The Perfect Honeymoon Packing Checklist for 2024 Trip

Honeymoon Packing Checklists

The most awaited trip of your life is here – your honeymoon! You may be very excited about it, but don’t miss to pack all your essentials in your excitement. Often it is seen that couples miss something or the other while packing their luggage for their honeymoon trip. Well, we don’t want you to repeat the same mistakes, that’s why we have created a honeymoon packing checklist for you.

Have a look…….

Hand Bag or Carry-on Bag

  • Passport
  • Visas (if any)
  • Airline boarding passes
  • Other travel tickets (if any)
  • Printed copies of Hotel and Restaurant booking confirmations
  • Printed copies of activity booking confirmations (if any)
  • ATM, Credit, and other bank cards
  • Money and local currency
  • Driving licenses
  • Travel insurance documents
  • Vaccination booklet
  • Health insurance and other medical documents
  • Phone numbers for your doctor (in case of any medical emergency), house or pet sitter (to take regular updates on the phone), and credit card companies (in case your cards are lost or stolen)
  • Medical Prescriptions (If you are on medication for some illness)
  • Prescribed medicines
  • Birth Control and Condoms
  • SunGlasses
  • Contact-lens or reading glasses
  • Camera
  • Phone charger (and a travel adapter)
    Valuable jewelry items (if any)
  • Headphones
  • Books, magazines, Kindle or iPad
  • Small toiletries bag (paper soap, or small hand wash, moisturizer, sanitizer, etc.)

Mini Travel Medical Kit

A mini travel medical kit is essential because you never know when an emergency arises. Here are the items that you should have in your mini travel medical kit:

  • Band-Aids
  • Analgesic (pain relief) medicine such as paracetamol or aspirin.
  • Antihistamine tablets (for bites, stings or allergies).
  • Cold and flu medicines.
  • Cough medicine.
  • Motion sickness tablets.
  • Antiseptic solution for cleaning wounds or bites.
  • Antiseptic ointment (for wounds).
  • Blister and wound patches, such as sticking plasters.
  • Medical adhesive tape, e.g. Micropore.
  • Crepe bandage, and Gauze swabs.
  • Antacid for indigestion.
  • Antifungal or antibacterial cream.
  • Diarrhea medicine.
  • Insect repellent containing DEET (diethyl toluamide).
  • Diarrhoea medicine, e.g. Imodium (loperamide).
  • Sting relief solution, e.g. Stingose (aluminium sulfate).
  • Mild laxative, for constipation.
  • Fluid and electrolyte replacement tablets or powder, such as Gastrolyte or HYDRAlyte.
  • Eye lubricant drops.
  • Earplugs.
  • Sunscreen (at least SPF 50+).
  • A Forehead Thermometer
  • Antibacterial wipes
  • Health insurance card.
  • Safety pins, scissors and tweezers (you won’t be allowed to carry these in your cabin luggage).


Toiletries Bag

  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrushes
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Face Wash or Face cleanser
  • Body Wash
  • Body Lotion
  • Hair grips and elastics
  • Face scrub
  • Tooth floss and mouthwash
  • Razors
  • Shaving cream
  • Shower Cap
  • Aftershave lotion

Almost all the hotels provide their guests with basic toiletries, like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion, etc. You may or may not pack these items as they are subjective to your preference. If you have sensitive skin or use some specific brand, you should definitely pack them all. Make sure you buy small packs of these items.

Makeup Kit

  • Face cream (if you use any)
  • Moisturizer
  • Cosmetics and makeup brushes
  • Makeup remover
  • Facecloth
  • Hand and body lotion
  • Perfume and cologne
  • Bubble bath (a little honeymoon treat!)
  • Body deodorant
  • Nail file or clippers
  • Mascara and Eyeliner
  • Lipsticks
  • Kajal
  • Lip balm/lip gloss
  • Sanitary pads, or any other menstrual products, such as moon cup
  • Hairspray or Hair gel
  • Tweezers
  • Sunscreen lotion
  • Safety pins (for emergency)
  • Contact-lens solution and extra contact lenses or reading glasses (if needed).

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Your clothing for your honeymoon will depend on the season and the destination you are traveling to. For instance, if you plan to hit some colder region for your honeymoon, you will have to pack more woolens to keep yourself warm. And if you are traveling to a beach location, you will definitely have to pack summer clothes for your beach honeymoon. Here we have listed some everyday items, besides these, you can tweak the list according to your requirements, reckoning with the season, and the activities you’ll be doing!

Clothing list for Her

    • One pair of jeans, pants or leggings (for cold airports and the plane)
    • One light jacket or pullover (for cold airports and the plane)
    • One evening dress (black)
    • Two nice sundresses
    • One cardigan (for chilly restaurants)
    • 6 Tops (T-shirts, camis, dressy tops, light jumpers or tank tops)
  • Two pair of shorts
  • 1 Cardigan or shawl (for keeping warm on chilly evenings)
  • Bottoms (trousers, jeans, skirts)
  • 1 Bikini (for the beach)
  • 1 Swimsuits (for water sports)
  • One swimsuit cover-up
  • One pair of comfortable walking shoes or sandals
  • One pair of evening shoes or sandals
  • One pair of sneakers
  • One pair of heels or wedges
  • One pair of flip flops
  • One evening bag or clutch
  • Five underwear
  • Five bras (including strapless)
  • Sleepwear
  • Two pair of Socks
  • Jewelry (light ones)
  • Accessories (scarves, hats, bandanas, extra glasses, etc.)

Clothing for Him

  • One pair of jeans or khakis
  • One pair of pants
  • Two pair of shorts
  • Two shirts
  • Four casual shirts (T-shirts, dressy tops, light jumpers, polo or button-down short-sleeve shirts)
  • One light jacket or pullover (for cold airports and planes)
  • One sports jacket
  • 2 Swimwear
  • One pair of sneakers
  • Five underwear
  • Blazer (for dressy evening meals)
  • One pair of walking shoes or sandals
  • One pair lace-ups
  • Five pair of socks
  • Underwear
  • Sleepwear
  • One pair of dress shoes
  • One pair of flip flops
  • One pair of comfortable walking shoes
  • Accessories (hat, caps, beach bag, sunglasses, etc.)

Colder Honeymoon Destinations (for both)

  • Two pair of Thermal under-layers
  • Two pair of Gloves
  • Two pair of warm hat or headbands
  • Heavy jumpers
  • Two pair of Sweaters
  • Polo necks
  • Scarves
  • Hand and foot warmers
  • Activewear (sports bra, running shoes, etc.)
  • Goggles

Electrical Items

  • Hairdryer
  • Hair styling tools, such as hair straightener, hair curlers, etc.
  • Adapters
  • Camera film or memory cards and tripod
  • Chargers for phones, iPads, cameras etc.
  • Camera batteries
  • Power bank
  • Headphone
  • SD Cards
  • Video Recording Camera
  • Camera accessories (camera charger, flash, tripod, selfie stick, etc.)

Other Travel Items

  • Guidebooks, maps and a translation dictionary (if needed)
  • Sunglasses
  • Swiss Army knife
  • Comfortable day bag or backpack for carrying guidebooks, snacks, and essentials during the day
  • Compact umbrella, rain ponchos or other rain gear
  • Sewing kit (a small one for some emergency need)
  • Extra pair of glasses or contact lens
  • Ziplock bags (multiple sizes; for packing wet swimsuits, for protecting camera and film if it rains)
  • Small backpack(s) for day excursions or impromptu activities
  • Tide pen
  • One pair of workout outfits and sneakers if you plan to visit the resort’s gym or jog on the beach.
  • Water bottle (for keeping yourself hydrated throughout the trip)
  • Chocolates and chips (for snacking)

Honeymoon Packing Tips

Here we are sharing some honeymoon packing tips to make your honeymoon a breeze:

  • Decide your honeymoon destination in coordination with your significant other.
  • Book your travel tickets and accommodation very well in advance.
  • Don’t miss to check your destination’s weather for the season you’ll be visiting in.
  • Look into travel vaccination options (if required). As in some cases, you need to get vaccinated between six and eight weeks before you travel.
  • If you are leaving for your honeymoon just after your wedding, make sure you start gathering all the items two weeks before your travel.
  • Keep your itinerary handy and prepared in advance. This way, you will not have to worry about your daily activities. You can head off to the places according to your itinerary and enjoy your trip to the fullest.
  • Get all your events and activities booked in advance, especially if you want to attend some event or indulge in any activity like paragliding, etc.
  • Check your airline’s baggage rules for both carry-on and check-in at least ten days in advance. It will help you pack your luggage accordingly.
  • Make sure you carry two copies of your printed documentation with you when you travel.
  • If you have any medical condition for which you are already taking treatment, then make sure you visit your doctor before your travel. Get your prescription before your trip so that you can carry your medication along with you.
  • Buy your clothing well in advance so that you are not running for shopping at the last minute.
  • Make copies of all your travel documents and leave them with someone at home in case of an emergency.
  • Arrange for your home sitter or pet sitter in advance, so that you do not spend your time thinking about your home and pets while you are on your honeymoon.
  • More often than not, it is seen that couples start to get tensed while preparing for their honeymoons. This is because they leave things for the last minute, which can take the real toll, trust me! Do not stress yourself. Yeah, you do not have to stress yourself for your honeymoon. Just calm yourself down and make all the arrangements ahead of your trip.

The Bottom Line

Hope this honeymoon packing checklist helps you have a wonderful time with your significant other. Don’t miss to pack these essentials for your honeymoon. You don’t need to be over-prepared or tensed about your post-wedding getaway. All you have to do is – follow the tips mentioned above and have a great time with your partner.

You can print our honeymoon packing checklists so that you can pack things according to the list. Using our checklist will save you a lot of time and effort!

Happy Honeymooning…. ☺ ☺