Ideas for Making Wedding Reception Fun and Playful

Ideas for making wedding reception fun and playful

When everything around is changing, when the world has changed completely from no phone to smart phone then why not we should think of descending from a long line of “traditional” wedding receptions which are limited to only dancing, eating and drinking. Why not to go beyond these traditional setups and let’s consider to have some additional flavor to your reception. After all, it’s your wedding!

Fortunately, we are in the era where everything including weddings have evolved. Of course, they’re still about the sacred union between the two, but they’re also about having a real good time with your loved ones. Today, for a good time one needs something more and unique than the old dance and music performances.

If you also want everyone to have nothing but fun at your special event, below are few fresh ideas for your reception, to keep your guests from ducking out early, or snoozing in the corner. Fill your reception with these fun, must-play wedding games to have your guests enjoying fully.

Here we go…

Well, if your wedding reception is happening in beautiful winters than nothing can be better than taking advantage of beautiful weather and the gorgeous outdoor venue simply by kicking off your wedding reception celebration with wedding lawn games. All you need to do while selecting outdoor wedding lawn games, do consider your theme, wedding colors and anything, which can help you tell your story of togetherness.

1. Old is Gold – Antakshari

However, Antakshari may seem to be an age-old game but the charm it still holds can’t be replaced with any game on earth. Already you have guests swarming in your wedding, don’t let them get bore and nothing could be better than the age-old antakshari game. Your guests are already in a playful mode and your reception is just a sort of concluding event, let them have all the fun in your reception too. So, Antakshari you can prefer for the night as well as for the day reception, when all the guests will sit together in a circle facing everyone and can lit the atmosphere with this age-old game. It will be fantastic even today. Take everyone down the memory lane, and this way you will get chance to listen to old melodies too. Keep everyone occupied joyously. Let your guests have unlimited fun!!

2. The Classy – Tambola

Tambola is not limited to kitty parties anymore, people now love to play this classic game even at festivals and celebrations such as wedding parties, to remove the boredom and playing tambola with lot of people at the wedding is fun. You can involve one and all present at the wedding reception. Even oldies won’t mind to have fun with Tambola, Just Try! All you need is to arrange Tambola game and play on!! You and your guests will have absolute fun, my personal choice too! Because it is highly engaging and interesting game so far. Include really funny goodies, which can be used as a keepsake of your wedding by your wedding guests later. Just that the caller should be creative, interactive and prolific. Have fun!!

3. The Games of Royals – Rummy And Bluff

Well, no harm in playing cards sometimes, to keep your guests and yourself busy in your wedding reception, you can just give it a try. You will be mesmerized to see the level of fun people will have!

4. Romance is all around – Passing The parcel

An age-old game but still as fresh and warm as the winter sun. A great way to involve one and all present at the event. Presumably, rules you know already. Simply arrange for the music system well in advance, make everyone sit in a circle on the floor, have a music keeper, take a pillow and start the game! Who so ever is held having pillow when music stops, make him/her perform some act of your choice. That is all!!

5. The War – Tug of War

Reception at the lawn and beautiful sunny day, how is to gather everyone around from bride and groom’s side and play tug of war… The war! And know who is stronger the Bride’s side or the Groom’s side. This game is a perfect remedy to sway away all the boredom of your guests. An interesting game to keep everyone engaged. Divide teams in two bride side and groom side and let them unleash their power and war of tug happen!! You will be die laughing upon seeing their high spirit in the game.

6. Eat the Treat – The Game of Eating

You and your guests will be spell bound to see the eating strength of the participants and those funny and crazy faces which they will make while playing the game. Just arrange few eating stuff counter such as golgappa, jalebi, sharbat, or cold drinks, anything which can be more fun. The fun and enjoyment seeing people galloping huge amount of food in their mouth, will make you die laughing. And, on top of it the deafening cheers from the crowd will make the show go high. Perfect entertainment, I must say! Furthermore, adding chilies in eating competition will add to more fun and tears. Later, you can treat them with their favorite sweet. But fun part will go high!

7. The Bad – Badminton

Well, arranging badminton court in the reception lawn is again a great idea to keep your guests busy and entertained. You cannot be attentive to every guest all the time, also you have to look into several other things so arranging a badminton court for those who readily gets bore is quite a nice idea.

8. Amaze people with – Dumb Charades

One-of-its-kind game, used to play when small. But playing at wedding reception will also be a great fun as the game is most enchanting. Just have fun and see how your guests are having fun and tempting to guess the name of the movie. See your guests going speechless… you will all enjoy a lot!

9. The Hunter Game – Hunt The Treasure & The Scavenger

I am sure you still remember the game of hunt, hunting the Scavenger and the treasure, the funniest game ever! Your wedding is no less than a hunt, a hunt for fun, happiness, food, and celebration. What other reason you would need to have this Hunting Game. Organize this game at your wedding too to make your wedding reception a thrilling event. Already, you have a beautiful wedding venue, the best place to organize the hunt game. Get a bunch of scavenger hunt or treasure hunt clues or riddles prepared. Hide them in various places at your wedding venue/location. Divide your guests in a group of two, three or four, name them something. The first clue card will be handed over by you only, and rest they will take care. That is all!!

10. The Music – And the Musical Chair

Once again an age-old game, yet a fantastic game all in all to have fun in any occasion and your wedding reception is already a great reason to have that too in the fun list. Arrange few chairs, a music system and a person coordinating, gather all the guests and start. You will see people at the reception will come and thank you for making them live their memories through this game. Be joyful and have lot of fun with the musical chair game at your wedding reception.

11. Drink in Hand – With Karaoke Band

No wedding reception can go without singing performance, and singers are born sometimes with few pegs…. ☺ ☺ Yes, try out! See some of your friend must be a great singer, let your guests enjoy the mood with Karoake and have real-time fun! One-of-its-kind fun wedding reception game for one and all. Reception night, combined with a bubbly drink and karaoke, what else needed to have unlimited fun! Trust me! Karaoke will make your wedding reception an entrancing event for everyone to remember it even later after your marriage. Guests sipping down their Tequila shots and singing to their heart’s content while others hoot and cheer along!

12. Be Daring or Truthful – Truth & Dare

Truth and dare though is a party game with few guests but playing at your wedding reception when almost all the guests have gone, will be nice way to conclude your wedding. Just gather around a round table, be seated and take an empty beer bottle to let the flow go…. Share either your truths or be dare to act anything on your reception night. Easy, yet a wonderful fun game for almost all the occasions in one’s life.

13. As Fast As Possible – Rapid Fire Round

This game is meant for the newly wed bride and the groom, there will be a host or an emcee who will be asking the questions. To keep the flow entrancing and enjoyable, make sure that the time must be just fraction of seconds. And, the couple is made to answer the questions rapidly in order to keep the audience engaged and the fun element doesn’t miss! You will have fun.

14. Bride and Groom – The Trivia Buffs

All you need for this game is to decide multiple choice questions or fill in the blanks or true/false about the bride and the groom well in advance. Place the question sheet at each guest’s place. The coordinator or the emcee will then ask the guests to fill out the questionnaire whenever they like, and later, the emcee or the coordinator can read out the answers. Who so ever wins can take away the gift.

15. Romance – With Romantic Paper Dance

Game of all times, the most romantic game. Couple dance in Hollywood style, absolutely in movie style you must have only dreamt of something like this, but your wedding reception is an apt occasion to enjoy that Hollywood style couple dance once for a lifetime. Plan it for your reception. You will really enjoy the dance filled with romance on the piece of paper. The shorter the paper and the closer you become. Wow! Much needed closeness in between you two. Isn’t it romantic and cool!

16. Custom Wheel – Wheel of Activities

Another wonderful way to encourage more and more guests participation at the reception is by creating a custom wheel for the game of wheel of activities. The wheel will keep spinning throughout the reception. You can have some romantic or daring activities in the wheel of activities like “Kiss someone,” “Your signature Dance Moves,” and “Bride and Groom Kiss,” and so on.

17. Search, Search, Search – The Word

You can also keep your guests engaged at the reception by transforming a classic chalkboard into a creative word search. Write the letters in permanent paint and provide chalk to your guests only for circling words. Give this responsibility to someone who is creative and prolific for the task.

18. Station – A Poker Station

All you need to do is rent a poker table, set up some seating and hire a dealer. Or, you can have some friend having the knack for the task, ask him to do the needful for the night. It will be a biggest hit at your wedding reception, people will remember for years to come. Try out!!

19. The Fair Thing – Dart The Balloon

Give your wedding reception a fair look, and let your guests have an absolute fun with this one. Set up a dart station or maybe a large canvas and attach balloons filled with paint on it and keep the set-up at a safe distance. Let all your guests, family members and friends be encouraged to throw darts at the canvas which will pop and splatter the paint inside the balloons. I am sure you have played this game in your childhood. One-of-its-kind game to add more fun that you will miss forever.

20. Selfie With Props – The Photo Booth

Photo booths are no more an event thing only they are common now in receptions also. You can also introduce them to your wedding to let people enjoy to the fullest. There are many vendors who can provide you a photo booth along with a man to coordinate. Props you can fill of your choice from over- sized glasses to mustache sticks, floral to ornate frames, or signs that commemorate your wedding date. Let your guests take funny selfies…. ☺ ☺

21. The Childhood Reminiscence – A Video Game Station

Let all your guests time travel… Yes why not! Have a video game set-up at your wedding reception and keep your guests engaged in an activity of their childhood and have a lot of fun. Also, putting some goodies or small prizes for winners, can be used by them as the keepsake of your wedding.

22. Table Games – The Sporty Table

For wedding reception there are many table games options available in the market, you can choose any. As, these table games are perfect for breaking the ice among guests who are meeting first time with each other.

23. Grid – The Hopscotch

It is meant for kids to keep them busy. For an outdoor wedding, just draw out a hopscotch grid or create one using large foam tiles for kids to burn off some of their energy. And, if the reception is indoors then a low-traffic hallway can be a better place to arrange the set up with an inside design using easy-to-remove painter’s or paper tape. Let’s kids be busy!

24. Kids – Dance Off

For a while adult’s performances can be slow to the dance floor, and kids can perform their talent on the stage. Just gather everyone around for a kid’s dance-off, have kids dance together, or let them pair up with an adult. Let the challenge be on!

24. Life-size – The Giant Jenga

If you know, Jenga is commonly played in a cafe or in a restro-bar. It is a classic block-stacking game. You can have it set-up at your wedding reception too. All you need is to upgrade it from the traditional tabletop version and create a life-size set of blocks for friends and family, which they can build and destroy and enjoy playing it. This fun wedding game is perfect to play day-time reception ceremony.

25. The Royal Way – Kite Flying

For a day-time reception, you can also arrange for the kite flying competition for both the parties from bride side and the groom side. Kite flying is an ancient game, it was played by the royal kings in the past. Now you can also add a royal touch to your wedding reception by having a kite flying competition there. Believe me, all your guests will definitely like it. Also, if the wedding is destination one than nothing could be better than this competition to keep them all engaged and playful. Try out!

26. Tile it – With Hopscotch and Hula Hoop Corner

Surely you want to keep kids attendee busy playing. Otherwise kids get immensely bore of the event as at this age their most liked thing is games only. And if that’s not there then surely they will run across one end to another creating trouble for other guests. So, having a hoola hoop corner and hopscotch tiles in an open lawn, can be a great idea. Children will definitely enjoy the game, even you will find adults too having fun with their kids. It is a wonderful wedding reception game for all age groups.

27. Ring it – To Own It

Another way to give your wedding reception a look of traditional Fair is to have this set-up. Easy to organize and easy to play as well. This game is meant for almost all age-group, and a lot of happiness you will see even among adults. The excitement and smiles that the winning item brings is priceless. You can DIY the game, just make several big wedding rings of cardboard or steel and keep small goodies as gifts arranged on the table. Anybody can play and win the game just by throwing ring on the item. Immense fun I am telling you.

28. Tic-Tac-Toe – The Gigantic One

Perfect time-pass for any age group people. However, for your wedding reception you will have to arrange an extra-large version of the classic game. You can also match it with the reception theme. Like you can have kisses and hearts in place of X’s and O’s to perfectly match it with the wedding reception.

29. Station – The Coloring Station

For keeping kids engaged another game is to have a place for their coloring activities. Just arrange each child’s place setting with a wedding-themed coloring book and box of crayons. Or you can also provide them with dedicated table covered entirely in butcher paper so that kids can draw directly on the table. It will be super fun, I tell you.

30. Big – Building Blocks

For kids the next great option is to arrange for the building blocks or Lego center pieces which they can easily pull apart and can make their own creations. This is just a way to add fun element in them and keep them busy throughout the ceremony.

31. Giant Heart – The Pinata

To keep kids occupied, Pinata is other way. Keep it simple or keep it on-theme of wedding reception, absolutely your choice. For that you can have a pinata shaped like a giant heart, giant wedding ring, or any other symbol of love which can go with your wedding theme correctly.

32. Let Everyone Enjoy – Couple Dance

Though nothing new in it, couples do that anyways. But, if the dance is well rehearsed and then presented in front of all the guests. It will be charming as your guests will also be spell-bound to see the chemistry between you two. Let all your guests know the love and bond you guys share. Prepare a nice dance performance for your wedding that you will remember all your lifetime.

33. Western Style – The Shoe Game

Originally this game is from western countries but now it is gaining popularity in Indian weddings too. It is one of couple’s favorite games played at wedding receptions. In this game the bride and groom are made to sit back-to-back in front of all their guests. In the process, the groom will be holding one of his shoes and one of his bride’s shoes, as does the bride. The coordinator or the anchor or the one who is organizing will act as host. Then, the couple is asked a series of questions, for which the answer is either “the bride” or “the groom.” The bride and groom cannot speak, they can only answer by holding up the shoe of the correct person. For an instance, if the question was “Who asked for the date first” and the answer is the bride, they should both hold up the bride’s shoes.

The maximum tenure of the game is 10 minutes, which includes a series of 20-30 questions being asked.

Make sure that the questions are amusing and prepared well in advance. Also, all the questions asked should only be related to couple’s personal life which involves both of them. For example:

  • Who proposed first?
  • Who gave the first gift?
  • Who is more creative?
  • Who is a party animal?
  • Who dresses stylishly better?
  • Who is the better singer?
  • Who is more unromantic?
  • Whose make more calls?
  • Who says I love you more?
  • Who is more punctual?
  • Who is foodie?
  • Who likes reading books?
  • Who despised books?
  • Who love to travel?
  • Who eats more chocolate? and so on…

34. Get Romantic – Sing For Each Other

Well, your wedding is itself a romantic love story. To add more to romantic element couple is asked to sing romantic songs for each other to let everyone know how much they are in love with each other. Thought, this is an age-old game most commonly played in an Indian wedding receptions but the charm it holds is still fresh!

35. Rhyme the Poem – For The Man Of Life

Asking the bride and groom for rhyming something spontaneously for each other is another game played in the wedding receptions. Just like in the movie “Bajirao Mastani” where in the beginning Kaashibai, Bajirao’s wife was asked to say a rhyme befitting on her husband’s name. Most commonly, this game is played in Maharashtra but now it is gaining popularity in other parts of the country.

36. On The Knife – Know Your Wife

Age-old game meant for people from the family other than the couple. All the married ladies belongings will be collected by the coordinator or the organizer. Those belongings will be arranged on a tabletop. Then all the men will be asked to look at the table items and they will pick the item that belongs to their wives and take it to her. Besides, winning goodies, wives will know how much their husbands know them. Isn’t it fun?

37. Go and Play – Ladder Golf

This is an enchanting game, it is played at parking lot parties. An amazing game which needs two or more people to play. There will be teams and those teams take turns throwing bolas (two golf balls attached at either end of a nylon rope) at the ladder. The team which scores 21 points first, WINS! A game to try!

38. Similar to Scavenger – The Spy Game

One of the most popular wedding reception table games, the I Spy Wedding Reception Game is for both the newly-wed couple and their guests. I spy is similar to a scavenger hunt, in this game activity guests are instructed to use their personal cameras or disposables provided by the couple to seek. Find and click picture of different moments from your memorable day. Your guests will definitely have fun doing it, also, you get to see events from the day you which you might have missed. An absolute win-win situation for the host and the guests! Below is a list of pictures which can be included on the guests I Spy Wedding Game hunt:

  • Picture of a group
  • Picture of the bride in her dress
  • Picture of funny face
  • Picture while kissing
  • Picture of a sparkling drink
  • Picture of some food items
  • Picture of someone’s signature dance move
  • Picture of a person laughing
  • Picture of a table clinking glasses
  • Picture of a favorite decor

You can DIY this game, for this you can print up cards to place at each guest’s seat or maybe create a sign or chalkboard with the instructions. Also, if you want them to share your wedding photos on social media, you can also include a hashtag so you can also see the fun from your wedding games.

39. The Wedding Couple – Mad Libs

If you are seeking marriage and love advises from your family and friends then the best is to create a Mad Libs-style template for guests to fill out at their tables. This is one of the wedding reception games which is specifically meant for the guests, guest can either do it alone or maybe with the whole table getting involved in the fun. Guests will be sharing their tips on how to keep the spark alive, where to go on “married dates,” and other words of wisdom, likewise you will receive wonderful and some funny tips. Total fun, you can try!

40. Mingle – Wedding Bingo

This one is to encourage mingling among your guests. One of the most played and popular wedding reception games and ice breaker is Bingo. More or less like Tambola but in this version, guests don’t sit and mark off a card as numbers are called. Instead, they take their card around to the other guests to find the right person in the room who can claim “That’s me!” Clues are provided, and made official by writing in their initials. All you need to care while creating the cards, is to avoid being too generic with descriptions. Be creative while you describe your guests, think about unique clues. Below are some ideas:

  • Their Birth months
  • The Instruments played by them
  • Tattoos they have
  • Which sports fan they are
  • Odd talents they possess

41. Find Your Opponent – Take A Dance Challenge

Adding a little competition in your wedding reception and having opponents from each table challenging each other on the dance floor will be more fun than an ordinary dance performance by someone.

42. Toss it – With Ring Toss

A bit of westernized wedding reception game but absolute fun. All you need is to purchase two sets of five wooden rings from a local craft store. Paint each set with your wedding theme colors just to differentiate between the teams. Take an old milk-crate, place six bottles in the crate. And let the fun begin in the lawn during cocktail hours in the reception.

43. Bowl it – Lawn Bowling

Let’s not limit ourselves with the Mall game zone to play bowling, in an outdoor reception area, tape out a bowling “lane” for an outdoor bowling tournament. Just use large wooden pins that can stand up in the grass and choose a plastic bowling ball to keep things playful. And let your guests enjoy to the fullest.

44. Let All Be Artist – Couple Coloring Books

Take few of your pictures and turn them into a coloring book page. Now at the reception, spread all these copies throughout the dining tables so that your guests can dive into this creative task and show their creativity. Perfect activity for kids as well!

45. Fast and Faster – Stand up and Sit down

Last but not the least, another wedding reception game is stand up and sit down. Let your emcee or any friend act as host announcing a series of hilarious questions, and prompting the audience to sit down or stand up for “yes” or “no.” Questions should be interesting, guests and even couple will be amazed to know certain facts about themselves.

Have A Happy Wedding And Playful Reception!! Your wedding reception deserves the best…!!

Happy Wedding… ☺ ☺