly planned out so that you don’t miss out on any of the things.

We hope you’ve found this list of ideas for outdoor wedding lawn games useful and that it will help your wedding day be unforgettable and extraordinary. If we missed any other games, let us know in the comments below!