DIY Wedding Decoration Ideas That Are Both Creative and Budget-friendly

DIY Wedding Decoration

If you want your wedding decorations to be unique, you can make your decoration to suit your personality. You don’t need to be a designer or a creative person to DIY wedding decoration ideas. When you think of DIY ideas for wedding decoration, you will discover that there are lots of creative designs you can choose from.

While searching for DIY wedding decoration ideas, you should choose something simple to save time. You will find some designs that are easy to create without taking so much time. There are several DIY wedding decorations that you can choose from while planning your wedding.

These days, people believe there is no need to get an event planner to help with the decorations. If you are working with a certain budget and don’t want to spend on professional decorators, go for DIY decoration.

As you read on, you will find several DIY wedding decoration ideas in this post. You can choose any of these decoration ideas to make your day beautiful.

Now, let’s get started…

First, you need to know what a DIY wedding decoration idea means. You also need to know about the things you should put into consideration before you start a DIY wedding decoration.

➤ What Is DIY Wedding Decoration?

DIY simply means “do it yourself.” A DIY wedding decoration is a decision a couple makes to handle the decoration part of the wedding. Lots of couples prefer to handle this aspect of the wedding plan than hiring the services of a vendor. You might have your reason for deciding to choose a DIY decoration for your wedding.

DIY Flower Décor

Most couples prefer to have DIY wedding decoration ideas as it is a cost-effective option. It will cut the cost of normal expenses. Couples who do not want to spend so much on a wedding celebration opt for DIY decoration.

➤ What To Consider For DIY Wedding Decoration Ideas

To DIY your wedding decoration can be exciting and satisfying because you will make it look exactly like what you want. Before you proceed with your DIY wedding decoration, you need to know the things you should put into consideration.

The following are what you should consider for DIY wedding decoration ideas:

  • Avoid spending recklessly on the materials you will use for your DIY decoration. You should be resourceful while purchasing materials. For DIY wedding decoration, you can also make use of some items in your home.
  • Avoid procrastinating whatever steps you need to take towards your venue decoration. The moment you have gotten a venue and you have your wedding date fixed, do not take much time in setting up the place.
  • Whatever decoration you want, you should not be slow in achieving it.
  • Do not be so quick to ask for help from your family members or friends. Be determined to do your DIY wedding decoration yourself, but if anyone offers to help out, it’s fine.
  • Make your DIY decoration simple and beautiful. You don’t have to spend so much on getting materials for your decoration. If you feel you have so much cash to get materials for DIY decoration, then that’s not a problem. You should spend wisely while purchasing materials for DIY decoration.
  • While decorating your venue, ensure you catch lots of fun. A DIY wedding decoration is fun to do, especially if your spouse is with you in it.
  • Ensure you get your venue ready before your big day so you don’t get worked up.

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➤ Importance Of DIY Wedding Decoration Ideas

While planning for your decoration, the color of the day has a vital role to play in the decoration. Make sure to select the perfect color scheme for your wedding day. Everything from your flowers to your DIY items will reflect your personality.

Once your decoration is perfectly done to your satisfaction, you can be sure that your venue is ready for your event.

There is some importance in getting a DIY wedding decoration done; it includes:

  • A DIY wedding decoration helps to save costs and time.
  • It makes the whole venue look unique and creative.
  • A DIY wedding decoration helps to make your day memorable and exceptional.
  • Everyone believes that a wedding decoration is mostly noticed in all wedding celebrations, so having a DIY will make your big day appear natural.
  • There are lots of DIY decorations available you can choose from that will add color to your day.
  • All DIY decorations are crafted and give your venue the feeling of a beautiful atmosphere.
  • A DIY decor gives you room to create your design. As it allows you to decide which DIY decoration you want and also helps you manage what you have at home.

➤ Different Types Of DIY Wedding Decorations Ideas

There are different types of DIY wedding decoration ideas that have been carefully listed for you to choose from. For each type of DIY wedding decor, there are also many styles classified under each DIY idea.

The following are the different types of DIY wedding decoration ideas, this includes:

1. DIY Wedding Arches

DIY wedding arches have different types of designs that you can choose from. It includes the following:

DIY Wedding Arches


  • Hanging Flowers

You can hang some flowers on top of the arch that serves as a doorway for you and your spouse at the reception venue.

  • Curtains Over A Wooden Arch

This particular style of DIY gives your venue a beautiful appearance, making it look more elegant. And the best part of this DIY method is that it is a budget-friendly option.

  • Geometric Shapes

You can also decide to make a geometric shape style for your DIY decor. You can make different shapes like octagons, hexagonal, triangles, pentagons, or circles. With either of these shapes, you can get a unique design.

  • Greenery Tree Branches

You can also make use of tree branches to make your arch. It will give your venue a completely natural appearance. You can make use of flowers, greenery, or drapery to make your venue look more beautiful. This is often the best DIY wedding decoration idea for couples opting for eco-friendly weddings.

  • Wooden Arch With Flowers

You can choose to design a wooden arch with some flowers on top of a rectangular arch. This makes the whole entrance look elegant and beautiful.

  • Arch With Wedding Hashtag Or Names

If you’re looking for a unique DIY décor idea, then this is the one. All you have to do is to create an arch with wedding hashtags and names. You can use this in your reception venue. It will just add an element to your special day.

2. DIY Wedding Ideas With Candles

Candles never go out of fashion. They’re widely used elements when it comes to decorating a venue. There are different styles of DIY wedding candles that you can choose from. It includes the following:

There are several ways that you can get your candles decorated for your DIY wedding decoration. You can do this by wrapping the candles with nice material before placing them on your table.

3. DIY Wedding Centerpieces

There are a few styles of DIY wedding centrepieces, which include the following:

  • Wooden Plaques With Candles And Flowers
  • Flowers In A Mason Jar
  • Scattered Candles And Flowers
  • Flowers in bottle
  • Twinkle light in lanterns – it’s a great way to decorate your venue. You will love to walk down the aisle with your significant other.
  • Geometric glass
  • Lanterns surrounded by flowers
  • Scattered Candles and flowers
  • Numbered Twinkly Lights In Bottles.

DIY Wedding Centerpieces

You can opt for any of these centerpiece ideas to make the tables at the reception look stunning. The best thing about these décor ideas is that they’re very budget-friendly options.

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4. DIY Wedding Exit Decoration

While decorating your wedding venue, it’s also important for you to consider decorating the exit for the guest.

DIY Wedding Exit Decoration

You can choose any of these styles for your DIY wedding exit decoration:

  • Glitter in Bottles
  • Glow stick
  • Sprinkles
  • Wooden Bell Wands
  • Bubbles
  • Beach balls
  • Flower petals
  • Party poppers

5. DIY Wedding Decoration Favours

The wedding favor is one of the most important parts of your wedding. You don’t need to spend lavishly on your wedding favors. You can always opt for some thoughtful wedding favors for your guests that they will always have as a keepsake of your wedding.

DIY Wedding Decoration Favours

The different types of DIY wedding decoration favor include the following:

  • Succulents
  • Chocolate
  • Mints
  • Coffee Beans
  • Cookie Boxes
  • Hot Chocolate

6. DIY Flower Décor

Your DIY wedding decorations are always incomplete if the flower decorations are missing. Always add some spice to your day by creating lovely flower decorations. You don’t need to spend lavishly on expensive flowers. You can make use of basic and really inexpensive flowers to create the décor of your dream. Some of the best and budget-friendly flowers that you may consider for your DIY wedding decoration include Roses,

Gerbera Daisies, Hydrangeas, Daisy Spray, Lilies, and so on.

➤ DIY Wedding Decorations Ideas For An Event

You can also consider these designs for your DIY wedding decoration for your big day. Here are a few other examples of DIY wedding decoration ideas that you can choose from:

1. Driftwood Ceremony Sign

You can opt for a driftwood ceremony sign if you need something very simple and not as elaborate as your DIY decor. It will make your venue look amazing.

2. Hanging Flower Arrangement for Ceremony Chair

Make your ceremony chair look stunning. This decoration style also involves the use of flowers, monogrammed mason jars, or waterproof lights.

3. Bohemian Rug Aisle Runners

With your bohemian Rug, you can come up with an outside-the-box wedding décor idea. This is an excellent DIY wedding decoration idea for your outdoor wedding. If you truly want to make your outdoor wedding a memorable one, this is the idea you should opt for.

4. Rustic Wood Heart Guest Book

If you are someone who truly likes to have a wooden design as a DIY wedding decoration, then this design makes a lot of sense. It’s very unique in its way and makes your venue feel lively.

Summing it up…

So, these are some of the best DIY wedding decoration ideas that you can consider choosing for your D Day.

When making plans to decorate your wedding venue by using the DIY method, then you need to choose carefully. You can make your atmosphere look the way you want it to be by simply using any of the DIY ideas. If you have proper planning for your wedding, you can be sure of saving lots of costs.

Remember, your venue decoration speaks louder about your big day, and you wouldn’t want to spoil your day with a horrible decoration. There are many DIY wedding decorations that you can choose from and make your day look colorful. Properly plan for your event and make sure your decoration is in order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does It Cost Much To Get a DIY Wedding Decoration?

There is no definite answer to the question because it depends on what you want. Some DIY decor costs much while others cost less. It all depends on the individual’s choice. The cost of materials you want to use may be high which can make you spend more than your budget. It’s advised you go for materials that are not expensive if you want to manage.

What Is The Cost For Planning a DIY Wedding Decoration?

The truth is a lot of couples hand over the entire plans of their wedding to an event planner. Only a few couples go for a DIY option. If you want to know the cost of DIY wedding decoration is not a bad idea, but you can be sure that you won’t spend too much.

You can spend up to $3,000 or less, depending on how large you want your wedding to be. The larger the decoration, the more the cost. You should work with a budget in advance.

How Can You Get Your Wedding Venue Decorated?

Getting your wedding venue decorated does not require so much from you. This is fun when you do so because you get the chance to bring your personality and likes into reality. Your taste and choice differ from each other, but when it comes to decoration, you will like to make it creative. While doing this decor, you can add any style to it just to make it different from what anyone usually has.

You can get your tables decorated as well with any material of your choice or you can do whatever you wish to in order to make your venue look stunning.

What Else Can You DIY For Your Wedding?

Apart from decorating your venue, there are also some other DIY for a wedding. This DIY includes your wedding cake, table centerpiece, invitation, welcome signs, etc.

Whatever you feel you can do, it’s not bad if you can get it done yourself provided you are creative. Opting for DIY wedding decoration ideas will help you save a lot of cost and energy.

Can a DIY Wedding Decoration Be Done From Home?

Yes! You can get your DIY wedding decoration done from home. Once you are done crafting the type of DIY you want, you can then take it to the venue and arrange everything there!

Happy Wedding… ☺ ☺

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