A Thorough Guide To Wedding Décor

Guide to Wedding Decoration

The result of the contractor and the couple’s collaboration is unique wedding décor. What should you look for while making your decision? And what can you do on your own? Check out our article to learn more!

The Centerpieces Of The Design

1. ARK

The arch can be substituted with a door, gates, trees, or merely flower containers, depending on the wedding’s design. Ribbons, garlands, and other unique components can be used to adorn them.

2. The Path to the Altar

A unique route for the bride to walk down might be embellished with a cloth or rose petals to lend seriousness to the occasion.

3. Chair Decoration

Do not overlook this decorative feature, since the chairs, the track, and the arch constitute a complete ensemble that must be in harmony with one another.

4. Centerpieces

The centerpieces of the tables are central creations. They don’t have to be costly; simply wildflowers in glass vases will appear unique if properly grouped.

5. Illumination

Don’t overlook the lighting, since it contributes to the celebration’s mood and charm. Lighting and floristry should, in theory, work together.

6. Table Number/Cards/Seating Plan

The inclusion of these polygraphic motifs is regarded as an indication of excellent tone since it highlights the newlyweds’ concern for their visitors. Furthermore, it is just practical. You should make them in the same manner as the rest of the wedding.

Choosing The Appropriate Décor

1. Decide on the Wedding’s Theme

When planning a wedding, the first step is to choose a theme and color scheme. The sooner you do it, the more time you’ll have to plan your decorations. Once you’ve decided on the party’s theme, it’ll be much easier to figure out what may be utilized for decorations and what should be avoided.

2. Remember to Include the Budget

When picking a decorator, be open and honest about the budget you’ll be working with. Maybe you’ll be able to save money if you work together. Small things might be done oneself as the last option.

3. Make a List of What you Require

Include everything you’ll need to decorate for the holidays. List everything you need, including pendant chandeliers, antique dinnerware, tablecloths, candles, and flowers, as well as the amount you’ll need and where you’ll get it.

4. Important Information

It’s difficult to describe your desires and dreams to someone else. Create a mud board with not only stunning décor pieces, but also fonts, hues, monograms, decorations, and other little details you wish to employ in your wedding design to visualize your ideas.

5. Subscribe

Meet with your decorator as many times as necessary to reach an agreement on all of the details. Don’t dismiss the contractor’s comments without giving them some thought; they are experts in their field, and their advice should be taken into consideration.

6. Floral Design and Lighting Options

Even if you’ve decided on the flowers for the wedding, don’t rule out alternative possibilities. Perhaps you’ll discover fascinating combinations or novel solutions as a result of your experiments. Don’t overlook the importance of adequate lighting in wedding design – it affects not only the final image but also the quality of the photographs.

How Can You Keep The Décor From Seeming Dated?

1. Balance!

Combine modern and traditional elements in about equal quantities, but with one dominating a bit more than the other; otherwise, the wedding theme will be muddled.

2. Seek Professional Assistance

What could be better than a seasoned contractor that isn’t scared to try new things? Don’t be afraid to seek expert help; they may come up with a lot of great ideas.

3. Evaluate!

Examine themed websites, social media pages, and publications. Look for inspiration in unexpected places. Decide on the major aspect and follow his lead in developing his thoughts. If it’s an antique vase, for example, add an interesting floral arrangement.

4. Learn Tradition

Learn what each one signifies, and you’ll be able to interpret them in a more current way. Also, this way you won’t look silly, for example, by misspelling a Chinese character.

Secrets of Decorating

If the room in which the wedding is planned is small, correctly placed mirrors will help to visually expand it.

Adding airiness to the interior will help light colors in the decoration. If the style of the wedding involves the use of dark colors, make an accent on it or place it on the ceiling – this will create the illusion of volume.

Upward-facing lines visually expand space – properly draped fabrics and lighting can work wonders!

When guests gather in the room, it will seem smaller than it is. This should be considered when decorating it with bulky elements.

If you plan to use a photo booth, it is better to put it at the entrance.

11 Tips For Decorating With Your Own Hands

  • Jars with twist-off lids can be used as vases or candlesticks. For more originality, they can be painted, decorated with beads, or even placed in a crocheted cover.
  • Another alternative to vases is old wine bottles. Of them you can make unusual compositions, and if you want to wrap them with string.
  • As the filling for the vases can be used beads, twigs, flowers, buttons, stones, petals, fruit, cereals, and even water.
  • If you start collecting birdcages a few months before the ceremony, you will have an unusual decor ready on your wedding day, which can be filled with origami, candles, or flowers.
  • Family photos belong at a retro-style wedding. They can be framed or pinned on aboard.
  • Vintage items are great for decorating the hall. Grandma’s old tablecloths, antique clocks, and even a broken gramophone will all be indispensable if the party is aged in the spirit of the 60s.
  • Old books can be placed next to plates or used as a stand for vases. They also make a wonderful ring box.
  • Another stylish decoration for modern weddings can be suitcases. Especially if the theme of the holiday is chosen the theme of travel.
  • Wooden spokes are very popular at modern weddings in the rustic and eco style. Making them yourself is not difficult at all.
  • Garlands are one of the easiest ways to transform a space. Using paper circles/crumbs/hearts and threads, you can quickly make a stylish decoration in the color of the wedding, without resorting to the help of professionals.
  • Recently, natural materials are increasingly used as decor: fruits, vegetables, berries, and even moss. They look organic at berry and summer weddings.

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