How to Plan Perfect Wedding While Still in College

Wedding Planning While in College

Planning a wedding is something that takes a lot of time and effort. There are many details you need to pay attention to and at times, this planning can turn out to be overwhelming. And if you are studying at the same time, things can get pretty nasty. Planning a perfect wedding while in college is a real challenge, but not only that you cannot face. There are some tips and tricks you can put to practice to stay sane and plan a perfect wedding while studying in college. Read on to discover.

1. Picking the Date and the Venue

Well, one of the most important things when planning a wedding is to pick a date and a venue. The date should be the first, especially if you have a specific one in mind. It is important to pick a date that does not overlap with your college exams or assignments so that you will be less stressed during the big day of your life. Once you have your date picked, start looking for a venue.

Because the wedding sector has been affected by the pandemic restrictions, many weddings have been postponed. So, finding an available venue on your picked date might be challenging, but you will surely manage to do it. If you are flexible with the date, maybe you can change it if your favorite venue is available on other dates. But as soon as you pick the date and the venue, everything that follows will come smoothly.

2. Must-Be-There People

As a student in college who is organizing their wedding and starting a marriage with the love of their life, you surely picture this day to be one of the best. And for sure you have some people that must be there to support and help you. So, after you have picked the date and the venue, let them know. Maybe some of them are living in other countries, so knowing ahead of time that they need to be part of your wedding will allow them to organize their time so that they will not miss it.

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3. Prioritization

As a student in college, for sure you have many tasks to do. At the same time, many activities happen outside college you want to be part of. But in the next period, you need to prioritize your tasks. Maybe going to a party will only delay your work. Maybe being the leader of your project group takes up a lot of the time you could otherwise spend organizing the wedding. It is important to set and sort your priorities so that you will plan the perfect wedding while in college.

4. Deciding on the Budget

Knowing your budget will help you make the right choices for your wedding. A lot of details you could plan depend on the budget, so you should be aware of it as soon as possible. After you decide on your approximate budget, you can think about the number of guests, the food, the band you may want to invite, and other details that could make this big day perfect.

5. Writing the Speech

The speech is an essential part of any wedding. And if you want to have an impressive and emotional speech, you need to start working on it ahead of time. Speech writing might be similar to essay writing, but in this case, your emotional involvement is bigger. You can use a speech generator or get the help of an expert writer to write my speech for me. No matter your choice, make sure you do not forget about it.

6. Apps

Thanks to all technological advancements, there are many tools and apps you can use to make your job easier. Planning and organizing the perfect wedding might seem easy at the beginning, but there are a lot of details you need to take care of. And due to the stress of the moment, you may miss some of them. This is why a planner app or tool could help you stay on track and make sure you do not forget anything.


Planning the perfect wedding while still in college is a real challenge, but not one you can’t overcome. Put these tips and tricks to practice and approach each step with confidence and patience. You can navigate these stormy waters and fulfill your college tasks while planning your wedding.

Bio lines: Cameron Debenham is a blogger and content writer. He is also a wedding planner and shares tips and tricks on this topic in his articles. Cameron spends his free time in the company of his friends.

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