How To Announce Wedding: A Complete Guide Of Etiquettes And Wordings

How To Announce Wedding

Saying “I-DO” is a once-in-a-lifetime moment and every couple wants to let the world know that they have tied the knot. It is not possible to invite every person you know to your wedding due to many obvious reasons. But that shouldn’t stop you from officially announcing your love to the world.

Have you had a traditional wedding where many of your guests couldn’t come? A courthouse wedding where only limited people can be invited? Or… Did you just elope? Don’t Worry! There’s a great way to let everyone know: A WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENT!

Personalized wedding announcements allow you to tell people in about your marriage in a subtle and gentle manner that everyone adores. There are different ways to announce your marriage. You can send wedding announcement cards and you can also publish your wedding announcement in the newspapers. With the world becoming digitalized, nowadays people also announce their wedding on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

This article covers everything you need to know about wedding announcements, from steps and etiquettes to wordings and ideas.

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A wedding announcement is news spread to friends, family, and colleagues to inform them about your marriage through newspapers, cards, and social media platforms.


Wedding announcement cards are sent to:

– Distant relatives

– Friends and family who were unable to attend the wedding

– Colleagues and business associates

– Friends and relatives not invited to the wedding


Some people like to announce their wedding before the ceremony but the best time to send the wedding announcement is after the wedding ceremony. It is important to pre-plan everything so you can send out the announcements soon after you get married. Ideally, it is appreciated to send the announcement within a month of the wedding.

Here’s how to plan for sending your wedding announcement cards well in advance.

1. Fix your wedding guest list

Make a guest list for your wedding ceremony and then send out the cards requesting RSVP. This way you can get a clear idea of exactly how many people are going to attend the wedding.

2. Make a mailing list for your wedding announcement cards

Once you have got the list of people who are going to make it to the wedding, start creating a mailing list of people to whom you want to send the wedding announcement cards. You should also include all the people who are going to be unable to attend the ceremony.

3. Know the details to include in your wedding announcement card

Usually, wedding announcement cards are sent to people who know you in some way or other. So, you just have to include some simple details in your wedding announcement card like you would do in your save your date card. Include names of the hosts and the couples, wedding date, and location. You can also include a personalized message on your card if you want.

4. Create your wedding announcement cards

There’s so much that you can do with your wedding cards. You can choose a design that you like or something that goes with the wedding décor. After choosing a theme for your card you can include photographs, details, and any personalized message you want to have. You can take the help of any other person to make an announcement card.

5. Mail your wedding announcements

After the wedding, send out the announcement cards to your mailing list. As per the wedding announcement etiquette, you should send out the announcements a day after your wedding. However, the modern etiquettes permit you to take your own time to send out the announcement cards as you might want to include the photograph from the wedding.


Where should we submit our wedding announcement?

Cards are a great way to send out announcements. But what if you are not sure of the addresses? A newspaper is a convenient way to announce your wedding to everyone at once without worrying about the correct address and personalization. Nowadays, even social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are used to send out a single announcement to multiple people at once.

For newspapers, you can publish the wedding announcement in the city where you stay or where the people you want to announce stay. You have to pay a certain fee to publish in the newspaper so make sure the costs fit your budget.

How do we submit our wedding announcement?

There are various ways to submit your announcement to the newspaper company. You can send it via e-mail, mail, or any other means. You should contact the company to know their requirements and steps pertaining to cost, word count, format, and any other needs.

When should we submit our wedding announcement?

You should be well prepared with your whole announcement before the wedding as it takes the newspapers a few weeks to publish it. It is suggested that you must send your announcement a few weeks before your wedding date if you want to get it published right after the wedding ceremony. You should select the newspaper after proper consideration as some publish daily, some weekly, and some even quarterly.

Who should we send our wedding announcement?

You can plan to announce your wedding through a newspaper to the friends and family who you didn’t invite, the work colleagues and business associates, and distant relatives who didn’t make the list. It is also a good option to announce your wedding officially to the whole world, including people you don’t know at all.


You can customize your announcements as per the person you are sending it to. In the hurry of the wedding ceremonies, you might not get enough time to prepare the announcement wordings on your own. So, we’ve got you covered. Here are some wording samples that you can directly copy and paste to your wedding announcement card without having to think twice. We have given the wedding announcement wording samples to use as per the person you want to announce to, such as friends, co-workers, and the un-invited guests.

How to announce the marriage to friends

We are emotional as we announce the wedding of

(name) & (name)

The college sweethearts that could make it till the end.

Dear best friend,

It is disheartening that you couldn’t make it to my wedding.

But I’m pleased to announce to you that I got married to my forever love (name of partner),

On (wedding date) at my dream place (wedding location)

How to announce marriage at work

We’re feeling ecstatic to announce the wedding of the most beautiful couple

(name) & (name)

Which took place on (wedding date) at (wedding location)

How to announce marriage on Facebook

My lovable friends on Facebook, you have seen all my celebratory posts but nothing beats this one. I’m delighted to announce my marriage with (name of partner). We got hitched on (wedding date) and vowed to remain partners forever.

Wedding announcement wording for uninvited guests

Mr. and Mrs. (name of parents),

are delighted to announce the

Marriage of their daughter/son (name) to (name),

with a wedding ceremony hosted on (wedding date)

at (wedding location)


We hope that this article answered all your questions and now you know everything you need to before sending your wedding announcements.