How To Make Cheap DIY Bridal Shower Favors [2024]

Offering favors to your bridal shower guests is a thoughtful gesture to express appreciation for their presence. Often, the maid of honor, family members, and bridesmaids travel great distances to share in your special day. Bridal shower favors serve as a unique way to say thanks to guests. A small token of gratitude can mean a lot. There are numerous gift options to select from. However, if you’re planning your pre-nuptial festivities on a budget, consider crafting DIY bridal shower favors. Yes, you can create them all by yourself; you don’t have to purchase them from a store.

If you are creative and love to craft something unique, then DIYing bridal favors won’t be difficult. You will in fact, enjoy making your bridal shower favors. Crafting these favors is not only a lot of fun, but also doable. In fact, homemade options make for unique gift options. So, if you’re looking for unique DIY gift ideas, then read this post. We’re here to guide you on how to make bridal shower favors without breaking your budget.

Without taking your time, let’s get right into our goal! We’ve listed 15 DIY bridal shower favors that will impress your guests. So, let’s get started…

15 DIY Bridal Shower Favors

Here are 15 DIY bridal shower favors you can choose to make for your guests. Take a look…

1. Seed Packets in Clay Pots

If you want to give your guests a favor they can take home and use, consider seed packets. It’s a perfect favor for any shower! Moreover, seeds make for environment-friendly gift options, ideal for eco-conscious guests.

Image Source – Etsy

DIYing this gift is very easy. You can easily prepare the favor yourself. All you have to do is get wildflower mix seeds, mini clay pots, and seed envelopes. Make sure to pack them all in a unique way. Your guests will enjoy nurturing their flowers, and with this DIY bridal shower favor, they will remember you even after the event is over. Every time they water their flowers, you will be the first person they will think about.

2. Dried Lavender Sachets

There you go! Here’s another unique and easy DIY project to consider for your bridal shower. It’s an easy and affordable DIY bridal shower favor you can make within minutes. Your guests will love this for sure.

Image Source – Etsy

Moreover, the favor is budget-friendly and easy to make! All you need includes lavender sachet bags, gift tags, and a light purple ribbon. Your guests will be more than happy to have such a thoughtful gift during your bridal shower. It will give their closet or drawer a fresh and unique smell.

3. Dry Flowers Bouquet Magnet

Do you want your guests to think about you even after your special day? Give dry flower bouquets to your guests as you celebrate your bridal shower party. They will be able to use it as a home décor.

Image Source – Etsy

All you need to make this bridal shower favor includes dried pampas green, gift tags & natural jute twin, brown wrapping paper, white tissue paper, and a magnet. The favor is adorable and also perfect for decorating your bridal shower venue.

4. Opalescent Candy Cones

Think of something unique and different from the usual ice cream cones! Candy cones are the best favor you can give to your guests. This edible gift option looks unique when nicely packaged.

Image Source – martha stewart

You can use pearl white mini milk chocolate balls, metallic opal paper, ribbon, and iridescent film to create the favor. It will look unique, and your guests will love to go with such a lovely favor.

5. Sweet-Tea Favors

If you want to give your guests a sweet treat on your bridal shower, get sweet tea favors! It’s a unique flavor that you can make yourself. It will be more fun if your bridal shower is a tea party.

Image Source – Dallas Oasis

Prepare a box pack filled with the bags, sugar cubes, and a recipe placed on the box. It’s a perfect favor for your bridal shower. Your guests will love to sip sweet teas at home.

6. Coffee Bag Favors

Coffee bag favors make for excellent gift options. Consider concluding your bridal shower party with a fully packed gift for your guests. All you have to do is to get a brown paper coffee bag filled with your best roast. To make it look more presentable to your guests, put a seal on each coffee bag with a sticker label. Making a coffee bag favor is easy and cheap. Don’t hesitate to go for it!

Image Source – Pinterest

7. Mini Nurse Set

Give your friends a unique set of gifts for their self-care as you celebrate your pre-wedding night. It’s a cheap DIY bridal shower favor you can put together yourself.

Image Source – Candles And Favors

The mini nurse set contains a pink detox clay mask and moisturizing lip balm. To make your favor look presentable, get lip balms, gift pouches, plastic test tubes, and a lip balm custom label. It’s your opportunity to make your guests feel special. Your guests can pamper themselves with the items inside each mini-nurse set. You can even decide to add chocolate to each set. Your guests will appreciate your small package.

8. Tea Jars

Tea jars make for unique and cheap bridal shower favors. The best thing about this gift option is that it is very budget-friendly. Brides who have budget constraint can consider giving tea jars.

Image Source – Etsy

For this easy and cheap bridal shower favor all you need to do is to get a mix of blooming flowers and leaf tea. In addition, you will also need mini glass jars, loose-leaf tea, let’s Love Brew personalized tags, and jute twine string. Your guests will love to go home with a package tea jar in their hands.

9. Succulents in a Pot

Succulent in a pot is yet another stunning bridal shower favor option. The best thing about this gift is that it is eco-friendly. Ideal for brides searching for the latest trend in bridal party favors. It will wow your guests!

Image Source – Etsy

The succulent is a budget-friendly DIY bridal shower favor that won’t affect your finances. All you need to get are succulent plants and pots with stickers placed in each. It’s perfect for your indoor or outdoor bridal shower party. You can get them in different colors and shapes for a unique favor package.

10. Honey in a Tube

Want to give your guests some sweet memories? If yes, then give your guests something sweet on your bridal shower party. It will be nice to see your friends get an edible bridal shower favor after your party. All you need includes gift tags, a glass test tube, and a mini honeycomb stick.

Image Source – Forever Wedding Favors

Fill up each glass test tube with honey, then place a sticker or tag with a write-up that says ‘Sweet Like Honey’. It will give each favor a unique appearance. Trust us, your guests will love this favor!

11. Handmade Soaps

Here’s another wonderful DIY bridal shower favor that you can try for your party. Prepare handmade soaps yourself or get them from a store. All you need for this favor include dried lavender, gift boxes, white ribbon, natural raffia, gift tags, and handmade mini soaps.

Image Source – Pinterest

Add some dried lavender flowers to each soap, and while packaging, use ribbons to tie. It will make your favor look more stylish and classic!

12. Cherry Bombs

Get your friends filled with excitement with a unique DIY bridal shower favor! Prepare candy-filled bundles for your guests as a favor.

Image Source – Etsy

Wrap each gift with red tissue paper and a twisted closure. It will create an excitement in your guests to open the gift after the party. For a unique touch, add paper leaves and floral wire stems to each package.

13. Rock Salt Surprises

If you’re more into savory taste than sweet, opt for rock salt surprises. It’s an easy DIY bridal shower favor you can give your guests as you appreciate their presence.

Image Source – Pinterest

Get shimmering pink Himalayan salt blocks to give your guests as bridal shower favor. It will make them feel appreciated as you let them know they rock! You don’t have to break your budget to get create unique bridal shower favor.

14. DIY Decorated Sugar Cookie

Here’s an edible favor you can consider if you’re searching for one! If you want to leave your guests with something mouth-watering, prepare a decorated sugar cookie!

Image Source – Summer’s Sweet Shoppe

It’s a perfect DIY bridal shower favor that you can lay your hands on, especially as a professional baker. Allow your guests to enjoy the sweet treat of your handmade cookie after your bridal shower party. You’ll leave your guests thinking of you for a long time after the party!

15. Mini Apple Raspberry Pies

Last but not least is mini apple raspberry pies. Your guests would love to have these pies. These pies will remind them of your big day in a big way! The best thing about this edible bridal shower favor is that it is very easy to create. You can DIY this favor right from the comfort of your home.

Image Source – The Sweetest Occasion

To make it look attractive, wrap each pie in a patterned linen. Your guests won’t forget the taste of the apple raspberry pie in a hurry if properly baked.

Wrapping it up…

So, these are the top 15 easy and cheap DIY bridal shower favors you can consider giving your guests. The best thing about these favors is that they are budget-friendly and easily doable. You can make all of these gifts at home without any hassle. These homemade gifts will allow you to make your guests feel special and pampered.

If you’ve always dreamed of hosting a memorable bridal shower party, DIYing bridal shower favors is your best bet. Have fun expressing your gratitude to your guests with these DIY favors. Your friends will appreciate no matter which favor you choose to create! Make sure to choose the best!

Happy Wedding… 😊 😊

Have fun creating using these favors!

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