How To Tackle Rain On Wedding Day?

Tackle Rain on Wedding Day

It’s an old wives’ tale that rain on your wedding day is a good omen. Rain is said to be lucky in the United States. Rain is also thought to be a good omen for weddings in Germany, Sweden, and France. This could be because rain is associated with a bountiful harvest and, as a result, fertility. Some people even believe that the more it rains on the wedding day, the more children the couple will have.

Whether you believe rain is a lucky omen or not, if you haven’t planned for rain at your wedding, it’s going to take a toll for sure. And I am sure this is the last thing that you would want for your wedding.

So, let’s see what all you should do to avoid this from happening.

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Top 11 Tips To Deal With Rain On Wedding Day

Here are the top tips to deal with rain on your wedding day. Following these tips can help you host a great wedding even when it rains on the day. Take a look…

1. Have a Backup Plan

Rain can be unavoidable in some situations; hence, it is crucial to have a backup plan to tackle the situation. All you can do is plan ahead of time for inclement weather to make wet weather less of an issue.

If you live in a region where it can rain any time in the year, it’s better to have a backup plan. You can prepare a shelter for guests or have a backup location ready in advance if the weather conditions forces you to move the ceremony inside. If you’re hosting a ten wedding, then make sure you arrange for a floor to avoid having your reception in a mud pit.

2. Choose The Right Season

If you’re planning to host an outdoor wedding, find out when the weather is the driest. By picking the right season, you can host an outdoor wedding without worrying about getting soaked. Of course, it’s difficult to guarantee that it won’t rain, but you can always have a backup plan ready to deal with such situations.

3. Get Ready At The Venue

If rain is already in the forecast for your big day, make sure you have plenty of golf umbrellas on hand. If the weather is particularly bad, the bride may prefer to get ready at the wedding venue. Other than the gown and shoes, wear everything else, including your wedding jewelry and fancy undergarments.

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Also, don’t miss covering your wedding attire properly with plastic covers to keep it dry. You can wear your attire once you arrive at the venue.

4. Rent A Tent In Advance

Check with your venue manager to see if they have a backup plan in case of inclement weather. If they don’t have a backup plan, but you’ve already decided on an outdoor wedding, you can rent a tent instead.

Don’t bother about extra expense on the tent as it will keep all your guests dry and allow you to have a wedding celebration without getting drenched.

5. Keep Guests Up to Date About Your Rain Backup Plan

Don’t let your guests wonder what they shall do if it rains. The best is to keep them up to date on your backup plan if it rains. Inform them with an “in case of rain” note in your wedding invitations. Also, update your website with all relevant information. It will allow all your guests to take prompt action in case it rains on your wedding day.

6. Talk To Your Vendors

If you know that it might rain on your wedding day, it’s always good to speak to your vendors about it in advance. Ask your vendors how they operate on a rainy day. Understand their approach and accordingly decide on your wedding decor and other essential aspects. Hire the best vendors who have plans for rainy days, work with them, and trust that they’ll deliver a memorable wedding.

7. Keep Track Of The Weather Forecast

Keep track of the weather forecast in the days leading up to your wedding. Find out when exactly it rains; you might discover that it only rains at certain times of the day. Knowing weather situations in advance can help you tremendously. You can adjust your wedding program accordingly, keeping the weather in mind.

8. Have Extra Blankets and Towels on Hand

Along with rain comes a lot of wind, which can ultimately make your guests feel cold, especially the oldies. There is no point in making your guests uncomfortable. However, having extra blankets and towels on hand can keep your guests warm and enjoy the wedding fully.

9. Go For The Right Makeup And Hairstyle

The last thing that any bride would ever want is to have a messier look. Of course, rain can spoil your makeup and hair, which is not the right thing.

But, you can always ask your makeup artist to apply waterproof makeup and create a trendy messy bun or flower crown that will not fall apart in the face of rain or wind. At the same time, grooms can opt for frizz-free hairstyles.

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10. Keep Your Guests Warm With Hot Beverages

As previously stated, rain brings heavy winds, which may result in a drop in temperature. Having a hot chocolate bar or running tea/coffee can, on the other hand, keep your guests warm and cozy.

11. Don’t Let The Weather Affect Your Mood

Understand that some things are beyond our control, and the weather is one such thing. Of course, you cannot do anything about it except having backup plans and executing them when needed.

It’s perfectly fine to be upset about the rain, but don’t let it consume you. All eyes will be on you on your wedding day, and your guests will sense how you are feeling. Your guests will be upset if they see you sore and tense at your wedding. That is why maintaining a positive attitude is critical. It’s okay; things don’t always go the way we want them to.

Maintaining a positive attitude will not only help you have the best wedding pictures, but also let your guests be the part of celebration without throwing tantrums. Don’t be upset, just enjoy the day!

You cannot control the rain; however, you can always control how you feel about it!

The Bottom Line…

So, these are the tips you can use to make your wedding a memorable event even when it rains. Just follow the tips mentioned above and have a lavish wedding ceremony. When planning an outdoor wedding, be prepared for all types of weather, including rain.

Undoubtedly, rain makes the whole thing amazingly romantic. You can also take advantage of rain by getting the most romantic pictures of the day!

Happy Wedding… ☺ ☺