Delicious Self Catering Wedding Menu Lists and Ideas

Planning the perfect wedding menu can be a chore for many couples. Creating a self-catered event with an innovative, personalized menu is the best way to ensure your reception is memorable and unique. With careful consideration of dietary requirements and catering styles, you can create dishes that reflect meaningful experiences in both individuals’ lives while being budget-friendly at the same time!

Along with this comes entertainment packages such as live music or performances, elevating your special day – one guest will be remembered for a while! In this blog, we go through self-catering wedding menu ideas.

What is a Self-Catering Wedding

A self-catering wedding is a unique and affordable way to get married. This event eliminates the need for an outside caterer, reducing costs significantly. All you do is purchase food items in bulk from local vendors or online stores, appoint helpers or DIY to prepare them and arrange the venue yourself.

From farm-to-table menus filled with organic produce to intimate affairs surrounded by rustic charm – this alternative style of nuptials gives couples complete control over their special day while also providing access to savings that could be spent elsewhere on décor or activities for guests!

Why Self-Cater Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is an exciting yet stressful time. It’s essential to consider every detail and ensure that your special day goes off without a hitch. Self-catering can be the way for couples looking for more control over their wedding celebration—allowing you the flexibility and freedom to decide what kind of food will be served at your reception.

From buffet-style menus custom designed by yourself with locally sourced ingredients to having access to culinary staff who are experienced in serving large numbers of guests high-quality meals, self-catering ensures all elements come together beautifully on this momentous occasion!

Tips for Self-Catering Your Wedding

• Prioritize menus: Start by creating a menu that suits your budget and ensure the food is within reach of what you wish for.

• Tap Into Your Network: Take advantage of any connections or friends in catering businesses, bakeries, etc., who would be able to provide discounts on services or goods provided.

• Consider Collaborations: Ask family members or venue staff about helpful collaboration opportunities, such as pastry chefs working successfully with other couples at similar locations.

• Create Recipes That Travel Well: This will ensure that guests can enjoy their meals without worrying about them becoming cold during transportation from one location to another if needed.

• Utilise Online Resources To Choose & Compare Caterers: Look online for reviews and ratings when choosing caterers so you make an informed decision based on customer feedback.

• Set An Agenda & Timetable For Catering Preparation: Make sure all tasks are clear-cut and adhere to timelines that need completion by specific dates, i.e., setting up equipment, preparing recipes, etc

What You Will Need To Self-Cater Your Wedding

• Estimate the budget for food and beverages

• Research catering services or venues that will meet your wants and needs

• Plan an inclusive menu to give guests a wide range of options • Secure reliable wait staff, bartenders, and kitchen help (if necessary)

• Outline any special dietary requirements ahead of time

• Consider renting necessary equipment such as tables & chairs • Purchase disposable plates/cups/utensils if needed

• Create a timeline with tasks broken down into manageable chunks

Disadvantages of Self-Catering Wedding

Planning a wedding is an exciting time, but there are certain drawbacks to opting for self-catering. It can be costly and challenging to organize as you are responsible for sourcing all ingredients, recruiting staff to prepare meals, and finding suitable venues to cook and serve food safely.

With expert advice on catering laws or environmental health regulations, it could lead to unnecessary fines if everything needs to be done correctly. Having enough food will leave guests satisfied. At the same time, too much may mean wastage which would translate into financial losses, and less food may lead to potential embarrassment from those attending your special day not being fed adequately!

Best Self-Catering Wedding Menu Ideas


Appetizers like fruit kebabs

• Plan out a selection of tempting appetizers for your self-catering wedding.

• Consider the tastes and preferences of each guest, as well as dietary restrictions that need to be accommodated.

• Get creative with finger foods like tapas, fruit kebabs, or mini quiches.

• Invest in professional plating options such as bowls, trays, or stands to make the presentation attractive and organized.

• Be sure to have enough variety so everyone will find something they enjoy eating during cocktail hour!

• Utilize vegetables like crudité bars with flavorful dips; there are many vegan dip recipes available online these days!

• Keep portions small – you want guests leaving the party feeling nourished but also wanting more: this is where entrees come into play later in the evening’s festivities! It’s one of the exceptional self-catering wedding menu ideas.


colourful greek salads

• Create a delicious and nutritious salad bar with colorful fruits, vegetables, and other toppings for your special event.

• Choose from an array of traditional salads like Greek salad, Caesar’s Salad, or Asian slaw to add variety in flavor profiles.

• Let guests customize their creations with quinoa bowl options that include fresh veggies such as bell peppers, tomatoes & olives, crunchy nuts & seeds, and a selection of flavorful dressings.

• Have fun by offering creative takes on classic recipe favorites, including Waldorf or Nicoise Salads made with vibrant ingredients grown locally when possible!

• Set up separate tables for vegetarian-friendly selections to accommodate all dietary preferences during dinner time festivities – think roasted cauliflower tabbouleh wraps & kale caesar pesto sandwiches!

Main Course

Main Course

• Consider the preferences of your guests when planning a self-catering wedding.

• Take time to explore menu ideas for main courses that will satisfy everyone’s tastes.

• Try new dishes, or tailor traditional recipes with seasonal ingredients and spices.

• Research meal options based on dietary requirements such as vegetarianism or veganism, which are popular among many cultures in today’s weddings.

• Incorporate local cuisine into your reception by sourcing fresh produce from nearby farmers’ markets and grocers—a great way to show off local culture while ensuring all attendees have something tasty to eat!

• Create an interactive food station where guests can make their meals according to their preferences – customization is critical in these settings!

• Offer crowd-pleasing family favorites like lasagna, roasted turkey breast stuffed with wild mushrooms, prime rib pot roast slow cooked over herbs & garlic served alongside delicious sides such as cheesy mashed potatoes, grilled vegetables topped with herbed butter, maple glazed carrots, etc.


side dishes

• Prepare self-catered hors d’oeuvres for cocktail hour, such as stuffed mushrooms, crudités with dip, and mini quiches.

• Serve a buffet of chilled salads like potato salad or coleslaw to accompany the main course.

• Consider adding comfort foods like macaroni & cheese or mashed potatoes to your menu if desired.

• Create beautiful charcuterie boards featuring meats, cheeses, dried fruits, and crackers as part of the meal plan.

• Offer sides including roasted vegetables in seasonings/olive oil or sautéed greens cooked in garlic butter sauce, among other tasty options.

• Utilize bread from local bakeries that are fresh before dinner is served to guests, along with honey wheat buns if needed, at no extra cost since you’re providing them yourself!

• Disperse small portions of desserts on platters so everyone can have something sweet after dinner without feeling overwhelmed by too many dessert selections all at once – this will also save money!



• Impress guests with delightful pastries like cream-filled profiteroles and custard tarts.

• Add a classic twist to the dessert table with light meringues glazed in summer berries or chocolate truffles dusted in cocoa powder.

• Introduce an exciting jolt of flavor by incorporating zesty lemon tartlets, perfumed raspberry sorbet, almond nougatine ice-cream cake slices, or sumptuous strawberry pavlovas on individual glass plates.

• Keep things simple but elegant with miniature choux éclairs drizzled with delicious dark Belgian Chocolate sauce alongside mini white creme brulée portions served warm & topped up with great cream topping

• Serve enticing macarons featuring exotic flavors such as rosemary ginger lime, salted caramel ganache, tangy passionfruit curd, etc.. for guests looking for something unique!

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beverages like juices and lemon ice tea

• Serving a selection of quality beverages is essential for any wedding.

• Choose non-alcoholic options that everyone can enjoy, such as sparkling water with fresh fruit slices or homemade flavored ice teas.

• If you offer alcohol, consider adding signature cocktails to the menu using exotic fruits and liquors.

• For beer lovers, set up an open-air kiosk featuring craft brews worldwide on tap in frosted glasses.

• Stock your bar area with bottles of red & white wines plus spirits like gin, vodka, and whiskey, along with mixers like juices/sodas/tonics, etc.

• Creative presentation ideas include floating lemons & mint in large punch bowls for interesting visual mocktails

• Consider chilled bubbly options like freshly squeezed orange juice topped off with Prosecco or Champagne flutes filled with berry sorbets at each place setting


At the end of the day, self-catering is an excellent alternative to traditional wedding catering. It can be customized to individual tastes and choices without breaking your budget. With careful planning, you can create an exquisite menu to make your special day more memorable.

Self-catering not only gives brides and grooms the chance to express their personalities through food but also helps them save money! We hope this blog on self-catering wedding menu is useful to the readers.