Do’s & Don’ts for Brides to Follow on Their Wedding Day

Do’s & Don’ts for brides to follow on their wedding day

Even after everything is in place while planning a wedding, there are certain that we tend to forget. In a wedding, you can expect anything and so it is important that you are ready beforehand, because after that it becomes hard to manage things. And the moment things start to go topsy turvy brides go frenzy. So, instead of going frenzy at your wedding, it’s better to keep a few Do’s and Don’ts in your mind on your wedding day.

Here we go…

The DO’s

The Don't

  • Eat light on the day of your wedding. Eating very heavy food may either make you bloat or create discomfort for you, which is not wise.
  • Do check with your photographer the time of the ‘getting ready photos’ and other shots. More often than not, photographers start capturing getting ready photos about half way through when hair is done.
    Meditate a bit in the morning as you wake up. It will help you deal with all the situations that you will come across for the whole day.
  • Arrange for a separate room or place for yourself where you along with your bridesmaid can get ready without any disturbance. This is in case your makeup artist is arriving at your place.
  • Arrange for a separate chauffeur driven cab for yourself that you will need when you will go to the parlor for getting ready.
  • Keep some snacks ready in your bag. So that when you feel like eating something while getting ready you can have the snacks. Granola bar or energy bar will also do.
  • Have water bottles around. Of course, unlike other days you won’t be able to move here and there while you will be getting ready. So for your convenience keep water bottled around.
  • Listen to some music. Music is a great anecdote to the soul, and your wedding day is a day full of several different emotions that sometimes become difficult to handle. So, listen to your favorite music and feel light for the whole day.
  • Stay cool and calm. There will be situations when you will feel frenzied, but there is no point in losing your temperament for things which are not in your control. So, it’s better to stay calm.
    Use the washroom before you put on your wedding attire as it becomes difficult to use the washroom after that.
  • Have a small makeup kit handy with your bridesmaid so whenever you need a touch up your friend or bridesmaid would be able to do that.
  • Let the maid of honor be around you during the wedding so whenever you need some assistance she would be able to help you with.
  • It’s no brainer, still wear your heels before you wear your wedding lehenga or saree, this way you will be able to get your lehenga/saree tied at the right place for the right length.
  • Get a sipper or a straw or a glass for drinking anything from water to soft drinks. Of course, drinking directly from the glass will affect your lipstick and your makeup artist will keep reapplying your lipstick again and again, which won’t look good!
  • Be organized on the day of your wedding. Keep plenty of time on hand for the family, bridal and couple portraits. As photography sessions sometimes take a lot of time and you would never want to miss these pre-wedding photographs!

Be happy and smile!

The DON’Ts

The Do's

  • Do not be overwhelmed with things. Just stay cool and calm. It is essential for a bride to stay cool on the day of wedding. There will be situations that would be troublesome, but then getting disturbed or stressed out won’t help you anyways.
  • Do not shampoo your hair on the day of your wedding. If you wash your hair on the day of your wedding, your hair stylist will find it difficult to give you the desired hairstyle. You can wash your head a day before your wedding by that time your hair will be in better condition.
  • Do not have the same person for your makeup and for your hair, instead book separately.
  • Do not exert yourself, let others handle the wedding related things. You just focus on your wedding and looking beautiful on the day of your wedding. Trust that rest everything will be taken care of.
  • Do not choose heavy makeup. Heavy makeup does not look good at all. Instead go for the one that suits you the most. Same goes with the hair also, do not choose any hairdo randomly, instead go for the one which looks good on your face.
  • Do not disturb your makeup artist and hair artist while they are doing their job. Some brides tend to talk a lot or ask a lot of questions while getting ready, it simply disturbs your makeup artist.
    Don’t delay anything or don’t be late for your makeup as it will disturb your entire schedule for the day.

Happy Wedding….. And Be Happy On Your Wedding…. ☺ ☺