25 Ways To Make Your Wedding Funnier

Wedding Fun Ideas

Besides being a union of two people and two families, marriages in India are a reason to enjoy, have fun, and have a respite from routine life. Wedding guests from across the country and from abroad come to mark the occasion and become part of the couple’s celebration. Therefore, it becomes essential for each couple to make their wedding funnier and even more memorable. Here in this post, we are sharing with you the 25 ways to make your wedding funnier and more entertaining.

Here we go….

1. Funny wedding invitation cards

Why not begin from the beginning. Let your guest know that your wedding is going to be a fun-filled event. So, send your wedding guests with funny wedding invitation cards. You can either add some quotes or funny pictures of yours to make your invitees smile.

2. Organize a kite flying competition before your wedding

If you really want to have a lot of fun at your wedding, then organize a kite flying competition. Your guests will not only love the idea but also they will have a lot of fun during the competition. All you have to do is arrange for colorful kites, Manja, and divide your guests into the teams. And yes, do not miss to arrange for snacks and drinks (cold drinks, fresh juices, etc.) for your guests. You are going to miss this whole thing after your marriage, for sure.

3. Cricket match between the bridal party and groom party

Have you ever thought of this kind of competition between the bridal and groom party? If not, then try this out. You will have unlimited fun. Of course, there is some charm in defeating the groom’s party at the wedding, no matter what game it is.

4. Comedy night

Standup comedy shows are in trend these days. If you wish to take your wedding to another level, then you can consider a comedy night at your wedding. Not just you, but your guests will also have a lot of fun at the event.

5. Have a truck bar at your cocktail

Having a truck bar at your cocktail will set your guests’ mood perfectly. You can also arrange everything in a desi style at your cocktail and mehndi celebration.

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6. Let the groom make a grand entry in a funny way

This is the moment everybody waits for on the day of the wedding. And each bride expects her prince charming to arrive riding on a horse. But, just imagine the groom making an entry on a bike or a rickshaw (Not an ordinary rickshaw, of course!) instead of arriving on the typical neh-neh!

7. Funny signboards

If you are planning to arrange for signboards or directions for your guests, then add some fun element to them. Believe it or not, funny signboards will bring a smile on people’s faces for sure.

8. Popcorn cart at feras

Don’t let your guests get bored during your feras. Arrange for a popcorn cart at the feras so that your guests can have something to munch on.

9. Serve alcoholic popsicles

How about having your guests eating alcohol instead of drinking it. Yes, it is an amazing idea to add fun to your wedding. They will love savoring on alcoholic popsicles, especially in summer weddings.

10. Smoke bombs

Have your entry with smoke bombs. Or you can consider using smoke bombs during the couple photoshoot. It will add both fun and color to your wedding photoshoot.

11. Display your love story

Definitely, all your wedding guests would want to know about your love story. You can display your love story in a funnier way by having a large screen displaying your story via pictures. You can also consider having a board with your love story placed at the center of the venue. This is another way of adding some fun to your wedding and letting your guests know how you two met.

12. Arrange for a fun photo booth

Photo booths are trending; people really enjoy clicking funny pictures during the events. You can also have a photo booth installed at your wedding. Make sure you go for funny props.

13. Arrange for fireworks while you two exit

Not only your entry, but your exit should also be grand. Arrange for fireworks while you make your exit. Let your exit be as grand as your entry at the venue.

14. Add a twist to wedding food

Instead of going to the regular wedding menu, try adding a twisted edge to your catering. Instead of going for regular kebabs for appetizers, you can have tortilla wraps.

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15. Place a dessert bar

Guests with a sweet tooth will like this idea for sure. If it’s a winter wedding, you can have hot chocolate with ice-cream topping or a hot cocktail at the bar. Even doughnuts can be an excellent addition and everyone’s favorite. You can also consider setting up a soup station accompanied by flavored pieces of bread for your guests.

16. Add DIY food counters

Adding DIY food counters will give your guests the privilege to make their meals according to their taste and preference. All your guests will love being creative while DIYing at the food counter.

17. Welcome your guests with flavored and colored juices

A grand welcome of your guests with colorful juices will entice them all. You can have these juices served in martini glasses for a more stylish welcome.

18. DIY funny centerpieces for wedding reception

You can DIY amusing centerpieces for your wedding reception. Your guests will enjoy seeing them placed at the tables.

19. Set up a wish tree

Another excellent idea to make your wedding funnier is – set up a wish tree at your wedding. All you have to do is put down some post and pen so that your guests can write their blessings for your happy married life.

20. Decorate your dance floor with versatile lighting letters

Let your dance floor lighten up with some versatile lighting letters. Lighting letters will not only make the dance floor enticing but also it will make for an excellent background for wedding photography.

21. Create an impressive mandap

Your mandap is the place where most of your wedding rituals will take place. Use more and more fairy lights, flowers, and drapes to create a beautiful mandap.

22. Set a DJ Request Box

Any wedding without music is sort of incomplete. It is, in fact, one of the most important elements of wedding celebrations. You can be creative and add some fun elements to your wedding music as well. All you have to do is take a box, put some funny captions and write the DJ request box, and put it on the table where the DJ is being played. Your guests can come and drop their favorite songs. Not only would your guests enjoy giving their favorite songs, but also you will love to listen to the songs of our guests’ choice.

23. Arrange for dancing shoes

Place a box of chappals near the dance floor for your guests, especially for ladies. As dancing in heels is not an easy task.

24. Ask for advice

People love giving advice, so why not give them the freedom to pen down their bits of advice. They will love giving marriage advice. All you have to do is set up an advice booth, or place advice cards on the tables, or you can even serve the drinks on coasters and ask your guests to write advice on them.

25. Serve alcohol in water dispensers

How about serving alcohol uniquely and more funnily! People will love the free flow of drinks at your wedding. Serving alcohol in water dispensers will just add fun to your wedding party.


So, these are the 25 ways to make your wedding funnier. If you have some more ideas to share, please feel free to share it with us. We would be happy to incorporate them into our list!

Happy Wedding….. ☺ ☺