120+ Questions to Ask a Boy Before Marriage

Questions to Ask a Boy Before Marriage

Your marriage is a serious affair; hence, you must gather all the boy’s right details before the event. There is nothing wrong with asking the right questions to the boy before getting married to the guy. Know that marriage is one such affair that changes everything, from your status to your state of mind. Taking things casually is not a great idea. You should always be ready with the right sets of questions to ask a boy before marriage. In many cultures and countries, including India, the boy is finalized by the bride’s family. And the bride’s family makes sure that they gather every detail about the guy, from his family background to his monthly income.

This process is not to humiliate somebody, but just to make sure that there are no issues after marriage. If you are also planning to tie the knot soon, here are 120 questions to ask a boy before marriage. Take a look……

Questions About Relationship and Marriage

The first and foremost topic that you can pick while asking questions is about relationships and marriage. This will help you know his point of view about marriage and relationships.

Q. 1. What is your idea of marriage?

Q. 2. What, according to you, is more important in a marriage, love or respect?

Q. 3. How, according to you, will our life change if we got married?

Q. 4. What would you do if we fell out of love?

Q. 5. What are your long term family plans?

Q. 6. What are you looking for in a girl?

Q. 7. What, according to you, is the best thing about marriage?

Q. 8. What, according to you, is the worst thing about marriage?

Q. 9. What are your career aspirations?

Q. 10. What would you like to be doing five years from now?

Q. 11. What do you think a couple should do to keep the love alive in a marriage?

Q. 12. How do you spend your weekends?

Q. 13. What is your idea of the best date?

Q. 14. How important are events like wedding anniversaries to you?

Q. 15. How would you like to spend special days?

Q. 16. How would you like to spend your time with your family?

Q. 17. Is there anything that you would despise your wife doing?

Q. 18. How would you take it when your wife gets a better promotion at work?

Q. 19. What kind of parent do you want to be someday?

Q. 20. What excites you about marriage?

Q. 21. What kind of house do you want to live in?

Q. 22. Is there anything that I should know?

Q. 23. Do you have any fear of marriage?

Q. 24. What does a wedding mean to you?

Q. 25. Name one thing that you would want to change about our relationship?

Q. 26. Do you think we can have a happy married life?

Q. 27. Do you believe in love?

Q. 28. Is there anything you don’t trust about me?

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Questions about Future Children

It is always good to discuss future children in advance. There are chances that you may want to have kids after marriage, but the boy would be against it. Knowing it in advance will help you design your life after marriage accordingly. Here are the questions:

Q. 29. Do you love kids?

Q. 30. How good are you with kids?

Q. 31. Are you comfortable around children?

Q. 32. How many kids would you want to have in the future?

Q. 33. What values would you want to inculcate in your future children?

Q. 34. How would you discipline your kids?

Q. 35. How would you react if our future kid misbehaves in public?

Q. 36. What would you do if our future kid goes on the wrong track?

Q. 37. What would you do if our children didn’t want to attend college?

Q. 38. How would you react if our future children do not perform well in the class?

Q. 39. What would you do if our future child said he was homosexual or gay or lesbian?

Q. 40. How much say should kids have in a family?

Q. 41. What would you prefer: putting our future children in a private school or in a public school?

Q. 42. What do you think about homeschooling?

Q. 43. What if I cannot conceive? Would you opt for adoption?

Q. 44. In the case of any medical issue, would you be ready to take medical help?

Q. 45. How far apart from the marriage do you want kids?

Q. 46. Would it be okay if our kids stay in daycare? Or would you want one of us to stay home with the kids?

Q. 47. Would you want me to leave my job after we have our babies?

Q. 48. Do you believe that grandparents are needed for good parenting?

Q. 49. Do you think I would make a good mother?

Q. 50. Would you include me while handling parental decisions?

Q. 51. What do you think about how important is the role of parents in parenting a child?

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Questions About Work

It is important to know about the job and the boy’s plan to know about his career and professional life. Here are the questions that you must ask:

Q. 52. Do you love what you do?

Q. 53. Where do you see yourself five years down the line from now?

Q. 54. Are you happy with your present company?

Q. 55. Is there any plan to switch your job in the near future?

Q. 56. What are your long term goals?

Q. 57. Would you mind if I have to travel for my job?

Q. 58. How often do you travel for your job?

Q. 59. Does your work involve night shifts?

Q. 60. Would it be okay if I have night shifts or late meetings?

Q. 61. Would you rather be rich and miserable or poor and happy?

Questions About Family Conflicts

More often than not, people avoid asking these questions, which I trust are the most important ones. Of course, you should know how the boy you are meeting handles conflicts or disagreements in life. Here are the questions that you may add to your list:

Q. 62. Do you believe that disagreements are a part of a relationship?

Q. 63. Would you give enough space to your partner?

Q. 64. How well do you handle disagreements?

Q. 65. What would you do if there are disagreements between your family and me? Whose side would you choose in such a situation?

Q. 66. Would you consider taking marriage counseling if we were having marital problems?

Q. 67. Do you have temperamental issues?

Q. 68. Would you ever go for a divorce?

Q. 69. What do you do when there are immense disagreements?

Q. 70. Do you like discussing things when there are issues or just suppressing your emotions until they get bigger?

Q. 71. What, according to you, is the best way to handle disagreements in a relationship?

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Questions About Sexual Relationship?

Again, this is an important part of a marital relationship. So, make sure you put up some questions related to a sexual relationship. Here are some of them:

Q. 72. What is your idea of romance?

Q. 73. How would you tell that you aren’t satisfied sexually?

Q. 74. How would you deal with the sexual stress?

Q. 75. What are your views on infidelity?

Q. 76. What do you think about birth control?

Questions about Family Values and Religious Beliefs

It is important to know the family values and the religious beliefs of the guy. Here are the questions to ask a boy before marriage:

Q. 77. What is your view on religion?

Q. 78. What kind of marriage would you prefer, a simple religious ceremony or a big fat wedding?

Q. 79. What is more important for you, work or family?

Q. 80. To what extent should a woman intervene in a family’s matter?

Q. 81. Who, according to you, should make the decisions of the household?

Q. 82. What would you do if your relative or somebody else says something bad about me?

Q. 83. Would you only be following the advice of your family? Or would you want to discuss things with your spouse before making any decision?

Q. 84. How important my role would be in your family?

Q. 85. Who do you think should do household chores?

Q. 86. What would be your role as a husband?

Q. 87. Do you believe in sharing responsibilities?

Q. 88. Do you think sharing responsibilities make a marriage better and stronger?

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Questions about Extended Family

There will hundreds of things that you would want to know about your extended family; however, here are some of the most important questions that you can consider asking the boy:

Q. 89. How often would you want to visit your family in a month/year?

Q. 90. How often will your family be visiting us?

Q. 91. How often do you think my family should visit us?

Q. 92. How often will you visit my family?

Q. 93. How often will you let me visit my family?

Q. 94. Do you celebrate all the festivals and special occasions with your family?

Q. 95. Would you take your parents in, in case they become ill?

Q. 96. Would you mind taking my parents in, in case they become ill?

Q. 97. What you do if your family doesn’t like me?

Q. 98. Who are you more close, to your mother or father?

Q. 99. What would you prefer spending Holidays and special occasions in some other destination or with your family at your home?

Questions about Medical History

Don’t hesitate to ask questions related to medical history. Here are the questions:

Q. 100. Is there any history of diseases or genetic abnormalities in your family?

Q. 101. Is there anyone in your family suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction?

Q. 102. Is there anyone in your family with mental issues?

Q. 103. Would you oppose mental health treatment?

Q. 104. How careful are you about your health and about your family’s health?

Q. 105. Do you love to do exercise?

Q. 106. Do you eat healthy to stay healthy, or you simply eat anything?

Q. 107. How important is it to have a healthy routine for you?

Questions about Money & Finances

Money, debt, and finances are the most important things to discuss before marriage. Here are the questions that you shall ask a boy before marriage?

Q. 108. Do you have any loans or debt?

Q. 109. What is better, a luxurious life with too much debt or a simple life without any debt?

Q. 110. Do you save money?

Q. 111. Do you plan for your future, or you just spend everything that you earn in the present?

Q. 112. Would you like to share your money with your spouse or split the money into different accounts?

Q. 113. How well are you at spending money?

Q.114. Do you like budgeting?

Q. 115. How good are you at dealing with financial problems?

Q. 116. What would you do if we have financial problems in the future?

Q. 117. Do you save your life after retirement?

Q. 118. Would you be seeking additional income sources if we had financial problems?

Q. 119. What would you do if a family member asks for a large sum of money?

Q. 120. Who will be taking care of the matters related to household finances?

Questions about Fun and Entertainment

Fun and entertainment are an important part of life. So you must ask the boy’s opinion on these two major aspects as well. Here are the questions:

Q. 121. Do you like traveling?

Q. 122. How often do you travel in a year?

Q. 123. Where would you like to for the honeymoon?

Q. 124. How would you like to spend your time with your partner?

Q. 125. Would you mind if I go for a girl (only) trip with my friends?

Q. 126. How would you like to spend your weekends?

Extra Questions

Then, there are some extra questions other than any particular topics, which include:

Q. 127. How would you like your partner, in traditional wear or modern attire?

Q. 128. Do you like pets?

Q. 129. Would you ever prefer to settle abroad?

Q. 130. What is your retirement plan?

Q. 131. How do you like to spend your mornings?

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So these are the 120+ questions to ask a boy before marriage. Know that these questions are to help you know the person before the wedding and not to humiliate anyone. So, be kind and polite while asking these questions. Also, do not ask all your questions in one go. Take your time, and in each meeting, you can get to know the person better.

Happy Wedding…… ☺ ☺

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