20 Fantastic Eco-Friendly Wedding Gift Ideas

Eco-Friendly Wedding Gift ideas

With an increasing number of couples opting for an environmentally friendly wedding, guests are increasingly confronted with the difficult question of what to give as a suitably green gift. Selecting a welcome gift for a bridal couple is a difficult task, even in the best of circumstances. Do they already have one? Will it complement their color scheme? Will it appeal to them? These are the kinds of questions that usually come to mind while guests scour through the internet to find something suitable. However, when it is expected to be an Eco-Friendly Wedding Gift idea, and you are not a ‘greenie’ yourself, the problem becomes much graver.

The following are some ideas to get you started and hopefully get you on your way to come up with some of your own.

Let’s get started…

1. Coasters made from Eco-friendly cork

Eco-Friendly Wedding Gift ideas

Nothing can beat this, believe me! This is one of the most beautiful wedding gifts available, and it is also environmentally friendly. This set of four natural cork coasters is handcrafted from renewable cork. It’s a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional coasters and a great gift idea for couples planning an eco-friendly wedding.

Price: US$ 13.04

Available at: Etsy.com

2. Wood Photo Album

Wood photo album is an excellent wedding gift

For couples planning an environmentally friendly wedding, a wood photo album is an excellent wedding gift. This handcrafted photo album is made from high-quality plywood and design paper. It can be used as a scrapbook, wedding album, family book, graduation memorial album, and other similar purposes.

It is the ideal gift for weddings, Christmas, or an anniversary. It is made up of 40 sheets of design paper (80 pages). Each page can accommodate two or more photos of varying sizes. Inner paper dimensions are 200×225 mm. It comes with a wooden box that can be customized with your text.

Price: US$ 48.38

Available at: Etsy.com

3. An Organic Vegetable Seeds Kit

Eco-Friendly organic vegetable seeds kit wedding gift

A kit of organic vegetable seeds is an excellent gift for couples who enjoy growing their own food. The kit will include a variety of seeds, hand tools, and an introduction to organic gardening. The couple will undoubtedly appreciate this wedding gift. The best part is that it is a thoughtful and practical Eco-Friendly sustainable wedding gift.

Price: US$ 21.83

Available at: Etsy.com

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4. Paperless “Paper” Towels

Paperless Paper Towels Eco-Friendly Wedding Gift

Paperless towels will make an excellent wedding gift for an eco-conscious couple. They would be able to replace all of those paper products, reducing household waste and contributing to environmental protection! These towels are handmade with polyester thread. This set includes 12 towels that are 1-ply, 10 “x14”, and made of high-quality 100 percent cotton. These reusable cotton towels have rounded edges and an overlock stitch for durability and prevention of fraying.

Price: US$ 26.50

Available at: Etsy.com

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5. Wooden Serving Board

Wooden Serving Board Eco-Friendly Wedding Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for out-of-the-box eco-friendly wedding gift ideas, consider a wooden serving board. This board is handcrafted from high-quality wood for added durability. It has two removable white ceramic bowls that can be used inside the board or separately, creating two extra compartments. Couples would love to serve their guests their favorite snacks and nuts.

Price: US$ 47.99

Available at: Etsy.com

6. Mr. & Mrs. Personalized Candle

Personalized candle eco-friendly wedding gift

Mr. & Mrs. Personalised candle with gift box is an ideal wedding keepsake. You can customize it by adding the couple’s family name and wedding date. You can even personalize the candle with a message for the couple. They will undoubtedly appreciate this eco-friendly wedding gift idea. Think about it!

Price: US$ 13.09

Available at: Etsy.com

7. Mr. and Mrs. Eco-Friendly Glass Set

Mr. and Mrs. Eco-Friendly Glass Set Gift Ideas

Mr. and Mrs. Eco-friendly glass set is ideal for couples who want to have an eco-friendly wedding. This would make an excellent wedding gift. The couple would enjoy their evenings with these lovely Black and White glasses with leaf decoration.

Price: US$ 85.00+

Available at: Etsy.com

8. Wooden Chopping board

Wooden Chopping board Eco-Friendly Wedding Gift

It is an excellent personalized wedding gift that can be engraved with the couple’s name and wedding date and a personalized message. This chopping board is handcrafted from high-quality Walnut, White oak, mineral oil, organic beeswax, and hardwood. The laser technique is used for engraving the matter. This personalized cutting board is an excellent wedding present for your loved ones. When the couple would use this board, it would remind them of those special moments and keep the memory alive.

Price: US$ 28.95+

Available at: Etsy.com

9. Indoor Planter

Indoor Planter Eco-Friendly Wedding Gift Ideas

These canvas planters make an excellent wedding present. With their new plant, the couple would be able to watch love grow over time! This planter is made from organic cotton canvas sourced in North America and comes with the option of a turned top cuff. On one side, you can include a personalized message for the couple or a favorite saying, and on the other, their names and wedding date.

Price: US$ 22.65+

Available at: Etsy.com

10. Custom Water Color Painting

Custom Water Color Painting Eco-Friendly Wedding Gift

This custom watercolor painting makes for an excellent wedding gift. This personalized watercolor canvas portrait is printed on high-quality canvas. Just give the couple’s photo and get it printed on the canvas in watercolor.

Price: US$ 24.50+

Available at: Etsy.com

11. Personalized Wooden, Keepsake Memory Box

Wooden Memory Box Eco-Friendly Wedding Gift Ideas

A personalized wooden keepsake memory box is ideal for eco-friendly wedding couples. They’d love to use it to keep their valuables safe, such as wedding rings and jewelry. Get the couple’s name and wedding date etched on it for that personal touch.

Price: US$ 8.00+

Available at: Etsy.com

12. Organic Spicy Seasonings

 Organic Spicy Seasonings Eco-Friendly Wedding Gift Idea

A chic wedding gift for a cutting-edge couple. They would undoubtedly appreciate receiving this as a wedding gift. It is a very useful wedding that will remind a couple of their special day for the rest of their lives. They will enjoy using it while preparing their meals.

Price: US$ 55.00

Available at: Etsy.com

13. Eco-Friendly Wooden Ring Holder

Eco-Friendly Wooden Ring Holder Wedding Gift Ideas

This handcrafted wooden ring holder is made of select grade oak wood and is finished with all-natural beeswax and mineral oil for a beautiful, glossy, and chemical-free finish. It’s ideal for any occasion, including an eco-friendly wedding. It can be used to store valuable items such as a bracelet, brooch, earrings, pin, ring, watch, and so on. They will no longer be concerned about losing their valuables.

Price: US$ 19.20

Available at: Etsy.com

14. Personalized Engraved Bamboo Wine Bottle Rack

Excellent wedding gift for eco-conscious couples

With this Personalized Engraved Bamboo Wine Bottle Rack, a couple would stack their wine in style. It is an excellent wedding gift for eco-conscious couples. It can be customized with a name, a message, or a special date. This bamboo wine holder can be laser-engraved with the couple’s names, making it a one-of-a-kind gift.

Price: US$ 53.87

Available at: Etsy.com

15. Just Married Personalized Wood Wick Mason Jar Candle

Personalized Jar Candle Wedding Gift Ideas

Just Married Personalized Wood Wick Mason Jar Candle is the ideal present for a newlywed couple. This candle is made entirely of pure soy wax. You can choose the fragrance based on the preferences of the couple. They would enjoy lighting this candle when spending romantic time together. Give it a shot!

Price: US$ 13.49+

Available at: Etsy.com

16. Eco Wooden Bamboo Cutlery Set

Eco Wooden Bamboo Cutlery Set Wedding Gift Ideas

It’s an outstanding eco-friendly wedding present. The set includes a fork, spoon, and chopsticks made of naturally sustainable bamboo, all packaged in a convenient cloth case. Perfect for taking on vacation, picnics, or keeping in the handbag for a last-minute outdoor feast! Because each item is reusable, it is an excellent alternative to plastic cutlery and straws.

Price: US$ 8.72

Available at: Etsy.com

17. Eco-Friendly Bamboo Plates

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Plates Best Wedding Gift Ideas

These lovely and colorful plates would make an excellent gift for an eco-friendly wedding couple. Both color and confidence will be added to their table with these 10 inches spun bamboo plates! These bamboo plates are eco-friendly and a great alternative to plastic plates. These plates are available in four different colors, so buy them as a set or mix it up and order them all in the same color!

Price: US$ 9.50+

Available at: Etsy.com

18. Eco-Friendly Ring Box

Eco-Friendly Ring Box Wedding Gift Ideas

This handcrafted ring box made of acacia tree from Ukraine’s steppes is a one-of-a-kind wedding gift. This can be personalized with the couple’s name and wedding date. You can even include a photo of the couple to give it an even more personal touch. If you’re looking for a chic wedding gift, then go for this one!

Price: US$ 13.00+

Available at: Etsy.com

19. A Donation to Charity

A Donation to Charity

Lastly, donate to their favorite charity. If they already have most of what they need or haven’t already established a home by the time they marry, make a donation to their favorite charity instead of purchasing something they’ll never use.

Wrapping it up…

So there you have it: the 19 best Eco-friendly wedding gift ideas for your friend’s eco-friendly wedding. Instead of traditional wrapping paper, it’s also a good idea to wrap gifts in something reusable, such as a wicker basket, bath or kitchen towels, or a canvas bag. Not only will you be assisting the couple in keeping their day green, but they will also receive an additional gift! BINGO!!

Happy Gifting… ☺ ☺