Fun and Entertaining Ways for Welcoming The Groom at The Wedding

Fun and entertaining ways for welcoming the Groom at the wedding

Time has changed and with that the ways to welcome the groom at his wedding has also changed. Now girl gangs are more enthusiastic to make groom’s entry even more fun and entertaining, unlike the olden days when bridesmaid used to welcome a groom with “Aarti ki thali” along with a ribbon cutting ceremony. Now is the time to explore more and be more creative.

Believe it or not, the best part of any wedding, especially for bridesmaids and groomsmen is the entry part where each of them have a lot of fun. The teases, the jokes, and the banters everything while welcoming the groom is mesmerizing. Without even knowing each other, bridesmaids and groomsmen can literally get into fight mode (of course not literally). Those fun moments are the most precious part of any wedding for the people who make time to attend their friend’s or cousin’s marriage even in their tight schedule.

Otherwise also, groom should put some efforts to get his honey, the girl of his dreams!! Getting things easy has no fun, fun comes only when efforts are put in there!

Of course, fun is what we all look for, especially amidst helter-skelters. Well, if you are also looking for some and entertaining ways for welcoming the groom at your friend’s or sister’s wedding, then here is the list of the most enchanting and ravishing ideas for you… Have a look…

1. Test his knowledge about the bride at the gate

A beautiful way to add spunk at the groom’s entry is to test his knowledge about the bride at the gate. Ask some fun questions to him at the gate about the bride and see how much he knows about the bride. Make sure you get your questions prepared beforehand and all the questions should specifically be related to the bride or their relationship and have fun some elements in them.

And if the groom fails to answer any question, then you know that you have to simply raise the entry money. Of course, he deserves to pay for it 🙂 🙂 !!

2. Welcome the groom with a great dhol performance

Welcome the groom with a great dhol performance

Why should only Baratis have all the fun at the wedding? Even bridesmaids deserve to enjoy it to the fullest. Yet another wonderful way of welcoming the groom is with Dhol performance from the bride’s family. Let the groom and all the baratis know how excited the entire bride side is to welcome the groom. And yeah, don’t miss to take the entry tax from the groom. After all that’s the right of each bridesmaid to ask for the tax.

3. Let the groom perform some dares

Yeah, a nice to check out how daring the groom is in all. Often men consider their weddings a biggest dare, let the groom feel it, at the entry door itself that at each step he has to perform some dare to get his honey. Yeah, Keep a bowl full of chits ready that has dares in them, present it to the groom at the entry and let him enter only when he performs at least 3 – 5 dares. Make sure your dares are not very daring, of course you have to see the place also. However, you can have dare options such as, ‘sing a romantic song for the bride’, ‘sing bride’s favorite song’, ‘say a daring dialogue to the bride’s father’, ‘say’ I love you to the bride on a video call’, etc.

4. Welcome the groom with some welcome drinks

Another fun way to welcome the groom at the wedding is to give him some welcome drinks. However, the best would be to have twist to it, like adding groom’s favorite drink in a baby bottle, or nursing bottle or feeding bottle. It will be absolute fun for all of you believe me. Everybody at the door is going to enjoy the twist seeing groom having his drink in a feeding bottle. Well, you can have variations in it.

5. Welcome the groom with a well-choreographed dance performance

Welcome the groom with a well-choreographed dance performance

As said earlier, why should Baraatis have all the fun? Bride’s side equally deserves to have fun and entertainment. So another way to welcome the groom is by performing a well-choreographed dance at the entry and impress them all!! Dance performances are a great way to begin an event strikingly, especially the wedding. Let the baraatis also enjoy the performance!

6. Welcome with a dart game

This is going to be very, really very entertaining for all of you. For this all you have to do is to place a dart game at the entry gate itself and when the baraat comes, ask the groom to shoot the dart at the center. Only when he does so, he will be allowed to get in or else you can charge hefty entry charges. It’s a win-win situation for both then ☺ ☺

7. Welcome the groom with some enchanting and funny posters

Fun is essential and if you do not find any other idea enchanting, then definitely this is going to work for you. All you have to do is to make funny and teasing poster and hold them while the groom enters the gate. Basically we all know that grooms can only enter the gate once they give money to the bridesmaid at the door, it’s kind of entry fee to the mandap. And you can use these posters as a great way to communicate your message to the groom in a teasing way. For instance, you can write ‘ENTRY TAX TO THE MANDAP IS RS………’ (Amount you can fill by yourself), ‘FIRST BRIDE THAN BRIDE’, like this you can come up with your own enchanting ways to welcome the groom with funny posters or placards.

8. Welcome the groom with a wonderful message on the ribbon

Last but not least, you can get creative with the ribbon that you will use at the door. Get a wonderful message imprinted on the ribbon. Make sure the message is funny, teasing, and entertaining. And make sure you arrange for a fancy scissors for the ribbon-cutting ceremony to welcome the groom.

Enjoy Teasing…… ☺ ☺

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