How to Propose a Guy – Know Unique Ways to Propose a Boy

Unique Ways to Propose a Guy

Having butterflies in your tummy???

Obviously, butterflies in the stomach are natural when you plan to propose to the boy who you have always loved!

Proposing someone is an art! Make sure you use the right way to propose the love of your life. Here in this post, we are going to share some unique ways to propose a guy – the boy of your dream, the guy you have always wanted to spend your life with! Take a look at the ways…..

Ready for the stride??

Let’s get started…..

Before we move to the topic, here are some DO’s & DON’TS for you:

⇒ Don’t wait for the good time

I tell you, there is no good time, except NOW to express your love for someone. Often people keep waiting for a good time to propose to a boy and end up losing the person to someone else. My friend Rhea has liked Danny (her best friend) since childhood. However, they shared a great bond; Rhea kept waiting for the right time to propose to him. As I said earlier, there is no good time, except NOW, to do good things. One fine day Danny broke the news to her that he loves a girl named Anita. They were in the same batch.

That was too much stress for Rhea later. She felt terrible; of course, she kept waiting to express her emotions to Danny, and now he got someone else in life. It took her a lot of time to get over it! Though she is out of it now, forgetting your first love is not easy at all! So, you don’t do what my friend Rhea did. If you love your childhood friend, don’t wait for a good time.

⇒ Don’t be shy to take the first move

If you’re one of those girls who think that only boys should propose, forget about the love of your life. Only the boy should propose – it’s a traditional way now. If you love somebody, don’t wait to take the first step. Taking the first step is always better than taking no step. Even if the boy refuses your proposal, at least you’ll feel great that you spoke your heart out.

Suppressing your feelings is no great option. When you suppress your feelings, you end up becoming stressed and depressed. This is not wise at all. Instead, tell the person how you feel about him and leave everything else behind. Be Free!!

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⇒ Don’t think of the outcome

Have you ever heard that whatever you think, you start to manifest it? If not, then know that it is true and it works that way only. If you have negative notions about something, you’ll get results accordingly.

Often people are scared of proposing the love of their lives because they’re scared of refusals. There is no need to be scared of anything. I know a girl whose name is Preeti. She always had this feeling – what if Rajat (boy she loved) will refuse her proposal! I asked her not to think that way, as it’s not our job to think of the outcome. If you love him, tell him that you love him and be free! And if you really want to think of something, then think of positive outcomes.

Yes, our subconscious mind starts to work in that direction. So, it’s better to think of happy things, good things, and positive outcomes. Believe it or not, your subconscious mind can make things happen your way. Trust yourself!!

⇒ Don’t have grudges

Suppose the person you proposed says no to your proposal – do not hold grudges against the person. Holding grudges is no good thing. And if ever you start to feel angry about that, remember this quote:

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” – Buddha.

Yes, by holding grudges against others, you’ll only lose your peace of mind, which is not wise. Rather than respect the other person’s truthfulness that he did not fake anything. He was genuine to you; he could have misused your feelings. Be respectful to the person whether you get a yes for an answer or no in revert. Having anger against the boy will affect your friendship also, which I think you would never want to lose.

⇒ Don’t ever hide your feelings

This is imperative! Don’t ever hide your feelings. If you feel love, express it. Tell your partner, or best friend, or who so ever you love that you love him. Let him know your true feelings for him. You never know he must be waiting for you to take the first move. He must be waiting to express the same thing to you. So, what is the point in hiding your feelings?

Love is a special feeling that makes one’s world beautiful and enthralling. Let your world be beautiful and mesmerizing by expressing your feelings with your partner. Hiding your feelings won’t lead to any good; instead, you’ll end up having regrets.

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Now some DO’S

⇒ Do choose the right time and date to propose to a boy

Choose the time and date when both of you are available (even if it is supposed to be a surprise). Your proposal should not be in the hustle and bustle of life. Like the boy rushing to catch his flight and suddenly you said you love him. In such a situation, he’ll have no time even to react properly. So, make sure you choose the time and date when both of you are available.

⇒ Do make your proposal romantic and memorable

Of course, you will not propose every now and then; it is a one-time task – it has to be unique. Put in your best effort to make the proposal memorable that gives him butterflies every time he recalls the moments.

⇒ Do collect basic details about him

Only when you know what the boy likes can you make your proposal memorable. So, to make your proposal impressive and unforgettable, it’s advised to collect some basic information about him, like what he likes the most, whether he is an indoor person or outdoor, etc. Knowing a tad bit about him will help you create the right ambiance for the proposal.

⇒ Do drop some hints

Your proposal should not come as a shock for him. So, the best way is to start dropping hints. Doing so will make him comfortable with the idea, and you’ll be more confident.

⇒ Do be prepared for rejection

Never ever have high expectations. Expectations kill! Of course, you should be positive while you’re prepping for the proposal but, you must also be prepared for rejection to come your way. Be a sport and try to take the rejection in the calmest and most composed way possible to leave no acrimony.

Follow the aforementioned DO’S & DON’TS and scroll down for the enchanting ways to propose to a guy.

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Here are some of the Best and Unique ways to propose to a boy

1. Propose him with a gift

If you know the guy for a very long time, you must know his likings. Knowing his likings can be conducive for you. Buy your guy a gift that he would like for sure. More often than not, boys like watches, clothes, gadgets, etc. Buy something that your boy will love, and propose to him with a gift. Make sure you buy the same brand that he likes the most. More than the gift, he would love how closely you know him.

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Believe it or not, boys are very sensitive; that’s different in that they don’t usually show it. But they notice everything. And when you present him with his favourite item as a gift, he’ll be touched by your gesture.

2. Propose to him over the phone

If you think that proposing to him face to face would be difficult for you, then propose to him over the phone. You don’t have to be very cheesy to speak your heart out, and at the same time, don’t be blunt as well. Be truthful; be YOU when you propose a guy. You don’t have to behave like somebody else. With all your love, tell the person how you feel about him. What is there in your heart, and tell how eager you are to spend your life with him. Tell him how safe and secure you feel with him. Tell him how you love when he cares for every small and big thing related to you, etc.

3. Propose him with a song

Are you a born singer? If yes, then nothing could be better than expressing your love with his favorite song to him. As said earlier, boys are emotional and sensitive. They love when you do something that they like. Singing his favorite song for him is the coolest way to make an entry to his heart.

4. Propose him on the vacation

If both of you love vacationing together, then it is yet another opportunity to propose to a guy. Plan a romantic short trip with the boy, and there you can propose to him. For instance, you two go trekking and thereafter reaching the highest point, speak your heart out. Make sure you carry a small gift with you to add to the proposal.

5. Propose him with a letter

Letters may be the oldest means of speaking your heart out, but they hold a unique charm. If you believe you possess excellent writing skills, then nothing can beat a proposal with a letter. Write your feelings in a letter. Let your inner poet out and express your feelings poetically. You can write everything in a letter, but make sure it doesn’t lose its charm or become boring.

6. Propose to him with a text message

If you want to keep it short and crisp, then a text message is a beautiful way to propose a guy. Write your emotions in a message and just push the send button. Make sure your message is beautifully written. Use beautiful words

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For example You can write:

“You are the one who makes me feel safe, who makes me smile, who is there by my side no matter what. You have become my life, and I love you. I feel at comfort and peace when you’re around. And I want to feel the same way all my life. I love you!”

You can write anything that you feel about the person and in his company. The idea is to correspond your feelings in the best and the most romantic manner.

7. Propose him the quirkiest way

If you don’t like normal, then go quirky! Yes, normal is bland, do something that your partner will love for sure. For instance, propose a guy in the middle of the traffic with a ring. He will be stunned to see your approach. Or you can propose to him during an event in the college, like your farewell. Take the mic in hand and ask him in front of everybody. It’s not just quirky; it’s very bold. So, before you try any of these stunts, make sure you know that the boy also feels the same for you.

8. Propose him over the drinks

Usually, boys do this, but how does it matter! You can also do it. If your man loves beer, hide the ring in his favorite beer! Make sure he doesn’t chug it too fast. It’s a funny way to propose to a boy but can be dangerous if you’re cautious!

9. Propose him at the metro/railway station

Are you heading to the same location together? Great! This could be the best and quirkiest way to propose your man. Just get the ring along with you, and before the arrival of the train, surprise him with the ring. Propose him on your knee (the signature way to make proposals).

10. Propose him on a picnic

Just imagine a proposal in a serene location with splendid backdrops! It’s going to be worth cherishing all your life. So, don’t wait to plan a picnic to a beautiful place that your man would love to go to—a perfect way to make a romantic proposal.

11. Propose him on his birthday

This is not a new way to propose to somebody, but it’s a beautiful way. Surprise him with a ring on his birthday. His birthday would be the best day for pulling off the perfect proposal.

Wrapping up…..

So, these are the 11 unique ways to propose a guy. You can choose any of the aforementioned ways to pull off a perfect proposal. Make your proposal as romantic and unforgettable as you can so that he gets butterflies every time when he recalls the moment.

Happy proposing…… ☺ ☺