Wedding In 2024: Overview Of Major Trends

Wedding Trends

Wedding season 2024 is about maximalism, vintage, unusual colors, and the juxtaposition of opposite trends. We have collected the brightest of them in one digest so that you can find an option for your unique celebration.

Wedding Styles

1. Rustic

With long wooden tables, armfuls of wildflowers, and decorations made of natural materials, this design is about a great feast in a rustic attitude. The design includes wicker baskets with apples, haystacks, carts, and ancient trunks, all of which are reminiscent of rural life. The perfume of baked pastries and apples adds to the holiday’s soulfulness and coziness.

Decorating in this natural style was a lifesaver during lockdown when even indoor chamber events were ruled out. The democratic and eco-friendly rustic style is so beloved by newlyweds that even with the return of classic locations like restaurants and banquet halls, couples want to celebrate their most important day in nature – and this wedding trend will only gain momentum in 2024.

2. Art Deco

The “roaring twenties,” with all of its characteristics, have returned to us after exactly one hundred years: expressive geometry, sparkle, rich hues, and theatricality. In all areas: apparel, jewelry, home design, and décor, the most eye-catching and spectacular style is increasingly replacing rigorous simplicity. This is understandable given that, after the imposed asceticism of 2020 and 2021, we want to dress up and party till the fall.

In Art Deco, modesty has no place: it’s all about luxuriant flower arrangements, stone scatterings, pearl embroidery, marble and mahogany, shiny black surfaces, sophisticated drapes, and a lot of vintage items (gramophones, mirrors in gilded frames, candelabras, and statuettes). In general, if you enjoy “having it all at once,” take a careful look at this cerebral maximalism with a vintage twist.

3. Neo-romanticism

The Netflix blockbuster sitcom “The Bridgertons” is to blame for this tendency. It debuted the regency core style, which was influenced by the Regency era. Viewers were so taken with the court ladies’ clothes and early 19th century furnishings that they decided to travel back in time themselves.

Neo-romanticism is a beautiful hall filled with abundant white flowers, moldings on the ceilings, pastel hues, and a true ball, where the bride wears a gown with a corset bodice and the groom wears velvet tails and a starched shirt, according to the wedding reading. However, contemporary elements such as surprising accessories or instrumental covers by Billie Eilish and Taylor Swift may dilute this high-class aesthetic (just like in the show).


1. Pastel Blue

This trend also harkens back to the Bridgertons: Regency Blue was the period’s distinctive color, which was utilized liberally in both bathrooms and interiors. According to the Pantone Institute, it will be one of the top color trends for the spring-summer season in 2024.

With gold, brown, lettuce, and pink, this delicate dessert tone looks really beautiful. Because they trigger our most pleasant recollections, “delicious” hues (caramel, coffee with milk, chocolate, pistachio, cream) are becoming increasingly fashionable at weddings.

2. Metallic

An alternative to the gentle tones in fashion will be shades of polished metal. Typically, they are connected with a futuristic and space motif (which is, by the way, extremely current right now), but metallic is far more useful, and it can be incorporated into a variety of designs – the key is to pick the proper color combinations.

So, for a vintage wedding, a mix of brass or copper with pastels; for an urban-chic celebration, chrome glitter or dark cold metallic with neutral white, gray, and beige; and even for a romantic celebration, candles, vases, statuettes, and mirrors with aged silver elements.

3. Crimson

Crimson, which is nearly brilliant in appearance and causes a surge of excitement just by its sight, is another Pantone favorite color for 2024. This tone, like the marshmallow blue, is “tasty”; the designers recommend pairing it with the same sweet berry tones (cherry, lingonberry, blackberry), diluting with foundation white, brown, or beige to avoid becoming too sugary or dramatic. While the bride’s gown in this hue may be too much for her, the bridesmaids will love it. And the groom may well try on a velvet jacket in a bright shade.

4. Separate Attire

As the saying goes, divide and conquer: a wedding dress consisting of two elements (skirt and top) has solid advantages. It is easy to transform – just replace the long skirt with pants or a shorter model, and there are two or even three wedding images instead of one.

This is very convenient – for the ceremony you can choose a solemn version, and in the evening to change for the dance part. Plus, this outfit can be worn after the celebration by combining it with other items in the closet, which is a big plus for practical and conscious brides.

5. Dramatic Details

Maximalism will be in style in 2024, but that does not imply that all brides will have to wear tiered cakes – a laconic cut will do, and the key will be to accent the look with amazing accessories or distinctive trim. This can be a large bow, removable bouffant sleeves, long gloves, lace veil, unusual hair ornaments, and even a few of these techniques at once – they will increase the degree of elegance and allow you to build a bride’s outfit on the principle of a construction set.

6. Bold Vintage

Wedding designers offer us images of flapper girls to be inspired by, once again, art deco and the Roaring Twenties of the previous century. Low waist, rectangular cut, no corset, fringes, feathers, and beading are the style’s key characteristics.

And, of course, intricate accessories: all sorts of hats, forehead-length pheronnières, guipure gloves, feather hairpins, and tiny velvet handbags. You can take inspiration from the movie The Great Gatsby.

Princess of the 21st Century No one canceled a child’s dream of a beautiful wedding gown that transforms a girl into a princess from a fairy tale. In 2024, the same romantic, slightly theatrical cloud dresses and cake dresses will be returned, but this time with a twist: translucent inserts, naked backs, necklines, and non-standard color solutions. And even the ruffles, ruffles and lace will look modern and a bit daring, thanks to the unusual fabrics, prints, and embroidery.

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7. Hired Attire is Available

The first lady of the United Kingdom, Carrie Johnson, set the tone by renting a gown from the Greek designer Christos Costarellos for her banquet. The concept is highly appealing: now any bride may look stunning in a gown designed by a renowned couturier without having to pay a fortune.

Perhaps even a few unique outfits! According to expert predictions, the wedding outfit rental business will grow and costs will decrease. We agree with the concept since this isn’t only about saving money, but also about sensible consumption.

8. Maximalism

The grooms of 2024 appear to have resolved to prove that they, too, can be the stars of the evening. Noble materials (velvet, silk, wool, corduroy), vintage shapes, vibrant colors, and an abundance of accessories will not go out of style.

Jewelry is given special consideration, including not only watches and cufflinks, but also bracelets, chains, and rings, the more the better. Yes, the groom can grow a trendy beard, experiment with style, and manicure for the sake of an important event.

9. Monochrome

Minimalistic approaches (images with only one shade) may be quite emotive, as seen on the red carpet with men’s bows. The most important thing is to pick the proper hue. Smart white (regardless of season), quiet coffee, and fresh blue are the most popular in the season of 2024. You may also play with textures by picking all of the clothing in the same color but made of various materials: cotton, tweed, leather, and soft jersey.

Outerwear with a twist. The groom’s image in 2024 is distinguished by a wide range of men’s clothing. While brides have worn capes, coats, sheepskin coats, and lengthy down jackets for years, grooms have had little option.

Designers decided to make amends for the new season: in the winter, powerful sex will be protected by leather raincoats, fake fur coats, and thick sheepskin coats, while in the spring and summer, their image will be enhanced by lightweight silk trench coats and embroidered bombers. When what is worn over the wedding suit draws as much attention as the suit itself, this is the situation.

The Format of the Reception

1. Backyard Wedding

Just like in American movies – not everyone, though, has a country house or dacha, but they can be rented. The main thing is to decorate the wedding venue without excessive pomp and organize entertainment, taking into account the tastes of all guests. Such a chamber format is good because it allows you to make the celebration as individual as possible, it will be a day surrounded by the closest people, a relaxed atmosphere, and a story just about you.

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2. A Romantic Elopement

We are not talking about an elopement from the wedding, but a wedding that the newlyweds have just for themselves, “escaping” from their relatives and guests. The reasons may be very different, from economy to a desire to pay maximum attention to each other, as well as the “destination.

You can “hideout” in your favorite pizzeria, or you can fly to the Côte d’Azur. By the way, many hotels offer a service “Wedding for Two,” which includes a private romantic ceremony and accommodation in the bridal suite.

3. “Mineral” Wedding

Thanks to the healthy lifestyle trend, more and more couples are eliminating alcohol from their wedding menus, proving that you can have fun without it. Non-alcoholic cocktails and homemade lemonades, tea and coffee tables, and a smoothie bar with a real bartender show are becoming an alternative to hard drinks. And while it’s still unusual for many people to toast while holding a glass of juice, the trend will become increasingly popular – your date may be among those to set this healthy and wholesome fashion.

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