101 Happy Engagement Anniversary Wishes and Quotes for Couple

Top 90+ Engagement Anniversary Wishes

Getting engaged is a big deal since it signifies the beginning of a new chapter in a couple’s lives. engagement anniversary wishes when you know you’ve arrived when your spouse says “yes” to your marriage proposal.

Proposing the love of your life for marriage is one of the most romantic and significant moments in any relationship. Sending your partner engagement anniversary wishes is a lovely gesture.

Using beautiful wording, you can create a more vibrant atmosphere to share the delight of this momentous occasion with the one you care about. If writing is not your cup of tea, then this post is apt for you.

Even though you and your spouse have been together for many years, you still have many aspirations and hopes to celebrate this special anniversary. So, even if you don’t know what exactly you want, scroll down to take help!

We have gathered the top 100 engagement anniversary wishes for you to share with your wife, spouse, parents, other family members, and even friends.

Take a look…

101 Engagement Anniversary Wishes

Engagement Anniversary Wishes For Your Spouse

1 . It’s a special day for us honey! May we always be joyful together as we celebrate our anniversary. Happy Engagement Anniversary my Sweetheart!

Engagement Anniversary Wishes

2. Happy engagement anniversary my superhero. Life with you has been filled with lots of beautiful moments. If I am to choose a spouse, I will always choose you. I promise to always love you endlessly.

3. When I look deep into your eyes, I see the future of you and I. I wish we have a great time together in this journey of life. Wishing you a happy engagement anniversary!

4. It’s a special day to remember! And you know what; I can’t thank you less for making me a part of your life. You always have a special place in my heart. Happy engagement anniversary my sweetheart.

5. My world was filled with darkness before you came in and brought light. I feel very excited each time I think about us. I couldn’t have wished for a better partner than you. You have brightened my world darling! Happy engagement anniversary my love!

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6. Happy engagement anniversary to you my heartthrob, you have brought everything, including peace, joy and love to my life. Thank you for making this journey so special my Love!

Engagement Anniversary Wishes

7. Happy Engagement Anniversary my love! You are all I ever wanted, and I pray that our engagement anniversary make you feel fulfilled every day in life. I love you my precious jewel.

8. Waking up each day with you by your side means a lot to me. You brighten my day and also add so much colour to my life. Let’s paint the world together as we celebrate our engagement anniversary today. Have fun beauty!

9. Words fail me to express how I much love and cherish you. You have made this journey so sweet and joyful for me. I wish that we continuously make progress together in life. Happy engagement anniversary!

10. With you by my side is the best thing I have ever wanted. The time I get to spend with you is precious and unforgettable. I hope you know how much you mean to me today, my precious. Congratulations to us on our engagement!

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11. May we always enjoy peace all through the days of our life. Happy engagement anniversary to us my sunshine.

Engagement Anniversary Wishes

12. Everyday has become special to me ever since I met you. I feel happy to have taken the bold step of proposing to you. You are the best thing ever happened to me. I wish we stay close to each other forever. Happy engagement anniversary!

13. Life has been so precious and full of fun from the first day we met. I knew you were meant for me, and I am glad that we chose to spend our lives together. You mean so much to me my love. Happy engagement anniversary to us!

14. Whenever I close my eyes, all I see is your face and the lovely memories we’ve had together since we started this journey. I have every reason to thank God for an amazing partner like you. Happy engagement anniversary to my soulmate.

15. You are so generous! You are irreplaceable! May we always be joyful together. Happy Engagement Anniversary dearest.

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16. My dear beautiful wife, being engaged to you is one of the best decisions I have made in this life. I just want to say thanks for making my life so special in every way! Happy engagement anniversary!!

Engagement Anniversary Wishes

17. An engagement anniversary wishes to my wife, honey earnestly I can’t explain how important you are to me; all I want is you by my side all my life! Happy engagement anniversary my beloved wife!!

18. Honey, on this day, we promise ourselves a bond of trust and unconditional love for each other. Thanks for your faithfulness my dear. Happy engagement anniversary!

19. My love, I feel so complete with you. I love you so much. Happy engagement anniversary my love.

20. You are the reason behind every smile on my face, and every laughter on my lips. You never let me shed tears as it hurts you to see me do that. Your sacrifices for our union are just so tremendous. You are my Superman. May all your wishes for us come true. I love you, Treasure. Happy engagement anniversary to us!

21. You have taught me to love honey. If am to love anyone, I will love you over again. You know why? It’s because you are irreplaceable. Happy engagement anniversary my love!

Engagement Anniversary Wishes

22. Saying yes to you was the best decision I made in life. To the world we are just one year, but to me it’s like we have been together since the world began. You have showered me with so much love that I can’t comprehend. Happy engagement anniversary!

23. Sweetheart, from the moment I set my eyes on you, I saw the light in your eyes, that’s why I called you my light thank you for being the light of my life. Happy engagement anniversary my love. I love you!!

24. Wow! We are one year old today my wife may we encounter God’s blessings, love, favour and peace in our home. Happy engagement anniversary to you my love!!

25. Happy engagement anniversary to you my world, I’m glad to be with you, and I will forever be by your side my Hero because I know my safety is sure with you my king!!

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26. I am thankful to you for making me feel so special every moment. I would say that I am the luckiest woman to have a husband like you in my life. I wish you all the happiness in the world today and always as we celebrate our 5th engagement anniversary.

27. Let’s make this day a memorable day with lots of love stories. Sending you the best engagement anniversary wishes my love!

Engagement Anniversary Wishes

28. Happy engagement anniversary to you my love, thank you for being such an understanding, caring, charming and loving person over the years. I love you!!

29. Dearest, I adore you. For bringing so much happiness into my life, I thank you. Happy engagement anniversary to us!

30. Engagement anniversaries wishes for my dear husband. Getting engaged to you is the best and most special thing that has happened to me, I was never complete until I found you but now I am not just complete but I’m fulfilled. Happy engagement anniversary!!!

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31. On this day, when my love came to this world, I wish to tell you what you mean to me. Happy engagement anniversary my love!

Engagement Anniversary Wishes

32. Happy Engagement Anniversary sunshine! If there is anything I wish for today is to spend the rest of my life loving you forever!

Engagement Anniversary Wishes For Your Friend

33. I wish you both an amazing happy engagement anniversary this year. I pray that you will always experience God’s faithfulness and love together. May you two remain together forever!

34. Being tied to the person of your dreams is the desire of everyone and seeing it become a reality is a gift from God. I wish you both a splendid journey together in life. Happy engagement anniversary!

35. Watching you both go through tough times together but still standing strong is amazing. May the love you both have for each other keep growing and blossom. Happy engagement anniversary to you both!

36. Happy engagement anniversary to the best couples. May God’s grace, and continuous blessings be upon you both now and forever. May you both be filled with lots of love. Happy Engagement Anniversary!

Engagement Anniversary Wishes

37. A very big congratulations to you both for a blissful and a wonderful engagement anniversary. Happy engagement anniversary to you!

38. May you be happy for the rest of your life as you celebrate this fantastic engagement anniversary together. Wishing you both a happy engagement anniversary!

39. The love you both share together is really charming. May this engagement anniversary bring forth blessings and favour. Happy engagement anniversary!

40. Best wishes to this best and most amazing couple. May almighty bless your Union. Happy engagement anniversary!

41. Happy engagement anniversary to you both, may you grow in love together and continue to live as one in all ramifications have a blessed day.

Engagement Anniversary Wishes

42. Happy engagement anniversary to the best couple I know. May your love grow each day you spend together as husband and wife! Congratulations!

43. May your marriage be filled with lots of love and affection for each other, and may you both be each other’s strength. Happy engagement anniversary!

44. Marriage is a lifetime commitment, trust unconditionally and zero argument, promise each other and be happy together! Happy engagement anniversary!

45. May the rings you just put on each other’s fingers be the ones that keep you together till death does you separate. We wish you many happy returns of the day you became engaged! Happy engagement anniversary!

46. Engagement anniversaries wishes for you my dearest friend. I wish you two a wonderful life today and always. Happy engagement anniversary!!

Engagement Anniversary Wishes

47. Dear friend, I am happy to see you getting engaged to the love of your life exactly a year before. I wish you two a great life together. Happy engagement anniversary!!
48. Happy engagement anniversary, wishing you two a blissful and joyous engagement anniversary celebration.

49 .The true meaning of love to me is having you in my life. You worth more than a million to me. Thank you for saying yes. Happy engagement anniversary my queen.

50. Dear friend, I feel so excited each time I remember this day. Your life has been so admirable and I wish you all the good things of life together with your husband. Always stay together! Happy engagement anniversary.

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51. Each time I take a look at you, I feel so fortunate to have you by my side. You are every woman’s dream. You change my world and give me a reason to always stay happy. I love you so much Treasure! Happy engagement anniversary to us.

Engagement Anniversary Wishes

52. I remember how it all started as friends. I am not surprised that you both are still standing with each other. I admire the love you share and I wish you both all the good things of life. Happy engagement anniversary friend!

53. The sweet bond between you and your partner is so amazing. May your married life together be filled with so much happiness as you celebrate your engagement anniversary.

54. It’s years today since you exchanged rings with each other on your engagement day. I wish you both all the very best of life every day. Happy engagement anniversary bestie!

55. Congratulations dear friend on your engagement anniversary! I am so excited to see you and your wife live happily together after so many years. Happy engagement anniversary.

Engagement Anniversary Wishes For Best Friend

56. Your dad and I hope you have a wonderful life post-wedding. I am excited to see you get wed-locked soon, my dearest daughter. Happy 6-month engagement anniversary!

Engagement Anniversary Wishes

57. The two of you were meant to be together. Congratulations on your engagement anniversary!

58. We hope you have a wonderful celebration of your engagement anniversary, honouring the day when you two chose to become one! Happy engagement anniversary.

59. We wish you the best of luck on your engagement anniversary, my precious daughter. You’ve blossomed into a beautiful young lady.

60. We’re so fortunate to get to see you build a life with someone who brings you so much joy.

61. We’re thrilled that you’ve discovered someone who accepts and cherishes you just as you are. I hope you had a wonderful engagement anniversary!

Engagement Anniversary Wishes

62. We only wanted what was best for you. We are happy for you to have found each other and wish you the best in your future together. Happy engagement anniversary.

63. Finding the right partner is the key to a great marriage. And we are happy, my child, that you have found the right one for you! Happy engagement anniversary.

64. The moment your father and I saw your twinkling eyes when your love’s name came, we knew that you had made the best choice! Happy engagement anniversary, my daughter.

65. If being with them all the time makes you happy, then you know they are with the right person. Happy engagement anniversary!

66. To love someone deeply is to find strength, and to be loved passionately is to find courage. Happy engagement anniversary!

Engagement Anniversary Wishes

67. You fall in love with someone not because of how good they seem or how nice their automobile is but because they are the best. And we are happy that you got your best this day the last year. Happy engagement anniversary, my dear son!

68. The nicest and most beautiful things in the world are not visible to the eye but can only be experienced emotionally. We can see all the emotions that you have for the love of your life. Happy engagement anniversary!

69. As time passes, love becomes even more extraordinarily poignant. We wish you two a very happy engagement anniversary.

70. I feel good to see you happy with the love of your life. All I want you to be doing is remembering that you have each other when times go tough. Happy engagement anniversary!

71. Congratulations, son! The best part of my life has been witnessing your success as you got engaged with the love of your life. Happy engagement anniversary!

Engagement Anniversary Wishes

72. We hope you and your lovely wife have a wonderful engagement anniversary. I pray that God showers you with many happy years together.

73. I am happy to wish you two a great engagement anniversary as you celebrate the special day of your life. Congratulations on the 3rd engagement anniversary, my dear daughter!

74. Seeing the two of you fall in love has been a joy to behold. Keep on joking and having a good time together. Happy engagement anniversary!

75. Son, may you have a wonderful engagement anniversary! We’re very happy for you that you met someone so beautiful to share your life with.

76. The values of love, trust, collaboration, tolerance, and persistence are honoured on an engagement wedding anniversary. Happy engagement anniversary!

Engagement Anniversary Wishes

77. Finding the ideal partner isn’t enough for a happy marriage; you have to be the right partner, too. And we are hopeful that you’re going to make a perfect partner for your beloved wife. Happy 6-month engagement anniversary, my dear son!

78. Engagement is not just the union of two people; it is, in fact, the union of two families. We are happy that we could unite with such a great family because of you, my dear daughter. Congratulations on your engagement anniversary.

79. Happiness is a by-product of loving one another. We hope your love grows stronger and better each day. Happy engagement anniversary!

80. A happy marriage consists of two individuals who aren’t perfect but who keep trying to make it work. May you two keep progressing and building a great life together. Happy engagement anniversary, my child.

81. The key to a successful marriage is to always make your partner feel that they are receiving your undivided attention and undivided affection. Happy engagement anniversary!

Funny Engagement Anniversary Wishes

82. It takes enormous courage for a man to enter a battle knowing he will never win. And marriage is no less than a battle! I wish you all the best on your engagement anniversary!

Engagement Anniversary Wishes

83. The most ironic is no one wants to go to prison, but everyone wants to get engaged. Congratulations on your engagement anniversary!

84. Nobody till date could find the secret of a happy marriage. If by chance you find it, do share it with us too. Meanwhile we wish you a great engagement anniversary!

85. Before marriage, you are incomplete. After marriage, you are finished. That’s the sad reality, my friend! You still have time to think, it’s just a 6-month engagement anniversary. Congratulations anyway!

86. The sole benefit of getting engaged is that you now have a new person to irritate when you feel lonely. Congratulations on getting one!

Engagement Anniversary Wishes

87 . When you get married, it’s the end of your relationship and the beginning of a new one that will never end. So, enjoy the time you have before you get married. Happy 1-year engagement anniversary!

88. As long as your husband thinks he’s making all of the decisions, you can maintain a perfect harmony in your relationship. Congratulations, everything will go your way, and he won’t know any better! Happy engagement anniversary!

89 In marriage, you and your spouse work together to find solutions to challenges that didn’t exist before you wed. Happy to see you engaged and embarking on the new journey of your life last year today. Happy engagement anniversary!

90. Today is the day you provided us with a conversation starter that kept our calls lively and exciting for the foreseeable future. Many Congratulations on your engagement anniversary!

Engagement Anniversary Wishes for Future Husband

91. Congratulations on staying so in love for another year! Let me finish my drinks while I distract myself from the fact that I’m currently single. Happy engagement anniversary!

Engagement Anniversary Wishes
92. Congratulations on reaching another milestone in your journey together! May your engagement anniversary be filled with love, joy, and countless beautiful memories.

93. Wishing you both a lifetime of love and happiness as you celebrate your engagement anniversary. Cheers to the love that continues to grow stronger with each passing day!

94. Happy engagement anniversary to the perfect pair! Your love story is an inspiration to us all. Here’s to many more years of laughter, adventure, and unwavering love.

95. On this special day, I celebrate the love that binds you together and the commitment you’ve made to each other. Happy engagement anniversary to a truly amazing couple!

96. As you commemorate another year of love and togetherness, may your hearts continue to beat as one and your bond grow even stronger. Happy engagement anniversary!

97. Sending heartfelt wishes to the beautiful couple on their engagement anniversary. May your love continue to bloom and your journey together be filled with endless blessings.

98. Congratulations on cherishing each other for another year! Your love is a testament to the power of commitment and dedication. Happy engagement anniversary to a wonderful couple!

99. Today marks the celebration of the day you said ‘yes’ to a lifetime of love and happiness together. Happy engagement anniversary! May your hearts always beat as one.

100. On this special day, I raise a toast to the love that knows no bounds and the bond that grows stronger with time. Happy engagement anniversary to a couple who truly deserve the best.

101. Cheers to the lovebirds on their engagement anniversary! Your journey together is a beautiful example of what true love looks like. Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness and bliss.

Take Away…

So, there you have it: the top 91 engagement anniversary wishes. Getting engaged is an incredible experience for couples. It is the event with which you begin the new journey of your life. You ought to commemorate this special occasion with amazing engagement anniversary wishes.

You can use these wishes to share your feelings for your spouse or your child and let them know how happy you’re for them.

The day you and the love of your life exchanged engagement rings must have been exciting for you. We can’t stress enough how important it is for you to commemorate milestones like these in your life.

We hope that you will find these fantastic engagement anniversary wishes to be helpful for you.

Choose a wish from the list above if you have someone in your life who is celebrating their engagement anniversary, or in all likelihood, you are the one who is celebrating.

Happy Engagement Anniversary 😊 😊